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I listen to you explaining that I don’t have to do anything for you to make tonight special…for a moment I agree with you but then answer, “But, I love preparing to make love to you,!” 

You laugh and answer, “Okay honey, go prepare and if traffic keeps going at this pace I’ll be home in an hour.  I’ll assume by then you’ll have the place, uh, prepared.  Know what?  Take the recorder and tell me what you do to prepare.”  Laughing and agreeing to record what I’m doing I hang up and  walk to our bedroom.

Walking around the room I speak loud enough for the recorder to record what I’m saying:

“I’m looking for our special candles and getting upset that I can’t find them but… oh, here they are!”  Finding the small candelabra I then reach for tall rose-scented tapers.  Placing them on our dresser I light them and the room fills with a sensual glow.  

“Now I’m heading to the linen cabinet for fresh sheets and trying to decide what color I want on the bed - since tonight has to be special!”  

I choose the pink, satin ones and record, “I’ve decided what we’ll have on the bed tonight…I want everything feminine, and in shades of sensual rose colors!”

Returning to our bedroom I make the bed with pink, satin sheets and matching pillows.  “Okay, you’re now about 20 minutes away and I’ve finished fluffing the pillows and am placing them on the bed…Perfect!” 

Standing back from the bed I’m quite pleased with my handy work…but checking my watch I see you’re now fifteen minutes away. I smile at the bed and the glow from the candles and walk to the bathroom to shower. 

Taking out my favorite rose scented soap I turn on the shower and step into the warm spray.  I continue speaking, “I’m using the scented soap you bought me for my last birthday.  Remember?  The rose scented soap that you used to run over my skin as we showered together?  Remember the position in the shower it led us to?  Well, I better not think about that now or I’ll be playing with myself instead of showering.  I’m soaping over my light brown nipples and now slowly down my tummy to my smoothly shaven pussy.  My body will completely smell like roses for you.  But, I’m not touching my special places unless you’re here to watch.  Actually, I better stop recording and get out of this shower or you’ll be here!”  Stepping out of the shower I quickly dry myself off and use lotion to smooth and soften my skin, “I’m dry now and nice and soft for you…all for you….just for you!  Have I told you how lucky you are to have me?”

Looking in the mirror I’m pleased with my body even though I know I have at least thirty pounds to lose.  But you always say a woman should be broad where a woman should be broad.  Laughing I think well I’m sure broad in those places.  I know you’ll hear me chucking in the recording as I say, “Now, I’m spraying just a quick spray of musk perfume.  Yes it’s my favorite Musk by Alyssa Ashley.  I’m spraying lightly behind my ears, wrists and behind my knees.  Wait, there I just sprayed just a very little on my inner thighs.  There now, I only have to choose a sexy nightgown and I’m ready for you!”  I don’t bother to record that it wouldn’t matter what I picked out since you take it off me so quickly.  Sometimes I think I should just be naked since you always just say it’s pretty and off it goes.  I wonder if you would notice if I wore a burlap bag?  Laughing I think you’d just say it’s pretty and start taking it off me.

Pulling out nightgown after nightgown I can’t find anything that I really want to wear - I look at my watch and you’ll be here in five minutes, what am I going to wear?  I finally pick out the ivory silk one you bought me for Valentines Day. I’m getting nervous with anticipation - the time gets closer for you to be home.  I quickly turn back on the recording.

“Uh, okay, where was I recording this for you.  I’ve picked out a nightgown and I’m now heading over to our bed where everything is ready for you.  I’m officially turning off the recorder.”  Grinning I think to myself that there’s no way I’m going to turn off this recorder.  I put the recorder under the bed still turned on.

The phone rings and I hear your deep voice.  It sends shivers of lust rushing over me as you say, “So, are your prepared?”

I laugh, “Yes, I am and you’ll be quite pleased, where are you?”

I hear the key in the front door at the same time I hear you saying, “Walking in the front door to find you, are you in the bedroom?”

