Querida (c) Copyright, LdyJessika@aol.com 1999-2001

It was midnight, when Daniella walked into the stables calling out, "Sebastian? Are you here? I need help saddling Diablo!"

Watching from the shadows of her horse’s stall, Sebastian admired her slender body. He smiled when the horse whinnied to her, always knowing when she was approaching his stall. The black stallion stretched his neck over the gate, waiting for it to open.

Daniella walked toward the stall with her long, black hair, softly falling around her shoulders and her hips swaying with the sensuality of a woman.

Silently, Sebastian continued to watch her walk toward Diablo and him. He had known her since coming to work on the estate at 19 and his thoughts drifted to a 17-year-old lanky, pretty girl. His first conversation with her had been about Diablo.

He chuckled as he recalled his first sentence, "Hi, I’m Sebastian and I'm hired to take care of the horses. Diablo is sure one beauty of a horse but then so is his rider."

She had stared at him and blushed but said, "Hi, I’m Daniella, I love Diablo!"

Then, they had been only teenagers, but now, years later, she was still as beautiful to him and he had always wanted to hear that sentence completed as, I love Sebastian. He watched her kiss Diablo on the nose, a habit she had since she was that skinny, awkward, teenage girl. But now what he felt watching her, was the want of a man toward a woman – his woman. He wanted to dominate her, possess her – own her love and need.

She was standing in front of Diablo, while the stallion nudged her hand to be patted and her soft voice could be heard whispering, "There my favorite, let’s go for a moonlight ride, just you and me, as always – I love you Diablo!"

Sebastian stepped forward into her view, "Good evening, Senorita!"

Startled by his sudden appearance she stammered, "Sebastian! I didn’t see you! Would you help me saddle Diablo?"

Her eyes swept over his long, black hair, tied at the nape of his neck. With his dark olive skin and black eyes, she thought he looked more like the name Diablo than her horse. He moved with the grace of a large panther, as if always stalking his way toward her. He had always seemed mysterious to her and rumors were always around about lovers he had in life.

Even on this ride home from the city, with a neighbor, the neighbor seemed to enjoy telling her, "So you get to see the mysterious Sebastian? Ohhh you’re so lucky! I heard he made love to Veronica, all night!"

Daniella immediately felt anger and jealousy. She turned the conversation away from Sebastian - the thought of him with Veronica, a neighbor she had always disliked raced through her like molten lava ready to erupt.

Even years ago she had heard these rumors, but ignored them because he was always there when she needed to talk to someone. But lately, since she took a job in the city, she had seen little of him. Coming home weekends she always looked for him, but sometimes couldn't find him till the next morning. She'd knock on his door and at no reply would enter his room looking over his books of erotica and then sit on his bed reading – not knowing if she was afraid to get caught in his room or wanting to get caught. Frightened, at the excitement she had felt for him, she would always return to the city – but in her dreams she was in his room with his hands roaming over her outstretched body, while his lips kissed over her flesh.

Suddenly, the horse whinnied, bringing her out of her thoughts. She felt safe next to her stallion - the one constant in her life that would never hurt her. Never leave her with a broken heart.

While slowly stroking the neck of the large stallion, Sebastian watched a myriad of emotions cross her features. He knew her eyes followed the movements of his strong hands and long fingers. His eyes roamed leisurely over her breasts and downward over the juncture of her thighs. He wondered who hurt her this time. He knew that look on her face since they were teenagers, when she felt someone she liked was mean to her. He knew all the times she had run to the stables crying. He would walk in, as if by accident, and talk to her for hours, but holding his emotion in check never touching her.

Finally, Diablo nudged his thigh as if saying to come back to the present. Stepping backward, Sebastian opened the gate leading Diablo out of the stall. Sebastian’s body brushed against hers, as he stepped by her. She quickly backed up, but not before her body registered the heat from his and felt his muscular thighs.

Smiling at her he noticed her retreat a few steps, "You look very bellisima tonight querida, are you meeting a lover?"

