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Chapters 1 - 5

1. My Pets

 At times it isn’t easy living with three pets. Perhaps it’s the odd number and I should find another to even out the friendships. The only lucky thing is my house is large enough to house them all, where they can stay away from each other, when one is having some type of a tantrum. I own an old colonial house. I keep my personal rooms and my office on the bottom floor and their bedrooms are on the top floor. That way when I’m banging one of them the others can’t bitch the floor is making noise keeping them awake. My bitches don’t always get along like sisters, or maybe it’s just sibling rivalry after all. I’ve specially picked my bitches so they like something different sexually as their favorite act. That way it cuts down on the jealousy of who does what better. It’s easier if they find what the other one does disgusting or boring. I don’t discuss one with the other but since they all know what the other does it does seem they like to talk and live out the other’s sexual pleasures. I use the term bitches with fondness since they all like the term and know I don’t mean it demeaning. I respect all of them and they’re all quite independent financially, with good employment positions.  

Right now living in the house is Emma who is your perfect good girl. She’s a secretary by day and is still in training. Carlotta has been with me the longest and is an executive at an architectural firm by day and my whore at night. Rachael by day works in a bank, as the head loan officer, and by night loves to be spanked, whipped and it seems just wants pain before she cums.

 Actually, I’ve worked out my home since I turned fifty and since they’re all working 8-5 I’m the one who cooks dinner and basically keeps the place clean and do the laundry. A relationship is what works for you and this arrangement works nicely for us. I guess you can call me Master-Maid to my pets by day and at night? I take what I own and I own the three of them.

 EMMA’s 40th Birthday.

 I met Emma on her birthday. Rachael had talked about Emma and had become close friends with her at the bank. Rachael had approached me a few times about Emma coming to visit for a week. Carlotta was going on a business trip and after discussing with her Emma visiting for the week we decided while she was away would be a good time. Carlotta did have seniority on decisions in the household but never really minded anything, as long as she had her Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the downstairs rooms.

 It was the fourth night and Emma had been asking many questions about our living arrangement and lifestyle. She finally had Rachael ask if she could move in. She seemed as if she would fit in with us and since Rachael wanted her to move I told Emma to come to my bedroom to discuss what would be expected.

 I was sitting in my bed reading when she walked in and I decided to see exactly what she was about.

 "Hello, Emma. Did you and Rachael have a nice time out to dinner for your birthday? Did she explain to you about why you have come to my bedroom?"

 I could see she was nervous since she shook her head yes but only walked forward and stood at the side of my bed. Swinging my legs off the bed I moved her between them.

 She whispered, "I’m very nervous. I don’t know what to call you?"

 I smiled, "Well, you’ve been calling me Anthony for a few days and that will suffice." I was sitting on the bed naked and she was looking everywhere but at my body. I was massaging my hands up and down her arms as she stood in front of me not quite stiffly but not relaxed. I decided a straight approach would be best rather than wasting an entire night. I stood up.

 "Emma, let’s take off your nightgown and I want you to get on the bed on your back. I’m not going to fuck you. I’m going to run my hands over your body, massaging…caressing…and at any time you want me to stop you only have to tell me to stop."

 I helped her off with her nightgown and when she was on the bed I was amazed at how nice her body was. She wasn’t bony like Carlotta or muscled like Rachael but well rounded. Her breasts were large and heavy and her hips and ass quite fleshy. I didn’t want to ask her weight because although I liked how she looked I learned years ago that isn’t what a woman wants to answer.

 I leaned over and kissed her. She opened like a flower under my lips and her arms went around my neck. I knew then she’d be a gentle good girl wanting to please me. I kissed her gently and then deeply. Her mouth was soft and her tongue met mine and then played with mine. My hand moved slowly up her well-rounded belly and cupped her breast. Her soft sigh gave me my signal and I squeezed that soft breast feeling the fullness.

 "Anthony, that feels good."

