In The Long Run 2 © Copyright,

Written 02/2001 posted and copyright May 2006.
Dedicated to _______________  (Erotica/Romance rated)

 Months had gone by without them meeting other than lunch or at business meetings.  Neither mentioned the night they’d spent together, as if it didn’t happen.  But, there was a bond between them for need and acceptance from the other.  An odd bond that others would never understand, and could never see.

 The day had finally arrived when he’d be away for a month on leave.  She didn’t want to say anything, but didn’t want to be without him.  She’d never mention it, but it was just a need.  She knew he was staying at a hotel the night before he had to enter a hospital.  Then he’d be gone for a month and she sat staring at the piece of paper that had the hotel address.  She knew it wouldn’t be right for her to show up at the hotel, so after work she went home and he left for the city.

Midnight came and as he was watching television at the hotel there was a knock on the door.  He got up and walking to the door said, “Who’s there?”

Her voice wavered, “If this isn’t a good time, which it probably isn’t, I can leave.”

Opening the door he grinned, “Just driving forty five minutes to the city for a cup of coffee or something?”

She laughed, “Exactly, how perceptive of you - then I remembered you mentioned you’d be in the city, so I thought I’d stop by?  Does that sound even the slightest plausible?”

“For you?  Yes.”

“Well, I know I shouldn’t have come here and you have to get up very early but…oh heck I just wanted to and didn’t want to call and have you say don’t come visit.”

He moved aside as she went into the small hotel room, “If I’d said for you not to come visit it would’ve been because it’s selfish of me to make you drive forty five minutes.”

They stood gazing at each other for a few moments when he said, “I can call room service for coffee if you want coffee, or you can walk over here and I can hug you.”

Without a second hesitation she ran into his arms hugging him tightly to her.  Time had a way of stopping when he held her.  Time had a way of feeling calm and serene.  In his arms she felt as if nothing could hurt her.  All the stress left her body the moment his arms wrapped around her.  Her mind registered safety, her body registered – home.

Holding onto each other in the silence of need he kissed the top of her head.  Her arms were wrapped tightly around his waist and she nuzzled into his chest. 

She looked up at him, “I missed you.”

He chuckled, “I only saw you a few hours ago, but I kind of missed you too.  And, I’m glad you didn’t listen and showed up.  Being alone before the operation is kind of a bummer.”

“Well that’s what I’m here for – to help you watch TV.”

Laughing they climbed onto the bed and puffed up the pillows.  Turning to her he said, “Want control of the channel changer?”

“No, you do the channel changing.  I’m just here because I was driving by.”

His arm went around her and snuggling into his side she felt his body heat  - sighing, she relaxed…feeling safe.

His voice a few moments later almost startled her, “Sleeping?”

She looked up at him and smiled, “No, just finally relaxing and feeling safe.”

They both snuggled down at the same time into the bed.  He gazed into her eyes, “I have to get up at 4 A.M so how about we get under the covers and get some sleep?”

Smiling they both stood up and in a moment their clothes dropped silently to the floor.  He automatically handed her a sweatshirt he had on the end of the bed knowing she didn’t like to be naked.  Without thinking she grabbed for it and pulled it over her head quickly getting under the covers.

The close comfort of his body warmed her as his thigh pressed between her softer ones.  He tipped her chin up and his lips met hers in and understanding that words could never speak.  Her fingers touched his face and their kiss deepened as her body pressed against him.  There’s that time in every woman’s life when she knows in her heart that the man she’s with is the right man.  She kissed him with all the passion she had in her being and his arms wrapped tightly around her pulling her under him.

Her legs spread wider as his thighs rested between hers.  She felt his hardness pressing against her and she wanted to feel him inside of her.  Moving under him she felt him sliding into her wetness.  Hard and strong he filled her completely.  This was what she always needed from him…feeling home.   Her body slowly moved beneath him, reveling in sensations of his flesh.  His warmth - his strength - his stability.  Then she heard him moan deeply and their movements began to take over in the need of a man and a woman.  She could feel him within her.  Pressing deeply.  Owning that part of her body that she’d only give to him.  Spiraling higher they began to move quicker.  She could feel her breasts pressing against his chest.  Her body felt like it was tingling with a need to come.  She whispered his name over and over until she could feel his body reaching the same point.  Now they danced in a world of need as his body sensually moved within hers - he stiffened and whispered her name at the same time she whispered his.  Holding tightly to each other they reached that point of explosions of ecstasy in that final shattering release.   Arms and legs entwined he slowly rubbed her back feeling her safe and snug in his arms. 

Sighing she said, “Hmm, what I go through for a cup of coffee, but in the long run well worth it.”

Smiling he answered, “We have to get up early, but in the long run very, very well worth it.  I owe you a cup of coffee when this is over.”