As Music Drifted © Copyright, LdyJessika 1997-2007
All rights reserved – no copy or duplication allowed

His arm twined around my waist like a vine.  Tight…secure.
His hand held mine,
Pulling me into an embrace to the music,
Thigh to thigh,
Soft breasts crushed against masculine chest,
As music drifted, around our bodies.

 His lips brushed my neck,
My hand moved up his arm,
His hand caressed its way around my waist.
Hands touching…learning…telling.

 His voice whispered of need and passion,
My body answered for me.
His body danced us into a deserted corner,
While my softness invited the fire within him.

 Fingers touched and buttons fell open,
Clothing drifted to the music,
Pooling on the floor in colorful disarray.

 His arms around my waist - his body molded,
His thigh gently nudged between mine,
His body demanded – mine acquiesced.

 Flesh met flesh in an ebb and flow,
Rocking in unison to the music
Heat building within a desire

 Growls of possession
Whimpers of giving
His body took
Mine gave
As music drifted, around us.