Sara’s Window © Copyright,  1998-2004
Author: LdyJessika

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Chapter 1 & 2 & 3

Raising the shade to my bedroom window I saw him in the next building. He always seemed to keep his shade up, which was fine with me.

He had just come out of his bathroom and was naked, towel drying his hair. Towel drying it while bending over he didn’t notice I had opened my shades. I knew it was time for him to shower. I liked to watch him! I liked to watch the different women he had in his apartment on weekends and how he fucked them. I like watching people fuck but especially him.

Quickly moving to the side of the window I turned off my lights, as another figure came out of his bathroom. I watched as the naked woman walked and hugged him around the waist. He dropped the waist towel. I could see his cock starting to harden as the woman’s hands roamed over his muscular chest. His hands - the hands I had dreamed about on my breasts roamed over the other woman’s breasts!

The woman had large, heavy breasts with prominent brown nipples. His fingers were pulling on them. Making them hard points as he rolled them, pinching. I could see the woman’s nipples being pulled and my own fingers went to my nipples pinching them as if it were his fingers! Oh how I wanted his lips sucking on my breasts the way his mouth now licked over someone else’s, biting and sucking the stranger’s nipples into his mouth. I could see his tongue flicking over large, brown-tipped nipples and my red nails flicked my own, in the same rhythm. Needing to see more, I moved closer to the middle of window.

They were standing sideways to my view and I could clearly see his engorged cock standing away from his body. The woman slowly sank to her knees and looking up at his throbbing shaft, her tongue began licking it. Watching as the woman’s tongue licked his cock and balls I imagined his taste – I had always wanted to taste and lick him. Watching him for months I knew his every move and nuance.

He was standing, leaning back and thrusting his hips, driving his hard shaft in her hand as she continued licking under him.

Pulling on my nipples I watched the woman’s mouth slowly moving closer to the cock I had wanted for months. Watching her hand sliding up and down his shaft and his tip glistening with a drop of pre-cum. His hands were in the woman’s hair pulling her face hard against his cock. My right hand left my swollen nipple and slid over my belly curling through my soft pubic curls. As the woman’s mouth closed around his cock my fingers slid into my own wet depths. With the same rhythm my fingers pressed into my cunt, as his hard shaft pushed in and out of the woman’s mouth.

He looked over toward the window and smiled. He knew! Again, he looked toward the window and sucked on his middle finger. The woman was sideways to the window and didn't see his actions. I moved more into the open window and he smiled and nodded. Rocking his hips he pressed his bulging erection in and out of the woman’s mouth while watching the open window in my direction – I moaned and rocked on my fingers.

He turned more of an angle so I could see the woman sucking his large, veined cock. The woman’s lips closed over the swollen head and I could tell she was enjoying his shaft in her mouth. The woman’s eyes were closed and his hands were resting on his hips - he looked over her head and out the window. I moved into full view of my open window…he could see my shadowed outline fingering myself while I stood there watching him fuck the woman’s mouth.

I pinched my clit and moaned softly watching the woman squeezing his meaty sacs. I wanted to cup those balls and squeeze them. The woman as if hearing me moved down to his balls and squeezed and caressed them. He bent his knees and cupped his balls offering them to her to lick. He then looked out the window and raised an eyebrow as if offering them to me. My pussy was dripping…my fingers pumping in my hot cunt…pretending it's his cock fucking me. He grabbed her by the hair and pulling her up to his cock began to plunge himself into her mouth. His eyes stared out the window and the muscles on his arms began to tense. His entire body was getting ready. I could see it!

I knew the exact moment he was going to shoot his load of come…I could sense it. His eyes seemed to burn into mine even from that distance. He never stopped staring at the window as he pumped into her mouth in a frenzy of now short, fast thrusts. Over and over he pushed his hips…harder…faster, until I saw him throw his head back and groan. NOW! He shot his hot load and I watched the woman gulping and swallowing over and over, drinking him.

I had to come! I fucked my fingers and suddenly he nodded toward the window and mouthed the word – NOW! My pussy began to spasm…I moaned and felt my pussy clenching on my fingers in great waves of sensation, as his eyes seemed to stare into mine. I kept my fingers fucking my heat, coming over and over. I must have closed my eyes because when I opened them they had moved to the bed. I watched as he tucked her in then walked to the window, grinned and pulled the shade down.

I wanted that to be me in his bed! I quickly backed away from the window, embarrassed that he knew! Moving to my couch I sat down, naked…still wet and still needing more. I fell into a restless sleep for a few hours until I heard a knock on the door – it was 3 am.