Looking at her body, in her tight jeans and halter-top he felt a burning need start in the pit of his gut. He had spent many nights dreaming of her and of feeling her body under his. Her dark eyes flashing passion, her slender arms wrapping around him. In his mind he had taken her many ways in passion and in lust.

"It's none of your business, Sebastian, just give me a hand up, please – I’m not in a very good mood!"

He walked around to help her mount the horse, "I’ve known all your moods for many years!"

Instead of his hand cupping her boot, his hands grasped her small waist and lifted her up to the stirrup.

She didn’t answer him but looking into his eyes knew that he was right. He had always been there for her and knew her moods. Grasping the reins and tapping Diablo lightly on the sides, the horse cantered out of the stables, into the night. But she had really wanted to slide out of the saddle and down into Sebastian’s waiting arms.

Reining Diablo into a paced walk she began to relax, as the night air and sounds filled her with a sense of peace. Inhaling the fresh, warm air, her thoughts drifted to Sebastian and a scene they witnessed while riding the previous day. They had been riding in the back pasture of the estate, where the horses weren’t stabled but ran free. Even now she could feel her body start to tingle - the image of the stallion mating with his mare flashed before her eyes. The strength, the fury…the possession. She had turned her gaze away from them only to meet Sebastian’s gaze. She had seen the fire in them – the burning want.

She was so consumed with the heat of her thoughts that she didn't hear the other horse, until Diablo snorted and whinnied. Turning to look behind her, Sebastian reined his horse in next to hers. Their eyes locked for a moment and then they continued to ride in comfortable silence.

The silence was broken when he asked, "Querida, how long are you home for this time?"

Her voice quivered a moment, "I'm home for good! I don’t want to return to the city – ever!" She waited for his comment.

He didn't answer. Watching her bite her lower lip he knew she was worried about what he would say. Since they were teenagers she had this habit of biting her lower lip when she was afraid an answer wouldn’t be what she wanted to hear. Reaching over he pulled on her horse’s reins stopping both horses. He leaned over and rubbed his thumb over her lower lip.

His voice was clear and a deep baritone, "Stop chewing your lip! I never wanted you to move away from the estate – or me, mi corazon. Now, it’s getting late and we should return to the stables!"

It was a silent ride back – the comfort between them was charged with emotion - they entered the stables. Looking at her while unsaddling the horses he said in a comforting tone, "This is where you belong, Daniella! With us! Diablo knows it! I know it! Do you know it yet?"

Looking around the stable, at all the familiar things, it finally felt right to her. The stable had always been her favorite place and she loved the smell of the horses…the hay…the leather in the tack room. She had loved to watch the muscles on Sebastian’s arms, while he had pitched fresh hay into the stalls. She used to sit in the hayloft for hours, looking down at him, while he talked with her about any subject she wanted to discuss.

Now, looking over at him she smiled, "Yes, I think now I know it. Actually, I think now I know a lot of what I want and need in my life!"

Walking the horses to their stalls and bedding them down, they slowly walked to the tack room finishing putting things away for the night. Finally, he turned to her, "Well querida, welcome home, is there something else tonight I can do for you?" His words were polite and friendly but his eyes burned another question.

Her voice was a whisper, "Like what?" She bit her bottom lip.

Sebastian smiled and slowly walked toward her. He stopped a few feet from her and said in a low voice, "Querida, walk to me – and stop biting your bottom lip – all will be fine!"

She shyly walked toward him. Her feelings confused, but her legs kept bringing her closer, until she was in front of him looking up into his eyes. His gaze burned into hers – into her soul. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her against his hard, muscular body. His lips came down on hers – soft, caressing. He felt her hands against his chest pushing him away but his kiss only deepened in possession. He needed to brand her with his lips. He felt her hands fist against his shirt, then after a few moments felt her body relaxing, her arms moving up his chest and around his neck. His tongue pressed into her mouth…seeking…finding hers.

Leaning away from her, he looked into her eyes, "Mi corazon, will you trust me to enter a world of my possession. Be mine. You’ve been mine since we were teens, be mine now…be my woman in every way a man wants his woman and needs his woman!"

