Oh save us - an oldie from 1996  -  I wrote in 1995  (keep in mind grammar was not the greatest back then and my writing was a different style - a tad choppy,  but I keep trying to re-write it to make it more fluid - no pun intended)

LACE © Copyright LdyJessika, 1995-1997, 2002, 2008
Author: LdyJessika@aol.com

Chapter 1 & 2:

Just out of the shower I walk to you, wearing my new, favorite, panties. The bikini, lace, lavender ones you just bought me from Victoria's Secret. You know, the ones with the matching lace & lavender, push up bra. Oh, you know! The lace bra, the one that pushes the white globes of my breasts together - just hiding my nipples.

Dancing just out of your reach, I rub my breasts for you, bending toward you. You can see just what you’ll be rubbing your face in and sucking on later. You twirl your finger at me and I know you want me to spread my legs - I turn away from you. Slowly bending over I move my thighs apart.

I smile to myself then whisper, "Like it? - Want to see more?"

I hear you groan so I pull my panties tight up the crack of my ass. I love exposing more of my sex for you to look at. Rotating my hips, thrusting my pussy in a better position for you to see, I pull the lace panties to the side.

I teasingly ask, "Can you see now?" My secrets are exposed for you to feast on.

Using my fingers, I hold my delicate lips to each side. My clit is peeking out from its hiding place, waiting for your attention. Pink, moist, swelling for only you. I open myself more, when I hear your breath catch. I look over my shoulder and see you lean forward to catch my woman's scent. I touch my pussy and it’s dripping from your attention. You can see the need in my eyes. Damn, you know me so well.

The lace bra drops to the floor and my breasts hang free of confines. They’re large with prominent nipples. I pinch and pull them, teasing your eyes. I love to twist the nipples making them swell and redden. Wetting my finger, I again touch my nipples, but they’re already rigid with desire for you. My panties slide back in place, protecting that part of me, that I know you’ll demand in a moment.

Leaning towards the floor, I slide my hand into my panties. I know you want to know where it is – it’s touching my soft place – my clit.

I answer your question, "Yes, I’ll slide them off for you."

Sliding my favorite panties down my legs, I toss them to you.

Your voice demands, "Move over here, baby!"

Moving closer I get into the same position - bending over in front of you. I hear you groan in pleasure inhaling my scent on my favorite panties. Hear you growl, as you take them in your mouth and suck on them, tasting their freshness and my pussy juice that dripped just moments ago. You’re so hard and throbbing sitting there while watching me play with myself for you.

I love when you tell me to get on my knees for you, "Yes, I’ll do this for you, I love when you look at me."

Getting on the floor on my knees, I lower my chest resting on my arms. Pushing my ass high in the air, opening my thighs wider. Reaching between my thighs, I touch my pussy. I open the lips for you to look at me, and I’m wet, as you tell me to finger myself. Sliding my finger inside my heat, I hear you move off the chair and sit on the floor in back of me.

You tell me to finger myself and I whisper, "Yes, I’ll finger my pussy for you and I’ll stay still."

Moving closer to me, I feel you rubbing my ass cheeks - pinching them – rubbing my nice round flesh. Leaning toward me, you bite them...kiss them...fondle and own them. You grab my hand making me rub myself harder. I’m dripping on my fingers while you tell me that tonight I will know what those lace panties do to you. Your tongue is now licking close to my fingers.

You demand that I don't move - that I promise to stay on my knees for you.

My voice is getting deeper as I almost whimper my reply, "Yes, I promise to stay on my knees, yes, you can do what you want."

I am in a fever pitch for your fingers and tongue to touch me...I am dripping. Your tongue probes my moistness, darting in and out. I feel you take the juice dripping free from my pussy - I watch as you lubricate your cock. I know I can no longer put off this new experience. On my knees, open to you, ass in the air, like a bitch in heat.

I hear you asking if I want to be fucked on my knees, kneeling in front of you - I whimper, "Yes, it’s okay, I’m so hot, fuck me please, I need it like this."

Driving my fingers in my hot, wet entrance…still fucking them, I feel you grip my hand pulling them out. You slide your fingers in. I hear you telling me two fingers are in and you're going to start pumping them.

"Yes, I feel it, it feels odd in this position, please don’t stop fingering me."

