Britta’s Diary Entry © Copyright Adult Story Corner, 1998

Author: LdyJessika®

Originally written for an X-rated Adult Site in Sweden. I have not updated it.  Posted Feb 2009

Dear Diary:  I was invited over to a friend's house; but I like listening to him tell the story.  I made him write it down - so I could remember it…feel it…masturbate reading it. 

It all started with a phone call to me as Kent describes the day:

"Britta? This is Kent.  My brother Anders is visiting and we that thought you might like to spend the day with us. Will you come over?"

She said yes and turning from the phone, I grinned at Andy, "You’ll love Britta, she’s the best looking friend I've ever had."

Andy laughed, "Friend? You’ve told me you like to fuck her! Do you always take your friends to bed and fuck them?"

I said, "Only this friend and she’s the best fuck – you’ll see what I mean, if what I have planned will be agreed to.”  Then, going outside onto the balcony to set things up, I said, “The minute you see her you’ll want her.  Besides being good-looking she’s intelligent and a woman that knows what she wants. Her long black hair and large beautiful tits are great also.

Britta arrived and I introduced her to Andy, who gave her more than a friendly kiss - I was surprised she seemed to enjoy it.  I thought, we’ve shared cars, business suits, and apartments, so we may as well share Britta.

We all went out onto the deck to rest in the sun.  We stripped off our clothes and as Britta stretched out and I looked out on the scenery - Andy went to get us drinks.

Walking up to the end of the lounge chair where she was sunning I jokingly pulled her legs wide apart and hooked each one over my arms. 

She laughed, "Kent what are you doing?"

I told her I was making sure she didn't get her pussy sunburned, but then noticed she was nice and wet as she said, "I’ve been thinking of your cock, is it getting nice and hard?  Do you want to shove it up my cunt?"

I pulled her closer to my cock and shove her legs over my shoulders.  Leaning forward I grabbed my cock, placing it right where I wanted it jabbing at that wet cunt of hers.  It only took a moment before her pussy opened and I watched my cock slip into her wet pussy.  I was so busy slowly pushing my cock all the way in…slowly out to the god damn head and then all the way in to my balls.  Her pussy tightened on my cock so tight that I closed eyes enjoying how fucking damn good I felt in that wet pussy.  I was so busy in that wet place that I didn’t see Andy standing by her breasts and pull off his shorts.  It wasn’t until I heard her purr, "Andy, You’re cock is as big as your brother’s!"

Andy stood above her tits stroking his cock while it started to drip pre-cum on her nipples.  I could feel her pussy heat gripping me and her nipples were swollen with tight, hard peaks. Britta teased us both by pushing those white mounds together then pulling on her nipples. The size of her tits with their big brown areolas and tight nipples always made me hard. I could see her looking at Anders’s cock as he teased her putting his cock on her lips, then stroking it over her breasts.  She smiled, “I like the brothers, Andy and Kent.  You both like what you’re doing but I want you both fucking me.”

Andy’s hand was massaging her breasts while he pulled at his cock. I was starting to pump faster watching her lick her lips.  I knew that look of hers and I knew she wanted to suck his cock but I suddenly knew I wanted to share her - I pulled out of her pussy.

"Britta, let Anders lie down and you suck him while I fuck you!" She grinned and quickly got up as Anders switched places with her. Britta wasted no time getting my brother’s cock in her mouth. She leaned over his cock and began to suck him deep in her mouth while stroking him at the same time. Anders grinned up at me almost groaning, "Yes, Britta, suck my cock, damn you’re good!"

I grinned back at my brother and reached for some lubricant. I fingered her dripping pussy while she sucked on Anders. Shoving two fingers up her pussy I knew made her suck him harder, so I thrust them in and out of her. I began to rub my other fingers over her tight asshole lubricating her for what I had in mind.

While she sucked his cock and Anders was watching her I slid my finger up that tight ass of hers. She was moaning in pleasure and Anders probably thought it was because of his cock, but I knew it was because I was fucking her ass with my fingers. I had her sphincter muscle relaxed so I wouldn’t hurt her and now began to play at her opening with the head of my cock. Britta is tiny compared to the size of my cock so I pushed in very slowly - but had no intention of not sinking in her ass up to my balls.

