Melissandre © Copyright, , April 10, 1999-2009
X-rated D/s

 Chapter 1

Her need always surfaced late at night and it always seemed on a Tuesday. She would try fending it off for hours, but just after midnight when loneliness seemed to reign havoc in her world she would reach for the phone. There would always be silence until she would be the first to say, "Hello, are you there?" He would always answer her, "Yes!"

The same silence would last until she would always beg him, "Logan, Can I come and see you?" And always he would answer, "Yes, come over now!"

Swearing this was the last time she would delve into his world! Swearing this was the last time she would beg him!  Swearing this was the last time she would need this, she quietly knocked on his door.  The door opened and she looked up into his hazel eyes. He waited, staring at her... Neither opening the door wider nor shutting her out. Finally, she whispered, "Logan." The door opened and he stood to the side as she stepped past him into the dim-lit foyer.  Closing the door and locking it he held out his hand while his firm voice said, "Come with me, I’ll make it all better!" She hesitated and he repeated, "Melissandra, take my hand, this is why you’re here!"

Her slender fingers slid over his large rough palm as he slowly closed his fingers around hers…sealing the rest of the night.  He watched her looking over at him as she quietly walked beside him. He didn’t know her thoughts were that he never seemed to change and that she liked how his brown hair had turned gray at the temples!

"Should I still call you Master?"

He didn’t look at her when he answered, "What you call me doesn’t matter – it’s how you feel, what you submit, your need!" Stopping and turning to her he lifted her chin so that their eye’s met. Staring into her dark brown eyes he said, "Whether you try to pretend for a week or a month, you’ll always need me like this! You’ll always need to submit to my desires, for yours to be filled. Melissandra, in that submission you find your freedom. Now come with me, pet!"

Melissandra entered the room she knew so well. He had added quite a few new items but she was more stunned to see another man in the room. Jared was dressed in black leather pants, setting up a table obviously for someone to be strapped onto. He looked up from his work and grinned at Melissandra, then turned to Logan, "Logan, can we ask your pretty friend to lie down and see if all is in place?"

Logan turned to her, "Melissandra listen to what he says so he can see how this new purchase will work out!"

Walking to the table she uncertainly asked Jared, "What do you want me to do?"

He continued to adjust straps not even looking up at her when he coldly but methodically answered, "Take your clothes off and come on this side of the table!" She looked over at Logan and he nodded to her in consent of the order. Never being naked in front of two men she hesitated for a moment, but then seemed to decide she would, of course, do whatever Logan wanted her to.

She proceeded to take off all her clothes and naked slowly walked to the other side of the table. She stood naked and looking over at Logan when he smiled, "Good girl, Melissandra, you’re such a pleasure to have for a session and with such a nice, full body. Don’t you think so Jared?"

She was standing near Jared when he looked up at her but he just continued to finish screwing in the last bolt to hold the straps. Standing up, Jared held out his hand and motioned for her to step up onto the table. Again, she looked over at Logan and he nodded for her to comply. Wanting to please him she let Jared help her up on the table and position her. She watched as both her wrists were fit with fur lined cuffs, then stretched high over her head. Her breasts were pulled and stretched when her arms were secured and she heard Logan say to Jared, "Nice arch to her body! Her breasts are beautiful being displayed like this!"

Jared then went to her legs and pulled them apart placing on ankle cuffs, then hooking them to the rings at the end of the table legs. She was spread open! Embarrassed that Jared was still standing between her thighs she looked over at Logan watching him walking to the bottom of the table. He looked at her pussy and told Jared, "Spread her wider, I can’t see enough!"

Logan watched her surprised expression as she felt the part of the table her legs were attached to open wider and click securely into place. Her thighs were spread open and she watched as Jared now moved back between her thighs. Logan was moving to the head of the table and she wanted to ask if he was now going to un-hook her arms and legs, now that they had the table working.

Logan grinned down at her and said, "Melissandra, you fit the table so well, you’ll stay on it for us for a while!" Logan continued to outfit her with another new toy he'd purchased.  The ballgag was small and fit behind her teeth comfortably, but prohibited any words. She stared into Logan’s eyes and he could see she wasn't afraid, he smiled and demanded she close her eyes. Doing as she was told he slid the blindfold over here eyes and secured it in place. She tried to ask a question but with the ballgag in her mouth she could only make a noise - he silenced her by pinching her nipple, "pet, no more! Now relax and only nod when asked a question, do you understand me?" Her head nodded while her body tried to relax.