 "I’m glad it feels good, Emma. I like how your breast feels. I want to suck on your nipple. I want you to relax, my good girl. Relax and let me lick your nipples. Will you be my good girl?"

 I didn’t wait for her answer but leaned down and sucked her nipple into my mouth as I squeezed her breasts together. Sucking one nipple and then the other I flicked them with my tongue. Her nipples were large and puckered as I blew air on them. She had her eyes closed and as I licked those large tits I whispered, "My good Emma. She’s my good girl. Here for my pleasure to suck on these large tits. Such pretty nipples for me to suck." I sucked harder and let one hand slowly slide lower.

 "Emma, my good girl. Open your legs nice and wide for Anthony." I left her tits although I wanted to bite and pull on her nipples instead I gently kissed her. I heard her whimper and felt the movement as her thighs parted. My fingers slid over her soft pubic curls and rubbed over her pussy lips. Leaning further over her body I probed between her pussy lips with my index finger. She was wet. Nice and wet…warm…soft.

 "Emma, are you going to be my good girl? My pretty bitch?"

 Her soft voice said yes Anthony and I found her clit with my index and middle finger. At first I started to rub it up and down like Rachel liked but when I didn’t find my bitch’s response the right one I slowed my movements to circular. She whimpered and her hips moved. "My Emma. My good girl likes her clit rubbed in tiny circular motions. I’ll learn what my bitch likes and I’ll teach her what I demand. Is that what you want? Do you want to move in and be one of my bitches?"

 I could feel her cunt dripping as my finger slid down and easily slid into her. I had two fingers slowly pumping in her when she finally said she wanted to move in and be one of my bitches. "Good girl. We’ll arrange it. I’ll take care of you from now on. My good girl. My very own Emma." I finally took her nipple back in my mouth and sucked while I fingered her deeper and harder. Then sliding lower I moved off the end of the bed. In a swift movement I pulled her body down the bed until her legs were off the end of the bed, "Easy, Emma. It’s okay. I have you. I want you to tell me when you want to cum. You will tell me, Anthony I need to cum!" I pulled her legs over my shoulders as I kneeled on the floor…in a moment I was licking and sucking her clit. I shoved my two fingers back into her wet cunt and began to fuck her with them. I liked my new bitch’s taste and how her fleshy thighs felt with my face pillowed between them. I knew I could suck this bitch for hours loving her taste and how she whimpered when I licked her clit. I was so into sucking on her that I almost didn’t hear my pet telling me she had to cum.

 I removed my mouth licking my lips of her pussy juice, "That’s my good girl. You’ve done so great for your first time. You’ll be perfect. Cum, honey! Cum for me and let me taste it!"

 I bit on her clit and could feel the first tremors of her cunt on my fingers like a vise clamping on them. I twisted them sideways and opened my two fingers within her spreading her open as much as possible. I liked how she kept crooning my name over and over. I’d never had a bitch do that repeating my name over and over as if a mantra.

 I felt she was done cumming and I moved her back up on the bed pulling the covers over us and holding her to me. Nice soft body…I could feel my cock against a soft fat thigh. Tipping her chin up for her to look into my eyes I smiled, "My pretty Emma. If you decide you rather not live with us then you’re always welcome here, as a friend to Rachael, and you don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable. Do you understand?"

 Her soft brown eyes looked uncertain, "Anthony, does that mean you’d rather I don’t live here. I didn’t live up to what you wanted me to do, did I?"

 I felt her try to move away and pulled her against me. I didn’t want this one to leave. She needed attention and assurance and I found I liked her. "Emma, you’re perfect for what I want and need in my life. I want to sink my cock in you so badly. But, I’ll wait until you move in. I like how your cunt tastes. I want to suck on you again and again until you scream with pleasure. I like your body. Will you move in? Be my bitch. Be my good girl Emma and tell me you’ll move in?"