Feeling anticipation in my stomach I can’t wait for you to see how pretty I made our bedroom and answer, “Yes, I have it all nice and pretty!”

You’re now leaning against the door jam of the bedroom still speaking but only half into the phone, “You’re right, what I see is very pretty, and yes I see you did it all in reds.”

I glare at you trying to look mad, “NO, it’s shades of pink not red!” 

Grinning, you stalk toward me, taking the phone out of my hand and clicking off your cell phone, “Yes honey, of course, pink – beautiful shades of pink!”  

Looking up at you, I can see your dark eyes staring into mine.  You continue to gaze into my eyes while you pull off your shirt and toss it to a chair.  Kneeling on the bed you lean over me.  Slowly, your lips come crashing down on mine in a hungry kiss.  You devour my lips in that passionate kiss - pushing your tongue into my mouth.  I can feel your demand for possession.  I feel such a need in me for you as your body presses me down into the mattress.  Moaning against your lips I pull you closer, running my hands through your dark, hair.  Kissing you with need and passion I touch your tongue with mine and feel your hands slowly moving toward my waiting nipples.  I push towards you but you pull away.  Your voice is a deep whisper of need, “Wait, honey, let me get these pants off, I have something that needs you!”

Grinning at me you stand up and I admire your smooth, broad chest tapering to your waist.  I want my hands to be touching your nipples.  I think of how I want to lightly lick them until my attention is drawn to you unzipping your pants.  I reach out, but you step back chuckling, “No baby, not yet.  But, I can tell you already want this cock, don’t you?”

My eyes are staring at your hands while they slowly and teasingly open your pants.  I can see the hair above your groin and I almost whimper that I need your cock and that you know I need it.

Slowly I watch you as you free you hard shaft from the confines of your pants.  It strains away from your body…hard…demanding.  I like how your tan line ends above your cock, making that area obvious in contrast against your tanned skin.  You throw your pants across the room and stand close to the bed.  Your cock inches from my mouth, sends tingles of anticipation to my lips.  Your strong hand grips your shaft stroking and squeezing it for me to watch as a drop of pre-come forms on the head.  Your eyes are still looking into mine and I realize you always know of my need to taste you.  I know that you know that I love watching you stroke your cock.

I lick my lips, as I watch that glistening drop on the head of your cock and whisper, “I want to lick your come!”

I hear your deep chuckle and seductive voice, “Yes honey, but there’s plenty of time, let me see you slowly take off your nightie, showing me what you have between those soft thighs of yours!”

Leaning back against the pink satin I slowly slide off my nightgown.  I lift it slowly so my shaven pussy comes into view.  Then I lift it higher above my hips, and finally over my large breasts.  I pretend I don’t see you gazing at my full breasts but I can feel my nipples harden.  I see your eyes darken in need as your voice continues, "Beautiful baby, and all mine, on your back now and touch your nipples for me.  Tell me honey, tell me what your nipples feel like when you touch them!”

Leaning back on the pink satin, I moan, “Sensitive, my nipples feel so hard, yet soft when I touch them.  They almost hurt when I pinch them for you, but it feels good when I pull on the nipples.  The sensations are going through my body!  Touch them for me, please.  I want your fingers to touch them!”  I arch my back, pushing my nipples high in the air toward you.

I watch you stroking yourself with one hand while reaching out to twist my nipple in your fingers.  When your fingers grasp my nipple I urge you on, “Yes, like that!  I feel it so much more when you pull on them.  Pull on my nipple harder!”

Opening my thighs I pull them up and back towards my shoulders, exposing myself to your eyes as you whisper to me, “That’s it honey, now just pull your pussy lips apart for me, open yourself for me.  Yes, like that honey.  Ah!  There it is!  That little pearl, so pink and pretty.  Open yourself more baby.  Yes, part your pretty pussy lips.  Good honey, I like to look at your pretty clit.  I can see you dripping - can you feel how wet you are?  Touch your clit for me.”

