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   At exactly 7:45 a.m. Jessika walked through her office door proceeding directly to her desk.  She did her usual three movements at once:  placed her attaché case on the floor, turned on the computer and sat down in her chair.  Watching the monitor come to life with her favorite screensaver she reached for her coffee, signaling the start of her business day.  Enjoying the chocolate flavored coffee she opened the file reviewing what she needed for the meeting that would be held in the main conference room at 8:15 a.m.

 The main conference room was reserved for meetings of top priority, while the other two smaller conference rooms were open for any agenda. For today’s meeting she had chosen and reserved the main conference room.

 Today’s meeting would only be a few hours but the agreement being negotiated was important to her company. She began reading the file names on her monitor, then printed out those she’d need.  She was still reviewing last minute strategy when her secretary called on the intercom to tell her that Mr. Gregory had arrived.

 Slowly standing up she checked the folders she’d need for the next few hours. Confident that she had the files she’d need, she reached for her Mont Blanc pen and then proceeded to meet Mr. Gregory.

 She approached him with her hand outstretched to shake hands, "Mr. Gregory, I’m pleased to see you again, I hope your trip was okay and the directions we gave you accurate – I trust that you had no difficulty finding the company?"

 Her hand was gripped in an old familiar handshake. She noted that he still had a strong handshake and she gripped his hand with equal pressure. Her own handshake was quite firm, even though her hands were small and delicate.  She’d made a point to make eye contact with him and he looked directly into her eyes.  He answered, "The directions were flawless and please call me Scott, as you did on our previous occasion."

 She looked directly into his eyes and felt he hadn’t meant a double meaning in his sentence so she replied, "Well then, Scott, I’ll show you to the conference room and we can get started. There’s fresh coffee with pastries and fruit in the conference room.”

 Proceeding to the conference room she stepped in front of him, but he moved up to her side.  She had to look up at his 6’ from her height of 5’1” - but with spike heels she stood 5’4.  Looking down at her he smiled while she spoke, "It’s the second conference room on the left and it’s reserved for the duration of the day." They proceeded into the room and she walked to the end of the table.

 She wanted to take the seat at the head of the table forcing him to sit either to her right, or to her left but felt that would be too aggressive at this juncture, so she sat directly across from him.

 He admired her choice of seating - he proceeded to the phone at the opposite end of the table.  He smiled at her, picked up the phone and without asking if it was okay to use it said, "Excuse me a moment while I call my secretary, it’s not private so please get your coffee while I’m busy."  Their eye contact held for a moment as she stood up.  Then turning her back to him she walked to the fresh pot of coffee and proceeded to pour a cup and take a scone.   Thinking about the crumbs it would make on the table she placed it back onto the tray and returned to the table with only the coffee.

 Quietly sitting down she didn’t look at him and proceeded to review her files.  She glanced his way when she heard him laughing over something his secretary and he found amusing.  Looking at her watch she politely coughed.  He immediately turned toward her and said into the phone, "I’ll check in later, I’m being summoned to the meeting."  After hanging up the phone he closed the conference room door and headed for the coffee.  Choosing a large coffee mug instead of a cup he reached for five napkins, three scones and walked to the other side of the table.

 She couldn’t help but admire his broad shoulders tapering to a flat waist and then on to his long legs. She continued watching him as he sat down, put his files in front of him and with a smile that could melt ice he pushed a scone on a napkin to her. His voice was a deep baritone, as he said, "I promise, Jessika, I’ll never tell anyone that you ate a scone in the conference room – our secrets will never leave the walls around us."

 Without smiling, or even raising an eyebrow she reached for her Mont Blanc pen to start writing notes and replied, "Thank you, now shall we start with backgrounds of the employees for this joint project?"

 He grinned, clicked his Mont Blanc pen and said, "Yes, Jessika, by all means let’s start. Nice pen."

 She ignored his last remark and wasn’t sure whether it was his presence, or the tone that he used when he said, "let’s start" but her eyes darted from the files in front of her to his expression.  He was staring at her and his dark brown eyes appeared warm and friendly. She ignored the mental note about his eyes and handed him her list of employees, as she replied, "These are our employees and I’ll outline on the white board the employee chart we believe will work. I’ll give you a final form after we discuss it."