She whispered, "Sebastian, part of you has always frightened me, but all of me has always needed to be near you!"

Smiling at her reassuringly he moved away and locked the tack room door. Turning he pulled his shirt over his head, revealing the hardness of his chest and the hard slab of his belly. He watched her expression as his fingers slowly lowered his zipper and he slid his jeans down to his ankles, kicking his boots off with them. Standing there like a lithe powerful animal he let her eyes roam over him.

His voice was possessive and dominant, "Daniella, undress for me, slowly."

She felt frozen in time - her hands pulled her shirt over her head but held it in front of her. She stared at his powerful muscular frame and the power of his muscled arms as he now walked toward her…naked…almost stalking…all male.

The blouse was removed from her hands and his voice was caressing…soothing, "Daniella, carida, close your eyes for me!"

She stared into his eyes a moment longer then closed her eyes. Standing still she felt his fingers on her pant’s zipper. The zipper on her jeans slowly lowered. His strong hands sliding them down her legs, helping her step out of them and her boots. She heard Diablo whinny from his stall and stamp his hoof – she opened her eyes.

Pulling her against his hard body she molded into his hips. Wrapping his arms tightly around her waist he moved against her, "Yes, querida, move with me, follow my lead…give yourself to me!" Her body followed his movements, hugging…grinding. She felt like her body was against a male animal in prime condition. Her moan was soft but he heard it. He slowly sank to his knees bringing her body with his.

Kissing his way down her neck - his lips slowly kissing along her collar bone - across her shoulder - moving slowly, kissing his way in back of her shoulder to the back of her neck. Now his hands slowly moved in front of her, molding her breasts. His fingers found their way to her nipples and pinched them harder and harder until her moans became whimpers of light pain.

"Easy querida, feel it coursing through your body. I own these nipples. I’ve always owned you – you’re my woman – forever!" He was in back of her – his hard cock pressing against her soft bottom as he whispered in a low voice all the things he wanted to do to her.

She arched her back, leaning back on him but he slowly…gently pushed her forward…positioning her on her hands so she was on all fours. She felt him pulling her hips back and spreading her thighs.

"Open for me querida…tell me to take you like this!"

Her mind raced to thoughts of the pasture and the black stallion mounting the mare. The possession…the pure lust of the stallion taking what he wanted to own.

She whispered her answer in a plea, "Yes, Sebastian…like this!"

Sebastian moved into position. He stared at her a moment when she stilled and looked back at him. Their eyes locked as he slowly dug his fingers hard into her hips. Moving her into a better position he slowly moved his hips forward. His cock pressing against his woman. He sucked in his breath at the feeling of his stiff cock slipping into her softness. Deep…he sank all the way in holding her pinned in position.

"Push back querida, show me you belong to me, now!"

She whimpered as he began to pump in her deeper, pulling her back on his heat. He let go of her hips bending his body over hers…possession now filling his being.

"Tell me Daniella, who do you belong to? Who has always owned you!"

Her voice came out in a moan of longing and need, "Sebastian, I've always been yours. You’ve always owned me. I need you!"

It inflamed his senses into lust and desire and he began to pump faster, his body slamming into hers. He felt her pushing back on him, her pussy tightening like a vise around his cock.

He heard her whimpering…."Sebastian, I love you! I've always loved you!"

His voice was deep…possessive, "Come for me Daniella, show me your love!"

Her body arched as his teeth bit into her neck and she cried out his name. Daniella met his thrusts and matched them. Her man. In a pagan rhythm of giving she came in a blinding, pulsing climax of release…thrusting and impaling herself onto his hard strength.

He felt her slamming on him in her climax. Throwing his head back in sheer animal lust he called her name, as his seed spilled into her body, claiming her for eternity.

Still kneeling on all fours with her head hanging in exhaustion he pulled her over onto his lap. Cradling her in his arms he kissed her neck, her jawline and finally their lips sealed their fate together.