Warm Hands In A Warmer Shower (c) ldyjessika@aol.com , 1994, 1997, 2001
(This was one of the first stories I had written in erotica and I really don’t want to correct it too much)


Your hands were warm and soapy as you took your time lathering my body. You’re always so methodical and precise in everything that you do. The shower spray bounced off your body and enveloped me in a fine mist. Looking down at me from your tall height…you smiled. Looking up at you I smiled noticing I only stood as tall as your chest. Then, looking over your body I thought to myself - nice height - nice everything.

Picking up the bar of soap you chuckled, "Jasmine? Uh, sweet one, I don’t remember Jasmine soap on the shopping list that I gave you."

Smiling up at you I answered, "It wasn't on the list. You had some plain smelling soap written down so I bought this instead."

You laughed, lathered your hands and replied, "Well honey, I just hope no one at work notices I smell like Jasmine Soap. It will ruin my mean personality. Now, turn around my sweets, I have a job to do and you know I’m the type of man that always accomplishes his tasks."

You moved closer and slowly soaped my neck and shoulders. I smiled when you told me I had soft shoulders. Your hands continued moving over my skin. I felt your hands skimming over my flesh until you pulled my body against yours. Molding me to the length of you I felt you pressing against my softness. Looking up into your eyes I touched your face noting how I loved your eyes.

I knew you could tell how much I loved you because you smiled down at me and I felt you harden at my touch. Taking my hand from you face you lowered it to my side.

"No, my sweet, I want to wash you and touch you in any way I want, you’re not going to distract me this time."

You began to slowly soap my arms, my shoulders, my neck, telling me how you loved how the suds made patterns on my skin. You slowly soaped me enjoying the movement of the suds. You enjoyed exposing various parts of my body to your view between the sudsy foam.

I watched as you rubbed jasmine soap on your hands and traced a pattern from my collarbone to the mounds of my full breasts. Your hands slowly massaged around them...moving in circular motions. I arched my back as you cupped them. It felt sensual to me as you held them in your palms. I knew you felt their fullness and smooth softness as you caressed them. I knew you watched my nipples harden as your fingers moved closer to their waiting peaks. I felt your fingers playing with my breasts - my nipples and I wanted to be touched more. I stared at your fingers waiting for them to pinch my nipples.

I whimpered, "Oh yes, please touch them – now."

I moaned low as you lightly rubbed your fingers across the tips - they hardened for you. You watched as the nipples poked through the suds.

"I love your nipples, sweet one, I can play with them for hours."

You flicked the tips with your index finger, watching them harden for you - another small moan of pleasure came from deep within me. Your fingers closed around my nipples…squeezing them…lightly pinching them. You watched my expression - I closed my eyes and felt you pinching and pulling on my nipples. Flicking their tips - Pinching them. Then, you let the water rinse off the soap and leaned down to gently take one in your mouth. Licking the nipple and sucking it as your fingers kept pinching the other nipple.

Between sucking them you whispered, "Yes, these are nice and hard for me. I think I’d best move on, my sweet, don't you?"

I breathlessly whimpered, "Yes, please."

You stood up smiling down at me as your hands moved below my navel. I saw you look at my tummy and then lower to my brown pubic curls - water glistened off of them. I saw in your concentration anticipation building as your right hand moved closer to your destination. You needed to touch me there. You needed to feel the softness you knew was between my thighs. And, I needed you to feel me.

"Spread your legs for me, do it now."

I held on to your shoulders for support and spread my legs for you. I felt the spray bounce off your shoulders and onto my skin and inner thighs. Moving your hand between my thighs you pushed my legs wider apart.

"There, that’s better, this is how wide I want you to stay open for me, understand?"

I dreamily whispered, "Yes."

Again, you again reached for the soap and lathered your hands. Slowly you massaged and washed your way from my ankles up the inside of my soft inner thighs. I knew you felt me shiver as you neared your destination. The music and smell of jasmine intoxicated our senses. Your fingers slid closer and finally you made your decision and your fingers slipped between the lips of my pussy.

It felt so sensual with the warm water running over me. Warmer as your fingers started their journey, spreading my pussy lips open for you to look at. You ran your right index finger up and down the length, as your other palm slipped over my mound, squeezing me in possession. I knew you felt my pussy slick with my own wetness as you slid your finger inside of me. I moaned and began to move on your hand.

Leaning forward you licked me as your fingers moved in and out of me. You pushed your fingers in deeper as I moved on them. With my legs spread wide open I fucked your fingers as they danced within me. You knew you had my body doing what you wanted, moving how you wanted it to move. Your tongue kept up its dance over my clit, making me move against it as you pulled me against your tongue. My body needed that so much, the feeling of your tongue against me.

I held your shoulders for balance while my body rocked and slid up and down on your fingers. Your cock was rock hard and throbbing. I knew you needed to put your cock into the pussy you loved to fuck.

"Turn honey, lean on the wall, come on sweets like this, turn around, good girl, hold on now."

I moaned, not wanting to give up the contact with your tongue. I turned and faced the shower wall. Leaning the palm of my hands flat against the wall I bent over. I felt you move in back me…I felt the water landing on my ass. I had to look in back of me and saw you bending your knees to lower yourself. You smiled at my ass in front of you. You wanted so badly to play for a while but your cock wanted its due and I was so ready for you.

"Later, sweet one, I’ll play with that pussy again for hours."

With your right hand you guided your cock home into my waiting heat. I moaned in pleasure as you sank into my pussy. Arching my back I felt you pushing deeper, as you pinned me between your body and the wall. I nearly came when you grabbed my waist pulling me back onto you while you continued thrusting deeper. Slowly, easing in and out. I felt the control in your movements. I knew you were watching your cock slide in and out of my body. I knew you liked watching the control you had over your body movements, and my need for it.

I was warmer…hotter. I could feel your balls slapping against me as your body started to move quicker. Pulling me back…ramming your cock into my wet pussy. The water seemed to be keeping tempo as the shower rained down its gentle mist over us.

"Move sweet one, yes, that's it, suck my cock deeper into your pussy. Fuck it baby."

My pussy gripped your cock as I moved faster and closer to that point where my body would explode in sensations. I felt it then - that tightening in my stomach - tingling in my thighs and then my pussy started in spasms. I whimpered your name needing to come.

I heard your voice, "NOW, sweet one, I feel you, let it go and come for me."

You moved your hands from my waist and grabbed me tightly by the hips. Then I felt you thrust your body forward. I felt your cock throb and then you let loose, shooting hot come inside of me. I arched my back more and as the shower mist fell on my face I felt my body again explode in spasms on your cock. We had raced over the edge together in need, desire and release.

I was out of breath and leaned on the wall when I hear you say, "Easy sweet one, I have you, I won't let you fall, I’ll never let you fall."

You turned me to you, hugged me tightly against you, and let the warm water envelope us - two bodies held tightly together as one. You stroked my wet hair, my back and smiled down at the top of my head. I was snuggled against your chest. I sighed in pleasure whispering how great I felt.

You chuckled trying to sound gruff as you said, "Now look at us, now I’ll have to wash again!"

I felt your cock twitching against me at your own thought. Then, as you reached for the jasmine soap, you laughed and said, "Damn bar of jasmine soap, must be this damn bar of soap. Come here and wash me!"