Looking out the through the peak hole I saw it was him! I unchained the door but being naked only opened it slightly. He shoved his way in and closed it behind him!

Standing there naked I didn't know what to say – he didn’t say anything but grabbed my hand and walked through my apartment looking for the bedroom. He walked into the bedroom with me behind him and then turned to me. He had no shirt on and was barefoot. In one more moment he had no jeans on.

I finally said, "What're you doing?"

He looked directly into my eyes as he sat down on my bed and answered, "I’m going to fuck you! That’s what you want isn’t it? Or do you just like watching me the past few months fucking someone else all the time?"

I honestly enjoyed watching but his growing erection caught my eyes and I watched as he leaned back on my bed and began to stroke his shaft.

"I guess you do like to watch don’t you! Well which is it? Want to watch me jerk myself off? Want to fuck? Or do you want both?"

I smiled slightly, "Both would be nice!"

His black eyes stared into mine – his voice got deeper, "Come here baby and sit on the bed with me!"

His iron-hard shaft looked even better close up than through the window and his long fingers were stroking up and down when he grinned at me cupping his balls, "On your back!"

As he moved over my body he sat above my tits rubbing his balls on them before bringing his balls over my lips, "Is this what you’ve wanted? Been jealous not to be the one sucking on these things?"

I could only moan, "Yessssss!" and then they were finally in my mouth. I could smell his scent...taste his meaty balls. Hmm, I loved the taste of him! Sucking and licking….making him wetter and wetter.

Finally, he pulled out of my mouth and sliding down between my thighs pulled my legs over his shoulders and aimed his swollen rod at my cunt. He was larger than he had looked through the window and I moaned as he shoved his hardness into my pussy – stretching it, without stopping. Suddenly he thrust his hips, sharply driving his cock to the hilt inside me and holding still. I felt stretched…full.

"It’s in nice and tight in here, honey! Just like you’ve been watching every weekend! Want it to move? Want me to fuck you like the other bitch you watched tonight?"


He slowly pulled that rod out to the head then slowly slid back in! Again, slowly out to the tip then as he slid in he pulled up on my legs driving in to his balls!

"Now baby…feel it faster! Feel yourself getting fucked like you want!"

I was watching him embedding himself in my cunt…I could feel it building…the sensations in my pussy tingled as he rammed in and out.

I was so close and he knew it!

"Cum baby! Finally come on the cock you like to stare at!"

I stared into his eyes, then down at that thrusting pole pushing in and out of my body, then back into his eyes moaning, NOW, NOW!

"Yeah, baby, NOW!"

With his last straining thrust he threw his head back, arched his back sharply and rammed his hot load into me.

It was as good as watching him fuck someone! He finally pulled out and sat on the side of the bed pulling his jeans on.

He turned and grinned, "So, going to be watching tomorrow night?"

Smiling back I said, "Are you going to leave your shade up?’

He chuckled, "Yep, kind of got used to you watching!"

My turn to grin and reply: "Good, kind of got used to watching you!"


The next evening I thought about my window experience. I quickly decided I liked to watch. There is something about watching a man fuck a woman while I masturbate that is so hot. Glancing out the window I noticed his blinds still down and wondered if he was awake or alone. Staring at the bed I could still remember the heat of his body plowing into me but I tried to put it out of my mind. I dressed and left for the store.

I decided to treat myself to a sensual Saturday night. The entire day all I could think about was if he would be home and would he put his shade up. Anyway, on the way home I stopped off and bought a nice bottle of wine and headed to this new lingerie store just before it closed.

Among the aisles I picked out a nice, blue silky teddy and went to the cashier.

She had an amused voice when she said, "Ah, my favorite teddy! Would you like anything to go with it?"

I had no idea what she meant, "Like what, a robe or something?"

She smiled, "No, a nice matching toy!"

"Like what? That sounds interesting!"

From behind the counter she handed me a matching blue vibrator. I was too embarrassed to say I had never used one so stammered, "Great, and it matches!"

I went home with my new teddy and vibrator and noticed that there was a box on my apartment step. Reading the label it said to Sara from Luke, be at your window – 10 p.m. Racing up the stairs I ran to the window but his blinds were still down. Opening the box I found a card "This will make life so much clearer!" I was holding a pair of binoculars!

……..10:00 p.m…………

Showering and taking time to wash and dry my short hair I pampered myself with scented powder. Sliding my new teddy over my body I felt my nipples harden as the silky material slid over them. The teddy came to just above my pussy and made a nice contrast against my light blonde pubic curls. I played with them for a moment thinking if I should cut them shorter or shave my pussy but then realized it was almost ten.

