Rianna © Copyright, LdyJessika, 1998, 1999,2000
By:  LdyJessika@aol.com

Dabbing jasmine perfume behind each ear and on the pulse in her neck, Rianna stepped back from the mirror admiring her body.  Yes, she thought, I do deserve a good, hard man tonight…a man with strong arms…pure lust in his loins - Damien!  

Her black stiletto heels echoed down the sidewalk - she walked to her car and drove to his apartment.  Her nipples hardened and rubbed against her blouse at the thought of his cock driving in and out of her body.  

At his apartment the door immediately opened and Damien stood there smiling at her.  Stepping back as she passed him, he stopped her.  Moving closer to her he pinned her body against the wall.  His breath was hot on her neck as he gently bit and licked at her skin.  His hand had the touch of a man that knew its way up a woman’s thigh.  His fingers trailed a heated path inside of her thighs to the juncture of her legs.

“Rianna, no panties?”  His fingers gently and playfully parted her pussy lips, feeling her wet heat.  She moaned in need but she pulled away and walked to the living room.  Admiring her ass as she walked away his laughter echoed down the hallway.

She walked into the living room and was surprised to see another man sitting there looking very relaxed.  She introduced herself, “Uh, hi, I’m Rianna - I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be here.  Are you staying here for a length of time?”

He reached out and shook her hand - his large one holding hers without letting it go.  “Pleased to meet you Rianna, my name is Mack and I’m visiting for the night.”  He paused, and staring directly into her eyes continued, “The entire night.  A very long length of time.” 

Sitting on the couch across from him Rianna wickedly let her thighs spread slightly open.  She was angry he was there and decided to cock tease him.  She knew men couldn’t resist glancing up her skirt if she parted her thighs and she loved watching men’s reactions seeing up her skirt.  She was shocked when Mack stood up and walking over to her sat down on the floor directly in front of her knees.

“Now, Rianna!  Since you want me to see your pussy, this is so much easier, wouldn’t you say?”

Not expecting this type of reaction she didn't know what to answer.  Mack’s large hands were now holding her knees.  He started pushing them gently wider when Damien walked in.

“Ah, Rianna, I see you’ve met Mack.  He knows quite a few tricks and I have to go out for a while.”

Rianna stammered and tried closing her thighs, “But you said to come over tonight.  You know I wanted to be with you tonight!”

Damien smiled and said, “Yes, and my friend here will treat you well – but it seems he’s already started and I didn’t even need to introduce you to each other.  Your such a resourceful little thing, Rianna!” 

Laughing, he put on his jacket and walked out the door leaving her sitting there with Mack still keeping her knees from closing.  Looking down at Mack she said, “I think I’d better leave!”

He smiled and rubbed his hands on the inside of her knees, “Stay with me Rianna, you know you need and want a good hard fuck!” 

Leaning forward his tongue traced a line upward over her knee, then slowly toward the inside.  His slid her skirt higher, as his tongue followed licking his way up her leg. 

His voice was the sound of liquid honey, “Stay Rianna – I promise to make you feel good.  Stay with me baby.”

Rianna’s nipples were starting to peak under her thin blouse and Mack saw that as well, “Rianna, touch your nipples for me and open your thighs wider.  Let me see your sweet pussy!” 

She didn't move but stared down at him sitting between her thighs.  Her feelings in turmoil of knowing she should leave but needing to stay.  Sighing, Mack stood up unzipping his pants in front of her, but only pulling them open.  She could see his cock was hard and bulging in his pants.  In a smooth movement he pulled off his shirt revealing his masculine, hard chest.   He stepped closer to her.

“Rianna, cup my balls through my pants, feel what’s waiting for you!”

She looked at his open pants and then felt his hand grasp hers pulling it toward his cock.  Leaning forward her hand cupped the bulge in his pants.  Through the expensive material she could feel the size of his cock and his balls.  Startled at the large amount of man she held in her hand she looked up at him – he grinned down at her.  She stared as his hands slowly slid his slacks and shorts down his legs, freeing his huge cock.  Standing with his legs wide apart he let her get an eye full of his large, engorged cock and hanging balls. 

“Rianna, like what you see, baby?  This cock is all yours.”  

He pushed her hand away from him and cupping his balls he pulled on them, then he stroked his cock squeezing a large drop of pre-cum out of the head.

“Rianna, want this cock shoved up that pussy?  You have to work for this cock to be up your pussy.   I don’t just fuck any pussy – only pussy that deserve to be fucked.”  He could see her eyes feasting on his cock as her tongue licked her lips.

Pulling her to her feet he demanded, “Undress bitch, enough teasing me with your hot, wet cunt.  I want to play first, then I’ll fuck you!”

Rianna wasn’t sure of his rough tone but he hadn’t pulled her roughly to her feet.  She looked into his eyes and decided she’d try him - especially that thick, cock of his.

As she was removing her blouse he unzipped her skirt, sliding it down her hips.  Standing naked in front of him she started sliding down to her knees.  She knew what men liked and began licking his chest as she slid lower.

Placing his hands under her arms he pulled her back up to a standing position, “No baby, that’s yours and Damien’s routine.  As I recall you wanted me to look at that pussy of yours. Remember?  You were sitting on the couch with those pretty thighs open hoping I’d look at your pussy?”

 Rianna, not quite sure of herself since he was so obviously in control answered, “Yes, I wanted to tease you, but I meant no harm, I was just playing.”

 "Well honey, it worked.  Sit down and spread your thighs for me, again.  I liked looking at your hot little pussy – I liked it very much!”

 Mack sat back down on the floor and pointed to the couch, “Sit, pretty bitch!”

