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He noticed her the minute she boarded the plane. His mind registering what his eyes slowly raked over. Her auburn hair styled in short fluffy curls, falling softly around her face - An expensive navy blue business suit and ivory lace blouse. She was just what he would have ordered to keep him company on this business trip.

His eyes followed her progress as she maneuvered down the aisle, carrying what appeared to be a heavy case. His mind was saying – keep coming down the aisle, that’s it honey, four more rows to 20C, keep those legs walking to me. Stopping at row 19 he noticed she looked at her ticket then at the numbers on the overhead.

Her voice was soft and feminine flowing over his senses. Speaking to the passenger seated in front of him she said, "Excuse me, according to my ticket 19C is my seat – what number does your ticket have?"

There was commotion when the tickets were produced and explanations given about who would get a window seat. Finally, the airline stewardess intervened asking, "Well seat 20B isn’t a window but it’s vacant, would that be okay, Miss?"

Her eyes darted to the seat next to him and then to him. He knew she was about to decline sitting next to him so he interrupted the stewardess and said to her, "Look, I don’t mind sitting in the middle seat, so how about taking this window seat, 20C?"

He caught the skeptical look she shot him but the stewardess was already beaming at him for coming up with such a wonderful solution and the person in 19C was saying, "That works out for perfectly everyone!"

Meeting her questioning, dark-brown eyes he quickly moved over one seat. He had no intention of giving her an alternative except to gracefully accept the window seat with him seated next to her.

She shrugged, "Well I guess that would be okay!"

Struggling to lift her luggage into the overhead he immediately stood up, taking it from her. Their eyes locked for a moment in a silent battle while they held onto the case. He noticed hers were a beautiful deep brown but guarded and questioning.

He smiled, "Here, let me get that for you, I have to move to let you in anyway!" His muscular arms easily lifted the luggage, placing it in the overhead - she tentatively smiled at him sitting down by the window. Placing her attaché case under the seat in front of her, she watched him finish closing the overhead and take the seat next to her. She could feel his dominant presence through his actions and was attracted to the way he seemed to know what he wanted and went after it.

Her perfume drifted to him when he sat down in the adjoining seat. It was light and sensual to him, not like some women’s where he almost coughed and choked on their perfume. He glanced at her noticing her long lashes and smooth skin. His eyes started studying her large breasts under her blouse but she turned and glared at him. Grinning he turned his attention away from her nipples but not before thinking about licking them until they peaked and she begged him for more.

Hooking his seat belt around his hard, flat abdomen, he said, "So, where are you traveling to?"

He could tell she didn't want to answer his questions but he knew she'd answer out of politeness, "I have a conference to attend in New York - at the Hilton."

He would have liked more information but since she wasn’t wearing a wedding band and was seated next to him for the next five hours he was quite satisfied. He had plans!

Holding out his hand to shake hers, he introduced himself, "Well my name is Michael Sutton and I'm going to the same hotel, so we may see each other there."

Sighing, she reluctantly held out her hand – she noticed hers was quite a bit smaller when it was engulfed in a very strong masculine grip.

"My name is Laura!"

With that introduction over she tried to pull her hand out of his only to find he held it tighter and was not letting go. Glancing over at him she noticed he was quite handsome with distinguished gray streaks running through dark brown hair. She guessed his age to be in his 40’s and that he must work out on a regular basis. His hand was sending odd notions to her imagination of his long fingers running over her body.

He watched her studying his appearance and liked the feel of her soft delicate hand in his trying to nonchalantly pull away. His hand was large and rough compared to hers and his mind imagined her soft hands running over his hard naked chest. Smiling to himself Michael already had plans formulating in his mind with Laura’s hands and body as the major part of them. He smiled into her eyes and released her hand.

"Well Laura, I’m very pleased to meet you and be sitting next to you on this flight."

