Rough and Ready © Copyright, 2000
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She’d known Scott for about two years, but never had the time to talk with him other than the usual hello when you run into someone in town. They had always run into each other at various places but always stopped to talk when they saw each other in the grocery story - he would eye her food basket filled with junk food and she'd eye his food basket filled with health food. Laughing they would agree they can't let their food mix at the check out counter and he would always put three dividers between their groceries.

"Scott? Do you actually eat all those grassy thingies?" She watched him looking through the various vegetables he bought and then he picked up a bunch of sprouts saying, "These? You should try them. I make a mean salad did you know that?"

Not knowing if that was an offhand invitation she just said, "Well someday I'll have to try that mean salad you make."

He grinned, "Is today someday?"

She still was not sure he was kidding. She had always talked to him and he was always teasing, "I don't know. Is it?"

"Well, I’ve got my car engine to work on this afternoon so if you drive by it will be someday and if you don’t then it will be another someday?"

She tentatively asked, "What time do you finish working on your car?"

Walking away he grinned, "Whatever time you drive by!"

A few hours later she drove up to his house and just like he said he was working on a car in his garage. She closed her truck door and slowly walked into his garage. She was surprised that the garage was very orderly. All his tools were either in tool-boxes or lined up. The walls had all sorts of things hanging on them but it was the floor that surprised her since it was very clean. Sauntering up to him while he was leaning over the car engine she said, "Hi, today was someday, remember?"

He grinned and told her to hand him the wrench that was on a table. He took the wrench, asked her to hold it where he had placed it and not to move while he went inside a minute. Feeling like a total idiot she stood there leaning over his car engine holding a wrench on a something or other that she had no idea if she moved would it cause damage. He came back in a moment in a pair of shorts. She laughed, "You went to change? I thought you had to get an emergency car part." He looked confused, "Car parts in my house? I was only wearing slacks because all my clothes were in the laundry."

She leisurely looked him over as he walked toward her. From hours of him working out in the gym she thought he had a magnificent body. The only thought she could think of when looking at him was 100% all male. He noticed her staring at his thighs and laughed, "Want to touch them?" She laughed - "Are you nuts? You always seem so strange to me."

"Well you’re always looking at me so thought you might want to touch them." Leaning over he told her to hold the bolt tight with the wrench and he picked up the pliers. She smiled and said, "Pliers?" His thigh pressed against hers and he turned to her and said, "Well not unless you’re very kinky and consider them a nipple clip."

Before she could answer he said, "So, you eat all that garbage you bought? It really isn’t very healthy you know. I could teach you about being healthy. Did I ever tell you my three leg theory?"

Laughing she looked at him and said, "Is this where I ask how your third leg is feeling?"

"Well it would be a nice idea for you to work on that leg but actually I meant if you had a three-legged stool if one of the legs was missing it would fall over. Here, you can let go of the wrench now. I’m done. Every weekend I try to work on this baby and get her back in running condition." Turning he walked over to a sink and washed his hands but continued to explain that one leg was rest, one leg was exercise and one leg was nutrition and if you didn’t do one of those daily the stool would fall over because a leg was missing."

Trying to follow this conversation since he seemed so intense on it she just agreed. It did make sense but looking at how he looked it was easy to see he followed all three. She laughed and said, "Oh okay. Starting tomorrow I’ll start on the legs."

Scott grinned, "Well which leg would you like to work on now?" Stepping to the side he motioned for her to use the soap and wash up. She stepped forward and as she reached for the soap his hands closed over hers. "You never answered me which leg you want to work on?"

"Scott? Am I suppose to say rest, or exercise? Or nutrition?" She watched him step back, pull his shirt off and throw it into a clothes hamper kept in the garage. "Do you know Scott that I’m never sure when you’re kidding?"

He stepped in back of her "When was I ever kidding? Ask me something and I’ll tell you if I was kidding?"

She was about to answer when she noticed a belt on the wall with a belt buckle that had R&R on it. She asked, "What is R&R? A ranch?"

He bumped her with his hip, "It means rough & ready? Do you get it?"

She dried her hands and turned to him deciding the teasing for over a year had been enough and quipped, "Well with you it probably means you want to go to the gym and pump iron. With me I have other things I’d rather see you pump." She grinned letting him take that statement however he wanted. Not missing the challenge he asked, "So does that mean you’re rough and ready, too?"

"What if I am rough and ready?"

She had walked back to his car and leaned back against the right front fender panel. He walked right up against her pushing his muscular legs against hers and said, "Well maybe we should just find out how much?"

He rubbed his groin harder against her and she answered with a smile, "In the garage where someone can just drive by?" He walked over and closing the garage door reached for a thick blanket. Walking back over to her he placed it on the floor right in front of her and challenged "Well? Should we exercise first and then have that mean salad?" She started to remove her tank-top and seductively smiled while answering, "Well why not. At least that’s two of those stool legs you were talking about and all in one afternoon!"

