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An Anthology of 4 Short X-Erotica Stories

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Pleasure  2.

Gazing at my reflection in the mirror I place my black leather collar around my neck.   I feel almost mesmerized as I gaze at its perfect fitting in place.  Once I have it just right I always stand back and gaze at how much I love its appearance.  I feel a sense of security and calm, as if a warm blanket has been gently wrapped around me.  I find it so odd how one small item, as this collar in place, binds me to you even when you’re not with me.

Smiling at my reflection I brush my brown shoulder-length hair, until it gently flows over my shoulders, and then walk to the bedroom.  As always, naked except for my collar, I enter the bedroom and slowly light two candles.  Turning I smile toward you enjoying how the candles shimmer a soft glow of sensual light throughout the room. 

Walking the short distance to the bed I gaze at your body, while your eyes are closed…breathing even and calm while you rest.  I know you’re allowing me this moment to look over your muscled thighs…higher to your cock, already hard and waiting for me to pleasure you.

Quietly I whisper, “Master, will it seem too brazen if I want to crawl between your thighs?”

Without a word, your eyes still closed, you open your thighs wider.  This is one of my favorite ways to please you - I crawl between your legs.  Your eyes are still closed…your voice soft, yet demanding, “Suck and lick me Jessika.  Suck on my cock…then lick my balls.”

Kneeling between your open thighs, I feel the need to please you.  I feel the need to lick and suck on you, until I’m the only woman who you desire.  I rake my nails gently on the inner side of your thighs trailing a line toward your balls.  I know you like being marked and my nails trace more lines down your outer thighs.  Then, again, even slower upward on the inside of your thighs to just below your balls.  Deciding to tease you I once again dig my nails lightly into the soft flesh of your inner thighs…I slowly lean forward.  Your cock is standing erect…hard…thick the way I like it.  I gaze up at your face and find you’re watching me.

“Jessika, are you going to rake nails all afternoon, or do you know what you’re here to do?”

I smile, “I thought I’m here to file, but just taking a slight break?”

Raising your hips, bringing your cock is closer to my face you grin, “Well file this hard cock in “M” for mouth.”

As I lean forward I whisper, “That’s why you’re Master, you always know the right letter to file things under.”

Cupping your balls I finally slide my lips over the head of your cock.  Slowly licking you I savor the feel of my lips moving down your hard shaft.  I can feel your cock thick and hard while my lips travel back up to the very tip of you.  Swirling my tongue under the head and your special place just on the underside of the head of your cock I feel empowered when I finally taste the drop that has formed on the tip of your cock.  Squeezing your cock I bring another drop to appear and greedily lick them needing more.

Your voice sends shivers of need through me, as you demand that I pay attention to your balls.  I seem to live for your words, demanding your wishes for me to carry out.  Caressing them I pull them slightly away from your body.  Closing my index and thumb around them I can almost touch my index finger.  Slightly I close my other fingers around them until I hear that deep groan of yours…the pressure increases on them.

Even with my eyes closed I can picture your powerful body…muscled…moving.  Needing you this much I shiver in anticipation of pleasing you.

Having your balls crushed within my hand I you’re your cock.  Sucking and licking almost in a frenzy of wanting to get you where you can’t hold back.  My nipples are hard and my pussy is already dripping from the taste of your flesh and precum.

“Jessika, my bitch, suck it baby just like that.  You’re my good bitch…pull my balls bitch.”

Now…now is my time to please you.  I know how you need your balls squeezed…just the right amount of pressure.

Closing my eyes I let my body and mind savor sensations of pleasing and yet power.  I can feel you pushing upward with your hips, driving your cock into my mouth.  The more you shove upward the more I suck and squeeze your balls.   Caressing them and squeezing…pulling…they tighten within my hand.

I can taste it…you start to drip into my mouth while I suck harder and faster.  My senses are filled with scent…taste…touch, while my other hand is digging my nails gently into your thigh.  Your hands suddenly start to twist my hair, holding my mouth tighter to your cock.  In a moment you start ramming faster.  I want it!

My hands feel all your muscles tightening…racing to that special point.  Sucking harder…tighter…my lips clamp together over your cock.  I want you to feel tight pressure on the sides of your cock, as it jams in and out of my mouth.   Faster…my nails dig harder.   Faster - your hips pump up and down fucking my mouth.  I want you.  I want that hot cum slamming into my mouth and throat.

With my eyes closed I know that exact moment when you can’t hold back.  When your balls tighten and you’re your cock needs to cum.  Your entire body stiffens for a moment.  Then, I hear you groan where you can’t hold back.  I tighten my mouth and fingers on your balls at the same time.

It is all you can stand as your cock jerks.  I feel the warm taste - I swallow while you cum.  I love it as you groan more - each time your body jerks I suck until you’ve given me every drop…finally licking you clean and moving up next to you.

At this one moment in time I feel you belong to me as much as I am owned by you.  I live for this moment in time.