E-mail Letter 1 (c) Copyright, Mistress Tory, 2001
All Rights Reserved - copy prohibited without permission

At work today at the exact time of 11:15 to take your cell phone to the ladies room with you and call me.   Then you know what I want?  I want what we did last night, but now you'll think of me touching that cunt of yours that I own.  You have to tell me exactly how my fingers pinched your clit. How they slid down between your slit and found your clit.  Did I rub it first?  Did I pinch it first?  You'd better remember!

Read this and remember how you followed my orders like a good pet.  I stripped you naked.  You stood like you'd been trained with your hands behind your head, fingers intertwined.  Your nipples thrust out.  Thighs spread wide.  I could see you wondering if I'd lick you or would I put on my strap on and tell you to kneel so I could fuck you.   Remember your surprise when I had a new vibrator larger than the last one?  You listen very well.  I'm rather proud of you.  Remember how you licked it before I slid it up your wet cunt.  I'm still amazed how wet you get at the thought of serving me. 

I let you lick my nipples for a few minutes and bite them as I taught you.  You're a pleasure to have suck on my tits.  Your lips are soft and you try so hard to please your Mistress.  Maybe tonight I'll let you lick my cunt before I fuck you.

But, for now, remember Mistress fucking you with my vibrator.  Pushing it between your slit, up your cunt.  Fucking you like the slave you are to me.  When you cum you whimper so nicely.  I had it shoved all the way up to the control and still you begged.  Remember what I said, "Who owns your hot, wet cunt? Whose slut are you?"   Remember what you answered and that only I own you - you will always answer, "You Mistress, Tory.  You own me."

Your new nickname for the next few weeks will be wet cunt.  When I call you later I expect you to answer as taught but with you new nickname.  I want to hear, Mistress Tory, this is the wet cunt that you own.  Then I want you to make yourself cum.   After that, I want you to go back to work and send me an e-mail describing your wet cunt in detail and what you did.