 She answered yes and as she fell asleep I was already planning how to train her to be a good bitch. Stroking her back as she snuggled against me I whispered, "My good girl, Emma. My good bitch." She sighed contently and fell asleep.

 It would be a nice change for me having a woman in the house that wasn’t as demanding as my Rachel and Carlotta. This one would be my special play toy for relaxation. My Carlotta? She was due home tomorrow and I’d make my bitch crawl to me, suck my balls and do whatever else I wanted of her whore cunt!

2. Carlotta Cums Home

Everyone had left the house for work and I’d finished my chores, as the women called my daily work. I’d just finished putting Carlotta’s panties in her drawer and was heading down the stairs to my rooms when I heard a car pulling into the driveway. Looking out the window I saw that my whore was home.

Waling into my office I turned on my computer when she knocked on my door. I answered the door stark ass naked and her look of hunger as her eyes gazed over my body was invigorating. I didn’t bother wearing clothes in the house when I knew no one was expected, but since I did know Carlotta was on her way home I made sure I was stark ass naked. She looked at my hard cock like she was starved to have it rammed down her throat.

"Come in Carlotta, I trust your business trip was a success, as always?"

"Yes, Anthony, the negotiations went well and we have the contract signed for the new museum wing. But, I’m glad to be home."

"How glad are you Carlotta to be home? You don’t seem very glad standing there with clothes on. You look like you need to learn who owns you. Take off that fucking business suit and get on all fours - show me just how glad you are to be home."

Walking behind my desk I sat down and watched as she quickly undressed. Her need was such that she didn’t care about her clothes, dropping her expensive suit without a care where it landed. Once she was fully naked she dropped to her knees and hands and looked at me.

"Carlotta, I’m glad you did well on your trip. Now, let’s see how well you do serving me like the whore I own. Crawl to me, bitch, crawl to me like a good whore."

I heard her whispered yes, Master, as she slowly and provocatively crawled over to me. I moved my chair back from my desk and standing up spread my legs wide apart. With my hands on my hips I looked down at her, "Suck on them you fucking whore! Suck my balls and you’d better make them nice and wet. Now suck!"

She gazed up at me with that glazed look of need in her eyes and in a moment was licking my balls. Spreading my thighs wider I leaned back on the desk giving her greater access. Her tongue was running under my balls to my asshole. I grabbed her head holding her in position so she tongued my asshole - then I told her to suck my balls.

"Good, whore. Suck them into your hot, whore mouth, Carlotta. Then I’m going to fuck your mouth and shoot my load."

One thing I liked about Carlotta was that although she knew how much I respected her she still needed to be humiliated and loved it. My balls were tightening from her sucking. My whore, Carlotta, was the best ball sucker I ever came across. She could lick my cock and balls for hours. At times I’d work on paperwork and make her kneel under the desk, playing with my cock and balls.

Reaching down I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth to my cock, "Suck the head. Just lick and suck this nice big cock-head. Yeah, whore, like that. Now suck it all."

I began pumping her mouth while telling her what she loved to hear, "My favorite whore. Carlotta’s my best. My favorite whore-bitch. Suck me whore, suck me until I shoot this load of cum."

It didn’t take long. I was leaning back on the desk with my whore between my thighs. It felt so damn good fucking her mouth while she sucked me off.

"My balls are tight baby, feel them while you suck. Feel how nice and tight they are? Know what that means whore? It means my whore is going to make me cum!"

Groaning I couldn’t hold it back anymore and when she squeezed my sacs I shot my load while she sucked and swallowed every drop. When I stopped cumming she licked me clean and kept sucking and kissing my balls until I made her stop.

"Enough now Carlotta, go put your things away and get some rest. Emma moved in but she’s a good-girl sub and kind of a sweet thing. Tonight’s ours. Is the rest of tonight okay with you, or are you tired?"

Licking her lips she grinned, "Not to tired to be yours. I’ll sleep a few hours. I have jetlag but I want tonight with you."

