Travis © Copyright,, June 2000
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  Every morning at 3:00 a.m Bianca seemed to wake and stare at the clock.  Maybe it was caused by the quiet darkness in her bedroom that made her waken and her thoughts drift – as always to the man that she needed.  Within her body she felt the warmth spreading at the thought of his strong, naked body covering hers.  The aching in her breasts would start for the feel of his hands on them.  One man – Travis. Turning to her side she hugged her pillow and whispered into the darkness, "Travis, I need him so much."

 Her hands slowly slid over the sweetly curved mounds of her breasts as her fingers touched and caressed.  She remembered his touch just that morning – caressing - pinching.  Hidden away from the world they met and let their passions ride the crest of waves.  She had felt his strong fingers pinching her warm tingling flesh.  Rubbing the tips of her breasts lightly so they tightened.

 Cupping her breasts she caressed them and molded them as Travis liked to do.  As he did early that morning.  Before most people were awake their bodies strained in passion against each other.  As if in a dance or a struggle to possess she was his.   His voice would be gently possessive, “Bianca – You’re mine!”  His hands squeezed her breasts together as his tasted her flesh then bit lightly on her nipples.  His eager hands held them tighter together – kissing the pointed tips.

 Her whimpers of need for his mouth always made Travis smile and he had asked, “You okay?”

 Spreading her thighs for him to slip his body between them she whispered, “Yes, when you’re in me I’m fine.”

 Instead of sliding between them he surprised her when he continued to fondle and lick at the sensitive peaks of her nipples.  Travis could feel the need in her delicate body and let his other hand slide lower over her tummy - between the softer flesh of her thighs.  At the juncture of her body his fingers pressed inward  toward that deeper heat he knew he owned.  He cupped her mound at the juncture of her thighs and growled, “Bianca, Who do you always want.  Who is it Bianca?”  He knew her answer before she moaned in need that it was he.  He always knew she needed him.  He felt a male satisfaction when she whimpered her need for him.  He continued the gentle assault on her senses nibbling harder on her throbbing tips.  His long fingers softly parted the folds of her secret flesh knowing he would find the dampness between her legs.

 He could feel her need where she ached for the fulfillment only he could give.  She whispered what he already knew, “Travis, please!”

 “What Bianca?  What do you want me to do?”

 “I need you.  I need you so badly to be inside me, stretching me to your possession.”

 At the sound of desperation in her voice he felt her arch into his hand - he cupped her and his fingers entered the warmth of her body.  His woman.  He felt the passion in Bianca the first time their body’s joined, but the growing need always amazed him.  Each time he would slide into her giving body he felt home.  Alive.  Needed.

 He always needed to hear how she wanted him with a passion that she never felt before for any man.  He knew from her wild responses that she needed to be possessed, “Want it Bianca?  Do he need me more than any man?  I want you – I want to take you hard on all fours!”

 Bianca was in a heated passion only Travis could bring.  Only he could bring the driving heat in her body and only Travis could put out the burning fire in her being.  When he told her he wanted her hard on her knees she could only feel the need to give.  He felt her shake at his words and watched with pride as she moved into position in front of him.  His hands grabbed her waist and he pulled her gently backward until his thighs rubbed against the back of her.  Lightly he rubbed his swollen hard flesh over her ass enjoying the fleshy cheeks of softness, “Push back, Bianca – push your pussy onto my cock.”

 Moaning in need he watched as she pressed her body backward feeling the tip of his hardness at the entrance to her need.  In a hypnotic movement she slowly impaled her wetness onto his thick shaft.  He felt the head of his cock slip inside and then the quiet morning was broken by his satisfied moan as he sunk his shaft to the hilt in her waiting body.  Travis’s hands gripped her hips – pulling her tighter on his throbbing hardness.  The feeling when he grabbed her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh, pulling her tighter onto him only made her need him more.  Travis owned…possessed and drove the point home to her pushing deeper into her with each harder thrust.   

More.  He knew she wanted more and when she leaned lower on her arms shoving her pussy higher he gave her what she needed and wanted.  Stroking in and out of her body he kept pulling her hips to meet and match each thrust.  Slowly and provocatively he pulled her backward.  Grinding.  Shoving.  Then he moved one hand to the small of her back and leaned back to watch his possession sliding in and out of her.  He knew she could feel him holding himself away from her body and for a moment he stopped all motion, letting the head of his cock out to its tip.  He chuckled as Bianca  tried to push back but he whispered, “Hold still a minute Bianca, know what I’m going to do next?”

 She could only whimper, “Please, please I need you.”

  As if he knew when she couldn’t take the need anymore he started to rock into her.  Then, with slamming thrusts he imbedded himself to the hilt… his heavy balls slapping against her body.  Surging into her heat with rough need he started to claim what was his.  He demanded release, and knew his engorged flesh was stretching the walls deep into her pussy.  He knew by her whimpers and her breathing that she was close to losing control. He didn’t want to give up the feeling coursing through his muscles.  He didn’t want to give up watching her being pulled back onto what owned her.  But, he knew he needed release and she needed to give to him.  The control he hated to give up but he wanted to come in her body.  The final possession. 

 He knew her body was exhausted but his cock kept demanding more as he thrust into her over and over.  His steel thigh muscles never tired but she finally cried out his name and he felt her body tighten around him as she came.  At the moment she cried her need for him he finally let his body shudder and with a slamming thrust of climax fill her body.

 Their bodies felt as if they exploded into a thousand starts.  She was coming in need that only Travis could bring to her.  But in that one moment of giving he belonged to only her. 

 Staying in that position for a moment Travis rested his cheek on her back then kissed it lightly as she moved under him.  Sliding out of her he turned her on her back and rested next to her.  His deep voice whispered in her ear, “My Bianca!”  Although it wasn’t a question he knew she would answer as she always did, “Always yours, Travis.” 

 Smiling into the darkness Bianca hugged her pillow and whispered to the clock now showing 3:05 a.m, “I need him.” 

 Snuggling back under her covers she slipped back to sleep for another three hours.  Three hours later the phone rang, “Bianca? Do you need me?”

 As always, Bianca whispered early in the morning, “Always, Travis,” then quietly she slipped out of bed and unlocked the front door.