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The office phone rang and Carlotta answered it with an extremely annoyed tone. After all, it was only 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and she wanted a cup of coffee.

"Carlotta speaking!"

The voice at the other end was silent.

"Hello? Can I help you? This is Carlotta Reynolds."

The voice at the other end said, "Do you want a bagel?"

"A bagel? Who the hell is this on the phone?"

Richard laughed, "If I was a customer youíd be in deep trouble even though it isnít a work day. Now about that bagel Ė cream cheese or butter?"

Carlotta was still annoyed, "Butter, and a lot of it." She promptly hung up the phone without waiting for his answer. Richard annoyed her. His attitude was respectful but his dominant personality rubbed the wrong way with her dominant personality. She had always been attracted to him physically but they always argued. A few moments later without a knock on her door he walked in.

She looked up from reading the Wall Street Journal, "Donít you ever knock?"

Placing her bagel in front of her he smirked back, "Only if a door is locked. I brought you coffee like you like it - two sugars and regular milk."

She reached for the coffee, "And how is it, Richard, that you think you know what I like?"

Richard enjoyed her annoyed attitude and at times went out of his way to provoke her just for her reactions. "Well, Iíve had months to study you. I used to study bugs and their behavior. When I was little I had an ant farm and would watch them scurrying about trying to get all their work done, only to wake up the next day and scurry some more."

Carlotta was now staring at him not sure if he was comparing her to bugs or scurrying ants. "What the hell does studying them have to do with me?"

Richard leaned forward in the chair he was sitting in and whispered, "You scurry!"

Carlotta jumped out of her chair nearly knocking it over, "Scurry! I scurry! How dare you! Just how dare you!"

Richard laughed, "And sputter - you scurry and sputter, just like youíre doing now." He calmly leaned back and sipped his coffee watching her fume and walk to her filing cabinet.  She began  pulling open drawers, taking out files and slamming them shut.

She turned to him, "Look, Iíve got a lot of work to get done today. Iíve a meeting on Monday and I need to get prepared. You're at that meeting, I suggest you do the same."

Richard stood up and as she was about to slam the next file drawer he grabbed the drawer and quietly shut it, "Iíll prepare Monday morning. I donít need two days to prepare for an hour meeting."

She glared at him, "Right. Richard is just wonderful and can do things on the spur of the moment. Well I canít do things on the spur of the moment."

He grinned, "Nothing on the spur of the moment?"

She looked at him with a confused look, "Richard, itís Saturday and I honestly donít want to fight with you or spar with you. What do you want? I try to be nice to you and try to be helpful and you're nasty to me all the time. Do you want me to quit? We donít even have the same jobs so it canít be competition. So, what is it that you have against me? Letís get it all out on the table. What do you want?"

He moved away from the file drawer and stood directly in front of her. His height was a foot taller than her and his brown eyes gazed down into her hazel ones. He watched her a moment as it began to dawn on her what he wanted.

Her voice was shocked, "Youíre kidding, right?"

He shook his head no and took a step closer invading what she would call her personal space.

She stared at him and her voice had a nervous tone, "But, Richard, we donít even like each other. Why would I want to fuck you in the office or for that matter anywhere?"

He was close enough for her perfume to drift to him. He slightly leaned down and said in a low, calm voice, "Because we both want to burn it out of our systems. Get it over with. Do it once so we can truly have a reason to dislike each other? Thatís why you should fuck me in this office or anywhere. Just to do it and get it the hell over with!"

This she could understand Ė negotiating.

"I see. So if we do it and we get it out of our systems we can work together? If I fuck you then youíll leave me alone? Do we have a deal that once we do it then that'll be the end of this constant banter back and forth every day?"

Richard laughed, "Well wait a minute. This isnít like job harassment. No we donít have to do it for those reasons. Maybe I've said some of this poorly."

She smirked, "Thatís usual for you. Maybe you've said all of it poorly."

She hadnít moved away from him. He hadnít moved closer, nor backed away.

Finally he said, "Well? Do I stay in here and lock the door? Or do I leave and lock it in back of me?"

She looked at him. For the first time in a year of their bickering she took the time to look into his eyes. She had always liked them. They always had a teasing look in them and really not a nasty one, now that sheíd thought about them. His lips were sensual. She noticed he smelled of after-shave and she liked the scent. She noticed his shirt was open to the third button. She looked downward and his thighs were very close to her skirt. She remembered seeing him at the company picnic and his legs were muscled as well as his arms. She'd worn long jeans always being self conscious that she was considered over-weight. She wondered if he really liked her - old insecurities broke into her thoughts.

"Richard? This isnít some kind of office bet youíre doing is it?"

He was surprised at the insecurity in her tone, "Nope. No bet. Just a long overdue meeting between the two of us. We actually do have a lot in common if weíd take the time to talk."

She grinned, "Okay, how about we talk?"

He pressed against her, "After."

She shook her head as if clearing her thoughts, "Richard, this is insane and I've better things to do so I suggest you justÖjustÖoh hell, lock the damn door before I change my mind. But that would be impossible since I've obviously lost my mind, or the bagel was laced with a stupidity drug!"

Richard walked to the door answering, "Wow you've really a way with words to help a guy keep the hard on he had in his pants." He locked it and walked back to her and said, "Well?"

She sounded angry, "Well what? This was your idea, you figure out what the hell to do next." She was standing by her desk fidgeting obviously very uncomfortable but not saying stop to what was about to happen.

He smiled as he stood in front of her, "Well, we can try and make this a tad more romantic?"

