In The Long Run © Copyright  April 24, 1999
Dedicated: ___________

She watched his car approaching, while she checked the time on her watch - 9:30 p.m.– Thursday. She wasn’t sure what time he would return home from his meeting and she’d been waiting for about an hour. As his car passed hers, he looked over at her surprised at seeing her outside his house, but he waved.

Stepping out of his car he walked over to hers, "Uh, hi is everything okay?"

Her mind went blank for a moment searching for a reason for being outside his house, but she replied, "Can I just talk to you for a bit, but if not, it’s okay, no big deal."

He smiled at her being so unsure of herself and said, "I guess so, want to come in for some coffee?"

They went into his house, each with unspoken thoughts. She noticing she liked the smell of his cologne, but didn't mention it. He, in turn, noticing he liked her perfume, but didn't mention it. The moon was barely rising in the night sky when he held the door open for her to enter his home.

They entered the hall as he said, "Follow me to the kitchen, I’ll make us some fresh coffee."

He started to grind coffee beans and asked, "Do you like strong coffee?"

Smiling, she laughed, "Sure, why not, guess the stronger the better?"

He watched her fidgeting and to reassure her he started talking, "Know what? We can take the coffee, go to the den, relax and just talk, how does that sound?"

His eyes roamed slowly over her, liking how she looked in her blue jeans and shirt. She finally answered, "That sounds really nice – I think I could use strong coffee, too!"

Grinning back at her, he replied, "Well, if you say so! I’m glad you stopped by, but why are you here?"

In the den, sitting down on the couch she looked away from him. He patiently waited for an answer and after moment when their eyes met, she answered his question in a low voice, "Does it really have to matter in the long run of things?"

He knew it wasn’t the night to answer that it didn't matter. It wasn’t the night to cross any boundaries, but as he reached for her his voice deepened, "No, it doesn’t really have to matter in the long run of things."

She felt his strong arms pull her into his embrace. Her arms went up around his neck and their lips met without further spoken words. She felt her body pressing against his chest, as he gently pushed her back onto the couch. Her mouth opened under the pressure of his lips and her tongue met his. Pulling him tighter against her, she could feel his body heat through his shirt. Her hands roamed over his back…sliding under his shirt.

The first feel of his skin against her fingers caused a deep longing in the pit of her stomach and she arched into his body.

He groaned a man’s need and rubbed his groin against her, then stood up. Looking down at her for a moment he smiled. Then, holding out his hand, his voice full of need he said, "Are you sure that it doesn’t have to really matter, in the long run?"

Sliding her hand into his she whispered, "No, it doesn’t have to matter!"

Pulling her to her feet they walked hand in hand to his bedroom. Lights lowered…clothes were shed…he moved to the bed…she followed!

Reaching his hand out to her, he pulled her down next to him on the soft covers. Leaning on one elbow he traced an outline over her collar-bone with his index finger. Slowly, it traced lower, as if his finger was memorizing the texture of her smooth skin. He traced over her breast and nipple and rubbed it. He smiled as it hardened beneath his finger. His hand opened and he placed it over her breast. Fingers spread wide…he caressed her flesh. He looked into her eyes, as his hand continued squeezing and molding her breasts. His hand cupped them and teased them until he saw in her eyes passion and need.

He finally looked at her hardened nipples saying, "I always wondered what the rest of your breasts looked like. Only seeing the tops above your low cut blouses, always drove me insane."

His mouth covered one hardened, swelling nipple. He groaned in satisfaction, as she moaned his name pulling his head tighter to suck on her nipples. His tongue licked the swollen rosy tips…flicking it…teasing them to tight rigid points.

She could feel sensations flowing through her achingly swollen breasts, as he bit the tip, while gently kneading and stroking them. Her breasts were large and creamy to fondle. He kept flicking her nipple with his tongue while his hand slowly began to move downward.

He heard the need in her voice as she whispered, "I’ve wanted to be with you for so long – it seems from the first day we met."

She felt his hand…large…slide over her tummy – lower.

His hand slowed as it neared her pubic curls and stopped. She moaned his name - his hand continued to the apex of her thighs. Again, his hand stopped! He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. They burned into hers a possession she never thought he was capable of. With a low, feral, groan his lips claimed hers…his hand pushed her thighs open, demanding entrance to her delicate softness.