He pulled his shorts straight down his legs and jumped out of them. Standing in front of her stark ass muscled naked his voice lowered, "You’re not getting ready very fast. Maybe you do better at the rough part? You game?" For a moment she stared at the hard contours of bone and sinew and the hard slab of his belly – slowly her gaze lowered to his hard erection.

She unzipped her jeans answering, "Ready this!" and pulled her jeans down her legs, kicking off her sandals. He stood back as she slid her panties down and then both of them naked but tentative stepped forward at the same time.

His kiss set her on fire the minute their lips met. His muscled arms felt just as she had always imagined they would. Her body responded faster to him than her mind would ever have permitted. Her hands ran through his short brown hair while he backed her against the car fitting his body against hers. His hips letting her know what he wanted as his rock hard cock pressed against her softness. When her body responded by pressing against him, his hands cupped the fullness of her breasts and his kisses gentled.

Her hands moved from his silky brown hair to his broad muscled shoulders. Feeling the texture of his skin taught over firm muscles like a sleek, strong animal. She felt his fingers pulling on her nipples and she knew they were hard and wanting more. Running her hands over his chest she pulled her lips away and whispered, "Scott, please suck on them." Without a moment’s hesitation on his side she felt his lips close tightly over a hard tip, pulling it greedily into his mouth. His mouth felt hot against her skin. She watched as he pulled the hardened peak between his teeth then lick it and again used his teeth nibbling at it. Feeling his other hand sliding down her body while his foot nudged her thighs wider apart. She felt chills as his other hand found the heat between her legs and gently squeezed cupping her softness. She whimpered and slowly rocked on his hand.

He felt her moving on his palm as it cupped her mound while his fingers slid between the wet folds of her satin flesh. His teeth bit harder and her whimpers of pleasure met with his fingers pushing into her pussy. Wet. He growled deep in his throat at the feeling of how wet she was for him. His fingers made quick work driving into her harder and hotter. He waited for her to almost come and purposely slowed his actions – his teeth gripping her hardened nipple he pulled down on it dragging her down to her knees while his fingers pumped in and out of her body.

His mouth left her breast and sucked at her neck leaving a mark she’d remember for a week. He licked it enjoying that he had marked her. His hot mouth whispered in her ear. "I have something better than fingers to shove up you. I want you on your knees – all fours." His breathing was deep and lustful as he pushed her to all fours and turned her facing away from him.

Kneeling in the position he wanted her she felt him in back of her. Looking back at him she watched as he moved closer and placed his hands on her hips. He was taking his time running his hands between her thighs then back to her hips holding her in place. Then he would slowly push his cock between her pussy lips just sliding it along her length. Pulling away from her heat his fingers would then dip back in the wet moist place he wanted to shove his hot bulging shaft into. Two fingers spread her open readying her. His voice was so different from any of the times they talked. It was deep. It was sure. "Want it baby? I know my baby’s ready. She’s nice and wet…open. Hot. Want it?" His hand reached through her thighs and began to massage her clit while he held her in place with his other on her hip. He pulled her by her hip making her rock back and forth on his fingers. She was dripping. He was ready. He knew she was.

With his cock aimed at her dripping place he grasped her by the hips rocking her back and forth - letting his throbbing shaft push lightly at her entrance. With each movement his cock fit against her…entering slowly. He stopped pushing when the swollen head was engulfed in her wet heat. Not moving he used her hips to move her slightly back and forth causing friction on the head of his cock. "Feel me baby? Feel this cock right where you want it? Are you ready yet?" He heard her whispered yes…He stilled for a moment. He waited. She whimpered. He rammed in to the hilt as he heard her gasp in surprise. Before she could imagine it he was ramming and thrusting holding her by the hips. He felt her trying to move with him but he controlled her every movement by her hips - almost lifting her off her knees as he thrust hotly and deeply. His groaned "Feel it…take it…all of it." He continued to pull and push her by her hips…his driving need building within her. His powerful fullness rammed his message home until he heard her whimper his name and her body surge into a final moment of release. He felt it…reveled in her need. Plunging into her tightened sheath he thrust wildly, "Ready baby? Want it now?" He waited a minute then as she whimpered and he felt her body going slack in exhaustion he slammed one last time…now…he felt his body scream in release as he ground his draining cock into her. His hands still gripped her hips but his movements had ceased and his lips kissed her back. He had one arm firmly wrapped around her waist, giving her the support she needed to stay on all fours and not slide to the ground. Finally pulling out of her heated body he stood up but kept his arm around her waist lifting her to her feet.

"You okay? Ready for me to make our salad or do you want to rest for a bit?"

She turned and smiled at him, "Do I get to wear the belt buckle?"

The slid into their clothes and as they walked into the house he laughed, "Well maybe you get to wear the belt buckle but we’ll have to do it again for me to be sure. You game?"