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The sound of a motorcycle pulling up next to my pick up truck sent shivers racing through me. It's the sound. There’s no sound like the sound of a Harley engine. It's the sound of long ago of memories. It’s the sound of nights of heated lust…of blue eyes with blazing need gazing into my brown eyes. Looking over at the stranger I admired his black leathers, his black helmet and wondered what he looked like underneath it. He looked over at me but his face-shield was the kind you couldn't look into. Every time the biker revved his Harley I remembered someone’s arms around me…drawing my naked body against his hard frame. Every time the stranger’s engine quieted I could feel sensations tingling through me. The red-light changed. I waited that split second for the sound. I knew the moment the stranger’s booted legs left the ground and his balance was on the bike. I felt the engine sound coursing right through me as he rode away from the light. Time. Memories. I pulled over to the side of the road as feelings took over my body and mind remembering Jake. Leaning back a moment on the seat I closed my eyes and allowed the memories to flood my being.


The night was as black as pitch and the moon was that harvest one where it illuminates the sky. Sitting in the front of my house on the steps, waiting for that sound of his bike to come down the road. The night-rider, that's what I used to call him. It seemed so appropriate as his all black Harley halted in front of me as if appearing out of the darkness. He would pull his helmet off and even at a distance his blue eyes would blaze into mine as he said, "Come on babe!" He would pat the seat in back of him.

I loved walking toward to him, watching him with that bike balanced between his strong thighs. Just throwing my leg over the bike and pulling my body tight to his ass would make me wet with need. When that engine kicked over and the vibrations went through my legs it felt sensual...erotic. When I held tight around his waist and we pulled off into the night the air seemed to take on an electric spark. I’d place my cheek on his back, where his long hair streamed down the middle in a braid. As I held him tightly to my body one thought would play through my mind. Jake. My Jake.

Even holding tightly to him with the motor purring to his every movement it was like exotic dancing. The smell of his leather jacket and the scent of the cologne he always wore, Boss, drove my senses wild. I could feel his ass snug between my thighs at the juncture of my legs. We would lean in unison to take a curve…pressure against my private flesh. I'd snuggle tighter against him, rubbing my pussy on his butt. He'd feel my every move and when I'd do that his hand would squeeze my thigh, rubbing it up and down. That alone would make me want him…need him.

We’d ride that bike to the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River. It was known to both of us what we liked to do on those dark nights, when moon light showered down on our bodies. There’s something about the feeling of the cold night air on our hot sweating bodies that turned me on. My thoughts as we would near the cliffs would make me squirm on the seat. His hand would respond by holding tighter on my leg, letting me know he was aware of what I wanted and what my thoughts were. The silent language between two bodies - on one Harley. I could feel my pussy getting wet from the vibrations of the bike and being pressed against his ass. I'd rub my chest on his back and my nipples would harden sending messages to my body. Soon. Soon.

As we'd come to a stop the bike would slightly lean while he kicked down the stand. I'd still hold him to me, not wanting to lose this contact…wanting more. He’d always slide off from in front of me and pulling off his helmet would always speak first, "Okay babe?" His smile would send shivers of want through me. When he would pull off his leather jacket I’d sit a moment looking at his strong arms. He was so completely male.

I'd always smile balancing my helmet on the seat answering, "Yes, when I'm with you I'm always fine."

He'd chuckle, "Well then, we'd better make sure you're with me more often?"

We'd known each other too many years to bother with hugging and slowly undressing. With Jake there was just this urgency in my being to have him sink into me to the hilt. Jake would go to the saddle-bag and pulling out our usual blanket he'd double fold it to make it slightly thicker. Without looking at me he’d put the blanket on the ground next to the bike and then pull off his boots. I’d always watch his silhouette, while he stripped off the leathers. He'd finally turn to me and say, "Damn, Jessika, why do you always wait for me to get naked?"

I’d laugh pulling my sneakers and jeans off, "Just incase you don't. I'm sure as hell not going to be stark ass naked on a cliff by myself!"

Quickly I’d slide off my blouse and bra and walk over to him – right up to him – flat against him. Wrapping my arms around his waist I’d always say, "I've missed you Jake." I’d wait for him to say something like that he missed me too, but as always he would only say, "You missing me is good!" I always wanted him to say more but always was glad he at least said that. I’d kiss his muscular chest and feel his strong thighs start to push against mine so I’d spread my legs in a wider stance.

