Wanting Him 2 © Copyright, LdyJessika@aol.com, 1999-2005
Author: LdyJessika
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There are days without my daydreams but the nights…oh, how the nights are mine to cherish and remember.

Remembering dancing in your arms…your holding me against you – your hands lightly running between my shoulder blades. I know each of your fingers – their length, manicured, long fingers touching through my blouse. Gently I caress my cheek against your shoulder, barely noticeable to anyone watching. Only, the slightest touch of my cheek brushing against you. But, you know what I’m doing. You know my needs and my thoughts. I lightly squeeze my hand on your shoulder and I feel the answering press of your body harder against mine. Hmmm, the feel of being against you, dancing, satisfies my senses of longing to be with you – to touch you – to be yours.

Leaning back I smile into your eyes, "Thanks for asking me to dance."

You grin and as usual say nothing but pull me back against you in silent answer.

Hardly moving to the music your body presses tighter against mine. Burning through my skirt and igniting a need as only you can. As you mold me to your length and the music continues in a slow, languid song my mind drifts to last week

The day was like others, but as we gazed at each other we recognized the need for the other. We smiled in unspoken thoughts. We met in the conference room and started going over a special project. Fingers touched as we passed papers – thighs pressed against the other.

You grinned, "Lock the door."

I got up to lock the conference room door when you said, "I already locked it – get over here, woman – we don’t have all day in here!"

The want and need I felt was like a rush of sensation making me lightheaded as I turned into your arms. Your lips covered mine and the world slipped away and time was ours.

I leaned over the company’s high polished light wood conference table, pushing our papers out of the way. It was the perfect height for us and I felt you in back of me running your hands over my ass and thighs.

Your voice mesmerized my senses as pulled up my skirt and you whispered in your deep voice, "Spread your legs, I want to be inside you." I felt your hands on my hips squeezing and pinching my flesh as I looked back and gazed into your eyes with passion.

"Do you wear stockings for me?"

I just smiled and opened my legs wider feeling your fingers sliding over my flesh…readying me for your final possession and ownership.

I slid my blouse out of my skirt and pulling up my bra let my breasts rest on the cool surface of the table. Sliding my nipples over it lightly enjoying the feel of them hardening as your fingers slid inside me. I was leaning on my arms and felt you dig your fingers into my hips, and your hard cock sliding between my pussy lips.

Hmm, I loved the feel when you first slowly positioned yourself, finding my moistness. Taking your time and enjoying my need. I whispered to you, "I need you like this."

As always you answered in short sentences, "I know."

I moaned trying to push back onto you but you only let the tip of your cock slide into me. Then, you slid back and forth along my pussy and pushed the tip of your cock on my clit. I was so wet and wanted you so badly that when you finally said, "Here woman – is this what you need?" and pushed your throbbing shaft into my heat I could only whisper, "Yes, yes – yessss." You filled me completely both in body and mind and I slowly pushed back as your hands pulled my hips to join us tightly together.

It always seems like slow motion as I drift to your safe-keeping.

Like a warm slow breeze we began to move in unison. A gliding motion back and forth, as you smoothly and tenderly sheathed yourself in my body. I could feel you stretching me with each thrust but it felt like a long needed homecoming. Your fingers dug into my hips, guiding me back and forth. I accepted all you had to give me. I needed all you had to give me…anytime…anywhere. Yes, I could feel you deep into my heated softness.

I began to arch my back lifting my breasts off the conference table and arch my neck back as you gripped my hair in your hand. Moving together in abandoned harmony as the frenzy builds I finally can’t take the heat. As always you know it and groaned, "Whose bitch are you?"

I whimpered the same answer that I always needed to tell you, "Yours. Only yours." And in a blinding sensation my body shattered in ecstasy that only you could give me. I tried to hold back but you always controlled my body and then I felt you coming in me. I loved that moment when you joined me in the same need. That one moment in time, when you’re mine. That final shattering release when nothing else mattered. I felt your hand in my hair caressing my scalp, where you had gripped my hair. I slid back down onto the conference table for a moment relaxing. After a moment of your hand caressing me I felt you sliding my skirt back down over my hips - before you pulled me up and against you.

We smiled at each other as we always do and quietly without words got back to the papers on the table discussed what was needed.

You smiled, "Better unlock that door before someone knocks."

I grinned and answered, "Now, I don’t care if they knock.?"