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Chapter 1 - The Note

She knew with whom she needed to be with tonight and called him. She craved his strength and possession. She felt her need to follow his instructions and to reach that state where she needed to give her body to him and come for him. She asked to be with him tonight and he laughed and said, "Of course, Jasmine, you know the routine."

The room glowed in candlelight and sensual shadows. She could see him sitting in the chair but unable to see his expression she wasn't sure what to expect. The bed was bare of covers and had only two pillows on it - black satin sheets had an ominous look on the bed waiting for her. A small red lamp added to the candles dancing shadows over the room.

She wore what she'd been told to wear in his note. She could hear his deep, demanding voice, "My Sweet Jasmine, wear the black lace stockings, matching garters (no panties, they're such a bore) and the new bra with the nipples cut out - this is what you will wear to my room at 8:00 - don't be late!"

She could feel the chill in the air as she walked through the doorway. She immediately walked across the room, walking slowly toward him and kneeling. Jasmine felt him take her chin, turning her face up, so their eyes met. She saw the blaze of possession and lust in them as he smiled down at her and slowly spread his thighs. She felt that familiar shiver go through her body as she watched him slide forward, so his balls hung off the chair. She saw them hanging in front of her...his balls...his hard erection. She picked up the masculine scent of him and it stirred deep within her anticipation and excitement. Her nipples betrayed her and hardened. She gazed into his eyes knowing he knew what she needed.

Without thinking she licked her lips and heard him chuckle, "Lick your lips again, Jasmine. My hot pussy is hungry tonight? I know I can get you to do anything for me once you're hot and wet. Lick me Jasmine - you know what you're suppose do to if you want me to be pleased with you." She began the ritual she knew was demanded of her, what she needed to do, what her nipples were hard for and her pussy dripped for. She needed him to want her.

His cock was just inches from her face and she could smell his man's scent as it filled her senses with him. She craved the smell of his balls and cock - she loved his scent. Slowly she lowered her head and licked the tip of his cock...slower she licked around the head, paying special attention to the drop of pre-cum that appeared - she lapped it up. She loved his taste, his scent and she needed to be his possession.

"Stop thinking Jasmine! - Watch what you’re doing! Ah, yes, now pay attention to this cock that you must satisfy, my sweet one. Good baby, that’s it now!"

She continued slowly licking his tip and then moving ever so slowly down his hard shaft. Like sucking a lollipop in and out of her mouth, sucking it slightly from the sides then sucking the entire thing in her mouth.

"My balls Jasmine, wet them for me."

She was now starting to whimper in need, his smell driving her senses crazy as she whimpered in answer, "Yes, I'll lick them and wet them, I love to suck on your balls."

She knelt lower as he slid his balls closer to her. She cupped them in her hands and marveled at how they enticed her mouth to suck them in. She licked them, under them and caressed them with her mouth as she inhaled the musk scent of him. Then, she slowly opened her mouth to gently take his balls into her mouth and suck on them. First one and then the other, she slowly sucked them both into the heat of her mouth.

He moaned and leaned back arching his muscular back. His heavy balls were thrust deeper in her mouth and she sucked on them. His cock was thick and hard and he wanted more.

"On the bed Jasmine and on your knees, let me have that dripping cunt."

He took her hand and walked her to the bed positioning her on her knees in front of him. He knew her pussy was dripping its honey and he dipped his finger in it tasting her. He shoved his fingers back into her dripping pussy and she pushed back on them. He smiled at how hot she was for cock and whispered to her, "Yes, fuck my fingers like this, ride them my hot bitch!"

He let her ride them feeling her shove her hot pussy back on them - he wanted to lick her. He pulled his fingers out of her heated body and licked her juice off them. He wanted to suck pussy tonight. Hot, steamy, wet pussy!

He flipped on his back and pulling her over him moved his head between her thighs - opening her to his hungry mouth. He pulled her hips down impaling her pussy on his tongue. He drove it deep within the folds of her, licking until his tongue found her spot. She moaned and tried to get away from his demanding tongue. He kept her pinned on his mouth as he sucked and drank the sweet pussy juice dripping from her private entrance.

