Vita Via Miccolo

by LdyJessika


Life According to

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These will be in no particular order for these stories.
They span about 40 years of knowing Michael Giaccana.

Recollections:  Dedicated to Michael, my mentor in business and life

1.  Visits to the Zoo   16.   Merlot
2.  Candy Dish 17.  Competition
3.  Getting Dumped 18.  Donít let them get you down
4.  Self Worth   19.  Morning
5.  Fact and Territories 20.  In Whose Best Interest
6.  Rules are made to be broken 21.  Loyalty To Michael
7.  There comes a time 22.   What is Pretty
8.  And Then There was Xmas 23.  Then He Appeared
9.  Where is home? 24.   Dreams and Things
10.  No Lights are on 25.   Emotions & Differences
11.  Goals 26.   Mirror Mirror On The Floor
12.  La mia ditta, le mie regole.  
13.  Alliances   (12/29/03)  
14.   If it Ain't Real  
15.   Trust and Confidences  




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