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Chapter 1

Cindy woke up that morning determined that this would be the start of her new life.   Looking in the mirror she winced at her appearance then glanced down at the ad on her bathroom counter.   She picked it up and read his name again and what her friend, Liz, had sent her about him: Dr. Richard Allan – nutrition and specializing in weight loss when it seems hopeless.  You should try him – he worked wonders with my diet problems and you know I was about to give up.  Let me know how you like him. 

She thought to herself that she agreed with Liz, that Liz looked much different.  She then thought she had better do something - but it wasn’t like she was lazy and she really did diet.  She called her friend on the phone to tell her she was going to Dr. Allan in a few hours.

“Hi, it’s Cindy.  Well, wish me luck I’m off to see if this will work.”

Liz laughed, “Hell, don’t make it sound like you’re going for a job interview.  He’s there because he likes to help and he’ll really take the time to help you figure out what you’re eating that’s going wrong.”

Cindy cut her friend off from speaking, tired of hearing all the friendly encouragement people tend to give, “Uh, well okay Liz.  I’ll call you later and I’ll go to the bar tonight, but I guess I’ll be drinking diet soda.”

“Cindy, at our age we can drink what the hell we want – where the hell we want it.  Order what you want.  See you later.”   With that Liz hung up and Cindy marveled at her friend’s attitude and left for the doctor’s office.

At the office it seemed the usual.  Cindy took the clipboard and proceeded to fill out form after form of questions:

When did you first have a weight problem?  She didn’t feel it was appropriate to answer when she was born. 

When did you first want to lose weight?  She didn’t feel it appropriate to write whom the fuck cares, I’m here with a check that won’t bounce. 

Why do you want to lose weight?  She didn’t feel it appropriate to write why don’t you mind your damn business and let me see the doctor. 

Then, of course, it was the forms of did you ever have or did your family member ever have! 

Then there were more forms of what do you eat?  She didn’t write obviously things that are fattening and stick to my body. 

Do you feel you have willpower?  She kept from writing I haven’t tried to throw these forms at the wall so that should show something.

She dutifully handed the clipboard to the size 10 nurse who gave her that sympathetic look that only a size 10 nurse could give who never had a carbohydrate be unfriendly to her.  Cindy sat down reading a magazine blaring the title 10 Friendly Foods To Make That Man Take Notice.  She closed the magazine and stared at the wall until her name was called.  Cindy had prepared herself for the next barrage of questions.   Size 10 asked her to step on the scale and of course had to move the main weight higher before tap, tap, tap the lighter one to get the exact weight.   Cindy just stood still while size 10 tapped the bar weight down, and then just slightly up to the ¾.  Cindy thought that at this point the lousy ¼ wouldn’t have made a difference.  

Size 10 smiled, “Well let’s just find a vein and take a blood test and the doctor will go over the results next week.”

Cindy pumped her fist so the veins would at least imitate coming to the surface, which of course they didn’t.  Size 10 tapped a vein, then tapped another vein – then smiled and said, “Okay, your veins are thin but I think we have one.”   Wrong!  But after moving the needle as if in a pincushion Cindy was finally able to let go of the rubber sponge she was gripping and pray the vein would bleed for at least one vial.   The Gods were looking down and Size 10 happily held Cindy’s arm up and put a cotton and bandaid over the needle mark.   “Well, Cindy, the Doctor will be with you in a few minutes so please come to his office.”

Cindy looked at her watch wondering if she could last, but remembered she had checked yes to willpower on the form.  This was obviously some kind of test of willpower to see if you can make past size 10 and down the hall to the Doctor’s office.   If you make it he helps you and if you turn and run screaming out of the office Size 10 probably wins a cupcake to eat or something.  Wishing to deprive Size 10 of a cupcake and since Cindy wanted to lose weight she sat down across the large mahogany desk waiting for Dr. Allan.

A few minutes later she was sitting across from Dr. Allan while he held his hand out to her to shake hers and said, “Hi, Cindy – I’m glad to meet you.”  His hand engulfed her smaller one and it seemed as if heat radiated up her arm. 

Her eyes met his and when he smiled all she could picture was being in his arms…looking up into those eyes.  Her body reacted to her imagination and her nipples hardened at the thoughts racing through her mind.  His lips searing kisses along her breasts as his hands roamed over her naked flesh.  Her tongue tracing an outline over his collarbone and as she pulled him to her and in a movement of fluid motion he entered her.  Her body arched at the strength of his penetrating her body.  Her legs wrapped around his waist…he cupped her bottom.  His lips found hers as he began to thrust into her and pumped and worked her body, until she was whimpering beneath him.  Her nails dug into his back as he pulled his lips from hers and staring into her eyes he told her to come for him.  She whispered his name and her body flew to his safe embrace, as fire seemed to engulf her in a whirlwind of sensations.  Then she felt him release his pent up fire and come inside her in a glorious moment of coming together.


She heard him cough, and she quickly looked away as he said, “Let me take a quick look at your chart and ask a few questions and we’ll work together and figure this all out.  Are you okay?”  

She stammered, “Uh, uh, yes, my mind seemed to wander for a moment.  I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention.”

He looked at her and smiled only saying, “Yes, it seemed that way.”

She was surprised after the questions that he didn’t just hand her the usual 1200 daily calorie meal of eat this or your fail – do not pass go, do not collect $200.   

“Okay, Cindy, you marked your favorite food is tuna.  Let me ask you one fast question.  Do you like tuna with or without mayonnaise.”

Cindy looked at him knowing she should say without mayonnaise and only with a little lemon juice and thought tuna without mayo?  This is not going to work, he must be one of those if you eat fat you should be burned at the stake.   But, she answered, “I like mayo, but can give it up if you think I should.”

Dr. Allan looked up at her and smiled, “No, I think tuna without mayo on toast tastes like cardboard - mayo will be fine.”

Cindy must have eyed him suspiciously because he chuckled and said, “Cindy, I think after reading your chart we'll concentrate more on protein and low carbohydrates – although that isn’t for everyone I think it just might suit your particular metabolism.”

Cindy finally made eye contact with him and gazed into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen and that wasn’t because he said she could have mayo with her tuna.  All at that moment she could think about was I wonder if I were thin would he like me.  Her thoughts were interrupted when he said, “Well let me put down you would like to lose about forty pounds, does that sound about right.”

All that went through her mind was, Lord let the floor open up and swallow my body whole, but answered, “Yes, I guess I have a lot to lose.”

He smiled, “Nah, piece of cake – nope, that’s not on your diet for a good couple of weeks!”  His laugh was wonderful and she laughed at the expression he had used.  After going over the rest of the plan for her first two weeks he walked her to the front and said, “Liz is a friend of mine and mentioned you were both going to be at Trevor’s Bar tonight so maybe I’ll see you later.”

She smiled and said, “Oh sure, fine, see you and Liz later.”

He looked at her with a quizzical look, smiled and said, “I didn’t say I would be with Liz and see you later I said - I’ll see you later.”

Cindy stood a moment not quite understanding and not wanting to hope for something that wasn’t there but smiled and said, “Oh, well then see you later.”

As he turned to go back to his office he smiled and said, “I hope so.”