Feeling your fingers sliding in and out of me – pumping deep. I ride them, pushing myself back on them. I know you’re preparing me for tonight - your cock to own my flesh, while kneeling before you. Your fingers are coated with my essence and are easily sliding in and out.

"Yes, I’m ready, please fuck me hard."

I hear you groan and feel you change positions, moving your thick shaft to my opening. You press your cock against me – I'm tight - you push the swollen head slowly inside of me. Feeling the pressure opening me my pussy allows the head to slide in. I hear you hiss when my muscles clamp around the intrusion. Groaning and holding my hips you push further into my heat, getting the pressure off the sensitive head. Trying to relax the feeling of being stretched makes me push back on you, sinking your shaft deeper. Reaching around my hips you start to rub my clit, talking to me soothingly. Your voice and fingers start to relax me and I want to move with your rhythm.

With each exhaled breath I take, you slide further in - opening me, stretching me. I change positions to my hands, now kneeling on my hands and knees, as you slide the full length of your cock up me. Your hands are gripping my hips – you're alternating between rubbing my ass and holding me from moving. It’s time – we both know it - I feel you start to move. Your hands rub and then pinch my ass. The alternating pleasure and pain from your pinching are new to me. Sensations spiral through my bottom to my nipples - your throbbing cock starts thrusting in and out.

I am stretched now, pushing back to impale my pussy on your cock. I want it slamming inside of me. It hurts as your palm comes down on my fleshy bottom. My ass turns red from you slapping it. Crack! The sound fills the air and the sting causes me to jerk and slam back on you. You raise your hand and when you slam your cock hard into me, you slap me on my ass. Hard this time – stinging. I nearly come from the sound and the feel of you spanking my bottom. I now love the sensation of you fucking me on my knees - slapping my ass - pinching, ramming your stiff cock in me - I hold back from coming. Pushing back again and again, I impale my cunt on your cock, while you grab my hips and thrust and push in deeper.

You reach around and pinch my clit....hard....hurting.

Moaning I plead with you, "I have to come, I can’t hold it back. I need to come now, for you. Please, I need to, tell me I can!"

I can feel it spasm while you pinch and pull my clit. I feel you tense. I hear your voice drifting to me, in a low husky tone of need, telling me to get ready. Your fingers leave my swollen clit and they dig into my hips - your thigh muscles tighten - your need builds to a frenzy of ramming in me -

NOW - Your cock explodes deep inside of me, as you shoot your load. Wave after wave of hot come, as my clenching pussy spasms and locks in orgasm, milking you - draining you.

Finally I feel you let go of my hips and lean on my back. I am breathing so deep, a thin sheen of sweat covers my body and I can’t move. I lean on my arms – your cock still deep inside of my pussy. Feeling you slowly start to move I feel my body sucking at your cock, not wanting to let it leave. You draw out of me, slowly.

Resting on the soft carpet I am still breathing hard - my eyes closed with the pleasure from satisfaction. I hear you get up and move to the bathroom to wash. Starting to drift to a sleep I hear the bath water running and you returning. I don’t want to move, I want to snuggle deep into something warm - but I feel you slide your arms under my waist and lift me into your arms. I lean against your chest and you tell me that you have drawn a nice warm bath for me.

I lean against you and sigh, "Yes, I would love a nice hot bath."

Cradling me against your check you lean over for me to grab my favorite lace panties and bra off the floor. Without another word you carry me to the bathroom.

I whisper, "Know what? I liked it on my knees."

Your deep chuckle drifts over me.

Chapter 2 The Bath

 I feel you lifting me from the bed, holding me securely in your arms, against your chest.   Resting my cheek against your chest I can hear your heartbeat, as you carry me down the dim-lit hall toward the bathroom.  Still drifting in and out of sleep my thoughts drift to how we were an hour ago - my body being pulled back so your cock shoves up me as I kneeled before you, worshipping what you did to me.   Drifting in and out of sleep a few more seconds, dreaming of your cock pumping into me, I suddenly hear your voice drifting to me.

 “Honey, wake up, I’m going to bathe you." 

 Grumbling I like where I am I try to snuggle in closer to your chest, but my feet are now touching the carpet in the bathroom, as you make me stand before you.  Squinting up at the light not wanting to wake up I see you smiling down at me as you start to remove my panties.

