In My Dreams © Copyright July 2004

In my dreams it’s the way I wish we could be.

In the long run I know in my heart that you’re my true love – the half that makes me whole.

In my dreams…..

The hotel room was the most beautiful I’d ever seen. The carpet beneath our bare feet was soft and a shade of dark blue. The drapes a light lavender as we swayed past them, slowly dancing and drifting in a world of our own…naked…barefoot. The room was the one I’d seen in the magazine advertisement and I’d pointed it out to you. Not to entice you but just sharing what I had found appealing. The large four-poster bed with soft pillows. It was on the top floor with a large bay window overlooking the ocean. Your e-mail had surprised me when I opened it and found your note – but the moment I read it I’d let you know that I’d meet you:

"It’s been too long since we’ve escaped this job and the stresses we have with it – meet me at Hotel On The Bay – Top Floor Suite."

Now, hours later I was finally with you…held securely in your arms. I could feel the strength of your body against mine. Tracing your shoulder - feeling your warm skin against my fingertips. Slowly and seductively using my index finger I traced from your shoulder to your chest. Tapping you playfully over the heart I gently placed my hand flat upon your chest and whispered, "I’m happy with you. When I’m finally with you everything feels safe and right, as if the part of me that was missing was found."

Your lips were now skimming lightly on my shoulder…strong hands skimming lightly over my back…down over my hips. Pulling me against you…rubbing satin heat against me.

Pressing my hips tightly against you I whispered that I needed more…you turned me in your arms. Slowly turning me, as if we were dancing, I felt my ass sliding over your lower body until it nestled at the apex of your thighs. My back feeling the heat of your chest…your grip tightening on my hips. Music drifted sensually over my flesh while our bodies needing the feeling of motion played against each other. Music played lightly over my nipples - they tightened for your pleasure while sending sensations through me. I could feel myself becoming live with sensations while my lips sucked pleasantly on your neck. The taste of your flesh to my tongue, as I licked and kissed your neck, making me wish I had hours to lick and kiss over your body.

Music kept us adrift in a spell of wonder drifting around the room until we found ourselves in front of the soft covered bed. I’d thought we’d cuddle and make love under the soft covers…we didn’t get in. The music demanded a different dance while you gently told me to bend over the bed. Leaning down I crossed my arms in front of me and rested my cheek on them. Rising up onto my toes I moved my ass against your satin heat….pressing against you. Then as the pressure mounted I felt your pushin into my wet heat…deeper…slow…deeper. My eyes closed as supreme pleasure drifted through my body. Feeling you grinding into me…pulling my hips back against you I could feel your power…possession.

The soft covers cushioned me when we began moving faster than the music. Our own heated rhythm took over and claimed control. Whispering to you how I needed it harder – how I needed you to make me feel alive, was at the same moment that you began to fuck me harder. I was wet for you, like you loved me to be. I was lusting for you, like you loved me to be. I was everything you wanted me to be because I needed to please you. Feeling the strength and possession of your hands gripping my hips made me want to submit all of me to you.

The air seemed to steam…my entire body felt on fire with each methodical ramming of your cock inside of me. Again, I pushed backwards, arching my back to let you slam all the way into my softness. Feeling your fingers digging into my hips… your moans of need were louder until you whispered, ‘Now, baby, now.

In that moment I felt you stiffen. I could feel your thigh muscles tighten…your grip almost painful and then I couldn’t hold back any longer. Ramming back onto your hard cock I felt like my body exploded in feelings of tingling sensations. I felt tight, molten heat grinding into my body. Draining every drop of raw emotion and sensation that I had to give. My body pinned onto your cock, draining every drop of molten heat that you had to give. The room cooled to a comfortable sense of breathing and sensations. We could again hear the music…we climbed onto the bed satisfied at the rhythm our own song had created.

Smiling as you pulled me into your arms I said, "I need you."

I smiled more when you replied you needed me as much, if not more.