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 Vita Via Miccolo - dedicated to Michael G., Manhattan New York and his ways in business.  

Jade Series -dedicated to that Government Lab, but of course I can't name which one, but it tends to be off of 580 in Livermore, CA

Rage Series

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Erotica  - R ratings

BDSM  - FEMDOMpdf you will need Adobe V. 7

Always  Castlewood D/s 

Finished 07/2015
Dhalia D/s 
Melisandra  My Pets
Master Anthony 
Master R -
pdf 189KB
Room 801 Journalist  - 
mistress Jalena 


Sara's Window  Cassandra - Gray Stockings  


The Coffee Series - Erotica Rated

  Coffee  (pdf) 2004
01/14/06 Coffee (pdf) 2005
11/23/06 Coffee (pdf) 2006  Jan - Nov,  Dec
05/20/07 Coffee (pdf) 2007 Jan -Feb
09/01/07 Coffee (pdf) 2007 - March- June
12/29/07 Coffee (pdf) 2007 - July -Aug - Sept
01/14/08 Coffee (pdf) 2007 - Oct - Nov - Dec
08/18/08 Coffee (pdf) 2008 - Jan,-August Adobe V. 7

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