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Dedicated to me by me on October 13th, 1999 – reposted December 15, 2008

Every woman turning 50 should have a dream.  A calling from within for all that she never did, nor could ever be.  A gentle smile for all that she’d wanted but couldn’t go after.  A fantasy held deep within.  AND, last, but not least, to make it a hell of a special day, because it is the day it all began.

The day before her 50th she woke knowing it was going to be a special day.  Heading to work she blasted Celine Dion on the radio and planned her 49th year last day.  Pulling into the parking lot she noticed the five cars she was looking for.  The five special people of those she worked with to share the morning, before leaving work for the day.  Tomorrow waking up on October 13th had to be special.  If no other day in her life had ever been special she was going to make sure waking up tomorrow – October 13th - would be special.  Her mind registered that she should be depressed but all she could feel was this euphoric feeling of having almost attained a goal.  Somehow she felt that waking up tomorrow she will have attained it and crossed over into a new life – the same voice in her mind registered – Woman, Go For It!

10:00  She finished her e-mails and headed out the company door to her truck.  First stop?  She drove to Staples Office Supply to pick out a complete office modular unit for her home office.  Spending numerous hours typing at home she had decided for her 50th birthday she would start typing in style.  Walking into the store she felt like she had a new purpose and picked out the exact unit she wanted.  With that done she walked back to her blue pick-up truck putting the delivery receipt in her attaché case.  Putting the truck in gear she heard Celine Dion on the tape deck singing Dreaming of You - her mind began to wander for a moment to a shadowed figure in her mind.  She could see his smile so clearly but banished the thought and drove to her next destination.

Again, she walked like a woman with a purpose into Victoria’s Secret.  She felt every woman should turn 50 with a complete new matching set of panties and bra’s for every day of the week.  Heading to the back of the store where there were tables and tables of lingerie she looked over the colors.  Her mind drifted to that shadowed figure wondering what would he like to feel on her body?  What color would he want to see?   Looking over the styles – so many beautiful satins, bikini, hipsters, and lace or mesh.  Over $150.00 later she carried her new purchases of all bras and panties back to her truck.  Sitting in her truck she ran her hands over the feel of the blues, greens, browns, and gold before closing the bag and putting it on her passenger seat to go to her next stop.

What should a woman do next to get ready for her 50th?  Highlights of blonde in her hair.   Walking into the hair salon and looking at the person that had done her hair for three years she said, “Blonde!  Think blonde even if it’s only for a few weeks.”  He looked at her as he ran his fingers through her hair in a professional manner, “You want to go from brown hair to blonde! How about instead if I foil wrap some nice blonde highlights into it?”  Never argue with your hairdresser!  So three hours later she had this beautiful look of blondish-brown hair.

Only a few more hours and then to sleep to wake up half a century old.  50!

Getting ready for sleep was as if the next day was graduation of some type.  A turning of a milestone.   One more thing scheduled for the following week was her 5th tattoo but that could wait until then.  Now it was time for sleep – a time to turn a page in her personal history never to be repeated.  Pulling the covers up to her chin she snuggled down under the covers with Snoopy.  Snoopy had been her stuffed animal she had since her dad gave it to her for her seventh birthday.

She closed her eyes not thinking of dreaming but of sleeping.  She remembered hearing her tape deck playing Celion Dion Seduces Me as she began to drift into a peaceful, warm sleep…and then……

She had started dressing to get ready for work.   She had taken a shower spending extra time with perfumed soap and then her favorite body lotion.  Now she opened her new lingerie drawer holding up all the panties and bras.  Finally, choosing a blue and gold pair she slid them up her legs and then put on a matching bra.  Next, she sat down and slid on a pair of black thigh high stockings and her gray high-heels.  Not hearing the doorbell at first she ignored it, but then it rang again.  Figuring it was the office furniture she had ordered and that they were two hours early she quickly grabbed her bathrobe and headed for the door.

Opening it she stood there staring at the man that was on her doorstep.

He smiled that smile that had always driven her nuts every day, “Hi, early birthday delivery before you run off to work?”

“Oh my!  Hi!  Uh, Come on in – please.  I thought it was the office furniture or I would have gotten dressed.”