A few hours later I heard the upstairs shower turn on. I’d already spoken to Emma and Rachel and they wouldn’t be home until very late. I figured why wait and headed upstairs to the shower for more of my Carlotta’s hot pussy and her sucking.

 My pets 3, © Copyright, Master Anthony, 2001

I walked into the bathroom and watched as she continued to shower. It took me only a few moments to join her in the shower.

"Is my Carlotta’s cunt nice and clean?"

I loved her wicked smile she always gave me as she’d answer, "Too clean, needs some of your cum in it."

I let the hot water run over my body "First wash me whore." I spread my legs as she reached for the soap. In a moment she had my balls in her hands…massaging them with soap. Looking down at her hands I enjoyed the feeling of the water and soap slipping over my balls and cock. Turning I leaned my hands against the wall and leaned forward. I immediately felt her soapy hands over my ass and between the cheeks of my ass to my asshole. My whore loved touching me there. I felt her finger sliding around and the tip slide past my tight muscle. I felt my balls instantly raise and tighten but I wasn’t ready to cum. Twisting away from her hands I laughed, "Not now or I’ll shoot my load on the tiles on the wall! Some control huh? Shooting all over the wall?" We both laughed knowing the control she had over me at certain times that I enjoyed. With Carlotta at times we both weren’t sure who enjoyed being in control. She’d have me so fucking hot at times she could probably demand anything of me and I’d say yes, Carlotta! But she always said Master. Grabbing her nipples I twisted them pulling her against me as the water showered over both of us. Reaching down I pushed a finger up and down her slit until I felt the water and her juices mixing between her legs.

"Fuck my hand whore. Fuck it like you would my cock!" She began rubbing over my fingers and I bent my middle finger so she could slide it into her honey cunt. When I felt her pushing my finger into her I shoved it harder in an out finger fucking my bitch.

"Good whore. Whose finger fucking you, Carlotta? Who do you need to serve and be owned by?"

She whimpered as she closed her eyes in pleasure, "Master, I need you, Anthony. I need to whore for you. I need you fingering my cunt!"

She was almost ready to come and I kneeled down as she rode my fingers and I leaned forward and began sliding my tongue over her clit. I mumbled between licking for her hot whore cunt to cum. I heard that sultry moan of hers as I felt the walls of her cunt sucking at my fingers. Keeping up the rhythm of fucking her I waited until I felt her trying to back off my two fingers that were still shoved up her cunt.

"What is this whore? You’re done fucking my fingers?" I liked how she whispered, "Damn you Anthony, Yes, Master I’m so hot." She laughed, "From you and this damn shower! Now get your fingers out of my cunt!" She was still laughing and I wiggled my fingers inside her, "You mean these fingers?"

She laughed harder and moved off my fingers, "YES, those fingers!"

I grinned as she turned off the shower and stepped out, then she turned and handed me a towel. I wrapped it around her and started to rub it up and down her back…drying her off. Then she dried me off and we finished cleaning up the bathroom from all the water we had splashed all over. She looked tired and I knew she had jetlag.

I grabbed her and swung her up into my arms. "What are you doing, Master?"

I grinned, "Putting my whore in her bed for a rest!" I walked to her room and put her on her bed…then I pulled the covers over her. Sitting down on the edge of the bed I rubbed my hand over her body…soothing her. "Sleep my pet. My favorite whore is home where she belongs. She did well with business and I’m proud of her." I didn’t get to go on very long since she fell into a peaceful sleep.

The one thing I liked about Carlotta is she is as insecure as she is secure. A mix of business expert and pure whore in bed.

4. Emma and the couch

The first floor of the house had always been mine and the ladies knew not to sleep in the downstairs rooms. We had all been watching TV and I had decided to do work in my office – kissing each of my pets I then left the den. I was surprised that at 3:00 A.M, when I finally closed and locked my office door, that I heard the television in the den. With wake-up alarms going to go off in about two hours I couldn’t imagine who’d be watching television with a working day beginning in a few hours.

