Master (c) Copyright,, Feb. 2003
All Rights Reserved

I had known of the expression like a moth attracted to the flame but until I met him I didn’t realize how it mesmerizes and draws you toward it. How for minutes time would stand still as I’d stand gazing into the dark eyes that would bore into mine like flames of burning lust. My body swayed, slowly, smoothly toward him like the ocean to the shore, on a calm summer's night. Lips met and melted in passion and I gave to him the submission in mind and body that I needed him to own.

* * * *

It was late that evening when Master and I walked to the ocean shore where he placed a soft blanket. The sky was clear and the night's breeze was warm and welcoming. His hand upon the back of my neck, as we walked, was gently rubbing - the pressure of his fingers sending chills of promise through me. In unspoken words I told him of my need for him. In unspoken answer his eyes would pin me, so that my breath would hold within me and I'd stare into the depths of his dark eyes of promise.

Turning me to him his voice burned through me, "Jessy, who do you belong to?"

The need for him was suddenly so strong that I swayed toward him and was gratefully engulfed in his arms of security. Cradled with my head on his chest it was a safe haven from the confusion that engulfed my days. It was the moments when he was with me that safety ruled my world - it was what only felt right to my being – being with him.

With his eyes staring into mine he gently set me away from him…I knew what he wanted and I slowly undressed. As I slid my blouse off my shoulders and slowly down my arms I enjoyed doing it in a very teasing fashion. I liked turning his gaze to passion and then tantalizingly reaching in back of me I unhooked my black lace bra - I let the bra fall to the blanket and cupping my breasts offered them to him. Gazing down I watched as his fingers reached for my nipples – the first feeling of his fingers flicking them sent chills through my body. Watching his hands caressing the soft flesh of my breasts made me dizzy with need. Reaching I placed my hands over his, as his massaged and caressed me. His hands communicated the sensual pleasure that lay ahead for my body. With a nod of his head I knew my next command and reached behind me unzipping my skirt - it floated to the blanket and I stepped out of it to stand before him…almost naked…wanting him.

His voice…always his voice brought a burning need in me to belong to this man, "Jessy, who do you belong to?" His voice entrapped my soul like the rocks beneath the surf. The surf…hiding them in protection, and owning them in possession.

Standing before my Master in the black-lace satin panties he'd brought me from his last trip to Europe he pointed to them and smiled. Teasingly I slid them down my legs and stepped out of them - I waited for what he would ask of me next. Now, naked before him - my nipples pointed with need and my flesh needing to be owned.

Master motioned for me to rest on the blanket as he undressed. I loved watching his black sweater being pulled over his head of black hair and then tossed to the blanket. Then his slacks sliding down his legs…slowly…then in a moment of time he stood before me naked. Like a God from the Ocean his body crossed to mine …his arms pulled me to his chest and his lips covered mine in a searing kiss of possession.

Then the night was around us…the waves crashing on the shore in a crescendo of ownership. Time was now moving slowly for me as if I was in a movie being played in slow motion. I felt my nipples softly brushing against his chest as his legs parted mine. His hands entwining in my hair holding my mouth at the angle he desired…his tongue delving and possessing, as he desired… his hardness pushing against my private flesh, as he desired. That was the moment I needed in time. That was the feeling I needed in life. That point in time…trapped by this man.

I knew I was whimpering his name as he kept asking whom did I belong to? I knew my body was arching into his thrusts in suggestive need. I felt the heat of burning passion through me with each plunging movement of his hips. Driving into me his possession. It felt as if the warm winds picked up and the ocean mist warmly caressed our bodies - we pushed against each other. Flesh demanding of flesh. Need demanding of need we held onto each other as our bodies drove our senses onward. Then as his words of possession echoed in my ear…Mine…Jessy you belong to me. I felt my body scream in need and felt his body arching…plunging…demanding as we came in a rush of heated passion.

I was never sure how long we stayed entwined…time stood still, as always, as I gave to him in submission the body and mind I needed him to own.