 Standing and walking to the board she could feel his eyes following her body. She turned toward him to find he was staring at her.  He smiled and said in a deep controlled voice, "Please continue Jessika, I believe I’ll like your form."

 Ignoring his remark, she proceeded to write on the board in front of her.

 Her back was to him while he watched, as her body arched upward to start writing at the top of the chalkboard.  He admired her well-fitted suit and her nice bottom neatly molded by the skirt. He thought to himself, oh yes Jessika, I still like your form - before these negotiations are done I’m going to make sure you lose some of your well placed control and remember how you acquired that pen."

  10:00 Break

 She had presented the first part of the proposal and was mentally exhausted after two hours of non-stop negotiations. Although she’d made strides in gaining major concessions for her company, on which employees to place in certain jobs, they were now moving to the management positions. This was critical to her, since her job position was to be moved to the new joint venture. The management area of the negotiating had been designated for his presentation and he stood up.

 He walked to the board, walked past it and came to her side of the table sitting down next to her. He slid his power point charts half way in front of them on the table and said, "I prefer to speak to you this way instead of marking the board, or using the laptop, is this okay?" She knew there wasn’t much she could say to the contrary so she replied, "However you feel most confident in presenting your outline of management will suffice."

 He sat for a moment watching her, while she studied the management chart.  The notes she was taking were in Greg shorthand and he couldn’t read what she was writing down. He took that moment to remember, back to their last meeting at a conference in San Francisco .

 They were at that conference to discuss the proposed joint venture and he had been surprised how she’d held her own in every discussion. The meeting had taken the better part of a day and after signing the original Letter Of Intention, they had a quiet dinner. Dinner had been pleasant and cordial.  Being polite he’d asked her to dance…it was a slow song and when he held her in his arms their bodies seemed to blend together. They both left the dance floor shaken at the contact they’d made.  Conversation seemed to suddenly take on double meanings.  Finally, leaving the restaurant they walked through the lobby of the hotel in silence.  Walking her to her room he finally spoke paying her a compliment, "Jessika, you’re an asset to your company, as well as being beautiful and intelligent."

 She smirked and returned the compliment, "Scott, you’re an asset to your company, as well as being a hunk and brain – see you in the morning!"  She turned away from him and walked into her room.  When she turned to close the door he walked in before she could close the door.

 She stepped back as he closed the door behind him and demanded, "Okay, Scott, let’s cut to the chase - just state what you want and cut out the long compliments and conversational fluff."

 He’d never heard such an easy question, "You Jessika, I want you."

 She stood and looked at him.  Her voice was void of emotion, "Fine, you have me.  Now, is this want for an hour, or is this an entire night want?"

 He watched her eyes blaze defiance and challenge. Her back was ramrod straight, her shoulders back, and she stood facing him, ready for battle. He walked up to her forcing her to step back against the wall. He placed a hand on either side of her head and before his lips closed over hers he whispered, "This is a want for a long time Jessika, not an hour, not a night - it will take you years to appease this want.”

 His lips lowered toward hers but he felt her body stiffen while he held her pinned against the wall. He ignored the way she held her body continuing to rub his lips, petal soft, across hers.  Not moving his hands, but gently pressing his body against hers. He didn’t move fast, but confident.  Not aggressive, but sure of himself.  His body waited for hers to decide.  Gently moving his lips to her ear he whispered,  "Jessika, this isn’t one-sided, if you don’t want me, then this is no good and I’ll leave."

 She’d heard what she wanted and was about to say, that’s the idea – you’re supposed to leave. But when she looked into his eyes her world seemed to blend itself into his.  Moving her hands up she gripped his wrists and answered, "No, don’t leave, I want you."

 It was like colliding worlds, ice and heat, their passions blazed. Their lips joined - in a kiss of blazing lust, desire… need. Clothes were discarded without thought, as they made their way into the room…naked they fell onto the bed. Pulling her under him he again pinned her wrists high above her head.  Looking directly into her eyes he demanded, "Jessika, tell me again, say it to me…that you want me now and tomorrow."

 Gazing into his eyes she quietly answered, "Scott, I’m here with you, this is all I can promise, stay with me for tonight, tomorrow will be what it will be."