I walked in and found Emma sleeping on the couch. As mentioned this was forbidden that my lower floors be used. She did seem rather pretty sleeping but I could still feel myself angry with her.

Walking over to her sleeping figure I shook her rather hard and she woke up startled. Reaching down I pulled her into a sitting position, pushed up her nighty, opened her thighs wide and sunk to my knees between them. She was still sleepy and said that she was sorry and could she go to sleep upstairs. I didn’t bother answering her – she was mine now to do with her whatever the hell I wanted.

"No, Emma, perhaps this will help remind you not to fall asleep down here."

Reaching into a drawer on the coffee table I pulled out quite a large dildo and lubricant. I could see her eyes widen at the thickness of it. I knew she realized it was quite thick compared to her narrow pussy as she said, "I don’t think I can take that inside of me."

As she went to move forward I pushed her back and positioned her ass to the edge of the couch. Without waiting I whispered, "You will learn to take it. You will learn to enjoy it. Close your eyes and feel it sinking into your hot cunt."

I made sure it was well lubricated and even though she begged not to have me ram it in her I’d never had any intention of ramming it into her, knowing how small she was. Still, I slowly let the tip of the large, flesh colored dildo push at her opening. Not satisfied with her relaxing I took my fingers and began to work her cunt. Opening her pussy with two fingers and fucking her with them she finally relaxed and was wet…dripping.

"Relax more, Emma, I’d never hurt you, this dildo will slowly stretch you open."

Then, I re-lubricated the dildo and began to push it at her pussy entrance. She started to open and I pushed it harder…slowly making it slide in very slowly. Fractions it went into her as she was spread open wider and wider. She whimpered once and looked down at the thick, wide fuck-toy shoving up her. "My good girl, see it shoving in your cunt? You’ll relax and take it all. Just relax, my good girl. Let me fuck you with this treat."

My words always made my little Emma relax and I slid the monster dildo deeper. I could see her pussy lips stretched wide and pulling. I held it still and let more lubricant drip on it and over her pussy. Reaching down I gently rubbed her little pink clit that was stretched from the toy in her body. I slid the fuck dildo out a little and then pushed it in deeper and deeper about half way. Knowing it got thicker at that point I didn’t push further this time.

"See, pet – see how your cunt opens for toys like this? Not all the way this time but next weekend I want you to come to my office and I’m going to train your pussy to take all of it. You’d like that pet?"

Her eyes were now closed and her breathing heavy as she began to push on her own up and down on the dildo. Making sure it didn’t go too far into her I slid it quickly in and out, "Cum for me my pretty pet. Slide that little hot cunt of yours and cum. Good girl just like that."

Reaching for her hand I placed it on the dildo so I could rub her clit and pinch her nipples. While she fucked herself I rubbed that tiny pretty clit harder and harder. She began to push the fuck toy into her deeper. Finally on a high pitched whimper she cried out as she began to cum on the fuck toy. Reaching for it I slid it almost all the way out so the thin part was in her while she came. I slid it slowly until she was done then pulled it out and licked it…tasting her juices. She had the most pleasant taste and I had a friend I knew would love sucking on her pussy and licking her juice as it dripped out of her. Of course I didn’t tell pet this.

When she was done I told her to go wash the dildo, leave it on the kitchen table and go to bed.

Actually I hope she falls asleep again down here. Punishment can be such pleasure.

5. Katrina

There were times when I needed to fill my darker needs. My personal owned pets didn’t fill the bill on this but Katrina did. She belonged to a close friend of mine, but he’d always shared her with me. She loved pleasing him and me in the most special and primal ways. Of course, in return, I’d allow him to have one of my pet’s when he so chose. He’d always choose Rachel.

