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She’d just broken up with her fiancé but thought that they could work it out.  Then he’d given her a list of things that she should work on, but his list was so long to live up to.  All she wanted was to work, paint, write and be loved.  But with all of the business dinners she had to attend and with all his friends over every weekend she never had time for herself.  She knew she shouldn’t be out with her girlfriends at a dance club but she was so tired of thinking of ways to be what he wanted.  Plus she’d heard that her ex-boyfriend would be at the club and she was curious to see what he now looked like.  She was supposed to be home thinking about how lucky she was to have Roger for a fiancé, and what a beautiful home she’d have when they married.  The house was always neat without a chair or pillow ever out of place.  Roger had a perfect home, but tonight her thoughts were on her ex-lover.  He was nicknamed Wolf and she just wanted to see what he looked like one more time before choosing the lifestyle she’d decided she’d wanted when she gave him up. 

Wolf noticed her the moment she walked in and also noticed that she didn’t have her engagement ring on.  He grinned knowing her well enough to know her ring would never be off her finger unless it was over.  He’d heard she was re-thinking her future marriage and he knew her well enough to know she had already decided it was not for her.  He’d told himself that her being engaged to someone else should keep him from wanting her, but the thought of her had always started a need deep within him. 

He watched her looking at him and after slightly smiling quickly looking away and saying something to her friends.   He kept drinking his beer from the bottle and staring directly at her.  Her girlfriends looked over at him and he laughed watching them whispering behind their hands.  They’d look at him then giggle, then whisper behind their hands and stare at him some more.  He just smiled at their antics and kept staring directly at her.

The music started playing a slow song and he decided they should talk or forget each other forever.  He made his move.  He walked over to their table while they continued with smiles and whispers.  She was looking directly at him as he slowly sauntered toward the table.   As he walked towards her he savored the look in her eyes as she watched him stalking her way. 

Placing his hands flat on their table he really spoke only to her, “Evening ladies, evening Carey.  Carey, I believe this is our dance?”

She looked into his eyes and said, “Is it, Wolf or didn’t our dance pass?”

He held out his hand knowing she’d take it.  Looking her directly in the eyes he smiled.

She answered, “Yes, I guess it is.” 

Placing her hand into his he pulled her to her feet.  His arm automatically slid around her waist and they walked to the dance floor.  If she thought he was going dance at a proper distance she was corrected when he put his arms around her body and gently drew her flat against him.  He noticed that her hands rested only lightly on his arms.  She felt nervous in his arms so he loosened his hold slightly put space between their bodies.  Then, after a few minutes he felt her fingers tighten on his arm.  Gently rubbing her back he finally felt her hands slowly sliding up his arms to his shoulders.  The old familiar warmth he felt for her began to move up his arms as her fingers traced their path.  Her perfume smelled like lilac.  He’d worn the cologne she’d last bought for him, called Drakar.  He pulled her closer as a recording of Mariah Carey sang the words, “Can’t live, if living is without you.”  Her body blended into his and his thigh pressed against her softness.

He whispered in her ear “That’s it Carey, slide your arms around my neck and hold me.  Oh baby, I’ve missed you so damn much.”  He finally felt her arms holding him and her breasts pressing against his chest.  His body and mind registered how much he’d missed being held.  Then she ever so lightly moved her hips against his rock hard maleness.  It was what he needed to feel and sighing he pulled her tighter to him.  His body moved tight against her and he felt his cock pressing against her even through his jeans.  When she responded by pressing against him he whispered, “Yeah, baby, like that, it’s been too long without you!  I’ve missed the hell out of you Carey.”  As if in a dream they slowly swayed with the music, holding tightly to each other.  Moving together as they had so many nights at this same club on this same dance floor.  Knowing the other’s dance steps before they took them their bodies moved as one.  He turned a different direction and her steps followed without missing a step.  He didn’t know it but she was thinking that she needed to be held by him and dance close against him…secure in his arms.   The music ended but they held each other.  The next song began and they listened to Mariah Carey singing, “All I’ve ever wanted is you, and you alone….”   Holding each other they drifted deeper in the need to stay connected.   Holding tightly to each other their unspoken thoughts began to convey a deeper need than sex.  The need they both felt to belong together.  The slight movements told the story as his hand caressed the back of her neck.  She sighing and nuzzling into his chest.  The connection was being played out with each slow movement to the song’s words,  “I don’t want to spend another day alone without your love….” 

His arms tightened.  Her eyes closed.  They were in a world only known to two people.  Their body’s binding their unspoken thoughts.

Her lips were lightly kissing his neck as she whispered, “I still want you as much as I ever did – damn you, Wolf!”

