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Nicole had met Jean-Claude at a conference in France, and continued to correspond with him over the Internet or sometimes by telephone. They had seen each other before but this night everything changed.

She had been seated next to a man from a different company who was obviously making her feel uncomfortable. He was loud and annoying as he said, "Nicole, now what’s a pretty girl like you doing at a conference like this?" He would then laugh at his own joke and pat her on the back, or rub her shoulder. She had moved her chair away from his as far as possible. She was about to get up and leave when Jean-Claude walked up to the table. He started a conversation about the last speaker at the seminar, but kept his eyes only on Nicole. He noticed she kept looking down at her hands and appeared very anxious.

Finally, he held out his hand to her and said in his French accent, "Nicole, you would like to dance with me, yes?"

His smile put her at ease and as she placed her hand in his, he pulled her to her feet. They walked to the dance floor and she slid her arm around his waist.

At the contact of her arm around him he, "You didn't seem happy and I don’t like to see you sad. You’re happy now to be away from them?"

Nicole looked up into his dark eyes and shyly answered, "Yes, I'm much happier now that I’m with you!"

Jean-Claude then placed his hand on the small of her back and smoothly moved them onto the dance floor. In turn, she placed her hand on his arm, and after a few moments slid her hand up toward his shoulder. As her hand touched his hair he enveloped her in his arms pulling her against his body. She knew she wanted to be with him.

Dancing to the slow, sultry music Jean-Claude whispered French to her, as he always did knowing she wouldn’t understand. She would always look into his eyes and say, "Jean-Claude what does that mean?" and he would smile down at her saying, "In time Nicole, I shall tell you what I said."

The night continued with her shy caresses and his arm holding her close as they danced as one. Finally, the time had come to leave, and they made plans for her to visit him the next evening. Now, at his apartment, they stood on the balcony together. She looked up at black sky and sparkling stars, and breathed in the warm night air. The slight summer breeze caressed her skin, as his strong arms wrapped around her, holding her against his chest.

Jean-Claude’s voice, in his strong French accent, whispered, "I have the wine poured and we shall eat now, Yes?"

He held her a few moments longer, rocking her in his arms. Humming the song they had danced to during dinner, he gently took her hand so she would follow him. They walked hand in hand into the kitchen. She was surprised when they continued into the living room. There on the floor, in front of the fireplace, Jean-Claude had placed a blanket, two crystal wineglasses, and varieties of cheese and a fresh loaf of bread.

Sitting down on the blanket he held out his hand for Nicole to join him. When her slender fingers slid into his palm he smiled up at her and said, "Come and be with me, Nicole!"

She sat down on the blanket and watched as he picked up the delicate crystal glasses and slowly poured the wine. The fireplace crackled while reflecting dancing rainbows through the glasses and on his black hair. Reaching to take her glass, their eyes met and they gazed at each other…searching…finding. He moved next to her and she shyly smiled as he held his glass for her to take a sip. She placed her soft lips to the glass, then brought her glass to his mouth. She watched as he ran his tongue over his lips, after taking a sip.

His voice was so sensual as he whispered, "Tu es tres belle."

Nicole smiled and said, "Jean-Claude, what does that mean?"

Jean-Claude toyed with the white pearls of her necklace and ran his finger lower to the V between her breasts. Sighing he said, "I will tell you later, for now we had better have some cheese." Moving away, he reached for the snacks and handed her a piece of fresh bread and cheese.

She watched as his eyes leisurely roamed over her shoulder length hair to the pearls, then lower to the slopes of her creamy soft breasts. She wore a cotton summer dress, of light blue, that hugged her soft sensual curves. She nervously said, "So, uh, Jean-Claude what did you think of the conference and the speakers?"

He smiled and didn't answer right away, but reached out his finger running it from her shoulder down her arm. Finally, he looked into her eyes and whispered, "I think the speakers suggested that after the conference Nicole and Jean-Claude must dance." He stood up and walked over to the CD player, and after looking at various CD’s, finally put one in the player. The music of Celine Dion’s, If You Asked Me To filled the room, as he reached down and pulled her into his arms and against his body.

She melted against him feeling her breasts crush onto his hard chest. She could feel his hardness through her thin dress and slightly pulled away from his body. He only moved his arm lower and brought her hips back against him, whispering, "Stay with me Nicole," She didn't answer but didn't move away as his hands roamed up and down her back. She could feel the heat from his body grinding into hers and she slowly started moving her hips against his. Moving her hands up around his neck she finally gently rubbed against him.

Jean-Claude felt her move against him and slowly moved his body harder against her, while pulling her hips tighter against his heat. Tipping her chin up his mouth lowered and he claimed her lips. She felt his lips slowly moving over hers and she held him tighter. At the feel of her lips pressing against his for more, he kissed her harder forcing her mouth gently open. His tongue was like fire in her mouth, as his kiss turned to passion and her tongue met his. Shyly at first, but then she felt a need so demanding that she moaned and kissed him back with equal passion and need.