 He looked at her with passion in his eyes and before his lips met hers he whispered, "Okay Jessika, I won’t make you ask, I already know you want me and I’m here."

 Smiling down at her he kissed her.  Her soft lips drove his senses wild...her jasmine perfume, and the smooth texture of her skin. Gently rubbing his cock against her he felt her open her thighs so he could fit where he wanted to be.  Feeling her legs open he positioned himself for pushing in.  His hands moved down and cupped her bottom…her legs wrapped around his waist…their world waited to begin.   His last thought was he needed to be deeply in her…now and forever.  He felt her wanting to have him inside of her.  Gently pushing her open he slid smoothly and easily into her body.  He felt as if his journey was ended…as if he was suddenly home where his body belonged, "Jessika, feel me in you baby, feel how good we fit and feel together."

 Looking into her eyes he saw the passion and the guarded look, but for now she was his. He started to stroke in and out of her body with his cock wanting her to feel it all.  He kissed her cheek, neck, lips. His hands kneaded her bottom, as he pinned her onto his hard shaft. He felt her legs lock tighter around him and her nails rake his back from his shoulders to the crack of his tight, muscled ass.  He kept his rhythm smoothly pushing in and out. His tongue again found hers and he possessed her mouth in heat searing passion. Higher and hotter their movements grew, thrusting against each other in a need to possess each other. He felt her nails dig deeper and arching his back he slammed his full length inside her body. He heard her whimper in pleasure while he felt her insides start to clench.  He groaned in need, "Jessika, now baby, give it to me, let’s burn together."

 He didn’t expect her answer as she whispered, "Yes, Scott, now, with you." Her words, so soft, inflamed him and again arching his back he impaled her. He felt it building within him until his body tightening like a coiled spring exploded in her, pumping her full of his hot cum. He felt the walls of her body clenching on his shaft… draining him of his strength, his feelings…he was all hers.  He kept deeply within her until he felt her body relaxing and her nails raking him change to running caressingly over his back.

 Holding his weight on his arms he stayed on top of her and still inside of her, not wanting to move, and not wanting to break the contact. He kissed her lightly, softly, tenderly moving his lips over hers, "Jessika, let me stay with you tonight, let me hold you, even if you only let me for only tonight." Gazing into her eyes he watched the want and the hesitation yet she answered, "Okay."  Moving off her he pulled her into his arms, marveling at how fragile she actually was in his arms.  In her business suit across a conference table she seemed so fierce. Holding her in his arms he felt at ease, for the first time in a long time. He knew he was finally holding the right woman in his arms - he just didn’t know how to make her know it.

 He’d thought about her many times after that night but she never returned his calls unless they were business. Finally he sent her a gift with a note that said, "I was going to send you flowers but this seemed more appropriate." He had sent her a Mont Blanc pen and now he saw her using it - now he’d another chance – he’d make her want him!

 Suddenly realizing he’d been lost in thought he smiled at how his body had felt that entire flashback.  Quickly looking over at her he was relieved she was still concentrating on the charts.

 Finally, she looked up at him and said, "I’ve no problem with most of the positions chosen for the employees from my company, but I don’t see my position noted on the chart?" He looked over the chart and flipped a few of the pages then said, "You’re correct, your name and position don’t seem to appear on the charts, where do you think you would best fit in?"

 She could feel her adrenaline skyrocket and wanted to turn and say, "At the top! That’s where the hell I fit in!" She sat a moment and reached for her coffee to bide time.  She needed time to get her thoughts and feelings under control. She’d always practiced that feelings had no place in a business meeting. Slowly putting her coffee cup down she replied, "Mr. Gregory, this isn’t an interview, you already know my position with this company and it would be in that capacity that I’d work in the new joint venture."

 He smiled, looked at the chart and baited her, "Jessika, would you be willing to work for the venture if that capacity could not be offered?"

  Watching her out of the corner of his eye he saw her controlling her emotions.  He was quite surprised her voice sounded calm and level, “Mr. Gregory, you know my capacity with my company.  If you’ve deleted that position then I’ll seek employment elsewhere, but thank you for your offer.”  He let her gather her papers, then covered her hand before she could pick them up, “Jessika, I’d never let this venture continue without you on board with me.  I apologize, your position is in tact, but you’ll be working for me.  Is that acceptable?”