Time was now on his side. Stretching his long legs under the seat in front of him the plane started to taxi down the runway, while he leaned back relaxing. Glancing again at her hand he noticed her knuckles were white with a death grip on the arm-rest. Reaching over he placed his large palm over her smaller hand, rubbing it he leaned closer to her ear saying in his deep voice, "Not to worry! We’re already airborne and heading east!"

He kept his hand covering hers realizing she was too scared to move her hand away. He usually didn't take advantage of situations like this but he found just the feel of her hand started making his cock stiffen. Rubbing his palm over her cold hand he said in a lower tone, "Laura, relax now, we’re okay!" It seemed to take a moment for her to realize he said something.

Her voice was low and shaky, "Thank you, I'm okay now – I hate flying but I do it because I have to for business – I'm okay once we're level – it’s just the take off. Kind of silly of me!"

His gray eyes smiled into hers and rubbing her hand a few more times he felt it warming and said, "Well we’re now in the air, you did fine!"

She laughed at his approval, "Oh, thanks!" Settling back in her seat she closed her eyes trying to relax, but her nipples had already become rigid from his touch on her hand. There was something about this Michael Sutton that made her body want to feel more from him. His voice and touch made her nipples peak and that surprised her - but felt good. She knew she had to stop feeling her nipples becoming rigid and needing for this stranger or he would certainly know where her thoughts were.

He watched her frown crossing her arms and then she seemed to slam her eyes shut. He couldn't really do much but watch her falling asleep next to him. Since it was the red eye flight the lights were turned low but not before he took a leisurely look over her long legs and back to her breasts. His eyes rested on her breasts as the blouse clung and outlined them. He could barely make out round flesh above her bra but could see her nipples pressing against it. He licked his lips in anticipation when he would finally get to bite and suck on them. He was grateful no one was on his other side in the row as immediate plans started to make him grin. The stewardess was now offering pillows to the passengers - he took two of each.

The plane was cold and he studied her body posture - she was trying to get warm by folding her arms and hugging herself. Reaching over to her he gently placed a blanket over her – she opened her large brown eyes staring at him!

He said in a low voice, "The stewardess brought blankets – it's still three hours to go and you appeared cold!"

Sitting up she grimaced and sounded pitiful, "I’m cold and have a kink in my neck and I’m tired and hate flying!" Then realizing how she must have sounded she quickly amended, "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to vent, I just wish we were in NY!"

Not ever missing an opportunity to gain what he wanted he immediately smiled and said in a friendly tone, "Here, Laura, lean on my shoulder so you don’t get a kink in your neck and go back to sleep for a bit. They’ll bring a snack in about a half hour and I’ll wake you up."

He watched her indecision, then he patted his shoulder, "Come on, it’s fine, just lean and close your eyes."

Looking confused she sat there for a moment until turbulence rocked the plane and she muttered, "Oh hell just what we need, turbulence!" Grabbing the blanket to her chin she leaned over almost hiding her face on his shoulder continuing to mutter, "I hate turbulence!"

He chuckled and without thinking kissed the top of her head saying, "Yes, and you hate having kinks in your neck, being cold and flying!" Freezing for a moment from his own action, he waited for her reaction and was surprised when she only asked, "Your name is Michael, right?"

He almost stuttered, "Yes, that’s correct!"

Grabbing onto his arm and leaning into him as the plane hit another pocket of turbulence she muttered in a teasing tone, "Be quiet Michael!"

He laughed, "Yes, boss"

Finally feeling her grip on his arm relaxing and listening to her breathing he knew she fell back to sleep. Leaning his head on hers he felt her soft hair and liked the smell of the jasmine shampoo she must use. He lightly turned his head and brushed his lips over her hair feeling her snuggle in closer to him in her sleep. Closing his eyes he began to think of all the things he would do if they were in a comfortable hotel bed at the Hilton – his hands running over her naked flesh, watching her nipples harden and then tasting the moistness between her soft thighs as he parted them. His cock was hard and throbbing by the time he noticed the stewardess start to serve snacks a few rows up from them.