Britta was slowly pushing her tiny asshole back onto my cock while she sucked Anders. I had my hands on her hips holding her still. When  I felt her relax I would slide another inch inside that tight heat.

I was slowly sinking in her ass but had to go slowly, "Britta, hold still till you stretch more, your ass is tiny!" Anders looked up at me and said, "If you have her ass – I want to be up that hot pussy she must have!"

I stared at Anders for a moment then asked, "Britta, if you don’t want to that’s okay but I’d like us both to fuck you." Britta stopped sucking Anders and looked back at me grinning, "I’d like to try that with you and Anders!"

Anders reached down and taking Britta under the shoulders started to slide her up his body until she was leaning on her arms and positioned over his cock. I had to agree with Britta that my brother had a damn big cock - almost as big as mine. With his hands on her waist he started to slide his cock inside her. I had to move my position so my cock was at a higher angle shoving downwards, to make room for his cock to shove up her pussy. We were now both holding her body.

Anders’s hands were on her waist since he was already in her pussy and I had my hands on her hips so I could position her to sink my cock further in her asshole.

Anders leaned up kissing her and I heard him whisper, "Britta, you're so beautiful and tight. I'll need you more than just today and just for myself!" I didn't hear her answer as my cock was now pushing in her asshole but I found Britta first and she was staying mine.

Britta was now making little whimpering sounds and trying to push back onto my cock. With Anders up her pussy she was being stretched - I could feel his cock inside her through the walls of her pussy. It was so damn tight with his cock up her pussy I couldn't push deeper into her ass. I had my cock only half way in and could feel Anders pushing in and out of her. I was trying to lean forward for a better position when I felt Anders slide his cock almost all the way out of her pussy.

"Kent, I’ll pull almost out, climb up on top of her and fuck her!"

I climbed up and mounted Britta, who was now pinned, between our bodies with our cocks pushing inside her. With Anders pulled almost out I had enough room in her ass to sink all the way to my balls.

He kept his cock still while he said, "Our pretty Britta between us, stay still Britta and I'll go very slowly sinking back into your pussy, are you okay, we’re not hurting you?"

Britta was breathless; "No it feels good. I never knew I would like getting fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time. I need to cum like this – soon!"

I liked her between us like this. I grinned looking down at my brother as I started to fuck her ass. I could feel Anders shoving in her and as his hips pushed up she tightened on my cock. We were both moving in her. As I pulled out my brother shoved his cock in deep. As he pulled out I would thrust my cock up her ass. She was so tiny and her body so soft between us, as we kept fucking her. I could feel my cock throbbing inside her tight walls as her ass muscles clamped on my cock.

We all started to fuck faster. My cock was like a piston shoving in and out of her ass, while Anders was groaning and arching driving his up her pussy. We were all sweating, as our bodies kept rocking and thrusting getting ready to cum. My balls were tight, slapping against her body and I could see from Anders’s expression and his groaning that he was ready to explode up her pussy.

Britta was whimpering my name, "Kent, you feel good in me. Kent, I need to cum soon – I can’t take much more, please soon!"

I was ready to explode now and arched my back groaning, "Now Britta, cum for me!"

Anders moaned, "Yes, Britta, now! I’m going to shoot hot cum up your pussy – NOW!"

Britta turned her head toward me, "NOW! Kent for only you!"

My cock began to shoot streams of hot white cum up her ass at the same time Anders flooded her pussy with cum. Britta cried out as her body stiffened in climax -  we were all in a simultaneous frenzy of fucking and cumming. With a sweet and final cry Britta collapsed on Anders as my cock drained all my cum into her sweet ass.

We were all breathing hard as I slowly slid my cock out of her ass. Anders was holding her on his chest, rubbing her back until she rolled off his chest and onto her back. I sat down next to my Britta, "Britta, are you okay?" She looked up at me and smiled such a wicked grin that I stretched out next to her and pulled her into my arms. We must have dozed off because when we woke up Anders was already gone.

But then he would be back, after all what are brothers for if they can’t share their possessions once in a while.