 You chuckle at me squinting at the light and whisper, “Here honey, I’m turning off the lights for you, you sleepy-head."

 Switching off the lights you light a scented candle, and then gently help me in to the bath.  The warm, soothing water sliding over my body feels like a soft blanket – it feels sensual.   Closing my eyes I sigh in total submission to the warmth of the water washing over me.   I hear you talking to me as if through a haze.  I know I’m again drifting on waves of pleasure…warmth.

 You say to me, “Baby, I want you to lift your knees - open your legs for me.”

 Sliding lower I feel the warmth of the eater sliding up my arms to my shoulders.  Pulling my knees up I hold them in position by hooking my arms under my legs.  I hear you chuckling at my sleepiness as you tell me not to slide down and drown.

 Giggling I answer, “Yes, I’ll make sure I don’t slide down further, I just want to relax here in the warm water - I'll even let you look at me."

 Opening my eyes to see your expression I can see the passion blazing in your eyes…the lust and want.  You’re looking at my body, open for you under the clear water.  Your strong hand swirls the water sending ripples throughout the bathtub… it gently hides me from your view, then the water clears to exposes me for your pleasure.

 The water splashes lightly, as your hands moves again   under the surface.  I open my eyes to see you lathering a soft cloth.

 “Hmmm yes, that feels nice and soft over my skin.  I like this.”

 You chuckle and I seductively arch my back bringing my breasts to the surface - my nipples poking out of the warm water to kiss the cool air.  I like how the cool air makes them hard and pointed for you.

  You tell me what you want and I answer, “I’ll play with my breasts for you to watch."

Keeping my legs comfortably pulled back I hook them over the sides of the tub so I don’t slide down.  Taking my hands I slowly drip water over my nipples then start to massage my honey soft breasts. 

 Looking into your eyes I whisper, “I like when you watch me crushing them together and pinching my nipples.”

 Reaching out you touch my nipples, while cupping my breasts I offer them to you.  You pull my nipples higher above the water line – they are swollen and deep rose-colored.  My senses are pure pleasure and opening my legs wider, I feel the hot water caressing my pussy.

Feeling the water’s warmth against my pussy I continue to crush my breasts together, rotating the nipples with my thumb and index finger.  Gazing at your hands I enjoy watching as they direct the waters movement against me - caressing me, teasing me with feelings.

 Your voice is deep and husky, “Sweet honey, close your eyes for me - let me play with you.”

 I’m wide open for you with my legs over the sides of the bath.   I suddenly feel my own lace panties moving against my tummy, smoothing over me under the water.   I smile realizing that you are now using them to wash me instead of the soft cloth.  Lower - you know how I want to feel them lower, where my body wants to be touched, caressed, by you.  I need this.

 “Watch me honey, watch your panties touch your pussy.”

 I love the feel of my panties and whisper, “Yes, please touch me there.”

 I can feel them now under the warm water.  I try to move my hips, to grind myself against the panties, but hear you whisper, “No honey, stay completely still, but keep pinching your nipples for me.”

 In a haze of sensual feelings I answer you, “Hmm, yes I’ll pinch them – pull them – anything for you.”

 Ceasing my grinding movements I drift in warmth and sensation, gently twisting and pulling on my swollen nipples.  Your fingers sliding over me, I feel the panties parting my pussy lips…sliding the inner length of me.  Slowly, up around my mound – sliding…slowly, under the water...lower…almost where I need them most.  Down the length of me to my heat, where I feel your middle finger, covered by satin, start pushing inside of me.  I can feel part of the panties floating around my legs, as your satin covered finger presses inside me, opening me…deeper.

 I hear you chuckle and say, “Now honey, you’ll know what it feels like to be teased with satin panties.  I know you need to be finger fucked.”

 I’m drifting on waves of feelings and can only whimper my pleasure to you.  My whimpers drive you on to finger me deeper - you’re concentrating on the heat that you know you’re building between my thighs.

 “Pinch them honey, pinch your nipples hard for me.” 

 “Yes, I’ll pinch and pull my nipples harder, hmm, oh yes.”

 Sighing deeply I can feel you moving your fingers covered in my panties in and out of me, fingering me with satin.   Feeling your fingers sliding out of me I moan my frustration - but then feel the satin pinching my clit - rubbing it - circling it…faster - harder.  I know my clit is swollen from your playing with it.  I can feel it swollen for you…tingling…needing more.  I know it’s now that deep color that you love to look at.   I can hear the water making light splashing sounds – your arms look strong moving the water around, as your hands move sensually under it.