He pulled her as tight as possible against his body without crushing her answering, “I know baby, it’s the same with me, always has been and always will be.  I tried so hard to get over you, Carey.  Carey, let’s go to my place…now, okay?”  As always, he didn’t wait for her answer but taking her hand led her off the dance-floor.  She pulled back a moment and he stopped and turned to her.  She looked at him.  Their eyes locked gazing into the others and reading all the pain, hurt and need they still felt for each other.  She shook her head slightly, then shyly smiled.  He didn’t grin but smiled at her.  He understood her doubts and raising one eyebrow in question he smiled that crooked smile that she'd always loved.  They walked off the dance floor hand in hand.  As they passed her table of friends he reached over grabbing her jacket and said, “Night, ladies!

She didn’t say anything but followed him past the shocked looks of her friends, out of the club and they drove directly to his apartment.  Throwing their jackets on the couch they continued right into the bedroom with her hand still held tightly in his.  They didn’t say a word as if afraid if they paused they wouldn’t continue.  It didn’t even seem odd to her that it had been six months since she last saw him and that she had just walked into his bedroom without questioning it.  It felt right with that old comfortable familiar feeling as she teased, “I see you still don’t make the bed!”

Now he just grinned at her statement where before he’d get mad, “Nah, faster to get to sleep without having to pull down the covers!”  He laughed and with his old familiar movement pulled his shirt off and slid down his jeans.  Leaving them on the floor as always he kicked them away.  As always he flopped on the bed on his back…naked…virile….ready!

She stripped and lay down on the bed and teased, “I see you fold your clothes up!”  Then looking at him with a serious expression said, “Wolf, this doesn’t mean I’m coming back to you!”

He grinned, “Uh, Carey, I don’t remember asking you?”

Before she could answer he leaned over her, “Let’s not go there right now!  You look good!  Damn but your breasts look beautiful!”  He didn’t even bother waiting for her reply or kissing her lips - his mouth closed around her nipple sucking on it.  His hands cupped each breast as his tongue fondled and licked the tips of her hardened nipples.  He lightly bit at the erect peaks and he heard her moaning in pleasure.  He felt her hands in his hair holding him tighter to her swelling flesh. 

She whispered, “I want you to want me!” 

Raising his head from her nipples he looked deeply into her eyes and answered, “Carey, my wanting you then and wanting you now was never our problem baby – I’ve wanted you every night since you walked out that door and will always want you to walk back in.” 

His eyes went back to gazing at her breasts, cupping them and looking at their pinkish-brown areolas.  Squeezing the large mounds of flesh together he looked into her eyes and said, “Does your fiancé like to fuck these like I do?”

She didn’t answer which was an answer in itself.  Wolf’s eyes took on a gleam that she’d missed over the past months.    “Tell me to lick and kiss them Cary.  Tell Wolf you want his lips caressing your beautiful nipples.”

He watched her knowing she wanted to tell him and he grinned when she smiled at him.  He didn't make her finish - leaning over her breasts he sucked the stiff nipple into his mouth, savoring the taste of her flesh.  His lips played with each breast – licking the now swollen nipples, then he’d slowly nip at the tip until it swelled and turned a deep rose color.  He listened to her breathing escalate…her body restlessly moving beneath him wanting more.  Wanting him to fuck her.

He picked his head up and looked into her beautiful glazed with passion eyes, "Carey, are you still using the pill or do we need protection?"

She slid her thighs wider and whispered, "I'm safe.  The only thing needing protection is my heart."

He moved his muscled legs between her soft thighs whispering, "No, honey, your heart has always been safe with mine.  I've always loved you.  We'll work on the rest."

Before she could answer she felt his cock pressing against the lips of her pussy.  She opened her thighs wider and he slid between her moist flesh.  She welcomed him and sighed in pleasure as he eased himself just barely inside her.  Feeling his hot bulging shaft claiming her body she wrapped her legs around his waist giving him her body to enter deeply.

He whispered, "Hang on tight, Carey, hang on and never let me go again."  With those words spoken aloud he thrust his possession home, burying himself deeply within her.   Not moving for a few moments he felt her nails digging into his shoulders - she whispered her need for him.  He didn't keep her needing long.  His body thrust deep…over and over bringing her with him on each impaling movement.    He could feel her shifting and moving under him, wanting and needing more of the fire burning within them.

When she arched and raised her hips in wanton abandon he knew it was time.  Slamming thrusts brought them to the edge and his whispered, "Now baby, now, come with me - be mine, Carey.”

He knew he was building to where he couldn’t control his need to come, “Come now Carey.  I’ve got to let loose.  I need to come, baby.”

He felt her body clench on his cock like a tight glove.  He groaned and rammed his cock as it came shooting hot come into her waiting body.  Their body’s climaxed in torrential sensations of need…want…lust and more in love.

When his cock stopped coming and his senses returned he held his weight off her body.  Leaning gently on her he whispered in her ear, "I like staying joined inside you.  I want you Carey, I'll say it first - I want you back.  Will you work it out with me?"

She looked into his eyes and realized he meant it and that it wasn't just the moment.  Thoughts raced through her head but in her heart she knew the answer.  Holding him tightly to her she answered the simplest answer she could give, "Yes, Wolf.  I love you more than ever and we can work it out.”