 She made a few notes while asking, "Exactly in what position?"

 He had a complete business tone and look as he answered, "Under me."

 Hey eyes glared into his but he had a controlled expression so she simply answered, "Under you?  Well then there’ll be times with my expertise in acquisitions that I’ll assume I’ll be over you and that you’ll follow my lead?"

 The air was electrified as he answered, "Over me, at times, is quite acceptable, Jessika.  So do we have a basic merger plan for this project and we can go to lunch now?"

 She stood and extended her hand, "I’ll have our legal department draw up an agreement to review for execution.  Yes, we have accomplished it all, and can go to lunch!"

 Grasping her hand he stood and smiling down at her he replied, "Jessika, we haven't quite accomplished it all but that we can do over lunch!"

 They both laughed at the same time, at the same thought, when he said, "It’s only 1:00 and we still have the entire afternoon, uh, to discuss business?"

 She grinned at him feeling the old attraction to him pulling at her, "Why, of course business, would you care to go to lunch now…at my place?"

 They picked up their folders and walked down the hall.  After Jessika told her surprised secretary that Mr. Gregory and she were leaving the office to discuss things, they walked out of the building.

 Getting into his car she laughed, "You know, now there’ll will be gossip all day."

 Pulling out of the driveway he laughed, "Who cares - Which way? And there’d be gossip even if we had the meeting in the lobby of your building."

 Chapter 2

 They drove the four blocks to her apartment and getting out of the car she said, “Bring your laptop and the contracts.  We still have some details to clear up on a few of my employees.”  She noticed the slight frown he had but noticed he reached for his laptop without saying anything and that he additionally took his attaché case. 

 Entering her apartment they walked into the living room that also served as her office.  Walking over to her desk she turned on computer, “I can log into my computer at work.” Bringing up the excel chart of employees she began speaking to him on the topics he didn't answer at the office.

 She turned to him -  he smiled and said, “Guess you didn’t miss that I didn't include them on the chart, huh?”

 She grinned, “Guess not.  So where do we put them, in what capacity and on what shifts?” She knew he didn’t want to discuss this and that he’d thought that she had missed the fact that he left off some of her crew. She noted he’d left out three of her men and they were men she’d known for years - she'd not let them down now.  She quickly continued to show him where in their budget she could allow for salaries for three years and by then the project would be self-sufficient.

 He watched her and knew that she had cut out her next three years f pay raises to make the budget work to bring on the men.  He was about to point it out to her but instead said, “Well, I can see you made some interesting cut backs, but that’s your business.  Mine is that we come in under budget and on time.  Do you want to rethink your new payroll budgets, or should we just agree to everything now, so you can stop thinking about work proposals.”

 He knew he’d angered her by the way her shoulders pulled back and her posture straightened at her computer.  He saw her jaw tighten but her voice, as always, was controlled when she answered, “I think we left things undone - perhaps it would be better if we returned to the conference room at the office, before we make a mistake.”

 Scott knew that tone of hers.  He ignored her comment and removing his jacket folded it on the end of the couch.  Sitting down he opened his case and spread out the charts on the coffee table.  While looking at the budget charts he noted that she’d them planned out exactly as he would have done.  He could sign them now, but he knew she'd interpret it that he wanted it quickly done and over with.  He looked over her salary budgets and made a few changes to her salary, then to his salary and to the overall project.  He watched her cautiously walk over to him and sit down.  She studied what he was writing not aware that her thigh was lightly touching his.

 He handed her the pen.  She took it without really thinking about the movement still studying the figures.  Opening a drawer in the coffee table she took out a calculator and quickly added numbers making notations on his papers.  She handed him back the pen.  He reached for her calculator and recalculating a few of the figures wrote them down and handed her the pen.  She didn’t say anything but after a few moments of studying the notations she signed her name to the bottom of the Letter of Intent.  Without looking at him she handed him the pen.  He took the Mont Blanc pen and in a smooth script signed his name.  He noticed her hands were resting on her knees.  He put the pen down on the Letter and covered one of her hands with his without saying anything.  Sitting there a moment just holding her hand he then turned and pulled her into his arms holding her tight to his chest.  Finally he stood up and asked, “Which way is the bedroom?”  She pointed to the door.  He stood up and walked into her bedroom leaving her on the couch to make her decision. 