He looked at her sleeping and said, "Laura, snack time – wake up!"

His hand moved to shake her by the arm under the blanket and accidentally brushed across her breast. The touch felt like an electric bolt through his body to his groin. Feeling the lace and the hint of her beautifully formed breast was almost more than he could handle. His mind sent commands to his growing arousal to calm down - in time, all in good time!

Waking up she sat up still muttering, "Oh no!"

He saw her concerned look and asked, "What’s the matter?"

He noticed she really did look tired and cranky but so damn beautiful as she rubbed her eyes to wake up answering, "My damn garter on my stocking just snapped – I should have worn jeans like you!"

As he pictured her legs in stockings, his cock immediately had a mind of its own! He could feel his erection pushing against his jeans ignoring any command his mind tried to give it. Groaning he put his seat in the upright position leaving the blanket over his lap while trying to adjust the pressure of his cock pushing against his jeans.

The time while they snacked was spent with idle chatter. He made sure he kept the questions impersonal and the conversation about New York, sightseeing, Broadway, anything but getting together with her once they were at the same hotel. He talked about anything that would keep his mind off her leg with the missing garter.

"Laura, I’m going to be in NY about two weeks – one for the conference and one for vacation, how about you?"

She smiled at him and her smile made him want her even more, "Well I have three weeks vacation but I’m only going to be in NY for one week and then I'm going to decide where I want to spend the other two weeks."

His mind just made them reservations for the Bahamas and he mentally noted to call his office to tell them he would not be back for three weeks.

He didn't look at her as he replied, "Oh that’s interesting – I have another week, as well!" He didn't finish his sentence because glancing at her he saw that guarded look of hers beginning to return. He went back to talking about the conference he would be attending. Luckily it was not the same as hers so he mentally crossed off conflict of interest.

Finally the stewardess cleared their trays and Laura leaned back looking at him. He was certainly the most interesting man she had met going to a conference and definitely was great looking. She noticed his eyes and gazed lower to his lips wondering what it would feel like with them on hers. She didn't notice him watching her eyes gazing dreamily at his features!

Lowering the back of his seat he finally turned to her, his gray eyes looking directly into hers. She could read the intent in his eyes and glared at him but he leaned closer lifting the arm rest that separated them whispering, "Shh, move closer to me, Laura."

She stared at him in disbelief for a moment and whispered so no one else would hear, "Michael, are you kidding? This is a plane!"

His gray eyes never blinked and answering in a whisper but clear and decisive he said, "Laura, one thing you’ll learn about me is that I never kid, please move closer?"

He watched her continuing to stare at him but since she was not moving away he slid closer to her. Pulling the end of his blanket over her, his hand tucked it around her shoulder and he pulled her closer against him.

She was looking up at him in amazement whispering, "Michael, are you nuts?"

His lips were now only inches from hers as he looked down at her tucked against him, held by his arm, "Laura, I'm always serious and never, ever nuts! How about you? Are you nuts?"

She whispered, "No, I’m not nuts, but this is!"

He smiled, "Good, I'd never kiss you if you were nuts!"

He felt her pulling against his arm but his lips softly brushed across hers while he adjusted the blanket higher over his shoulder protecting her from the view of anyone walking down the aisle.

Her lips were exactly as he had imagined them, soft and delectable - he kissed her a few moments and then ran his tongue gently over them. He tipped her chin up higher and his mouth finally took possession of hers. His arm tightened holding her against him and he finally found her tongue with his. He felt her hands against his chest not pushing him away but not holding onto him. His tongue ran softly over and around hers and after a few minutes of his gentle persuasion her tongue met his and her lips softened, kissing him back. Keeping his movements slow his kiss deepened and his hand slowly slid down the column of her neck, resting just above her honey soft breasts.

Pulling away from her lips and looking into her eyes, he whispered, "Laura, let me touch you!" His hand was already resting on the swell of her breast and his fingers opened wide so they were over her nipple pressing against her blouse.