She slowly gyrated her pussy on his mouth. He continued licking over her pussy and her clit. She whimpered and moaned until he broke his contact and said, "Tell me my sweet Jasmine, do you need your pussy eaten out tonight?"

Her head was bent and she whimpered, ‘Yes, please eat me, I need you to suck on my clit."

He quickly said, "Then shove your pussy down on my face and I'll eat your pussy. Now Jasmine, give me your dripping, wet pussy!" He pulled her down and sucked on her clit, pulling at it with his lips.

She pumped her hips on his face, arching her back when she felt him suck and pull at her clit. She could feel her pussy juice dripping and felt his tongue dart in and out of her. She craved being sucked and tongue fucked as much as she craved sucking cock. She started to grind her pussy on his tongue. She was fucking his mouth and she felt that burning need inside her to come.

He shoved his finger between her ass cheeks and started to play with her asshole. He sucked at her pussy and could feel her needing to come. He knew she was his. He could feel her fucking his tongue, rubbing her clit over his teeth and as he bit her clit she screamed and started to come on his mouth. He slid his index finger slightly in her ass and heard her moaning, "I love fucking your mouth - I'm coming!"

He could feel her arching and coming as he continued to lick and suck at her, draining her pussy and drinking her sweet nectar. He finally slid out from between her thighs and rolling her on her back he moved beside her.

"Jasmine, you’re my hot pussy?" She whimpered her reply, her eyes closed, her thighs pressed together as her pussy continued to throb.

He pulled at her nipples sticking through the cut out of the bra as he whispered. "Rest my sweet one it's time for note #2."

Note #2

Jasmine fell into a deep sleep. When she woke she was still throbbing from coming and looking around noticed a note on the nightstand. Reading it she whispered aloud what it said, "My dear Jasmine – I'm outside under the large tree – come kneel before me, my hot one!"

She couldn’t move – her legs were still quivering, while her nipples poking through the cut out bra were still pointed and swollen. She finally got up and walked into the backyard. Squinting from the sun she walked toward him. She saw him standing naked and waiting for her to arrive in front of him.

She watched him staring at her, as she moved toward him. Her pointed, nipples poking through the bra and her bare feet made no sound as she walked on the soft grass. She slowly walked across the lawn and stood in front of him.

"Turn around slowly for me, Jasmine."

She began to slowly turn in a circle but he stopped her when her back was facing toward him. He reached down cupping her full ass, caressing the plentiful cheeks in each hand. He moved his hands lower and spread open her ass cheeks.

"Bend over Jasmine I want to see your pretty little asshole before you suck this cock!"

She leaned forward and he teasingly moved a finger from her pussy to her asshole, toying with her. She wiggled away from his finger while he laughed.

"Okay, Jasmine, I won't poke in your tight asshole, just let me play for a while with you."

He fingered her pussy for a few minutes but then ran his finger around her asshole again - it tightened at the invasion. His cock was getting harder and as he toyed with her puckered hole he stroked his cock in strong, slow strokes. Finally leaving her ass alone he sank his finger deep in her pussy - she moaned in pleasure and need.

He watched as the sun blazed down on her ass and her hair swung slowly in the rhythm of her body on his finger. Her tits lightly swayed back and forth and he could feel her start to push back on his finger, wanting more of it up her pussy.

He chuckled, "Oh no Jasmine, it's not your turn again for my fingers up your hot little cunt."

Pulling his finger out of her he spun her around to face him, pushing down on her shoulders and forcing her to kneel before him.

"Look what that hot ass of yours did to this cock. I want to come Jasmine, you better make this cock come hard and mean. Now take care of it!"

As she looked up at him from where she was kneeling he leaned back against the tree and spread his legs in a wide stance. The day was so odd to her. Here she was in a fenced in backyard, the sun shining and her kneeling on the soft grass looking at the largest cock and balls she'd ever seen.

"Jasmine! Stop thinking again and rub your nipples on this cock!"

She moved forward on her knees, her nipples poking out of the bra and she pushed them toward his balls. As they touched his meaty sacs the tips got instantly harder and she began to move her tits up toward the swollen head of his cock. She grasped his cock rubbing the nipples against the swollen head…back and forth, loving the feel of his smooth skin stretching.

