Wanting Him 3 © Copyright, LdyJessika, August 1999 - 2005

Author: LdyJessika@aol.com
All rights reserved – no copy or duplication is permitted on this story

Whispers of moonlight surrounded our naked bodies. The blanket beneath my body gave me warmth but it was looking up at your shadowed body…above me…moving over me, that gave me heated sensations. You were all encompassing as the night…the sky. A man that I needed as much as the air that I breathed.

Naked and strong – your muscled body always reminded me of power and possession. I had always needed you but now the need was so physical. Wanting you and needing you was as intertwined as the day and night. And that night, like all the other nights, was what kept my body giving to you. Kept my mind and being belonging to only you, as I have belonged to no other man.

The way you pushed my thighs open, kneeling between them. I knew my nipples hardened, as you stared at them, and my voice sounded far away when I whispered, "Suck on them like you always do." Your hands molded them…caressed. I closed my eyes and concentrated on your hands cupping them and massaging them together. I needed you to touch my nipples and finally whimpered, "Please, touch me." Looking into your eyes at the lust blazing in them I felt your fingers moving slowly in circles over my soft flesh, until your thumbs lightly flicked over their tender tips. Looking down at your thumbs rubbing over them I heard you say, "Like this?" Your fingers closed over them…pinching…rolling the swollen nipples between your thumb and index finger. I always marveled at watching your hands…your well-defined fingers…short clean nails. Such beautiful hands…masculine yet gentle.

I arched my back pushing them into your waiting fingers and you pulled on them, bringing the need in my body higher. Your constant stroking and pinching made them swollen and a dark rose color. I needed your mouth on them. I ran my nails up your muscled arms and you slowly lowered your body. Your mouth slowly kissing its way around my breasts…then…I finally felt your mouth closing over my nipple. I moaned your name and heard your answering groan of want as you sucked on the tight tip and sent tingling sensations through my body. Your teeth were pinching and teasing…making the nipples so swollen and sensitive - but still you didn’t stop. Your tongue lashed at each one. Your teeth bit and nipped at them until they were sore. But, it felt so good that I held your head to them and I needed more, "Only you – you’re the only man that has ever made me feel such need."

Reaching for my own breasts I pushed them together offering them for your lips…to kiss the throbbing peaks of tender flesh. I watched as you licked them - playing with my nipples with your tongue before sucking on them. They couldn't swell anymore. They couldn’t get any harder. I sighed with pleasure at the feelings you created and brought to life in my body.

I felt your lips leave my nipples and the cool air kissing them, keeping the nipples puckered and needing. Your slow kisses traveled down my body as I watched you kissing your way lower. Leaning back you ran your hands over my body. I watched them massaging their way over my tummy, then over my thighs. Slowly you would massage your way back up to my breasts – squeezing them, before they again traveled down over my rib cage. I could feel my thighs spread wider and knew I was open for you to look at. I opened my eyes to see you staring at the dampness I knew glistened on my pussy. Just watching your eyes devouring me made me want you to touch me. I watched as your eyes traveled up my body, over my nipples, and finally you met my eyes - seeing in them how much I needed you.

Your voice was deeper than I ever remembered as you said, "Tell me, Jessy."

The need for you was always so overwhelming - I always did as you wanted and I pleaded, "I want you. I always want you."

You smiled and massaged my inner thighs, then lifted my legs over your arms pushing them back to my chest - your lips followed their descent. That first touch - your tongue to my soft inner flesh. Your tongue stroking slowly, up and down, just teasing over my pussy lips. I knew what you would ask and as soon as your voice whispered, "Open yourself for me, show me woman what you want."

My hands slid over my body enjoying the feel of my skin and slowly my fingers reached lower to my pussy lips and opened them. Looking down at you I saw you smile and then you leaned down and my world became the sensations of your licking. The feeling of your tongue as it touched my special place. The feel of your fingers touching…pushing into me. Your tongue, again, going over my clit…playing…demanding.

I whimpered, "I need you so much."

My body began to quiver as you sucked at my clit. My body moved with every motion of your lips. Pushing my pussy against your mouth when you wanted it. Moving with you. Burning with you. I felt your teeth as if you were gently eating at me…devouring all the nectar my body would give. In a whimpering frenzy of movement and sensation I began to gyrate against your mouth as you held me tight to your lips.

Sucking…demanding. I had to give over to you, as you knew I needed to.

Higher…hotter…your mouth sucked and demanded until my mind and body in one screaming, silent sound, started to come over and over. My body arched and I felt your fingers delving deeper bringing me more satisfaction. I couldn’t move. My body was as if it was liquid as your hands massaged and your kisses worked their way back up my body.

I tasted myself on your lips as you kissed me. Your lips kissing my cheek and I shivered as your voice whispered in my ear, "Tell me. Tell me how you feel about me?"

I knew. But I didn’t want you to know how deeply it was ingrained in me - I only allowed my answer, "I need you. You know that." I looked into your eyes with my need for you…with my want for you…trying to tell you how much you meant to me - you smiled knowingly.