Lighting a candle on my dresser I sipped some wine and looked over at my bedroom window. I had placed a kitchen chair by the window and a small table to hold my glass of wine, toy and binoculars. My nipples were already peaking at the thought of seeing Luke with a woman. I wondered if he would have the woman with the heavy large breasts with those beautiful brown nipples. With the binoculars they would be nice to look at. Making sure there wasn’t too much light in my bedroom I sat down on the chair and waited.

A light! A light went on in the other window and he slowly partially lifted the shade. He had moved his furniture and the couch was now facing the window. I could see he had moved his TV to just below the window instead of the wall where I would be looking at their side view. He glanced my way and I could see him smile but then he walked to answer the door. It was not the woman he had the other night. After he let her in he immediately pulled her into a hard kiss. His hands sliding through her short cut red hair. Walking to the couch he handed her a glass of wine. I sipped mine as they toasted each other. She sat next to him on the couch while he slid his arm around her shoulder and leaned into her neck kissing it. His hand had moved to her thigh and hers quickly grabbed it, holding it from moving. I watched him casually take a drink of wine leaving his hand on her leg. He put the wine down and began talking to her and she was laughing shaking her head no.

He got up and walked to the window looking directly toward mine. He slid the shade further up…smiled in my direction…licked his lips and then walked out of the room. The next thing I saw was he returned and sat back down on the couch totally naked! I could see her shocked look as she stared at his hard cock. Leaning back on his couch he opened his thighs wide and adjusted his balls, cupping them for a moment and I could see he was massaging them. Looking at her I saw her eyes still glued on his cock and she licked her lips. His other hand was just running through her hair and he seemed to be quietly talking to her. I knew he must be asking if she wanted to lick and suck him. I knew I wanted to, I was wet now watching his hand running over the balls I wanted to lick and rub my face on.

I sipped some wine to calm down and spread my thighs wide open. The cool air on my pussy felt good and I slid my finger over my wet slit. As I was just sliding my finger from my clit to my pussy opening she stood up and removed her clothes. She was so light skinned being a redhead and when she did a full circle I could see her red pubic hair. It was long, very long. I reached for the binoculars.

I adjusted the vision of my new binoculars and narrowed in on his cock! His balls were nice and big! Still heavy and not tight, just hanging on the couch. His cock was hard…very thick! Not long but thick where it would stretch you open! I was not sure what he was doing. He had the red head lie down on the couch and he stood up. She was looking up as he began to spread his thighs and I could see very clearly how his hand was massaging and pulling his sacs. He looked like he was gently rolling them in his palm and his cock would jerk in the air. His other hand had reached for her nipple. Adjusting the vision I could see she was very white skinned and her areola and nipples were very reddish. Her breasts and chest had freckles. She was staring at his cock that was now dripping pre-cum from the thick mushroomed head. As her hand reached out to touch it I saw him say something and instead she began to finger fuck herself. I had to look at the mirror to see her pink pussy. So light! I had never seen such red pubic hair and such a pink cunt. Her slim fingers had disappeared into her depths and she was riding them hard. I could see she was very wet with pussy honey dripping. I had to finger myself and shoved two fingers in my own dripping pussy while staring through the binoculars.

He was bending lower to her tits and rubbed some of his dripping cock on her tits. Then he rubbed it over her nipples and pinched them till they turned a deep red….both nipples were swollen…hard and puckered now! She had thrown one leg over the back of the couch and was spread as wide open as she could get while his cock dripped over her tits. I knew he was telling her to fuck herself…to pump her fingers in her hot red-haired cunt. She was thrashing now on them…fucking herself. Her white thighs lifted her body and I could see in the mirror as she started to cum…she arched…pumped her fingers…her thighs shook a moment, before her hips fell back to the couch. When she took her fingers out of her coming pussy I could see her pussy hole dripping. Mine was dripping now…needing!

I needed his cock! He was pulling on it…jerking it with short hard strokes as it was turning almost angry veined dark red. The head was big and now his heavy meaty sacs had turned tight against the base of his cock. They looked like hard rocks. I could see the pressure building and this leg muscles straining. He one hand now leaned on the back of the couch as he aimed his fuck pole at her tits. She was staring at his cock knowing it was about to shoot its load! He said something to her and she shook her head yes. Then he grabbed his balls with one hand and his other pumped his cock faster. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of the couch again and his cock began to shoot hot come over her white, freckled tits. I could see him draining every drop of come on her. Finally he reached down and rubbed in into her chest…pinching her nipples as he covered them with his cum! He was done. He pushed her legs off the couch and sat down, his head leaning back and his legs once again wide open to me to stare at his now soft cock and balls.