She looked at him with an odd expression, "What if someone sees us?" Her question surprised her as much as him but his lips felt so good to her that she wanted more.

"Laura, no one can see us!"

"Michael, do you do this a lot on planes?"

He grinned at her, "Actually this is a first but I know no one can see what we're doing!" His hand was already caressing and cupping her breast through her blouse.

She finally whispered, "Michael we're both nuts!"

His hand squeezed and molded the soft flesh he now had permission to hold. His mouth was close to hers but didn't kiss her instead whispering, "Maybe we’re nuts but I need to be with you and more than just here on the plane!" His eyes were looking directly into hers as his hand began to slide her blouse out of her skirt. Her silken flesh finally under his fingers as they skimmed across her flat tummy, higher until he found the hook on the front of her bra. She began looking nervous as his fingers unhooked the bra and freed her breasts for his touch.

"Laura, look at me for a minute!"

Her eyes looked directly into his, "Michael, this is really crazy!"

He continued to rub his fingers over her nipples feeling them starting to harden while she continued to look into his eyes.

"Michael, I said this is crazy!"

His answer was to lean and kiss her, sensually brushing his lips over hers while his fingers rolled her nipple between his thumb and index finger.

Her hand slid up the front of his shirt while her kisses deepened and her tongue slid into his mouth seeking his. Her other hand started to slowly slide down his chest toward his waiting cock but he grabbed her hand stilling it.

"Laura, I couldn’t stand more than a few minutes of your touching even through my jeans, honey. Let me just touch you now and when he get to the hotel I promise we'll do this all the right way!"

He wasn’t sure what her reaction would be to wanting to be with him at the hotel but all she said was, "Promise?"

Smiling he reassured her, "Promise!"

His fingers squeezed the nipple and he caught her sigh as his lips covered hers in another kiss. Listening to make sure no one was stirring around them his hand slowly slid down from her breast over her stomach to her leg. Lifting his head to watch for someone around them his hand continued to slide up her leg to the hem of her skirt.

"Michael? I’m not sure what to do."

He looked into her beautiful questioning brown eyes and whispered, "Close your eyes Laura and just pretend your sleeping, okay?"

Her eyes closed – she felt a surge of excitement go through her body at the thought they were on a plane and she whispered, "Okay."

He kissed the tip of her nose, "Just relax and let me touch your pussy!"

His hand slowly slid up her skirt past the top of the stocking missing the garter to the apex of her thighs. He whispered in her ear, "Honey, spread your thighs open for me – I want to touch you so much!"

Keeping her eyes closed she whispered, "Michael doing this here is crazy!" but her thighs were slowly coaxed open by his palm pushing outward on them.

"Laura, shh, people will hear you more than see us!"

His fingers slid up the inside of her thigh. His intake of breath was barely audible when he felt she was not wearing panties. He was surprised someone dressed like her was not wearing panties but whispered, "Nice, very sexy, you feel so soft!"

His fingers cupped her mound, lightly squeezing, but moving very slowly. He wasn’t going to rush, even on a plane. He leaned closer to smell her perfume and brush his lips across her soft hair as he slid his middle finger into the moistness between her legs. He smiled when she shifted her hips giving his roaming fingers better access to her naked secret flesh. Although she had her eyes closed he watched her expression making sure she didn't want his fingering her soft flesh to stop. He began to gently part her pussy lips, maneuvering his long middle finger into her slick wetness.

"Shh, don’t moan honey, damn your so soft, I wish I could trace my tongue where my fingers are – licking what I'm feeling!" He heard her sigh and lean closer to him. She was nice and wet, spreading her legs wider…wanting more and more of him. She opened her eyes and looked into his with a passion-glazed stare.

"Michael, I like your fingers on me!"

