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The time had been right.  There hadn’t been any rhyme or reason.  It had to have been the night and the feelings of need for one man coursing through my body.  It had started at dinner with looks and teasing comments.  Like many dinners we’d bantered back and forth, with a comfortable camaraderie.  It was a night I’d thought was boring except for his presence.  I knew he was the reason that I was there, but I didn’t know that he knew it.  The others at the dinner would make jokes and I'd laugh and contribute the necessary conversation - but it was his voice I'd listen for.  I’d only make eye contact with him and no one else, as I’d gaze into his blue eyes.

I’d taken special care getting ready that night.  I’d shampooed my short brown hair with Chez-Lavender shampoo.  I enjoyed the feeling of massaging body lotion over my breasts, arms and legs.  My favorite scented musk oil by Alyssa Ashley kissed the special places I had always fantasized that he’d touch.  For the past years my imagination had let me feel his lips skimming over my breasts - kissing my nipples -taking them into the possession of his mouth.  I admired the reflection of my breasts in the mirror, while my nipples hardened at the thought of his tongue flicking over them. Again, and again, I touched their tips imagining that it was his tongue touching them.  Then, sighing out loud I had dressed in a dark gray skirt and low cut black blouse.  As I locked my favorite collar in place around my neck I wondered if he noticed my blouses or the thin, black, leather collar I had bought and wore only for him.

Then I had left my room and walked to the restaurant where the dinner was being held.  We appeared to be like all the other business people at the table talking about projects, travel and meetings.  I tried to keep from gazing at his hand as he’d lift his wineglass to his lips.  I'd look away and then automatically gaze at his hands…his arms…and finally meet his eyes watching me watching him.  He'd grin.  I was very in control of my actions and I’d made sure they were done according to protocol.  At the end of the night I said the appropriate goodbyes and started to leave.  I was surprised when he caught up with me in the lobby and we took the elevator to the 3rd floor.  Exiting the elevator we made small talk until we both became quiet.

Finally, he said, "Well, see you in the morning."

Walking into my room I shut the door and imagined he’d said, I can't spend the night without you.  Carefully hanging up my clothes I thought about the time I’d taken getting ready to be with him and then, as always, climbed into the bed alone and fell asleep.

Waking up a few hours later I looked at the clock and then out the window noticing it was still dark outside.  He’d said to call him if I couldn't sleep, since he was usually awake.  Thinking about whether I should call only lasted a moment and I dialed his room number - I heard his voice say hello.

"Hi, you said I should call if I woke up.  Were you sleeping?"

"No I’m awake.  You may as well come on down and watch television.  I'll unlock the door."

It had only taken a moment and I’d walked down the hall and into his room - his door closed behind me.  It seemed so natural to be watching television with him, while I relaxed on the opposite side of the bed - yet suddenly nothing seemed natural - yet everything seemed as always.  Kidding was the same - conversation was the same.  But, there was a quiet attraction that seemed to make every movement and spoken word special.  It crept in slowly and had been unseen and had been unheard, but suddenly there was a current of electric need in the air surrounding us.

There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to what happened next…neither of us turned first…but someone must have made the first move.

The time had been right - it must have been the night air but in the next moment in time our lips met in a shy kiss of introduction. Then the long pent up wanting the other took over, where apparently the night had sealed our fate only hours before.

I felt his hands molding my breasts through my blouse…under my blouse…pulling my blouse off.  I gave to him freely and with open arms.  My hands roamed over his muscled back, feeling the hard muscled contours of his body, where I’d wanted to touch for so long.  His body was as wonderful naked as I’d envisioned him in my dreams.  Powerful and muscular.  My hands slid lower over his thighs and then between them to cup his balls - I heard him whisper, “That feels good.”

The need in me to feel his flesh almost made my hand tremble as I touched him. My fingers wrapped around his hard shaft, while I kept telling myself that this wasn’t a fantasy and that I was really with him.  His rock-hard thighs were like a sensual dream as I ran my hands over them.  Again, and again, my hands ran over his legs as if memorizing their feel and contours.  Finally, my nails trailed their way higher…he spread his thighs wider in invitation and demand.

The scent of his body mesmerized me as my lips kissed the tip of his firm flesh.  My voice was in awe and wonder as I finally confessed, "I've wanted to be with you for so long." I closed my eyes - my mouth covered his throbbing cock.  Slowly and gently I sucked the length of him into my mouth feeling his hands in my hair.  Finally, I heard him say, "I'm glad you called."

I was burning desire for this man.  Days and nights dreaming of being with him made this night seem as if it was destined to be.

His voice sounded lower and rougher as he said, "Kiss me."  Our lips locked in passion. It could have been his needing me that made him turn me onto my back - Or my needing him as I raked my nails over his flesh.  Then again, maybe I turned onto my back pulling him towards me.  The night demanded that fantasy become reality.  Positions changed...need burned higher and the flames of lust and need engulfed us.

The night still covered the land as his body covered mine…poised…ready.  It was like worlds meeting - he sank his shaft into my waiting heat and I accepted his body as a gift that I had long coveted.

A feeling of sensual satisfaction came over me at the feeling of having him inside my body.  A longing thirst finally quenched as I felt him slowly entering…thrusting.

His voice was concerned but demanding, "Are you okay?"

My body responded as if he owned my moves and I whispered, "Yes, very okay."

Arching my body I felt him bury himself deeply inside me.  My body accepting all he gave me…as he took my fantasy and brought it into reality.  Changing positions again, and again, he orchestrated the dance of our bodies.

I whispered, "I've wanted to feel you inside of me for so long. I've always fantasized of being with you."

He pushed into me…harder…deeper into the heat of me.  His thighs spreading mine wider he demanded, "Wrap your legs around my waist." 

Our bodies danced in the rhythm of needing and wanting, and rode the crest of waves of passion.  Our bodies danced…swayed in a pagan rhythm only heard by wanton flesh.  I was burning need while I arched with abandon, longing for this man. Needing him to take me further as he thrust within my body.

While I whimpered, "I need this with you," I felt him driving his cock deeper with each push of his.  My legs wrapped around his waist tighter as I thrust my hips, impaling myself onto his cock that was now my freedom and salvation.

I knew he now ruled my body as he had ruled my days - and now my nights.  My kisses rained over his shoulder and my teeth bit at his flesh.  Tighter…hotter I could feel sensations coursing through me.  The music of our flesh exploded and I was seized with sensations more powerful than I had ever felt.  My nails dug into his back, pulling him tighter into me.  Needing to feel him plunging and pumping…demanding…owning me!  His powerful hips rammed harder, slamming me against the mattress, until his heat was too much for my senses.

Crying his name against his shoulder I felt waves of pleasure engulf me.  My body was spiraling with feelings until I finally felt a wonderful climax overtaking my body - at the same time he groaned and came into my accepting body.  In that final moment of my delicate female whimpers and his groaning male satisfaction a bond was cemented between us.

Comfortable silence filled the air as my hands continued roaming over his back…scratching his back like I knew he liked it.  The night was retreating when he finally rolled onto his side looking at me.  Smiling at me he said, "Let's get an hour of sleep. We’ve a meeting right after breakfast."

"Should I go back to my room?"

His arms wrapped around me pulling me into a safe embrace, "No, don't go back to your room and you should also come back tonight to watch television."

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