He laughed, “Oh for strangers you stay in your bathrobe but for people you know you get dressed?  Here this is for you – Happy Big 50 as you keep saying.  Wow!  Your hair!”

Her hand self consciously went through her hair, “Like it, or too blonde?”

“No it looks great.  Blonde is my favorite flavor.”

She ignored that odd remark but let him in and quickly offered him a cup of coffee since she wanted another one.  Pouring his cup she realized her hand was shaking but hoped he didn’t notice.  He did.  It always had seemed to her that he never seemed to miss anything that ever went on around him.

He took a sip of the hot, hazelnut flavored coffee and said, “So, what else did you do yesterday?”

She nervously laughed, “Went to Victoria’s Secret and over spent over $150.00 on things.”

He grinned, “Things?  Going to show me those things?”

She sat a moment thinking this was surreal and then thought this was her 50th birthday – why not?  If she didn’t do it today she would never do it.  “Sure, I’ll show you.  Be right back – I’ll go get them.”

She left the kitchen and was opening the dresser drawer in her bedroom.  Her robe had slipped open when she bent over to reach the lower dresser drawer.  She wasn't sure what made her stop.  She knew he was standing in back of her.  She could smell his cologne as it drifted over her shoulder - she knew if she turned it would be no turning back.  Her mind said to her body, she wasn’t to turn.  She was to stay facing the dresser and demand what was he doing in her bedroom. 

She turned. 

He smiled.

His eyes never left hers as his hands parted her bathrobe and he said, "Is this one of the outfits?"

She watched his hands sliding her robe off her shoulders and instead of stopping him as she told her hands to do they unbuttoned his shirt.

She watched his hands sliding her new panties down her legs while her hands unzipped his slacks and they too slid down his legs.

They seemed to float into each others embrace and finally her hand was running through his hair.  She had dreamed of this.  Her fingers feeling his silky looking hair and now knowing it felt just like that.  Her hands slowly traveled down his arms – his skin – tight – hot.   She knew her nipples needed his fingers touching them and then they were.  Touching, pulling, making them harden for him.

Her mind drifted wondering how they were in bed but his body above hers banished the thoughts as she wrapped her legs around his strong, narrow waist.  She looked into his eyes as he looked down at her and she whispered, “I can’t believe you want me like this?”

As he slid into her waiting body he answered, “Believe it!”

His muscled body began to drive his point home as his hips slowly sank forward driving his hard, throbbing, cock to the hilt.  Her moans and whimpers  - he began to pull out and slide smoothly back in rocked them both.   Her arms wrapped around his neck and her hips arched up off the bed giving and taking what she had always wanted.   For now he was hers.  For now she would take what he had offered.  She wanted!

Maybe it was the song Seduces Me that kept running through her head but she arched in wanton abandon and her nails dug into his back pulling him tighter into her heat.

His mouth came crashing down on hers.  Tongues fought for possession.  Her wanting was bringing a frenzied pitch to their bodies as each thrust at the other.  Her tight nipples rubbed on his broad, muscled chest causing them to swell and harden even more.  She felt as if they were throbbing and she rubbed harder trying to bring the stiff peaks relief.  The ache between her thighs was needing and on fire.  She felt the dampness between her thighs from her wetness and his dripping need.  She felt him moving deep within her - the deeper he rammed into her body the more frantically she needed him.  Shifting restlessly beneath his ramming body she felt herself surging upward to meet him.  She knew he had filled her completely to the hilt and his grinding hips made her cry out her need.

She needed to take or give.  Her body screamed for release and as his voice whispered, “Come baby.  Come for me!”

She cried out with unabashed abandon – she felt her body clenching on his cock at the same time he shot his load and exploded inside her.  His male cry of satisfaction rang in her ears as she whimpered his name and felt warmth envelop her body and mind in peace.  She fell asleep in his arms


The alarm rang and she turned to wake him up.  The pillow wasn’t slept on.  She was still in the nightie she went to sleep in last night with Snoopy wrapped in her arm.  But, this was the 13th!  She smiled.  Oh yes, this was her 50th birthday and what a wonderful dream to start it off.  She swung her legs off the bed just as the door-bell rang.