Moaning and staring into your dark eyes, I whisper, “I feel my pussy dripping.  I feel my pussy wet and dripping."  Rubbing my finger over my clit, I can feel it swelling while you gaze at my finger touching myself.

Taking your hand off your hard cock you push my thighs wider apart.  You’re between my thighs looking directly at my pussy.  Moving slowly you gently take each pussy lip between your fingers and hold my pussy lips apart.  Your voice teases, “Now baby, take your finger and rub it along the inside of your pussy lips. Yes, now you’re turning a nice, deeper pink, like our room honey, nice shades of rose!  Slowly baby, don’t rush.  Touch yourself!  Yes, like that...up and down!  NO, don’t touch yourself inside honey.  Just tease yourself for me.  Feel your wetness and rub it around your pussy lips.  Wet yourself all over for me with your juice!  Ah, yes, up around that little clit.  Do you want to play with your clit honey?”

I moan, “Oh yes, please tell me I can touch it!”

I hear your voice…deeper but controlled, “Okay honey, take your middle finger and touch yourself.  I know it’s my baby’s favorite one to use when she fingers herself.  No rubbing yet…just lightly tap at  it.  Yes, honey, just like that, lightly hit your little clit baby.  Ah, yes, you’re so wet for me now baby - rub it now honey, little circular motions.  Yes, baby faster now - rub it.  I can see my baby likes rubbing her clit for me, don’t you, my treasure?”

My back presses into the bed, as I arch my hips up toward you.  You're still holding my pussy lips spread open for your eyes to feast on my need.  I whimper, “Oh yes, I like to touch my clit and pussy, I feel so wet…soft.  My clit feels like little sensual pins are in it…tingling…tightening.  I can feel my pussy and ass clenching…oh please, I need you!”

I see you smile, as your fingers move over mine and your voice is deep and seductive, “Okay baby, soon, let me feel you rubbing yourself….pinch your clit like this.  Let's change hands and now you hold your lips open….Yes, like that, wider apart for me….Ahhh yes, let me pinch this little pearl, hiding among your delicate flesh…such pretty, little, tiny folds trying to hide it from me.  That’s it, move your hips when I pull on it….so tiny to pull on….feel my fingers pinching it tight…pulling on it…Now my treasure, feel my fingers sliding down your cunt….is this where you want them?….in this nice, little wet opening here?   - Is it my treasure – tell me now!”

I am now in such need…I feel almost dizzy from the sensations building and my voice seems far away, “Oh yes, please…..feel me….please put them inside me!"

I watch as your fingers pump in me, I’m on fire….my body is now tensing.  Hips thrusting up to meet your fingers….I want you to ram them in me so hard, as I hold my pussy lips open fucking your fingers. My thighs start to tingle and my clit begins to throb more and more….building….I see you smile and urge me on, “Yes my baby, let it build…not yet…hold it back baby…I don’t want you to come yet…here honey I will push them faster….there, feel them fucking you…like my cock will…but I want to see you come on my fingers while I masturbate you…my baby likes to masturbate doesn’t she? Is this what you do with your fingers?” 

I can hardly hear you as I push up, staring into your eyes and feel you ramming in me, but I answer, “Yes, I touch my clit …I rub it and pinch it, then slide my fingers in me….oh yessss like this….faster now…fuck me!”

I know you see how hot and wet I am, as you take over my mind and body and I hear you saying,  “Yes, honey feel my fingers….index and middle fingers in you…stretching you open…fucking your hot pussy….yes baby, I see you need to come…not yet….not yet….fuck them baby….yes….almost now….almost there baby, I feel your pussy walls tightening…hold it one more second baby….okay honey…NOW….COME FOR ME… LET ME FEEL AND HEAR YOU!”

