Phone Call © Copyright LdyJessika 1997
(I'm not going back and correcting my first stories - I enjoy seeing how I first started writing erotica - really bad grammar but HOT!)

Dear Sexy:

I just want to thank you for the wonderful date. I know it is now our sixth date but I remember the first time I heard your voice and our conversation at 3:00 a.m.

"Hi, honey, it’s me, Jessika, are you sleeping naked, as usual?"

I never even realized you were not the person I was calling, when you said, "Uh, Jessika? Uh sure, why?" You just sounded so groggy; your voice did sound odd but I assumed it was because I woke you, so I just continued:

"If I were there with you, do you have any idea what I would be doing between your thighs, under the covers?" I heard you mumble, "No baby, tell me, sweet thing."

It made me feel so good to hear you call me baby and sweet thing, since you never called me that and I liked it so much that I kept going:

"Well open your thighs for me now and pretend my soft lips are trailing up your thigh. Right now I am at the inside of your thighs about an inch from your cock and balls. Nuzzling your left thigh first with my lips, then your right thigh. Sliding my lips slooowly up, gliding my tongue first on your left thigh, then I slide it on your right thigh. Your inner thighs honey, feel me! Soft tongue, nice, sweet, soft lips trailing now, higher. Lover, lift your knees for me so I can kiss you. Hmmmm are your balls easy for me to get to now?"

I hear your voice go deeper, as you move in your bed and you say, "God yes, honey, I have them up, tell me more, sweet Jessy, tell me more!"

"Now Lover, I am nuzzling your nice balls with my nose, not touching them with anything but nuzzling them and smelling your masculine scent. The scent on that part of your body that is nice and musky – I love the scent of your cock and balls – did you know that? I am nuzzling under them and am starting to lightly flick them with my soft tongue. Getting them nice and wet by licking them under the sacs and sucking on them gently. Feel my nails sliding up and down your inner thighs – digging in gently, marking you as mine. Feel them? Feel them sliding up your inner thighs as I suck and play with your meaty sacs, kissing your balls, licking them. Hmmmm yes, I do so love these meaty balls of yours so much. Can you feel me! Can you feel your Jessy between your open thighs, hot and licking?"

You groan, "Yes, baby, more, please keep going sweet Jessy." I love when you call me Jessy and I love how you are now reaching between your thighs and cupping your balls for me, squeezing them as I would be doing. I love this on the phone and continue:

"Oh lover, I am getting wet from this, but tonight it is your turn, and I want to suck harder now on your balls. I open my mouth and gently take them in my hot, wet mouth. Sucking and gently pulling on them. Feel them pulling and being gently squeezed by my lips. I am doing it more, HARDER, sucking you lover, sucking over and over while your cock is waiting for me to get to it. Hmmm, I can feel your nuts getting harder in my mouth. Tightening for me. Hmmm does my Lover like his nuts sucked by his Jessy? Do you Lover? Tell me! Tell Jessy how much you like my lips on your hot balls and cock."

"Hmm, feel me now baby, I now am moving up your cock, my hand replacing my mouth on your balls…keep squeezing them for me. Make it like my mouth is squeezing them. Tightly then softly, then hard, then gentle. I am now on your cock. Just around the tip. That nice mushroom top that is so swollen for your Jessy as I lick around just the head. Hmmm, love the taste of your pre-cum drop at the top. Is it there now Lover? Is that nice dollop of pre-cum sitting on your cockhead for me to taste? Hmmm, yes baby, I love how your voice is now deep for me, let me suck you now?"

I hear your voice so deep, "Yes, Jessy, sweet girl, more, suck me now, honey!"

I can feel your hands in my hair as I suck your cock now, just half way down the thick, pulsing, shaft. Sucking so you feel my tongue moving up and down your pole inside my mouth. Now Lover, feel me taking all of you in, DEEP! Feel yourself in my throat, at the back; I love swallowing your thick shaft and suck it in, as deep as I can, then let you slide out as I slurp your cock, on the way out. Feel me sucking you! Feel my mouth pulling on your cock while your balls are being squeezed gently, so you feel it up your cock pole. I know my Lover is now hard and dripping for his Jessy. I know my Lover has his nice hand on his cock and is stroking it for me. Long strokes, hard strokes, make your cock thick and veined with cum for me. For your Jessy, please Lover, faster now, harder now. Feel me sucking and your cock and balls getting rock hard. Feel the veins standing out and the head such a nice, deep color. Feel your cock getting ready to shoot its load in my waiting mouth. Now Lover, jerk it for me, HARD, JERK IT while I suck on you. Is my Lover going to cum for me? Are you ready baby to give your Jessy your hot, sweet, milky cum?"

"NOW! CUM FOR ME LOVER!" "Cum for your Jessy, cum! Jerk it and keep shooting your load because I am swallowing all you give me. Hmmm, yes, I love how your groaning my name, keep it cumming for me, milk it, jerk it till it is nice and empty for me."

"Hmmm, yes, lover I know it was good, hmmm so good for me, I love how you cum for me on the phone."

I hear your deep voice and deep breathing; I know you can not talk for a moment but I love to listen to you just panting. Your breath returns to normal and I whisper, "I loved this, I am staying at a friends this weekend; they will not be home so let me give you the address and we can meet next Saturday." I hear you fumble for the lamp, nearly knocking it over and then hear your say, "Yes, my sweet Jessy, what is the address, is 8:00 okay for dinner?" I reply as always, "Anything we do is fine with me but dinner sounds great, should I make the reservations at the usual place?"

"Uh, usual place? Yes, sweet girl that sounds nice."

I am sleepy now and yawn and say, "Okay, see you Saturday night at 8:00." I drift to sleep thinking of next Saturday.