He almost groaned out loud while his middle finger pushed into her pussy and his eyes stayed locked with hers. He felt her slightly moving her hips, riding his middle finger while his thumb began to rub her clit. He thought if he could only get down between her thighs licking and tasting her clit till it swells but for now he stared into her eyes.

"I like my fingers on you too honey, I like my fingers deep in your wet pussy like this!" He could see the effect his words had on her and could feel her body’s reaction rubbing harder on his fingers.

"Tell me Laura, do you like being this wet for me, tell me honey!"

He watched her try to speak and swallow and try again in a whisper she told him, "Yessss, I can’t believe that I'm wet for you, sitting here while you finger me on a plane!"

He began to slide his index finger inside her slick pussy to join his middle finger pushing into her body. Damn he thought, she is so soft and wet. His fingers slid easily in and out as her breathing began to get ragged. He saw her visibly swallow trying not to move but he knew she needed to come for him.

"Laura, feel it building inside you! I can feel it honey, I can feel your need to come for me!"

She stared into his eyes and suddenly gripped his arm as he finger fucked her. Harder and faster he pushed into her while rubbing her clit harder with his thumb. He studied her expression as he pumped his fingers in her sweet warmth watching her body tightening and knew she was about to climax. Suddenly her eyes closed and he felt her pussy walls start to clench on his fingers. She whispered, "Oh Michael"

He leaned closer to her ear, "Yes, honey come for me! Just like this, let that honey come of yours drench my fingers!" He knew he had her! She closed her eyes as she came from being fingered right on the plane. He shoved them in harder making her slightly whimper and fuck them.

He felt her pussy clamping on his fingers and he wanted to keep them in her…fucking her all over with them. He kept them slowly sliding in and out until he finally slid the out. He didn't want to stop touching her pussy and rubbed her swollen sensitive clit. She reached down holding his hand still.

"Okay, honey I’ll keep them still!"

He rubbed over her mound…squeezing…caressing…not wanting to let his won prize loose, but slowly slid his hand back down her thigh helping her pull her skirt down.

She was straightening her skirt not looking up at him when he tipped her chin up - as she watched he licked his index and middle finger. She tasted good and he said, "Laura, I like your taste – stay with me tonight at the hotel?"

She tried to look away but he turned her chin back to him so her eyes stared into his. He noticed hers again were questioning, "Laura?"

She didn't answer right away as a thousand questions ran through her brain but her body felt satisfied as it hadn’t in a long time, "I’m not sure Michael, I have to get up early for a conference!"

He smiled not giving up, "Earlier than 5:00am?"

"No not that early, but about 6:00am!"

He knew he had her cornered on this one, "Well my alarm has to go off at 5:00 am. I'm the first speaker presenting a paper. Soooo, now since I will make sure you get up will you please stay with me?" Even if she didn’t answer that she would, Michael had already planned what they would be having for breakfast. He was going to have her again…fucking her hard, with his cock thrusting where it wanted to be. He could imagine her pussy being stretched as he slid into her depths!

He could see her thinking and not wanting to lose his advantage he backed off, "Okay Laura, at least you didn’t say no, so how about we table my question and just relax - we land in about twenty minutes, okay?"

He didn’t give her time to answer but pulled her closer to him and leaned back closing his eyes with her tucked securely under his arm.



"I really don’t think it would be a very good idea to see each other at the hotel!"

He didn't even open his eyes to look at her. He had every intention of seeing her again and fucking her over and over. "Well, it may not be a good idea but since we're nuts we should do it anyway!"

He turned to her grinning and kissed her fast on the lips. Then he whispered, "Besides, I lost my ring up your pussy and have to go get it with my tongue!"

Slugging him on the arm she laughed quietly and whispered back, "Michael your weird!"

The lights turned on and it was announced that landing at Kennedy Airport would be in a few minutes.

He pulled his arm from around her and straightened his seat back. Looking over at her he said, "Share a cab?"

Straightening her seat and hooking her seat belt she answered without looking at him, "Only if you promise not to look for your ring in the cab!"