She felt his hands slowly cup her breasts, as his kiss deepened and he sucked her tongue into his mouth. Her senses were reeling while his hands massaged and squeezed her soft flesh. Her nipples were hard and she wanted to feel his hands touching her bare skin.

She pulled away from his lips and whispered, "Jean-Claude."

Looking deeply into his eyes she ran her finger over his lips, while his fingers began to squeeze her nipples through her dress. A delicate whimper escaped her lips at the pressure on her nipples.

He whispered to her, "J’ai envie de faire l’amour avec toi."

She smiled at him and whispered, "Jean-Claude what does that mean?"

He danced her over to the blanket and said, "Come Nicole, I will show you what it means."

She started to sit down but he stopped her and held her against him. His hands slid around to her back and he slowly unzipped her dress. Slowly kissing her smooth skin as it became exposed to his hungry mouth, he slid her bra off exposing her sensitive, erect nipples. His mouth covered her nipple, as his hands worked her dress down over her slim hips, letting it drop to the floor. Marveling that she wore garters with stockings, he stood back a moment to look at her. She looked vulnerable and shy standing before him naked except for her pearl necklace, ivory garters with ivory stockings.

"Tu es tres belle." He covered her lips with his index finger whispering, "It means you're very beautiful. Now you'll sit for me?"

Feeling him gently push her to the blanket, she watched as he stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt. Holding her breath she was mesmerized, as his broad chest and muscled arms came into her view. As his hands went to the zipper on his slacks, her eyes were riveted to his every move. She slowly looked from his chest, over hard contours of his flat stomach, to where his slacks were opened. His thighs, tight, hard, corded with muscle slowly were exposed, as he slid his slacks down and kicked them out of the way. Finally, she watched his hands slide into his waistband and in one smooth movement he slid them down his long legs and kicked them to the side. She quickly looked away, as he took his place next to her on the blanket.

She looked deeply into his eyes as he whispered, "Nicole, j’ai envie de faire l’amour avec toi… I want to make love to you."

Sighing as his mouth came down on hers, she leaned back until she felt the soft blanket caressing her back. His lips moved over hers again and again, as he whispered her name and she gave in to the need she had always felt for Jean-Claude.

She whispered, "Jean-Claude, tell me again."

As he caressed her breasts, he brought his lips to her ear and whispered, "J’ai envie de faire l’amour avec toi…I want to make love to you!"

She closed her eyes as his tongue worked magic on her sensitive tips. Her back arched pushing her breast into his mouth and her hands found their way into his black, silky hair. Sighing, she felt him suckle her nipple, as his other hand gently kneaded and squeezed her breasts. Her thigh slid between his legs, but he repositioned hers to rest over his, so his hand had access to the juncture of her legs. She needed to feel his fingers on her but didn't ask. As always, Jean-Claude knew her needs and gently moved his fingers between her thighs cupping her moist heat.

Moaning from the pleasure of his touch, she looked into his eyes as he said, "Don't be embarrassed with me Nicole, I want to look at you!" She felt him kissing over her flat tummy, as he spread her thighs and kissed the soft curls on her mound, before touching his tongue to her tender flesh. Her hands moved to his head holding his lips to her body. Arching her back she felt his tongue as it delved into her wetness and heat, where she ached for release.

She moaned, "Jean-Claude, please!"

He paused in kissing her to whisper, "We have all night and I've waited long for this moment. I want you to feel pleasure!" She could only sigh as his finger entered her warm damp entrance. Over and over his fingers entered her in passion and possession. She felt her hips lifting to meet his movements and her breath ragged. His fingers pushed in and out of her while his tongue circled her sensitive spot, sucking it gently into his mouth. Her moans of pleasure were music to him, as he made love to her body and soul. She felt his passion driving her beyond all coherent thoughts.

She gyrated in slow, sensual moves on his tongue, as his fingers thrust deep, feeling the first spasms of release seize her body. Her voice seemed far away to her as she cried, "Jean-Claude, Jean-Claude!" while a dizzying explosion of feeling and release broke over in passionate waves of ecstasy. His fingers kept moving in her, until her body relaxed and her spasms ceased. Her thighs were quivering when he finally slid up and embraced her in his arms. She was pulled tight against his warm body as he whispered, "My Nicole, shhh, all is fine, you were exquisite!" Burying her face in his neck she clung to him, as he rubbed her back holding her against him.

She looked up at him and he gently smiled at her and said, "Yes, I know what you want to ask and the answer is yes, I want to bury myself in you, but not here….come, let’s go to the bedroom!" Standing up he held out his hand to her and without hesitation she grasped it, as she smiled and said with confidence, "Yes, Jean-Claude let’s go to your bedroom!" She was pulled against his side as he said, "Our bedroom…Tu es a moi!" She said, "Jean-Claude, what does that mean?"

