Wanting Him 5 – Possession, © Copyright, LdyJessika@aol.com, 1999-2005

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If time could bring back to me those first feelings of your arms closing around me…bringing my body softly to yours. That first time you finally noticed all the want I had for you. All the need I had for you. Sitting here now my body feels on fire for you. How I want to be in your arms. To run my hands over your back - my nails lightly over your flesh. If I could hold your body to mine you would feel my need and heat for you.

I need.

I want.

The thought of running my hands over your completely male chest sends shivers through me. I can feel my nipples harden just at the thought of my touch on your flesh.

Finally, the phone rings and I hear your voice…just your voice makes me feel wanted by you - telling me to drive over to your home.

Driving to your house always makes me feel as if it’s the first time again. Perhaps it’s the song that was playing that first time that I listen to as I drive. When I hear the words "Cause I’m your lady and you are my man" it still sends shivers through my body - I love being yours. So much need for you fills me as I pull into your driveway, yet I also feel anticipation as I walk to the door. I know it’s always open but I hesitantly turn the door-knob. You’re in the kitchen and walk down the hall toward me saying hi, what took you so long? We laugh knowing I hung up the phone and raced over here in only ten minutes. Walking down another hall I follow you to your bedroom.

Standing quietly I watch you walking towards me. Your stride always reminding me of a strong, muscled panther. Our gazes lock as you hold out your hand toward me. The meaning of sliding my palm into yours is so much more than just the touch of flesh to flesh. For a moment I stare at your palm - my fingers reaching across the distance to it. The first step of giving to you…my fingers sliding over your palm as your strong hand closes around mine. Gently you tug on my hand, but not pulling me to you. The second step? I need to bring my body near yours. Taking the step I feel myself being held tightly to you in your embrace.

Feeling the possession. The dominance. Feeling the need welling up within me to speak the words that will bring me under you in submission - your woman.

The feeling of that first contact as I’m finally flat against the length of your body….nuzzling kisses on your neck. I whisper, "You must be tired of hearing me say I need you." But, you know my insecurity and answer that you’ll never tire of hearing my need for you. It’s the words I need to hear and I finally relax…home…wherever your arms are to hold me.

Standing back from you I watch as your hands slowly undo the first button of my silk blouse. I like how you chuckle and say, "Hmm and what do you have under the rest of these buttons?" Laughing, I slap your hands away and hear the tone in your voice change, telling me to put my arms at my side. I immediately relax my arms to my sides watching you undo the rest of the buttons. Slowly, one by one to reveal my skin to your gaze. Watching you slide my blouse down my arms it floats to the floor in a pool of ivory silk.

Your eyes feast on the soft white flesh showing above my black lace bra. I only wear the ones for you that push my breasts into soft swells above the lace cups. Stepping back you tell me to unhook my bra and offer my breasts to you. I always feel so self-conscious at this point but reach for the small bow covering the front hook. Unhooking it I hold it for a moment…clutching it against my breasts. I always seem to freeze at this point but your voice in its deep timber tells me, "Close your eyes. Just listen to my voice and relax. I like you just the way you are. Do you understand that? Do you feel it?"

I feel more secure in the darkness from just closing my eyes. I breathe slower and whisper that I know it and that I feel it. Taking a deeper breath I slowly let my bra drop to the floor and then cupping my breasts hold them in an offering position to you. Suddenly, I feel your warm breath on my nipples and hear you saying, "Such beautiful, full breasts and pretty nipples." Your tongue begins to lick at my nipples and I know they are hardening for you as you say, "Yes, sweet nipples to suck on." Your mouth immediately closes around one peak as you suckle it into your mouth. I hold them and whisper, "Yes, I like when you suck on them." I can feel how wet they are from your kissing as you lick around the tips and then suck on them harder. I whimper your name feeling my nipples burning with need as they swell under your lips.

Feeling your fingers sliding to my skirt and as you continue to suck and lick you slide my skirt down my legs. Your voice drifts to me now as if through a fog, "Spread them baby, spread your legs now for me – wider – open your legs wide for me."

I spread my thighs wider knowing that I now need your touch on my special softness. I can feel your hand sliding lightly over my inner thighs. I hear your voice asking, "Do you want my touch? Do you need my touch like the air you breathe?"

Every fibre in my body needs your touch and I need you more than I ever knew I could need a man, "Yes, I want your touch. I want you." Finally, slowly…closer and closer. My skin is on fire under the heat of your palm and I know you’ll soon touch me where I need it. I can feel your fingers touching very lightly…teasingingly. I hear myself whimper and then your finger slides between the soft moist flesh of my pussy lips. Standing with my legs apart one of your hands caresses my moistness. As the other is pulling my nipple I gaze into your eyes and whisper, "I need you."

Your voice is deeper and you almost seem to growl, "How do you need me? Where do you want to need me?"

I whisper, "The bed, pleasing you" and watch you slide your fingers from between my thighs and lick your fingers one by one. Walking to the bed you motion for me to get on the bed while you strip in a fluid motion of muscles.

There are times in my life that I feel a need so great that I can taste it….feel it… hear it. That moment in time as I watch you climbing over me…slowly up between my legs so your knees push my outward. That moment when your hands are on each side of my chest area and you reach down between our bodies…positioning for possession of my body. In the blink of an eye I feel you sliding in and the world around me starts to slowly fade from reality. My reality slowly with each smooth stroke of your driving need is replaced with you above me…you become my world.

Watching your arms holding you above me. Their hard muscles holding your body as I look down between us to where we are joined. Pulling you against me your hard muscular chest rests on my breasts - I wrap my legs around your waist driving your hard flesh deeper to my core. Arching my back I love the feelings now coursing through my body. I try so hard not to whimper your name…my need…my want. But, I want you too much and as your body pistons movement inside me I whisper your name.

My hands roam over your back feeling the strength as your muscles bunch with each thrust into me. I am almost able to control my whimpers of need until you reach for my hands and pin them above my head. I can only move my hips. The possession I feel runs wild through my body and lifting my hips upward I arch to meet your heat as I whisper, "I need you so much. You’re the only man that I’ve ever wanted like this…that I’ve needed like this."

As ever you’re silent only asking once in a while if I’m okay.

I’m more than okay. At that moment in time I am joined with all sensation as it spirals through my being. I need to put out the fire burning in me. My arms are still pinned in possession above my shoulders and I cry out your name. Feeling heat where you’re pushing into me my body in that glorious moment of giving feels sensations shatter and I climax, clenching tightly around your thick cock.

As I feel exhaustion settling over my senses I feel you rocking and shifting restlessly deeper and deeper. Suddenly you start slamming into my body and I feel myself gloving your demands - you pulse into me harder and deeper. Faster and faster you slam into me and as I hold tightly I feel you stiffen and growl deep in your throat. Your body explodes in the flooding release of a man giving yet taking.

At this moment in time you’re mine…Running my hands over your back I feel you leaning your weight on me. I love the moment that your resting on me, even though most of your weight is being held by your arms. And, at this moment, time brings back all the sensations and feeling of that first time…only better.