I’d called Winston and he’d made arrangements to stay at my home for the weekend and I’d stay at his. I explained to my pets that I had to go out of town and that Winston was staying at the house. I’d made arrangements for two of my pets to stay at my home in the mountains for the weekend. My pet, Rachel, was to stay home and I could see the wicked gleam in my pet Rachel’s eyes at the thought that she’d have to serve Winston.

"Rachel, that’s a rather wicked gleam in your eyes. Are you already enjoying the thought of Winston’s hand on your ass?"

She smiled, "Yes, Master – I know you’d want him pleased and if pleasing means for me to be spanked, then, of course, I’ll bring your friend pleasure." Her grin was ear to ear at the thought of Winston and I laughed, "Well then, you’re requested to please Winston, and make me proud."

Later that night, after driving to Winston’s and settling in, I was lighting the candles in the guest room. I’d brought the items I wanted to use on Katrina and she’d been instructed to take a relaxing bath, and come to me naked.

I was sitting in a straight back chair when the door opened and in walked Katrina closing the door behind her. The glow from the candles flowed gently over her body and my cock hardened as the light played across her tits. I noticed her gaze move over my body to my cock and I spread my thighs open, sliding to the edge of the chair so my balls hung over the chair edge.

"Katrina, come stand before me with your legs open apart…fingers interlocked behind your neck with elbows back, so your nipples stand out…eyes closed."

When she stood in the position I leaned forward and sucked her nipple into my mouth…slowly I pulled on it…licked it. When it was sufficiently red and swollen I gave her other nipple the same treatment. Sucking on it until it was swollen and red.

"Such pretty sucking nipples. I know you have your Master - but for tonight whose nipples are these?"

Her whimpered, Yours, Sir, was nicely said. I picked up a set of nipple clips. Taking one nipple between thumb and index finger I rolled it and pinched, until she whimpered. Then I slid the clamp over her nipple and clamped it. My preference was to use the screw type, without the alligator teeth, so I could control the pressure. I’d use the alligator teeth in a few months, but for now, I tightened the clamp until the nipples flattened. I heard her intake of breath, as they crushed within the clips. Soon she’d allow a tiny weight on each clip, but that too would wait a few months. I flicked each swollen red tip and looking down at her cunt noticed her pubic hairs were glistening.

I told her to stand wider and ran my hands up her thighs to her dripping cunt. She was wet and I pushed in my middle and index finger into her dripping pussy. "No, Katrina…don’t push down. Stand quietly and let me play with the body I own. Your sweat flesh craving the release that only I can give you."

I smiled when her body relaxed - I shoved my fingers easily in and out. Watching her honey juice run over my fingers I pulled my fingers out of her and licked them. Sitting back a moment I gazed at her standing before me. Her heavy breathing …eyes closed and waiting for what I’d do next to her or want her to do to me.

"Katrina, take a step backward for me. Tonight I want you to whore for me." Her whispered, yes, sir, was almost a plea. I felt my balls tightened at my thoughts, of what I was about to do to this woman waiting patiently to service all my desires.

I sat down on the floor between her open legs, my mouth inches from my whore’s cunt. Reaching for her pussy lips I pulled on them and then holding them apart I could see her clit. It was nice and fat to suck on.

"Whore, such a nice fat little clit. You’re so swollen and your pussy lips are a deep rose color from being fingered. Is this little, swollen, needy clit mine to suck?"

Her yes Sir was throaty, and deeply whispered - I began to suck on that swollen clit. It was easy to suck on and I reaching into the small black bag that I’d brought with me I whispered. "Whore, hold open your pussy lips for me. Pull them apart while I eat on your clit. You can look downward and watch." As her fingers held open her pussy I pulled a vibrator out of the bag, turning it on low. I watched her eyes widen as I rubbed it on her clit then sliding it into her cunt muffling the vibrating sound.

I enjoyed her trying not to push down. I enjoyed her trying not to squirm while my tongue started to swirl on her clit…pushing on it…licking it. In and out I’d slide the vibrator while her body shivered with need. I heard her whimpering. I heard the smooth hum of the vibrator and my lips were sucking tightly to that clit – as my good whore she dutifully held her cunt lips apart.