He gently answered, "I will tell you in time!"

Chapter 2

Reaching for her dress she held it covering her body as she sstarted to walk with him. He took it grom her hands, "Nicole- you’re beautiful to me – wait here a moment" – naked and sure of himself he walked out of the room, but in a moment returned wit his bathrobe draped over his arm. Walking up to her he kissed her on the tip of her nose and put the robe around her shoulders.

He smiled and again held out his hand, "Nicole, feel more comfortable?" Grinning at her he put his arm around her waist and they walked to his bedroom.

Standing inside his bedroom for the first time she noticed it seemed like him – everything in its place, very comfortable and sexy. The bed cover was a deep, rich brown comforter with matching pillowcases. The two nightstands had matching lamps and they matched the dresser.

Nicole stood just inside the door clutching the warm robe around her body. She watched Jean-Claude pull down the covers and get into bed, and then he turned to her and patted the bed next to him.

She slowly walked to the bed and slid under the thick warm covers, letting the robe slide to the floor. Turning to him she smiled and said, "This feels very strange."

Jean-Claude turned onto his side looking directly into her eyes, "Yes, the first time may seem a bit strange but the next time we’ll feel like an old married couple." He raised one eyebrow and grinned when he said that.

Nicole laughed, "OH NO! I hope not!"

Jean-Claude laughed, "Oh yes, when we’re married you’ll say, Jean-Claude, not tonight I have to go to work so early in the morning."

Nicole playfully hit him on the arm and as he pulled her into an embrace she answered, "No way! You’ll be the one to say not tonight, Nicole, I have to work on a project."

Just before his lips met hers he whispered, "I’d never say that to Nicole, my wife."

She heard the words and in her heard she knew that she wanted to be his wife. She knew he must be teasing but she wanted to be joined to Jean-Claude as his wife and have him as her husband, forever.

He body molded to his and it felt right to be with him…against him. He whispered to her in French knowing she'd not understand and asked her to be his wife. His lips caressed hers. Pulling her tighter to him he rolled on top of her and keeping his weight on his arms looked down into her loving eyes. Jean-Claude knew what was in her heart and smiled down at her, "Nicole, this has to be perfect for us and I need to tell you something before we go any further. It’s and important matter and I need you to think about it before you answer me, okay?

His voice was so serious that Nicole felt nervous and began to have a scared feeling in the pit of her stomach. She tried to think of all she knew about him. He couldn’t want to tell her he was married, could he? She could feel her body shiver a moment and felt him kiss her cheek and then kiss the tip of his nose – she tried not to meet his gaze.

He raised her chin with his finger and said, "Nicole, this is very important – Veux-tu m’epouser?"

She whispered, "Jean-Claude, I don’t know what that means?"

He answered, "Will you be my wife?"

Astonished but with a feeling of pure elation she smiled and said, "Marry you?"

He chuckled, "Yes, so then you can tell me, not tonight Jean-Claude I have to go to work early."

Laughing she said, "I'd never say that to you."

Jean-Claude looked serious and whispered, "Answer me – Veux-tu m’epouser?"

She kissed him with all the happiness in her heard and said, "YES! YES!"

Hugging her tightly to his body he kissed her lips, her cheeks and his favorite place – the tip of her nose. He gazed into her eyes, "Nicole, tomorrow let’s buy a ring and I’ll place it on your third finger. We’ll buy some champagne and then I’ll make love to my fiancée and future wife, okay? Tonight we'll just hold each other?"

Feeling tears of happiness she snuggled into his arms imagining how wonderful tomorrow night would be. She picked up her left hand and gazed at her fourth finger, picturing his ring on her finger.

As always, he knew what she was thinking and took her hand kissing her fourth finger where he would place his ring.

Chapter 3

Morning dawned and Jean-Claude woke first - sliding out of bed he brought back to the bedroom a fresh, pot of coffee, biscuits and cheese. Placing it carefully on the nightstand he kissed Nicole until she looked up and smiled.

He smiled down at her, "Breakfast in bed for my future wife."

She laughed and sitting up in bed reached for the coffee cup he was handing her.

She looked at him and shyly said, "Do you remember what you said last night? I mean, about a ring?"

He said, "Yes, in fact I will call my friend Sebastian, who owns a jewelry store, and we can go as soon as we get dressed to pick out the ring." Jean-Claude reached for the phone and dialed his friend.

It was not early but Sebastian sounded angry at having to answer the phone.

"Sebastian? This is Jean-Claude and I want to know what time you will open the store -because I want to buy an engagement ring." Jean-Claude laughed, "No, Sebastian, not for you! You’re too ugly to be engaged to. It is for Nicole. Yes, the girl you met last month. Okay, we'll meet you there in an hour."

