Wanting Him 4 © Copyright, LdyJessika, 1999

Waking up I glanced out the window to find the morning not yet upon us. It was that wonderful moment in time when I get to turn on my side, leaning on my arm and watch you sleep. The day will be upon us soon enough, tearing you from my arms – the responsibilities will carry us apart. But, for this magical time when you sleep I study your features and remember your lips caressing my body. For this moment, before the day takes you away from me, you belong to me. Now, for this moment there isn’t anything between us, only the blanket that you’ve tucked around you.

Lifting your blanket I slide over to your side of the bed, against you. Even in sleep your arm possessively slides over me. An instinct you seem to have during the day and even in your sleep. The ownership of my body belongs to you. This I freely give to only you.

You waken and opening your eyes you look at me and smile. Your voice with that sleepy tone says, "What’re you looking at?"

I whisper and smile at you, "You."

Your arm pulls me tighter against your chest. The contact of my body against yours always makes me feel wanted. I wonder if you know that you have that effect on me.

I sigh, "I like being with you, do you know that?"

I hear that chuckle of yours, "Yeah. You’re kind of obvious."

Grinning at you I simply say, "Hmmm, and you’re just lucky you have me."

You roll over flat on your back and in a low voice tell me, "Yeah, I know woman, but show me how lucky."

First you pull me closer to your lips as they feather light kiss mine. I touch your face enjoying the feel of the overnight growth of your beard. Rough, where your face is usually so smooth during the day. Your tongue seeks mine and I sigh as I run my hands over you.

Sliding down your body I hear you sigh knowing this is my time to please you. Kissing over your muscled chest my hands run over your shoulders and down your arms. I love the feel of your skin. Tight and so well defined over your muscles.

I feel you spreading your thighs and I kneel between them, running my hands up your calf muscles. I can spend hours just running my fingertips over your legs up to your thighs. Your thighs have always fascinated me. I wonder if you know that? Running my nails over them I like how you tighten your thigh muscle – hmmm, I lean down and kiss my way over them. First the left one – then the right one. Sliding closer to your heat. I like to tease you like this. It’s the only time I feel in control over you, yet I know it’s because you’re letting me - at any moment you could pull me up your body to lie under you. Your cock is hard…waiting. This is the moment I love the best. Knowing you’re waiting for the pleasure I can offer…give to you freely. I slide my lips up to the head of your cock as my hand slowly cups your balls. I gently squeeze them in my palm then slowly close tighter. Tight. Pulling and squeezing tightly I like the feel of your balls in my hand. The feel of your soft flesh as it hardens. My lips kiss and lick the tip of your cock. Around the head, and down the shaft. Then licking my way back to the tip I slowly suck the head into my mouth. Feeling you arch your back and pushing yourself further down into my mouth. Your hands reach down and grab my head as you begin to slowly fuck my mouth. Slowly in the same rhythm I squeeze and pull your balls. The tighter I seem to palm them the more you moan in pleasure and thrust deeper. Almost painfully it would seem I hold them while I suck harder…deeper.

My nipples are hard and I know I’m wet from pleasing you. The pleasure of having you in my mouth. Your taste - Your scent. I need this so much. I need to feel you thrusting in my mouth.

When you say, "Suck harder, woman." I whimper and suck as hard as I can. Pulling on your cock as I drag my tongue up and down your thick shaft.

I love the moment when you’re near. That moment when I know you can’t hold it back, although you try to control it. Now! I know it’s now! I feel your leg muscles tightening. Your cock pumping and throbbing. Your groan fills the air - sheer pleasure must ripple through your thighs. Your ass lifts off the bed with your last thrust and you shoot your hot come down my throat. Stream after stream I swallow, as I caress your balls and love how you keep coming. Finally I feel your body relaxing onto the mattress and I lick and kiss you, before sliding back up your body into your arms.

Snuggling in your arms the phone rings and I know it’s the service and it’s time to start the day. Smiling at you I answer the phone.

"Hello, yes, thank you – please ring the room the same time tomorrow."

The day is here. But the night will belong to me.