My Pleasure Fantasies © Copyright, Feb. 2002
An Anthology of 4 Short X-Erotica Stories
All rights reserved – copy/duplication prohibited

Pleasure 1.

The bedroom was larger than I’d expected and his bed was covered with a thick soft brown quilt.  The plush pillows had matching brown pillow-cases.  As I walked toward the bed I could feel how soft the carpet was under my bare feet.  I knew he was watching me as I walked slowly toward him – I sashayed to the end of the bed, moving slowly and sensually.  At the end of the bed I looked at him - he opened his thighs wider apart.  Naked, virile…mine.  He opened his thighs wider knowing how I loved to look up his inner thighs to the apex where they met.

I smiled and looking up his thighs toward his hard cock I said, “I need it.  I need you.”

Looking at me he grinned, “And just how do you need it this time, Jessika?”

Staring at his balls that I now wanted so badly to lick I decided I’d do that another time and answered, “I want to be fucked.  Fast…hard.  This time fucked while I’m on my back beneath you.”

He turned on his side and I could see his expression change as his voice deepened, “Come to me bitch!  Get your ass on this bed and spread your thighs nice and wide for me.”

It only took me a minute as I crawled next to him and rolled onto my back spreading my thighs.  As he leaned over me I could feel anticipation run through me - his fingers pinched my nipple and he demanded, “Whose whore are you?  Mine?  Are you only my bitch Jessika?”

My whispered yes was lost as his mouth came down on mine in a kiss of possession and ownership.  I needed him, as always.

I closed my eyes as his hands roamed over my breasts.  Caressing and squeezing them together, then tightening his grip.  I felt as he crushed them together and licked both my nipples.  Alternating from one to the other kissing…licking…biting.  I let the feelings race through me from the tip of my nipples as I felt his teeth pulling on them to that ache between my thighs wanting to be touched.  I whimpered his name, “I need you so much.  I need to be with you.”

His possessive yet soothing voice always made me feel secure, “Yes, Jessika.  I know.  You don’t have to worry.  You’ll always belong to me.”

That is what I needed to hear and arching my back gave my self over to him.  When his mouth moved on my nipple my body arched to offer more.  I could feel my nipples were now swollen from his biting on them.  I looked down and enjoyed watching him biting and sucking on them…owing them.  Breathing slowly I felt my senses turning into sensations of pleasure as the pain from his biting began to tingle through my body. 

“Jessika, do you want to be fucked?  Do you want me to fill your pussy with the cock you need?”

I moved against him and finally felt him pushing into my body where I needed him filling me.  “Yes, I want to be fucked.”

As always, that’s all he needed to hear.  He pinned my arms outward from my sides.  With my arms pinned to the bed the next thing I felt was his cock shoving into me until I felt him so deep that I felt his balls against my pussy.  He was sheathed deeply in me.  I was hungry for this man.  I wrapped my thighs around his waist letting his motion rock my body on his cock.  He kept plunging into me over and over, until I felt that deep need and my movements became wanton.  I was his to fuck.  His bitch…his whore…his woman.

His body was moving mine in a rhythmic swaying motion.  His fucking became harder and faster.  He was ramming it into me now and I could hear myself whimpering his name and how I wanted him to come in me.

Finally, I felt my body thrashing under his needing to come, “Please, please, I need to come.  I need to come for you!”

He growled into my ear to fuck his cock and come on it.  I felt the most blinding, pulsing release as my pussy clenched on his cock and I began to come.  While my body was still in explosive ecstasy, he let go of my arms.  They wrapped around him, my nails raking down his back marking him as mine.  Then I gazed into his eyes as he whispered, “Take my load.  Take it and know you’re my bitch!”

I whispered, “Yes, come in me.  I want to have you come in me!”  I felt him stiffen and it felt like his body exploded inside me as he kept groaning and coming.  He finally stilled and as always rolled off me and pulled me against his side.

Before we fell asleep, as always, he chuckled, “So, Jessika, just how do you want it next time?”

Snuggling into his side I answered, “How’s your knees feel lately, any rug burns still healing?”

I heard him sleepily answer, “Nope. Not on a carpet this expensive – so get  ready for next week!”