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He watched her for months entering the subway at 57th Street at exactly 6:00 a.m. As sheíd walk past him his cock would harden as her perfume drifted to him. Heíd searched the department stores testing perfume trying to find that scent but could never find it.

To him she was like a breath of fresh air. Racing through the subway station with her business suit always perfect, her makeup freshly applied and she always wore light red lipstick. She moved through the throngs of people sure of herself, her hair bouncing off her shoulders, and when she smiled he felt as if the sun was shining underground in the subway station.

He knew she worked downtown somewhere in his area. Although she never seemed to notice him he made sure they were always on the same downtown train. Sheíd always wait for the last car of the train and then sit toward the back door as it traveled toward Wall Street.

Heíd sit across from her while sheíd look at the ads on the walls or pull out a book and start reading. He could tell she was well aware of her surroundings but ignoring them.

He once even sat next to her and remarked, "Is that book interesting?"

She replied in a formal tone, "Yes!" then she slightly shifted away from him.

He didnít care and took the opportunity to glance at her breasts, her legs, and then he leaned slightly to get her scent of perfume. Her scent and the outline of her breasts under her blouse made sensations pump through his bodyÖhis cock push against his pants.

Today he waited at the newspaper stand making small talk with the man that had been selling papers for the past ten years. Waiting for her to appear he was determined that today he would make her notice him. Sheíd never been late but he couldnít wait any longer and started to move toward the turnstile, when she suddenly rushed past him. Her black, ankle-strap heels were clicking fast on the pavement, her brown hair was tussled from the wind and she seemed to throw her token in the slot without pausing. He fumbled to catch up.

The train pulled into the station and the crowd was now pushing and shoving for seats or standing room. He pushed three people out of the way and managed to move in back of her. Grabbing for an overhead handle the train lurched forward and everyone mashed together.

Her back was to him as he slightly leaned to smell her perfume and enjoy how soft her hair looked. Her smell made him want her and his fingers flexed, at the thought of them touching her soft private flesh. At the next station more people pushed into the subway car pushing her flat against him. He felt his groin straining and he prayed not to get a hard on, with her body flush against his. He could have turned sideways but he didnít want to lose this contact with her and used the opportunity to move tighter against her. The subway again lurched forward and everyone was pressed tighter together. Her ass pressing on his groin almost made him groan out loud.

Finally he leaned down and said in her ear, "This is the most crowded Iíve seen this train at this hour!"

She glanced over her shoulder with an angry glare, then broke into a smile and said, "Oh, itís you, hi, yes Iím late, I usually take the earlier one."

He grinned and said, "Oh, me too, Iím late!"

He thought that he just made the stupidest comment in his life but she smiled, as if he said the most fascinating thing in the world. She turned to face him, which pushed his hard-on right against her.

Smiling up at shim she said, "Iíve seen you watching me for months, we go to the same area down by Wall Street, and yes itís very crowded."

The train jerked to a halt and she fell slightly against him. As his one hand steadied her and she grabbed his arm for support he replied, "Here, you can hang on to me and Iíll hang on to the overhead till we get downtown."

Feeling his arm tighten around her waist her body moved closer to hisÖher breasts touching his chest through her suit jacket. She felt his bulge pushing against her and her nipples instantly hardened. She watched his eyes on her breasts pressing into his chest and she pressed closer pretending that the crowd forced her against him. She waited for the train to move and she slightly rubbed against his groin.

Feeling his hand on her waist pulling her closer against his body she leaned against him. She felt him leaning down as he said, "Iíve wanted to meet you and Iím kind of glad itís this crowded."

She smiled at him while rubbing very lightly against him, "So am I, very glad itís this crowded!"

They both suddenly laughed seeming to be in their own world with a private joke. He moved against her, rubbing his thigh against her softness through her skirt. The train stopped at the last station before changing to an express train. He managed to maneuver them to the back of the car against the subway doors. Once the train changed to an Express the doors would stay closed until the last stop. With his body blocking hers, his hand returned to her waist pulling her against him. He was surprised but pleased when she ground her hips against his straining cock.

He smiled down at her, "Youíre making me hard and itís only 6:45 in the morning. Would you meet me for dinner?"

She laughed, "Yes, Iíll meet you for dinner and youíre having a similar effect on me, I seem to be very turned on at only 6:45 in the morning." She knew she wanted to feel his body against hers like this. She knew she wanted to feel his fingers making her come. The thoughts made her nipples harden and her pussy get moist.