Nicole grinned and reached for the phone when he put it down, "Jean-Claude would it be okay if I had my friend Kim meet us there?"

As always, Jean-Claude smiled and said, "For a special day you should have your special friend there. Now, I will go shower and then we'll get engaged. Tonight we'll continue?" He had such a wicked grin on his face that Nicole laughed but said, "Oh, yes!"

About an hour later they walked into Sebastian’s Jewelry Boutique and were greeted by Sebastian, "Ahh, so this is the lovely woman who has captivated my friend Jean-Claude." He bowed from the waist and lifted Nicole’s hand and kissed it. Holding it slightly longer than appropriate he looked into her eyes and smiled. Nicole thought it odd but smiled and tried to pull her hand away, but he kept it firmly in his. At that moment the door opened up and Kim came in like a whirlwind of energy. Grabbing Nicole by the shoulder she just turned her around, forcing Sebastian to let go of Nicole’s hand, "Nicole! I can’t believe you’re getting married, when? why? how?"

Nicole laughed as Jean-Claude came over and kissed Kim on the cheek saying, "In a few months. Because we love each other. At a big wedding. Have you ever met my friend who will be my best man? Kim this is Sebastian."

Kim barely looked over at Sebastian and said, "Oh Hi, pleased to meet you. Nicole, let’s look over at that counter."

Sebastian looked at Jean-Claude and mimicked Kim, then went over behind the counter where the two girls stood as he said, "Excuse me, but since Kim doesn’t own the store and I do perhaps I can help you. Jean-Claude come over here and let me show you some rings I have in the back vault."

Kim finally looked into Sebastian’s blazing blue eyes and knew she must have insulted him somehow but answered, "You’re right. If I owned the store I’d put the diamond rings in a beautiful counter by themselves, with a red velvet heart background."

Nicole and Jean-Claude looked at each other and smiled. Kim and Sebastian looked at each other and her green eyes glared into his blue ones in challenge. Jean-Claude interrupted them.

"Well we're here with our two special friends for a special day, no?"

Nicole looped her arm through his, "Yes, so you two be nice to each other - and now I want to look at rings because we're having a very special night tonight. Kim I didn’t even get to ask you yet, will you be my maid of honor?"

Kim sighed, "Yes I’d be honored, and Sebastian I’m sorry. I apologize and since we'll be seeing each other over their wedding plans can we start over?" She didn’t sound very sorry but sounded more annoyed at him. Sebastian hated what he considered snotty, American, independent women as much as Kim hated what she considered over macho French men.

Sebastian stood about 5’9 with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He had always been sought after by women and didn’t like Kim’s attitude. He smiled, "Yes, you should be sorry and yes, I accept your apology." He turned to get the rings from the back room but not before seeing the anger blaze back into her eyes.

Nicole whispered to Jean-Claude, "I don’t think they like each other?"

Jean-Claude put his arm around her and kissed her ear whispering back, "No, Sebastian likes all women and all women like Sebastian. They will be fine – if they don’t kill each other first." He laughed and pulled her into a kiss until he heard Sebastian cough and say, "Jean-Claude? You want to start tonight in my store?"

Sebastian held out a ring to Jean-Claude and both men looked at each other knowing it was very expensive. Nicole didn’t realize it and said, "That’s my ring! It is perfect? Can we afford it?"

Jean-Claude as always said, "If it is perfect, then yes, we can afford it." He took the ring from Sebastian and slid it on her finger saying, "Veux-tu m’epouser?"

Nicole smiled and threw her arms around his neck saying, "Yes. Yes. Yes. Forever."

Kim looked over their shoulders at Sebastian, who rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders saying, "Love – who needs it!"

Nicole asked, "Jean-Claude what did he say?"

Kim glared at Sebastian and she said, "He said Love is needed."

Jean-Claude pulled Nicole to the other side of the store where he pulled her into his arms and molded her body to his. He wanted her so badly right then but wanted the day to be special and after a moment of hugging and kissing her said, "Sebastian – Kim – you will join us for dinner and some dancing, yes?"

Sebastian grinned, "Kim? Do you dance or just glare?"

Kim ignored Sebastian and turning to Jean-Claude said, "I wouldn’t missing toasting to your upcoming wedding, just tell me where and what time?"

After kissing Nicole and Jean-Claude good-bye Kim walked out of the store without saying goodbye to Sebastian.

Sebastian grinned at Jean-Claude, "I think I have upset the American?"

Nicole answered, "Not really. If Kim was upset you would be flat on your butt." She laughed at the shocked expression on Sebastian’s face as he laughed and said, "Then tonight I shall be very good so not to be sitting on how you say, my butt?"

Laughing as Sebastian locked up the store they left and made plans to meet for dinner later that evening.

Arm in arm Nicole and Jean-Claude walked to their new life engaged to be married.