He laughed and pictured her in his room with her legs over his shoulders as she moaned in pleasure from this tongue fucking her. He wickedly grinned, thinking yes this was a great flight and will be a greater conference.

Looking at him she smirked, "Mr. Sutton, exactly what are you thinking about that you’re grinning like the cheshire cat?"

He caught her skeptical look but noted she was grinning, "My speech Laura, I was reciting my presentation!"

Chapter 2 – The Hilton

Exiting the airport they hailed and shared the same cab. Surprisingly to Laura the cab ride was very pleasant with chatting and not a word about staying in the same room. As the cab pulled up in front of the hotel Michael finally talked her into meeting him for dinner and they proceeded to the check in desk.

After Laura had checked in Michael smiled at her and said, "Okay boss what is your hotel room?"

She had thought he had heard the hotel clerk but answered, "4186"

"Okay Laura, meet you down here in about 45 minutes, okay?"

Raising her eyebrow in question at his agreeable tone, she turned and went to the elevator…not hearing him say to the desk-clerk, "What room is next to room 4186?"

"Well, Sir, that would be room 4188 but it’s already reserved!"

After discussion about room 4188 being reserved and that nothing could be done about it, Michael picked up his luggage and entered the elevator. Exiting the elevator he walked with his usual purposeful stride down the hall, until putting his key in the door - room 4188!

He walked immediately to the phone, "Laura? Just wanted to make sure your room is okay and you’re still meeting me for dinner."

He listened to her voice as it flowed over his senses until she asked, "Oh, what room are you in?"



"Listen for three knocks!" Grinning he knocked on their adjoining wall and listened to silence on the phone.



Laughing he said, "Bye, Laura, see you in 45 minutes!" He hung up before she could answer but heard three faint, unsure knocks on the wall. He knocked back twice. He heard her knock back once. Smiling to himself he went to shower and get dressed for dinner.



Leaving his room he leaned on the wall by her door. Of course, at exactly 40 minutes after she entered her room she opened her door and stepped into the hall.

She looked at him and although seeming surprised didn't really show it, "Oh, Michael, your right on time."

He smiled, "Don’t you find it odd me leaning on your door jam?"

She grinned and raised one eyebrow, "Leaning on a door jam odd? After what we did on a public plane you expect me to find you just leaning on a door jam odd? No, Michael, where you are concerned this is par for the course it seems!" With that she turned and walked down the hall to the elevator.

Pushing off the wall he followed her, admiring the view as she walked in front of him. She suddenly looked back and laughed at him, "You walk in front of me, I don’t trust you back there!"

"Laura, you wound me with your ideas that I'm admiring your, uh, nice bottom?"

She slugged him on the shoulder as they entered the elevator! She slugged him as they exited the elevator and upon entering the restaurant!

"Laura! I'm going to be black-and-blue if you keep hitting me!"

She laughed, "HA! Fat chance of that happening! Then stop saying things!"

They had entered the restaurant and were being escorted to their table when he whispered, "Laura, honey, do you mean things like I like how your nipples harden?"

Whack! She slugged him in the shoulder just as the maitre-d turned to them. Michael grabbed his shoulder saying to him, "You’ll have to excuse my wife, she is very into S&M and inflicts constant pain upon my person!"

The maitre-D grinned, replying, "Yes, I'm sure she is!" Laughing he walked back to the front of the restaurant while Laura stood there stunned and embarrassed.

"Michael!" He watched as she started to grin then laugh, "Michael Sutton, you are so bad!"

 Finally, sitting down they ordered dinner and listened to the band playing music.

Michael was watching her over his wine glass and finally asked, "Laura, I'd like to dance with you, would like to?"