I let go of her clit and watched as I pushed the vibrator in and out. Her legs were shaking slightly and I told her to count to three and then she could come. Then I went back to administering to her clit and when she got to three I sucked harder and kept the vibrator pushed up her dripping and now coming pussy. I rotated the vibrator inside of her as she finished coming on it and then I slowly slid it out – still letting it vibrate over her clit. She was gazing down at me…her eyes glazed in lust…her lips whispering "Sir?"

Her body shook and I felt a rush of wetness seeping out of her pussy. She was dripping…coming…whimpering and not knowing what I’d want of her next or what she should now do.

"Sir?" She’d said it almost pleading…begging for instruction.

I enjoyed the scent on the vibrator and licked it. Letting her stand there still holding her pussy lips open…still shivering with aftershocks of coming. Then putting it to her lips, "Lick it Katrina. Taste the sweet juice your body gave to me."

Her lips sucked her cunt juice off the vibrator. I removed the clips on her tits knowing her swollen nipples would sting as the clips came off. I made sure I let the pressure off slowly - I kissed and licked each nipple - she kept sucking her juices off the vibrator.

"Whore, you did well. Are you ready to please me more?"

Her smile was one of pleasure and her voice one of need, "Sir, whatever you wish, I’ll do what you demand of me."

"Then whore, go to the bed, kneel, and push pillows under your tummy. I want your ass high in the air and easily accessible. Do you understand what I want?"

I was standing - stroking my large cock - I could see she seemed apprehensive, although her nipples were tight with anticipation. "Don’t worry, whore, go and do as you’re instructed."

I watched her slowly walk to the bed. Reaching for the pillows she first put one under her and leaned over it. Then, pulled the other pillow on top of it and, again, got into position. She widened her legs and arching her back her ass was high and her pussy spread open. She then placed her arms for balance in front of her and I could see her trying to then relax.

Reaching for my black bag I walked over to the bed and sat down next to her. She gazed at me as I took out a small bottle of lubricant. "Touch the cock that’s going to fuck you, whore."

Her fingers touched the head of my cock. I watched as her slim fingers grasped my thick shaft and squeezed it, forcing a drop of cum to glisten on the tip. Using a few drops of cum oozing out of the head of my cock her fingers easily slid slowly up and down the shaft. I could see she enjoyed it and began relaxing. "Whore, I’m going to move in back of you. Do you understand what I want?"

Her hand was still running up and down my cock and I waited until she decided to stop. Then she moved her arm back into position in front of her for balance. I moved in back of her and starting running my hands over her hips…her thighs…her ass. I never rushed and began to toy with her pussy. Pinching her pussy lips…sliding my fingers into her cunt…running my finger from her asshole to her clit. Over and over I ran my fingers slowly over every inch of her – clit to wet pussy to tight asshole. I finally felt her body relaxing onto the rhythm of my fingers and her breathing slow and steady.

With my hand still sliding over her clit I lubricated my cock and then let the bottle drip lubricant on her ass hole. I rubbed it from her ass to her clit making her slippery all over. Again, I dripped more lubricant over her asshole – nice and slippery – slick…wet.

Sliding my cock over her ass I began sliding it between the cheeks of her ass. The lubricant made it easy to slide my cock between the cheeks of her ass. Pressing her ass cheeks tight around my cock sliding between them, I slid it up and down the crack of her ass until I felt her picking up the rhythm. Then I slowly moved my cock lower to poke at her pussy while my finger began to slide and push at her tiny, tight, asshole. As my whore pushed up on my finger it slid easily into her. "Good, girl. You’re such a pleasure and your ass is beautiful – I want my cock in it." Her whimpering, at hearing compliments was refreshing – I replaced my finger with my cock.