 “Honey, keep feeling my hands, what they’re doing to you – think of yourself on your knees - what we did - what we’ll do.  My hard cock shoving into you.”

 My mind is filling with the images you’re telling me.  Me on my knees in front of you - under you as you fuck me.  Fingering myself and touching myself, for only you.  Moaning I pull at my nipples harder, feeling your other hand taking my body to new heights of ownership and possession.

 I can now whimper my pleasure, “Hmm yes, like that, satin pinching at my clit.”  I feel my clit swollen and the satin again opening me, pushing in me.

  I hear you telling me, “Honey you've no idea how much I like fingering you, stretching you open for me to play with.  Fingering this hot cunt, of yours.”

 I feel you doing exactly what you’re telling me.  Touching my clit and driving me wild with passion.  Fingering me - watching me drive myself on your fingers.  I need to grind harder onto your fingers and plead, “Please let me move now, I need to so badly.”

 Finally, I hear that low satisfied laugh, “Yeah baby, go ahead, move on my fingers - fuck the satin panties I bought you.”

 The water splashes harder against the sides of the tub.  My hips start moving sensually shoving your fingers deeper up my cunt.  My breasts splash against the surface of the water.  Holding onto the sides of the tub, I lower myself under the water onto your fingers.  Lifting myself with my legs resting over the tub I can move on your fingers – thrusting on them in and out under the water.  I hear you urging me on, “Fuck them honey, good girl, drive that pussy down hard!”

 Your fingers on my clit pinch harder and you begin to ram your other fingers in and out  - opening me with your index and middle finger.  I can feel your knuckles slamming against me, as the panties are stretched over your hand and the satin is now deeper within me...fucking me.

 I love this, “Yes, please, harder, please fuck me, please.”

 My movements are now frantic – driving - trying to get relief from the need in my pussy.  I know I’m splashing water over the sides of the bath, but I need to be fucked harder, I need your fingers to slam into my cunt - fucking me.  Moaning, I now feel you pushing into me deeper, matching as hard as I push against your fingers, fucking them.

 I’m so hot now from both the heated water and this burning passion in my body, for what you can do to me.  Again and again I drive myself on your fingers, pleading with you now to let me come for you  - I finally hear you whisper, “Come baby, come for me!”

 I moan, “YES! Now, now I can’t stand it anymore! NOW!”

 I do what you demand and feel a dizzying shattering release, as I come on the panties for you.  It was what I needed to do so badly, I’m exhausted – tired, but feel my pussy clenching on your fingers and tighten around them.  I continue to come in spasms for you.

 Over and over, your satin covered fingers are clenched tight inside my body.  I feel you keep up the rhythm inside me, sliding in and out - but so gently now - going with the rhythm of my body clenching on you.   Bringing me satisfaction that only you can give me.

 Wiggling your fingers you slowly slide them out but leave the panties deep inside my pussy.   Your hands start to rub my face, telling me, “Honey, open your eyes again, don’t drift to sleep yet!”  I open my eyes dreamily and try to focus on you.  I see you point to the panties still in me.  I watch as you take the end of them and slowly pull them out of me.  The feeling is so intense that I moan and whimper from the strength of what you can do to my body.  I feel you slide them all the way out and see you kiss them.  You wring out the water and wipe my face with them. 

 You finally say, “Come on baby, let me get you out of this tub and into the bed.”

 I am so sleepy now.  You help me out and begin to towel me dry.  It feels so good as you rub over my body, with the soft towel - the air feels so nice and cool on my body.  Leaning against you I'm totally relaxed while you dry my back and start to pat my ass. I hear your intake of breath as you rub between the round cheeks of my bottom - caressing me there with the towel. 

 You pat my ass and whisper; “You’re so lucky honey that you’re this tired or else.”

 I feel you lift me as you say that, but I’m now snuggled against you in a new dry towel and I let the remark drift around my head, wondering as to the or else, as you carry me to the bed.

 Putting me gently down on the bed I feel you I feel you slide in next to me.

 As I drift to sleep you kiss my cheek whispering, “Now you can sleep honey, you’ll need your rest, for the or else that I mentioned.”