He moved his hand slowly down her hip while he glanced around to make sure no one could see what he was doing. His body blocking hers his hand totally blocked from view. He glanced in back of him at the one or two other passengers but no one gave a damn this early. Additionally he liked the idea that being in the last car there wasnít a subway car in back of themÖher pussy was his to touchÖhe wanted her!

He looked down at her, "I wish I could kiss you but thatíll have to wait until dinner, but I want to touch you, okay?"

She reached down and moved his hand to her thigh saying, "This is so weird, kind of like in a movie!"

She felt his hand under her skirt and up her inner thigh. She widened her stance and felt his fingers paused a moment as he felt her thigh-high stockings and panties.

She felt her skirt sliding higher and after making sure no one could really see his hand, she felt his fingers sliding under her panties. She gripped his arms feeling so unsure and nervous as she whispered, "Weíre in public!"

His fingers paused for a moment and he smiled into her eyes. He could see she was full of doubt as he whispered, "Public? You call this public? You mean being on a downtown train at the height of rush hour you consider in public?" He laughed, "Shhh, itíll be fine!" His index and middle finger moved up her slit as his voice said closer to her ear, "This will have to be fast but I promise to make it up to you later after dinner, Okay?"

She felt his fingers go straight to her clit and it felt so good she looked at him and smiled, "Yes!" She started to move on his fingers as they played with her pussy and rubbed her clit. She opened wider and his two fingers slid into her heat.

He leaned down and said, "Ignore everyone, no one can see my hand, does this feel good getting finger fucked here in the subway? Do you know Iíve wanted to touch your pussy for months?"

She looked into his eyes shaking her head in agreement. His fingers began moving inside of her and his thumb found her clit, rubbing and caressing.

Smiling down at her as if in every day conversation he said, "Help me out here, move on my fingers so my arm doesnít move too much. Come on, rub your clit on my thumb, like a clit vibrator and smile and talk to me."

She started to rub harder on his fingers and tried to speak but her voice came out almost barely audible, "I donít know what to say, I havenít done this before, Iíve never done anything in public!"

He smiled at her bewilderment having gotten herself into a situation she couldnít really handle, but he wasnít about to remove his fingers from the hottest, tightest pussy heíd ever come across. Smiling down at her he conversationally continued, "Okay, Iíll talk while you rub against my fingers and do what I tell you.. Yes, thatís it, just like that, feel my fingers fucking you, your clit fucking my thumb. Good girl, youíre dripping on my fingers now, I can feel your clit swellingÖneeding more. Not faster honey, do it harder now, push your body down on my fingers! Come on honey, do it now, harder."

She was staring into his eyes while, fucking his fingers. Her breathing was fast and she could feel her pussy dripping. She could feel his cock ramrod hard in his pants but he said, "Not me this time, all I want is for you to come all over my fingers."

He repositioned his body, leaning down so he could get a better upward motion he began to thumb her clit harder and faster. He ground his thumb against her now swollen clit until he saw her eyes glaze and her body start to quiver. He knew she was ready to come for him, "Okay, now, let it come now, right here, right now!"

He watched her swallow, her eyes closed and then her body began to spasm and clench on his fingers. The womanís core of her body shot waves of heat through her and she couldnít stop the orgasm that was shooting through her. He kept fingering her and rubbing her clit as he felt the tremors of her body. Keeping up conversation, as if they were talking about the weather.

Finally he said, "Okay, honey, no one can see you, just let it finish, itís all okay, let it drip on my fingers." He waited until he felt her body calming but continued to play with her pussy. "Donít worry, just relax a moment, Iíve everything under control and your safe. I just want to play with your pussy a moment longer." He toyed with her sensitive clit and dipped his fingers back into her heat. Finally, he slid his fingers out of her. Pulling her skirt back down her thighs he pulled her against him. He changed position with her so his back was leaning on the door. He held her protectively against him, and as he held her with one arm he tasted his other fingers - enjoying her taste and scent on them. The one or two passengers that may have noticed looked away after he met their eyes in challenge.

The train was pulling into the last station as he tipped her chin up, "Know what - forget about meeting for dinner. Iíve changed my mind!" She looked at him in total shock and he saw disappointment entering her eyes so he quickly continued, "Letís call in sick for the day and go back uptown to Central Park, my cock is about to split my pants. I need to be inside you!" She looked into his eyes as he rubbed his hard cock against her.

She grinned and replied, "Yes!"