Her mind raced for a moment that she shouldn’t have come to his house – but then his lips caressing hers – his large hand cupping her mound – she knew this is what she had parked outside for. His fingers cupping her heat now slid into the moistness, between her legs, driving the point home to her of why she was there…with him…needing him.

She opened her thighs wider, giving him entrance and possession of her.

His kissing burned deep into her soul and passion was unleashed to feed upon itself. Like a driving need his tongue raked her mouth over and over…tasting…giving…taking.

She felt his fingers rubbing her private satin flesh and her body began to move with the rhythm being set by his fingers. His fingers slid lower, sinking into where she needed to be filled – into the sleek wet heat of her. His tongue and fingers were moving in the same movement…thrusting, taking…owning.

Her hands were pulling at his back…holding him tight to her. She felt his hardness against her thigh. She felt his large thigh sliding over hers…positioning himself. His kissing kept her mind busy and his fingers kept her body his. He slid between her thighs…she was under his body…it felt right!

She was so in need of his touch that it took her a moment to realize he had slid her thighs open wider, and his hot, hard shaft was positioned. Suddenly, his lips left hers and he leaned above her on his arms looking down at her.

He almost growled, "Tell me! Are you sure? Tell me!"

Her hands reached for his shoulders trying to pull him to her as she whispered, "Yes, please, I’m sure – I want this – I want you!"

She felt him ease the head of his cock just barely inside her, holding his weight on his arms. His hard male heat pushing her open for his possession.

He smiled down at her, in complete control, "Tell me how long you’ve wanted me?"

As she whimpered, "Don’t make me answer that," he embedded himself deeply, in one swift motion answering in a deep growl, "That’s okay, I know – I know you better than anyone – your hurts, your insecurity…I know!"

He drove his cock deep…he drove in control…releasing her from her self. She accepted his thrusts. She accepted all that he could give her, knowing only he could release her from herself.

His voice was hot with need, "Lock your legs around my waist!"

Her legs wrapped. Ankles crossed. She felt his full power, as he embedded himself deep. She arched her back under him, driving up to meet his power. She felt plunging heat, as his pumping caresses filled her. She marveled at how large his body was compared to hers.


On and on their bodies met in a combat of giving and taking – needing and possession. She sheathed him completely answering his body’s demands.

Moving together simultaneously in a frenzied dance their bodies climbed higher. She felt it…moaning his name her nails dug into his back. Her legs tightening around his waist – nipples taut, so hard and swollen. Her body was tensing…higher…hotter, as her body screamed for the release it knew he was demanding.

His voice demanded it, "Come for me honey, it’s okay. Now, baby, come for me!"

Her mind and body heard his words and as their eyes locked and she saw the possession and safety he held out to her. Now, her body felt his sharp penetration as he thrust his full throbbing erection deep into her…plunging wildly into her, she sheathed him completely. Spiraling out of control she whimpered his name…her need.

She whimpered, "Now, I have to come!" Her body was racked with waves of pleasure from his slamming thrusts ramming into her. She was whimpering his name as he felt her heat convulsing around his pumping shaft.

He arched his back driving his hips down hard…with a harsh groan of masculine satisfaction he spilled his hot seed into her. Again, she felt him thrust, spilling himself into her body before he groaned in blissful agony and rested against her body.

Her legs unwrapped from about his waist but he remained between her thighs. She smiled at him, as he lifted himself up onto his elbows and looked down at her.

He smiled - Their eyes locked in an unspoken understanding, as the night moon climbed higher in the night sky. He pulled her into his arms. He knew without asking she needed his arms holding her.

He heard her voice whisper with uncertainty, "It was okay, right?"

He looked down at her and kissed her deeply, "It was more than okay, but I thought you said it doesn’t really matter in the long run!"

She whispered even lower, "It doesn’t, really – no big deal."

His lips started their way down to her nipples, still hard and swollen as he answered, "We both know it does. We both know it will always matter in the short or long run!"

Her hands pushed his lips to her needing breasts for the feeling she knew only he could give her.