Smiling into his eyes she pushed back her chair and hand in hand they walked to the dance floor. Moving in one blending motion, the music brought their bodies against each other. The lights were low and a warm, comfortable breeze blew in from the balcony. He felt her body mold against his and he slowed their movements to slowly swaying. With Celine Dion singing If You Asked Me to he pulled her tighter to him. Rubbing his cheek on her hair he noticed the light, pleasant scent of lavender perfume. His arms unconsciously tightened around her in a possessive manner, while he scanned the surroundings, making sure no other man dare look at her. Satisfied, his body relaxed its stance and he moved against her with need and want.

Looking down at her he smiled and said, "You feel right in my arms, you know that?"

Laura felt a chill of anticipation go through her body but she didn't answer; resting her head on his shoulder she thought how right he felt holding her.

The song ended but he didn’t let her go while they waited for the next song. His luck always did hold out and another slow, sultry song began to play. His body moved tightly against hers and his hands slid lower onto her hips…pulling her lower body against his hard cock. He murmured in her ear, "Nice! Laura I need you!"

The lights dimmed and she heard nothing but the music and Michael’s voice telling her of his need…his want…his possession. Her body needed to feel him closer and tightening her arms around him she pressed against him, finally whispering, "Michael, you feel good to me…I seem to want you too!"

She whispered her answer so low that he almost didn’t hear her, but smiling he pulled her tighter against his hips. The music ended and they both realized the time to go upstairs was now or never!

Smiling at her as he led her off the dance floor he said, "It’s late and I promised to get you up early - will you come to my room?"

"No! But if you want you can stop by mine, uh, I just would rather be in my own room. Uh, is that okay with you?

Not showing that it would have been fine with him if she wanted him to meet her in the hotel laundry room or anywhere he answered, "That’s fine with me, I’ll walk you to your room and return in about 10 minutes – you’ll let me in? Or by then are you going to lock and chain the door!"

Laughing she answered, "I always chain the door in hotel rooms, but I’ll undo them for you!"

He walked her to her room and after waiting for her to chain her door he went to his room to make a few calls. Ten minutes later he grabbing his shaving gear and a few things he knocked on her door.

Knock – knock!


He laughed, "It damn well better only be Michael knocking at your door at this hour!"

Laughing while she opened the door she said, "No, Michael, only you would be knocking at my door it seems at this hour!"

He stepped into her room and turning put out the "Do Not Disturb Sign" then chained and locked the door. He watched her shyly smile and start to say something but he backed her against the wall, kissing her deeply without restraint. His hands delved into her hair holding her while his mouth ravished hers and his tongue pressed between her lips to mate with hers.

He pulled his mouth away from hers to whisper three words, "Are you sure, Laura? Please be very sure!"

Her answer was clear without hesitation, "Since I saw you on the plane, I’ve been sure!"

He pulled her into his arms and picking her up carried her to the hotel bed. Standing her before the bed he stepped back and slowly removed his shirt. He watched her eyes moving slowly over his chest. His broad shoulders shrugged off his shirt and reaching he placed her hands on the hardness of this chest.

Slowly her hands trailed over him, feeling his shoulders and traveling down over his muscular chest to his flat abdomen. Her hands were taken again in his and moved to the zipper of his pants. She unzipped them and he quickly slid the rest of his clothes off to stand naked in front of her.

"Laura, take your clothes off!" He reached for her blouse and within moments she stood naked in front of him. Her arms automatically crossed in front of her waist but he gently took them and put them back on his shoulders as he pulled her against his rock-hard body. His arms closed around her and his aching cock finally pressed against her soft mound. Not rushing he slowly kissed her neck, moving his lips over her skin. Tasting her flesh he licked her upper breast, until finally closing his mouth over her aroused nipple. His hands molded the cheeks of her ass, caressing and pulling her tighter against his groin. Lifting his head from her swollen nipple he looked into her eyes, still grinding his hard male heat against her.

"Now baby, let's go to the bed! No more sitting and standing! I want you next to me, under me…with me!"

She moved onto the bed reaching and turned off the light. He reached and turned it back then covered her lips with his. His lips were soft yet masculine as they pressed on hers till she opened to him. His tongue was like liquid heat inside her mouth and her arms went under his arms and around his back holding him to her. Kissing him deeply she lifted one knee so he slipped between her thighs.