I was so wet and wanted his cock. The redhead got up and went into the bathroom and he reached for the phone. Coincidentally mine rang and since the action was over I reached over and answered it.

"Give me two hours my fuck bitch and I’ll be at your door! Don’t you come before I get to that pussy of yours, understand me?"

I stammered, "I’ll wait!" Before I could say more he had hung up.

Picking back up the binoculars I saw the redhead return and sit down on the couch. They talked for a while and then he kneeled down between her thighs and started licking her pussy. My pussy was so wet and tingling I knew if I watched I would come. Suddenly he stood up and walked over to the window. He smiled at me…shook his head no as if he knew I was about to come and pulled down the blinds.

I went to the couch and turned on the TV to take my mind away from his tongue licking her wet slick folds. I fell asleep until there was a knock on the door.


I opened the door and he walked past me saying, "Strip, get naked, take your clothes off – get the idea?" He laughed and walked into my bedroom picking up the binoculars.

I followed him sliding my nightgown over my head and got into bed waiting for him to join me.

He pulled up a chair at the foot of my bed and turned on the light on my night-stand. Then he sat down in the chair. I asked, "Aren’t you going to fuck me?"

He laughed and looking at me through the binoculars said, "Not yet. I’m going to pretend I’m you and watch what you do. You’re going to finger fuck yourself for me. Now my pretty bitch – lay back and open your legs. Spread your knees open for me and put a pillow under your ass."

I leaned back shoving the pillow under my ass. My nipples were hard at the thought of being naked and open to him. I looked down and my nipples were firm and already needing to be pinched.

His voice seemed to come from across the room as I closed my eyes and followed his directions, "Good baby, push those swollen tits together for me."

I cupped a breast in each hand and began to massage and squeeze the soft flesh. My fingertips circled my nipples, but not touching them. I licked my fingertips and wet my tits. I slowly began to squeeze the nipples as he said, "Pull those tits honey, I can see your tight nipples swelling."

I knew he was right. I loved how soft my nipples felt yet they were so tight and hard. Moaning I began to crush my breasts together and pull at the same time. I started to slide my hands lower but he stopped me, "Not yet bitch. But you can rake your nails on the inside of those nice soft thighs. But don’t touch that pussy. Open your thighs wider now so I can see that hot, wet, dripping heat of yours. Ah, yes, it does look so nice and close through the binoculars. I can see every nice moist drop."

My nails left marks on my thighs that I now had open. I could feel the cool air on my pussy and I knew I was wet. I looked down at him and saw those binoculars looking at me. I liked being watched and opened my legs wider to the side so he could clearly see all of my pussy.

"Now that’s it honey. It’s fun to be watched isn’t it? Open your pussy lips for me and play with yourself."

I watched him quickly strip off his clothes – his cock hard and erect. He sat back down as my fingers pulled my pussy lips open and my finger slid up and down the slippery softness of my inner pussy lips. I whimpered as my finger rubbed over my sensitive clit.

His hand was jerking on his cock – stroking slowly up and down. I could see his balls at the end of the chair. He spread his legs wider sliding forward so his balls were over the edge. My middle finger slid easily into my pussy and it felt good to feel it inside.

He stood up and moved over to the bed putting down the binoculars but said, "No, I’m not going to fuck you tonight. I like to watch you masturbate the same way you like to watch me – so watch. His hand began to jerk his cock harder. I could see pre-come dripping and he smeared it over his cock. His hand was large, and his cock veined and rock hard.

I began to fuck myself and whispered, "I love watching you fuck those women while you know I’m watching. Your cock pushing into them – fucking them. I get so fucking hot watching you I have to masturbate and come."

My pussy was dripping and I stared at this cock getting ready to shoot his load on me. I started to buck my hips against my fingers…fucking myself with them. I needed to come and felt myself losing the battle not to. Finally I moaned and my pussy clenched on my finger. I whimpered, "Oh damn! It feels so good."

He moved swiftly pulling my finger out and as my pussy was still in spasms he shoved his thick cock into it. It felt like it split me open it was so damn hard and thick…stretching me as he began to shoot his load.

I was stunned since he had only a moment ago been watching but as he collapsed on top of me I wrapped my arms around my odd, wonderful lover. After a few moments he looked into my eyes and said, "Next Saturday, be at the window – I have a special treat in mind for you to look at and be sure you have the binoculars."