Logan looked at Jared, nodded his head and then walked to the end of the table where her legs were spread exhibiting her moist pussy. They both stripped their clothes off and Jared positioned himself between her thighs as Logan stood next to him watching. Her pussy was open and pink and Logan’s thoughts were how delicate she looked. Jared’s thoughts were how he thirsted for her honey that was starting to moisten her pussy. Logan reached past him and ran his finger over her wet folds. Touching her clit and rubbing it she lightly moaned through the ballgag. Logan licked her juices off his fingers and moved to the head of the table knowing how Jared loved sucking  a woman’s pussy. He watched as Jared opened her pussy lips and began to tongue lick her clit as if it was a new found treasure.

Melissandra had such large, breasts with big, nipples – brown tits just like Logan liked them. He ran his palms over the mounds of white flesh and palmed them. He liked to squeeze a woman’s tits and these were large and soft, "pet, nod your head if I own these big tits!" She whimpered and nodded. He told her she was his good pet and began to play with her nipples. Twisting them  Logan watched them get hard and pointed.  He knew his wayward pet wanted them licked and sucked but he wasn't ready to accommodate that need in her.  Looking down at Jared he motioned that she shouldn’t be allowed to come. Jared immediately backed off from sucking on her dripping pussy and a low disappointed moan was heard from her. Logan grinned at Jared motioning for him to play with her other nipple. They both began to suck on a nipple leaving her pussy dripping and needing.  Logan’s hand slid down over her tummy to her pubic mound and he let his fingers rest over her pussy but he didn't play with it. Her whimpers were getting louder behind the ballgag and her hips tried to get his hand to move over her cunt.

Logan sucked loudly on her nipple then pulled on it harder with his teeth. He liked how she moaned from the pain and he could feel her pussy dripping as he bit on her tit. His fingers slid easily into her cunt. Logan laughed and moved down between her legs where he began to finger fuck her. Jared grabbed her nipple with his fingers and continued sucking her other one. Logan glanced his way and he nodded at him. While Logan continued to finger fuck her pussy Jared clipped her nipples with clamps…tightening them.

Logan’s fingers were sliding easily in and out of her needy cunt and he watched her expression as Jared made the clamps on her tits tighter and tighter.

"Melissandra, whose nipples are these and for whose pleasure? Mine pet?" Logan nodded for him to screw them tighter! Her head began nodding in earnest but her pussy was wet and dripping so he had him tighten them one more turn. Her moans were almost whimpers and her nipples were swollen and red from being sucked and now pinched in clamps. Jared came down to watch as Logan’s third finger began to slide into her cunt and he fingered her harder. Jared moved to her side and began to pinch her clit while Logan’s fingers fucked her. Logan could see she was about to come and he motioned to Jared to stop pinching her clit. Logan pulled his fingers out!

"pet? Do you belong to us? Are you going to whore for us tonight?"

They could see her pulling against her cuffs trying to get release for her body’s needs and her nipples were turning darker from the pressure! She moaned in a wild sounding frenzy and they laughed, "I’ll take that as a confirmation you’re our night’s whore?" Her whimpered yes through the ballgag came out muffled, but her pussy scent was now driving them to know the answer! Logan looked at Jared who was waiting for Logan's permission to have Logan’s pet!

Logan nodded his consent.  Jared started to rub her clit…pulling on it. Logan’s fingers rammed back into her cunt as she almost screamed from behind her ballgag.

"Come for us, bitch!"

Her cunt began to fuck on his fingers and they watched her pussy as it began to come. Jared pinched her clit harder…pulling, then rubbing it. Logan could feel her pussy clenching on his fingers as she kept coming. Pulling his fingers out he quickly kneeled down and began to suck on her honey juice dripping out.  He then moved away and let Jared suck on her pussy while he went and removed the ballgag from her mouth and began kissing her - her own cunt juice on his lips. Jared kept shoving his tongue up her cunt while she continued to come!

"Melissandra, who do you want to please?" Logan knew her answer and moved down to remove the nipple clips, sucking her sore tits while she moaned from the pressure of them being released. Her big nipples were a dark, swollen red, almost purple from the pressure and he flicked them harder with his tongue listening to her moan. Jared stood up between her thighs, his cock hard and thick now needing to fuck.

Laughing Logan said, "Not yet! Keep that thing of yours out of her cunt!"

Logan, naked with a hard on motioned Jared out of the room and said to Melissandra, "We’ll be back in a half hour!"

When she started to speak he slipped the ballgag back between her teeth. "No, speaking, pet! We’ll be back. As they walked away Jared turned back and licked her sweet pussy, his voice still cold and methodical, "Yes, Melissandra, we’ll be back!"