Her tongue slid over his collarbone and down over one small tight nipple as she licked it and heard him moan while she continued to lick her way down his body.

His voice was raspy, "I wanted you between my thighs on the plane – I’ve been so hard waiting for you to kiss me there!" His cock was thick and hard as her tongue finally made contact with the swollen head that was waiting for her.

She moaned in pleasure as her tongue finally brought his cock to full erection and her hands ran over his hard muscled thighs. She felt his hands in her hair guiding her mouth to do exactly what he wanted and his voice drove her on to pleasure him.

"Yes, honey just like that – softly now – just lick the head – Ahh, yes baby, like that!"

His hands held her tightly to his cock then ran through her hair until he groaned and grasping her hair pushed her lips lower.

"Lower, Laura, lick my balls – I want to feel you licking me!"

She moved lower but with difficulty began to lick under his cock. He pulled his muscular thighs back giving her free access, "Now honey, go ahead, lick my balls!"

Maybe it was his voice, or being at a conference, or his scent but whatever it was she suddenly wanting to suck him and lick him with a driving passion. Her tongue licked and wet his balls. Running the tip of her tongue along the middle of them she traced their separation and then gently sucked them into her heated mouth. Over and over she repeatedly sucked and licked at them…under them…his scent driving her senses crazy with need. Finally, she felt his hands entwine in her hair pulling her back up to lick his cock as his legs lowered.

"Laura, baby, sit on my cock…ride it…now!"

She moved over his hard shaft reaching and pushing it toward her waiting pussy. She felt his hands move to her hips. At the moment his swollen, engorged flesh touched her wet opening he thrust his driving need deep within her. Her hands rested on his chest as he pulled her down hard…holding her still on his rigid cock.

Her whimpered, "Michael" drove him to move within her.

"Move now baby…let me stretch you and fuck you…fuck me honey!"

Their eyes locked as Laura began to raise and lower on his cock, accepting his thrusts as he buried himself to the hilt within her. Easing herself down onto him she felt him stretching the walls of her pussy…filling her…entering her deeper and deeper…hotter…faster. She felt his hands lock onto her hips…his hips lifted off the bed plunging deep.

"Faster, Laura…now…fuck hard, baby…give it to me!"

She sank onto him again and again. Sheathing him deep she enveloped his hard throbbing cock inside her. Her whimpers and moans filling the room with need as she felt their bodies joined and his thrusting hardness into her pussy.

She whispered in a whimper, "Michael, Michael…I need to come!"

"Good baby, give Michael what he wants…come for Michael!"

Her want and driving need became a reality as he rammed home. In an arching wildness he fucked her, when he suddenly felt her body tighten and in a convulsive release her pussy clenched on his throbbing cock in an explosive climax. His groan was deep in his throat as his cock pulsated, spilling his seed deep within her. Together they crested…he groaning in masculine satisfaction at having the woman he coveted while her realizing the need she had for him.

Not moving she sat until he reached up pulling her down onto his chest and rolling to his side so she was next to him. He had to tip her chin up to look into her eyes.

"Laura, look at me!"

Her eyes raised to look into his and in a whisper of uncertainty she said, "What do we do now?"

Wrapping her in one arm he reached for the alarm setting it for 5:00 a.m. Then, pulling the covers over them he wrapped her in both arms.

"Now? Well, now we sleep and at 5:00 we shower, have breakfast, and then I present a great paper. Then, I find you in your conference and throw you over my shoulder carrying you out to fuck you all afternoon, while everyone says - he is so good-looking, that lucky Laura. How does that sound?"

"Michael, You're kidding, aren’t you?"

"Okay, maybe they won’t say you’re lucky!" With that he kissed the top of her head and in a few moments she could hear him sleeping soundly as she wondered, I hope he was kidding!