Slowly, and very easily I started to push the head of my cock into her asshole. I could feel her stiffen as the head of my cock stretched her asshole open – I held it still while she relaxed. "Easy, my favorite whore. It’s not going all the way in – you’re too tight this time - but you’ll learn and stretch and in a few month I’ll shove it all the way in until my balls touch you."

I slid slightly further in and started to slowly fuck her ass. Not all the way in - but enough to feel the pressure on my shaft - my balls started to already tighten. The thought of slamming my cock all the way in her ass made me harder. Her whimpered, "Sir, yes, I want to please you."

Looking down at her body pushing onto my cock up her ass made me need to cum. Spreading her ass cheeks wider I could see my cock sliding in and out…stretching her…violating her. It was difficult not to ram my cock up her ass. Her ass was so nice and white without tan and my cock was stretching her hole wide – I groaned with demand as I felt the need to shoot my cum into her ass. Then holding her hips from moving I pulled almost out and then slid further in – I felt my balls tighten and my cock start to shoot cum into her ass. I kept my movements to short shoving motions up that nice white asshole, while I finished cumming - then slowly pulled out letting the remainder of my cum drip over her asshole.

I enjoyed fucking her ass. Reaching for the black bag I took out a medium thickness dildo and lubricated it. Sliding it into her ass I complimented her and she responded by pushing back on the dildo, "That was good whore. You’re the only whore I fuck in the ass. My favorite. Let me open you more each time so soon you’ll enjoy taking my entire cock." I almost got hard again watching the dildo sliding in her small asshole but each time it went in slowly further and further. I didn’t use straps to hold it in place but kept my palm over it to hold it in. With my other fingers I started to pinch and rub her clit until she started to cum with the dildo shoved into her ass. I could hear her gasping at how hard she had cum and sliding a finger into her cunt I felt the walls clenching on my finger and how tight it was inside her with a dildo shoved tightly up her ass.

Sliding the dildo out of her ass I threw it on the floor - quickly I flipped her on her back. Sliding over her body I looked into her eyes, "You did your Master very proud. I’ll tell him how well you obeyed his orders and served whom he told you to serve." I knew that Winston was not the kindest man to his pets. We’d had many discussions on that subject, but he always insisted his pets wanted rough treatment. Then again, my Rachel had always wanted rough treatment and hard spankings. None of my pets enjoyed being fucked up the ass. Winston had his trained to need everything but for some odd reason he didn’t like Katrina or maybe it was just the darker things she liked to do. He was right when he said Katrina would do them all. It was after that discussion he and I had decided I would take care of Katrina and he would take care of Rachel without changing ownership.

Her voice was very soft and questioning, "Sir, perhaps you can ask Master to let you come back sometime? I’ll take more of your cock. I like being fucked up the ass."

Looking into her eyes I grinned. "Your Master and I are very good friends and will be exchanging a night once a month. Once a month you’ll be my favorite whore. Once a month you’ll serve my needs." I leaned down and began sucking on her still swollen nipples. I pulled her arms out to the side of her as my body was on top of hers. I began to lightly chew on her nipples making them red and sore. "Whore, tell me when they’re so sore you can’t stand it anymore. Tell me when you want me to stop and maybe I will or maybe I won’t"

Finally, she began to squirm trying to get my teeth off her nipple, but I tightened my hold on her wrists. I pushed her legs wider open with my ankles pinning hers outward. I continued licking and chewing from one nipple to the other, until she was exhausted and begging me to stop. Her tone of voice was getting desperate for relief but it wasn’t enough for me. Finally, her whimpers had the tone I wanted to hear and I lifted my head from her sore, swollen nipples. I let go of her wrists and wrapped her in my arms - kissing her lips in a brutal kiss of possession of her body, mind and soul. Her mouth opened under mine like she was starved, and her arms wrapped tightly around me. Shoving my tongue into her mouth I owned it. At that moment I owned every fiber of my whore’s body and mind as she clung to me in desperate need to be owned.

I’d be back.