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Melissandre fell asleep for a moment and woke to the realization that she still had on her blindfold.  Her next realization was that that the ball-gag was firmly in place. She then realized someone was lightly lapping at her pussy, but not touching her with anything other then his tongue.

The licking ended.  She heard someone standing and felt his presence leaning over her.  Feeling the ball-gag removed and the blindfold slowly released she expected to look up into beautiful hazel eyes.  Slowly opening her eyes she gazed into his eyes as black as coal, with a look of total control and possession.  Jared’s jet-black hair was long, the length to his olive-skinned shoulders. She tried questioning where Logan was, but her mouth felt dry from the ball-gag - she couldn’t speak.  He lifted her head holding a glass of water to her lips. She was surprised at how gentle he was and she gratefully drank.

"Are you here to release me now?"

Jared’s answer was rubbing the palm of his hand over her nipples, while continuing to gaze into her eyes.  Her nipples responded to his light touch hardening under his rough palm.  His only response was, "Logan is sleeping, and for now, you now belong to me  - I have his consent.  I’m Jared, you’ll do what I request, from this moment on."

Her eyes widened at his impersonal tone, but his hands squeezing her breasts felt anything but impersonal.  She winced when he pinched her nipples, still sore from the clamps that had been so tight.  To her surprise he immediately lightened his touch.

His voice had a deep resonance to it, "I don’t use ball-gags, or a blindfold.  Personally, I like you to watch me control your body. Do you want me to lick your nipples to put stop them from burning?"

She didn’t answer but his tongue, like cool velvet, began kicking her nipple - it hardened for more of his touch.  She felt sensations from her nipples spiraling downward through her body to the juncture of her spread thighs.

She watched him as he slowly stopped licking and traced a finger along her body as he moved between her legs.  Standing between her thighs, with one finger toying with her pussy lips his other fingers stroked his cock.  Then she felt that hard cock rubbing over her clit and up and down the slit of her cunt.  She gazed into those coal black eyes trying to read any emotion but only saw her reflection.  Then sensations, as he slid the head of his cock into her opening…dipping it in…then back up to rub her clit.  She couldn’t see in his eyes that he liked how her eyes grew wider every time the mushroom shaped head rubbed over her.  She couldn’t see in his eyes the emotion he felt as his cock dripped a drop on her shaved, pussy mound.  She didn’t know he liked how she was wet and dripping until his voice broke into her thoughts.

His voice was cold; "You’re dripping pussy juice.  You’re needing my cock to fill your cunt  – but don’t you dare cum – only I’ll cum – not you."

Her whispered answer surprised even her, "Yes, Master, I promise I won’t cum."

His thick cock spread her pussy lips wider…shoving it with one smooth thrust into her cunt.  Then, with a final slower movement he moved it in all the way…his balls now touching her.  His hands held her by her hips so he could pull her onto him.  He stared at his cock while he pushed it in and out of her.   Glistening with her pussy juice his cock kept a smooth rhythm in and out…in and out.  Driving it in up to his balls and then out to the tip just inside of her.  He was watching her eyes and expression knowing she was hot and needing more of his fucking her.  When he knew she was nearly going to lose her own self-control he plunged faster…he felt his balls tighten…his muscles tensed and his cock shot hot cum into her.  Groaning deeply with pleasure he remained tightly in her…pulsing every last drop of cum. 

She studied his face…he looked slowly up her body until their eyes met.  In his gaze she recognized raw lust.  His voice was raw and void of emotion, "Who does this hot needing cunt belong to?"

"Yours, Master"

He knew she had to cum.  He knew she was confused why he now owned her.  He could see her tits were hard as points…she was dripping his cum and her own juice.

His voice was kinder…he was pleased with her but still without emotion, "I’m surprised you didn’t cum.  But you want to very much don’t you, bitch?"

He could tell she was stunned by the word bitch instead of pet, but her answer he recognized as needing and subservient, "Yes, Master, I need to cum."

Jared walked over to the wall and removed a crop with 12-inch soft-leather tresses.  Walking back to the table he removed her restraints and told her to get up.

Slowly sitting up she rubbed her wrists and looked over at him.  He’d walked over to the low table that she’d previously been kneeling on when being fucked by Logan.

His voice was once again methodical and without question, "Bitch, walk over here and kneel for me"

Melissandre knew better than to ask this man if she could wash her pussy.  Slowly and slightly hesitantly she walked over to the table while feeling his cum beginning to seep out and drench her thighs. She wondered why Logan had gone to sleep and for the night had given her to him.  She walked to the table where he quietly waited for her.