My hips arch high as I cry out, “YES, oh now…I feel it….I feel my pussy grabbing your fingers…..right there!”   I reach and grab your hand to hold it still, the sensations almost hurt as you keep pumping them in me and my body is in another dimension of pleasure.   My hips stay arched off the bed,  as I feel it washing over me…I can feel the inside of my pussy throbbing over and over on your fingers, as you now gently move them in me but I grab your wrist whispering, “Wait, I can’t take anymore, hold still, it’s too strong!”

I hear you chuckle, “Yes baby, such a strong orgasm you have when I finger you and play with your little clit…I know what my baby needs and deserves after such pretty preparations.”

I close my eyes, a moment, while your fingers gently slide over my pussy….touching….but very gently now, knowing I am sensitive after coming and I hear your voice,  “Pretty rose colors….to match your pretty, rose colored pussy…still throbbing….such a deep color now! open your eyes honey and look at this present….my cock is so hard and it’s dripping….my turn now baby!”

Chapter 2

I’m just lying still as I hear you get off the bed, “Don’t move baby, I’ll be back from the kitchen in a minute!” 

I grin to myself and leaning off the bed whisper into the recording, “He’s in the kitchen now, bet he comes back with the cool whip!”

Quickly lying back on the bed I see you come in with your hand behind your back.

“Honey, guess what I have behind my back?”

“Hmm, uh, ice cubes?”

I love that impish grin you get on your face as you take your hand from behind your back and I exclaim, “Cool whip!”

I smile seductively and spread my thighs open showing off my pussy to you as I whisper, “I know it’s your turn but just lick me a little.”  I open my pussy lips for you and you put some whip crème over my pussy.  Pulling me to the edge of the bed you kneel and in a moment I feel your tongue gliding over and slurping at the crème on my pussy. 

“Tell me what I’m doing honey, like I’m the recorder, what you want!”  As you go back to licking me I whisper, “I can feel your tongue on my clit just running over it.  Now you’re flicking it harder making your tongue that hard little point that you do.  Hmmm yesss, now you’re sucking at it…your teeth.  I need your tongue in me! 

Instead of your tongue I feel you pull away and grin up at me, “Well honey, as much as I love this bare little pussy of yours, MY TURN!”  You climb up on the bed and sit against our headboard, your cock hard and erect as your grin and say,  “Now, since I know you have that recorder someplace full blast it’s my turn to record!”

I smile and listen to your every word

In a deep voice you say, “Bring that pretty pink cunt of yours over this cock.  Yes, just like that honey, slide over it…sit down now baby…slide it up inside your pussy!”

Ah, my baby is moving over this thick mushroom head now.  Pretty tits of hers…I’m spreading nice whip crème over her pretty pink nipples.   Her pussy is spreading now as she sinks down lower…more…oh man, she has me inside her!

“Damn baby, how the hell do you talk while doing this!  Give me those nipples!”

Laughing I bring my swollen nipples to your lips feeling you lick at them and then suckle one nipple into your mouth.  You’re rubbing your face on my nice pink-tipped honey soft breasts and I push them against you. 

Finally you pull your mouth from my tits and say, “Pump up and down honey…press your sweetness down on me.   Arch like a cat honey!  Yesssssss!”

Sliding up and down, riding your bulging erection I like to watch as you try to keep in control.

I whisper but loud enough for my recording, “Feel me  – feel my pretty pussy on your hot sex.  I’ve wanted that shaft thrust up in me all day.   Hmm, want me to grind down on you like this?”

I start to bounce up and down on your cock finally feeling your hands leave my nipples and grab me by my waist.

I whisper close to your ear, “Let it come!  I want to feel my man shooting his hot load in my pink pussy…All in our rose colored bedroom…Come in my pussy!”

Your eyes glaze in passion as you yell my name and start to throb inside me.  I hug you tightly as you hold me down on your driving need.  I love this moment when you are totally consumed with only me…no work…nothing but me and you joined.