She almost glared at him, "Richard, this is an office. I'm an administrative assistant not a magician."

He laughed and walking over to the middle of the office took off his shirt. He chuckled as she stood there staring at him in shock. He unzipped his jeans and in a moment was naked and sat down on the floor. Grinning at her he said, "Everyone into the pool - water is fine down here!"

She looked at him and thought that he was his per usual calm self - sitting stark ass naked in the middle of her office. She thought only Richard would sit stark ass naked in her office yelling everyone into the pool. She walked over to him and looked down at him.

"Richard, what am I suppose to do just strip and jump on the floor?"

He ran his hand up and down her leg, "Carlotta, take your clothes off and come on down. Your expensive carpet is actually soft compared to what I have in my office."

She was removing her blouse when she smirked, "Oh, I didn't know your usual routine is to be stark ass naked on the company carpets trying out which office has the better carpet pile." She slid off her skirt and since she had on thigh high stockings she left her heels on, but slid her panties off. Sitting down on the carpet she started to laugh, "Oh this is so lame. Naked on my office floor with you. Now what?"

He slid closer and reaching up pulled her down, "Now you get down here with me on the beach and stop worrying while I finally kiss you?"

She chuckled, "The beach?"

His voice was lower and he was kissing her cheek, "Yes, the beach. We're on a beach."

She answered, "Right. A beach. Can we just get to the part where we do it on the beach before the tide rolls in and drowns us?"

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. He knew she was nervous but she wasn't making this any easier. He didn't answer her but kissed her on the lips. His first impression was that she was better than he'd imagined. His lips expertly moved hers apart and his tongue took possession of her mouth. He felt her not moving. He felt her hands on him but not moving. He lifted his mouth from hers, "Carlotta?"

"What? Did you change your mind?"

"No, Carlotta, I've wanted this too long turn back now but I want to be kissed back. Did you change your mind?"

Her voice was a whisper, "No."

His lips answered for him - her hands finally moved and held onto him. He felt her lips moving on his and he let her take the lead as he followed what she was doing. He didn't move his hands on her body until he felt hers pulling him toward her. Then his hand covered her breastÖcupping itÖsqueezing. He rubbed her nipple with his fingertip and felt it harden under his touch. Pinching it lightly he finally heard her sigh and her body relaxed against him.

He whispered, "I want more. Can I suck on your nipples, Carlotta?" Not waiting for an answer his mouth covered the tip and sucked. He felt her nails on his back and he bit gently on her swollen nipple. He felt her hands in his hair pulling him upward and he went back to devouring her lips. His thigh slid over hers as he maneuvered her onto her back. Positioning himself between her thighs he looked into her eyes, "Next time it won't be the floor."

Her voice was a whisper as she widened her legs and pushed up against him, "Richard, it's the beach."

He chuckled, "Yes, it is. Do you want me Carlotta? Do you want me in you?"

She looked up at him and in her usual voice said, "Yes. I honestly do want you. I want you in me. Fuck me Richard."

He smiled liking her clear-cut tone. She was always so no-nonsense it drove him mad but this time it turned him on. He was hard and throbbing. His cock pressed against her opening. He felt she was wet and his cock pressed harder gaining entrance. As the head of his cock slid into her he groaned wanting to ram himself home. He held back the need to thrust into her and whispered, "Carlotta, is it okay? Does it feel okay? I'm not hurting you or anything am I?"

Her arms were pulling his hips tighter to her, "Richard, it feels wonderful."

He gently pushed further into her as her body accepted all he gave to her. He felt her thrusting upward and he knew neither of them wanted it slow. He leaned up on his arms and thrust his hips driving his cock all the way inside of her. Her whimper told him all he needed to know and he began to ram and thrust his cock into her pussy. His powerful fullness stretched her and the more he fucked her the more she met each thrust. He kissed her lips and arching he sucked her nipples harder and harder as his cock rammed into her again and again. He was surprised and pleased when she whimpered his name and her sensual rhythm was bringing him closer and closer.

Out of breath he whispered, "Carlotta, I'm so damn close."

She breathlessly said, "I've got to come. I'm trying to hold back but I need to come." Her body surged upward and a vibrating need ran through her pussy.

As their bodies rocked in unison he could feel her pussy start to clench on his cock. He whispered, "That's it Carlotta come on my cock."

As he said that she whimpered and her pussy erupted in spasms from his hard cock still banging into her. Finally she felt him release and as he groaned her name she felt him throbbing and coming inside of her. Holding her to him his body shuddered and finally stilled. He looked up and smiled. She had her eyes closed and her breathing was returning to normal when she opened her eyes and he was smiling at her while still in her body.

Rolling to his side he brought her body with his and they gazed at each other for a few moments.

He whispered, "Carlotta, are you okay?  This beach is harder than I thought."

She laughed and kissed him, "This beach is a bitch on my back! Now what?"

He rolled onto his back pulling her across his chest, "Well, how about we go to my place and we can work on the meeting for Monday. Then we can have our own meeting. Lots of meetings - In fact, I've a lot to help you with to prepare by Monday. What do you think?"

She kissed his chest, "I think you're the one that needs help for Monday and I'll take it as my personal mission to help you - only so you don't get your ass fired for not being prepared."

She went to stand up but he pulled her back down, "And one more thing Carlotta. Do you still think this was a lame idea?"

She grinned, "With you? No. The floor? Lame!"

Laughing they both stood up and got dressed. After a few weeks the rumors were that Carlotta and Richard went from disliking to hating each other because they bickered all the time. Which they did. But at night? Only groans and whimpers of pleasure were heard.