"Jasmine, open your thighs while you kneel, spread them wide!"

Shifting her legs she opened her thighs. She felt him start to stroke her hair, as he leaned forward watching her tits rub on his cockhead.

"Enough of those swollen titties Jasmine, now clean me, lick me totally clean and then my bitch suck it until I shoot my load in your mouth!"

He twined his hand in her hair and moving her head to his balls her tongue began licking them. Balancing with her hands on his thighs she leaned forward licking his balls, wetting them and kissing them…washing him with her tongue. His male scent filled her nostrils and her tongue bathed him harder. By only slightly moving his hips made let her do all the work. He controlled her movements by gently moving her head where he wanted her tongue to bathe him.

"Enough Jasmine, let’s change position."

Moving around her, he stood leaning one foot flat against the tree so he was spread open over her. With one foot on the ground and his other over her head with his foot leaning on the tree, he groaned, "Now Jasmine, you can do a better job licking under my balls and to my asshole."

She knelt closer and he lowered himself, so she could lick under his balls. She loved looking at his sacs hanging over her face, causing her pussy to ooze pussy juice while her nipples got harder and pointed. She heard him whisper in throaty voice, "Spread them now Jasmine, pull my ass cheeks apart and lick me there!" She leaned at a better angle and with her delicate hands spreading his cheeks she started to lick from his bulging sacs to his asshole, wetting him there with her tongue. She felt him reach down and hold her head, so she wouldn't move from licking him. He moaned, "Spear your tongue Jasmine, poke at me!" She speared her tongue and darted it over his asshole, as he pressed against it. She got used to doing it to him.

"Yes, Jasmine just like that, lick it and spear at it with that pointed little tongue of yours!"

He began to move his hips, moving her tongue and leaning down so she could gently pierced him. "Soon Jasmine you'll crave licking my asshole as you crave everything else, but for now take care of my cock head!"

He heard her moaning and knew she was hot and loving what he was having her do to him. She was hungry for his cock and moved up taking it in her mouth as a hungry bitch in heat. "Go for it Jasmine, suck it, suck the hot come out of it!"

He gazed at her sucking his cock deep into her mouth. She was moaning in pleasure and satisfaction as she slurped her mouth over it, licking pre-come and sucking him up and down his cock. He watched her kneeling before him, her eyes closed and her hands holding his balls as she sucked and slurped at him. He laughed to himself as his bitch took one of her hands off his balls and slid it between her own open thighs. He knew from her animal moans that she found her clit and was rubbing it. He began to pump in her mouth leaning forward bending his leg, using the tree for balance and leverage.

"Good girl Jasmine, suck my cock baby, pull that fucking clit of yours and suck me off, suck the hot come!" She began jerking on his cock. Her mouth sucking the swollen head at the same time. Her hand was moving like a piston on his hot pole, jerking it faster and harder as his balls slapped back and forth getting tighter. He held her head in position of being mouth fucked.

She began to whimper as her fingers pulled at her clit. He moved faster as he felt her lips pressing tighter on his swollen cock head. He felt sensations building to the point where he knew he had to shoot his load. He arched his back and felt his cock start to jerk and thrust, as he started to shoot his seed down her throat. He heard her moaning as she plucked her clit forcing her own orgasms and gulping as she swallowed the large amount of come he kept shooting down her throat. "Keep sucking Jasmine, drain my cock baby of come and drink it all, good girl, keep swallowing my hot seed!"

Finally he felt himself softening. She continued to lick him gently over his cock and balls. He looked down watching her kneeling taking care of his cock. "Okay, Jasmine, baby, stand up now for me." She stood up shakily, still quivering from coming and sucking on him.

He removed his foot from against the tree and changing positions pressed her against the tree, then pressed his body against her. "Did you like it Jasmine, tell the truth now, did you like licking and sucking my big cock and balls?"

She looked up at him and just grinned.

Laughing he kissed her on the nose, "You look like a cat that just had the bowl of milk. Satisfied and purring!"