I’d look up and know his lips would be moving toward mine. That first touch of his mouth on mine was enough to make me feel my nipples harden in anticipation of his mouth moving toward them. I didn’t care about foreplay – I wanted Jake inside me. Pounding hard and fast into my body. It was the night…the air…the man.

His hands would run over my back to my bottom pulling me tight against his cock - I’d whisper how much I needed him in me. How much I wanted his cock ramming up me hard and fast. He knew…he always knew my need.

With the moon sending shadows of light playing over his arms I’d sink to the blanket and he’d follow. Kneeling between my thighs he would say in that deep voice "Spread your thighs for me, Jessika. Let me see what I’m going to have. Let me know I own you."

As my legs would spread wider and I would whisper that I belong to him he would lean over me. His mouth closing on my sensitive nipple would send shivers through my body. Sucking it until it throbbed and swelled from his licking and pulling on it I would whimper his name. After a few moments of his teasing my body into a burning need I'd feel him rubbing his cock over my pussy lips. I was always so wet with need for him. I needed him in the deeper heat within my body.

He'd always say, "Ready? Want it?"

I'd whimper his name in such need pulling him toward me until he would thrust deep into me. At the same time his mouth would find mine in a possessive kiss, and our bodies would blend in need and movement - thrusting. I could feel my body moving, my hips arching off the ground to take more of him. My nipples hard and tight and my body wet and being taken by the man that I needed.

Arching in an unspeakable ecstasy…whimpering…I'd ground my body up toward his. Moving under his strength I'd feel Jake pounding into my body. Taking me to the heights that only this one man could ignite. I’d pull his mouth tight to my nipples begging him to again suck hard and bite them. Teeth…pulling…heat would course through my body from the tips of my hard pointed nipples to my clit being rubbed by his body.

In and out…thrusting. My Jake…my man. The need to reach that point in my body that only he could control. As I'd feel him slamming his hard cock into me I could feel my need accepting him more. I arched my back, drawing him to the hilt within me. In sensual rhythm I'd thrust my hips against him.

I finally needed to whimper to him, "Jake. I need you so much. I need you fucking me hard. I need to come for you."

His voice had such an animal satisfaction note to it, as he’d demand, "Come for me baby. Jessika, come for me. You belong to only me bitch, remember that as you come!"

With the last hot slamming thrusts of his cock deep into my wetness I’d feel my body spasm around him - my body would have a shattering release. His growl, "Yes, baby, just like that. Tight hot pussy!"

I'd dig my nails lightly into his ass pulling him tighter into me…holding him. Over and over my pussy would clench in sensual waves.

He'd arch his back filling me completely. Sheathing himself all the way I'd feel his cock throb in release as his hot come would fill my body. Hot…demanding. Filling my heat with the quenching lust of a man and a woman. Climaxing into one being.

My body would hold him within me - I could feel his weight on me as his climax ebbed and he'd relax for a few moments. In those few moments he was mine. But as always then the night reality would slowly come between us. He would kiss me then standing up and reach for his leathers, "Come on babe. Let’s head back to town."

I’d wait for a moment waiting for words to make it special. He’d look down at me. Reaching down his hand to help me up he'd whisper, "I already said you belong to me."

I’d smile and after getting dressed slide in back of him onto that black Harley. It seemed so long ago but it had only been a few months.

* * *

The sound of an engine revving broke into my thoughts. The Harley was next to my truck window and the rider had removed his helmet to reveal blue eyes and a long gray braid streaming down his back. His voice was the same, "Hi, it’s been too long. I don’t know where we went wrong."

I smiled and felt the old need but answered, "Hi, what does that mean?"

"It means that you still belong to me? It means that I want you to belong to me. It means that I want us back together. And, hell, I don't know what else to say. I've never been much on words."

I smiled and felt all the old feelings flooding back into my body. "Jake? For how long this time?"

His crooked smile made me feel wonderful as he said, "Oh hell Jessika, you always did want the damn words! Forever. There, are you satisfied now!"

Grinning I said, "Yes, but if you come over to my place I’ll be a lot more satisfied and so will you."

He grinned, "Sounds like a nice way to start forever."

As my truck pulled off I watched him put on his helmet and race me to my apartment.