 She sat down, while he slid forward and pushed her thighs open wider.  “Now, Rianna, my little tease, masturbate for me!”

 She stammered in surprise, “What?  Aren’t you going to do anything to me?”

 “Later - for now masturbate, I like to watch a woman touching her pussy. You wanted me to look at it so open it wide for me.”

 She watched him as his one hand stroked his hard cock and his other was cupping his balls.   Staring at his hands stroking himself her own hand moved down over her breasts to her mound.  Her fingers started to slowly sift through her soft curls, while he watched her every move.

 “Good baby, now take your hand and open your pussy for me so I can see your clit!”

 Reaching down to her sex she opened the soft folds of her private flesh for him to see.  Her soft, brown, pussy hair was trimmed short, showing off the pinkish color of her moist flesh.

He slid closer, “Nice pussy, Rianna. Slide your ass forward on the couch.  Bring your cunt to the end of the couch and closer to me, honey!”

 Sliding her body to the end of the couch, he slid further between her thighs.  “Open your pussy now, baby, and using only one finger touch and rub your clit!”

 She was watching him as he sniffed at her scent and licked his lips.  She could hear him moan deep in his chest - he moved his face closer to her pussy, inhaling her scent. 

 His voice was suddenly deeper, “Yes, baby, nice pretty pussy you have.  Your scent is beautiful, Rianna.  We’re gonna have a good time – now rub it for me.”

 Rianna’s middle finger slowly began to gently rub over her clit, touching the delicate flesh in circular motions - his deep voice kept telling her what he wanted her to do.

 “Rianna, flick your clit, baby…tap at it and pull it for me.”

 Her fingertip started to tap her clit…then she pinched.  Her eyes were gazing at his hands that were jerking his cock while the other squeezed his balls.  She could see his cock was hard and veined.  His cock was dripping as he rubbed the pre-cum around the head.  She was pinching her clit harder and moaning softly…her hips began moving in rhythm to her hand and to his jerking his cock. 

 He smiled when her hips began to move in the same rhythm that he was stroking his shaft.  Her fingers were now holding herself wide open for him to see, while she fingered her clit.

 “Good girl Rianna, harder now for me, grind your clit harder and come for me.  Don’t finger fuck yourself, baby.  Just rub your clit.”  

 Her eyes were glued to his large hand jerking and squeezing his cock.  She needed his cock inside of her but listened to what he had told her to do and she began to massage her clit…rubbing harder.  Her body was thrusting against her fingers and she could feel herself dripping.  Looking down at her damp entrance she saw her own pussy glistening…wet…hot.  She felt it start to tingle under her fingers as her orgasm was building to explode throughout her body. 

 His voice growled, “Rianna, look into my eyes!  Come for only me!  Now baby, feel your cunt getting ready to come for me!”

 Looking into his eyes her fingers rubbed her clit in a frenzy of heat, while her hips gyrated meeting her movements.  She saw in his eyes lust…heated raw lust.  She swallowed hard and whimpered, “Now, I need to come!”  Her body exploded, her clit tingled and she felt spasms in her pussy as her body cascaded feelings through it.

 He demanded, “Don’t let up bitch! Rub yourself harder – keep fucking!”

 Harder and faster her fingers rubbed, while she felt moistness continue to seep from her pussy.  Waves of heat rushed over her body, all centering on her fingers.  Moaning low and whimpering she continued massaging her clit – now almost painful from being so sensitive. 

 She whispered, “Please, I have to stop - it’s too sensitive to touch!”

 Smacking her hands away he pushed her back on the couch.  Pulling her legs over his shoulders, his tongue began to lap at her clit.   He heard her whimpers and felt her trying to push him away as he sucked at her clit, drinking her essence.  He began pushing his tongue into her opening – fucking her with it. 

 Finally, he felt her start to come again.   He heard her cries of passion as she whimpered and thrashed her head from side to side.   Holding her tight to his mouth, his tongue licking inside her body, he moaned in pleasure at her scent and taste.  Suddenly he felt her hands in his hair pulling his mouth against her.  Holding him to her cunt she lost all her inhibitions in her need to come again.

 “Mack, lick me. Make me come again, tongue fuck me harder, Mack, please!

 His tongue darted in and out of her opening.  Driving his tongue into her then licking at her his hand reached around her thigh and his fingers pinched her clit.  When her body arched up, he kissed and rubbed his mouth harder on her.  He sucked at her harder until her wild whimpers signaled her need for release. 

 He grabbed her thighs and pulling them wide open quickly stood up and positioned his body over hers.  His mouth came down hard on hers at the same time his cock rammed into her waiting cunt.  The walls of her body clenched on his cock as it took possession of her body.  His tongue ravished the inside of her mouth…her nipples ground into his chest…her thighs locked around his waist.  While her voice was a whisper of raw passion he began to lick and bite at her neck.

 Her voice was needy, “Come in me Mack, I want to feel you come.  Fuck me, Mack!”

 He straightened his arms and looked down at her, into her eyes.

 In a wild groan he rasped, “Here baby, for you, honey!”

 Pumping his hips he exploded inside her in a jarring, pulsing climax of release.  He could feel himself thrusting wildly inside her as he shot his come into her body.  His body kept fucking as he kept shooting his load again and again.  Finally, waiting until the last shivers stopped wracking his body he pulled his cock slowly out of her.  Growling her name in male satisfaction he stretched out on the couch next to her.  Leaning up on an elbow next to her he looked down at her tracing his finger over her erect nipples.

 His voice was deep and gravelly, “Rianna, still want to leave?”

He heard her whisper the answer he wanted, as she pulled him to suck on her nipple, “No, Mack, I want you – all night – and tomorrow – and whenever you want me!”