 Watching his back as he walked into her bedroom she looked back down at the papers merging their companies.  She went over all the reasons that now that they worked together, on the same project, soon in the same company, she shouldn't follow him to the bedroom.  She went over all the reasons and then followed him into the bedroom with the only thought being - the hell with it, why not?

 He was already sitting on the bed removing his shirt.  She admired his chest and his muscular arms.  He looked up and smiled, “Hi, for a little while can we please forget our positions and just be with each other.”

 Standing quietly in front of him she quietly said, “I don’t know, can we? Fooling around like this isn’t really a good idea, now that we work together, is it?”

 Grabbing her by the waist he quickly stood up, flipped her onto the bed and came down on top of her.  Laughing he said, “No, we shouldn’t fool around since we’re technically co-workers.”  His lips were roaming over her lips while she laughed and tried to protest.  He looked down at her and said, “Your answer has to be yes to my next question, is that understood?”

 She laughed, “You haven’t asked any question and you’re already telling me the answer – okay just this once the answer is yes.  Now what was the question?”

 He just grinned and slowly began to unbutton her blouse kissing her skin as it became exposed to his lips.  He smiled and said, “Have I told you I love bra’s that hook in the front.  They’re so much easier to open.”

 She answered, “Oh, I didn’t know you made it a daily practice of opening bra’s.”

 He ignored her answer.  Rolling onto his back he slid his slacks down his legs followed by his shorts.  Naked he rolled onto his side and looked at her, raising one eyebrow in question.  He noticed she smiled, then shaking her head at some thought she unzipped her skirt and slid it down - followed by her pantyhose.  She turned on her side and raised her eyebrow in question.

 He ran his index finger down her cheek…over her lips and slowly over her skin…lower to her nipple.  He gazed at her breasts as he began to run his finger around her tight tip that was hardening under his touch.  They were as he remembered – beautifully formed…creamy white skin forming a rose-colored tip.  Licking his finger her touched the nipple…pinching the tender flesh and watching her expression.   Opening his hands he held each breast…caressing them… squeezing the flesh of her.  Then, leaning forward his lips claimed hers.  Kissing her lips softly his hands began to slide lower when he whispered,  “Remember you said your answer would be yes.”

 She looked at him, “Uh, Scott, what is the question?”

 His lips came back down on hers…harder…demanding…possessive.  When he thrust his tongue into her mouth seeking hers, his hand reached the apex of her legs…cupping her mound.  His mind registered delicate softness as her whimper of pleasure filled his being.  His thigh slid over her leg at the same moment his fingers felt the dampness of her softness.  Softer, his fingers roamed into her secret core.  His kisses became softer when his fingers rocked slowly in her tight sweetness.  His thigh rubbed along her leg and his fingers were replaced by his body.  He felt her arms wrap around him in answer and offering.  He kissed her lips gently and eased himself barely inside of her.  Feeling her hands holding onto him tightly he sank himself into her completely.  Not moving they let their lips and hands make love while their bodies stayed joined.  Finally, he imbedded himself in and out of her in long smooth strokes - letting her body adjust to his movements.   He felt her movements as her body met his surging upward in heat.  His body was completely male and muscled, as he began to arch and thrust his hardness into her.  Taking her hands and holding them on either side of her head he increased his strokes until he felt her rocking under him in need.  Her Her hips raised off of the bed …feeling her movements under him he matched her thrusting heat.  Hotter…harder…spiraling out of time they thrashed against each other.  Deeper with each thrust - she watched him groan in male satisfaction…now too much for them both to hold onto.  Whimpering his name her body clenched around his cock as he came inside of her.  They both climaxed over the edge of all reality - one world where only the two of them existed.

 He opened his eyes looking down at her.  She opened hers.  She smiled and said, “You know, I could get used to this.”

 He smiled and sliding out of her body he pulled her into his arms.  Kissing her and holding her tightly to him he answered, “You will get use to it, my question was will you marry me and you already said yes, so no going back.”

 She laughed and kissing him said, “The answer is still – yes.”