Erotic Night Series are a short stories of odd erotic, wonderful sensations - and whose to say what is a dream and what is reality. Series 1-9 Posted 1-9

Erotic Night 1 - Night Whispers ©, 1999-2008

All rights reserved - copy duplication prohibited D/s

Lying naked in her bed she heard his words within the deepest, darkest, caverns of her mind. Whispering through her being, like the winds over the mountains - caressing the land under its touch. His words drifted to her slowly, as she felt his presence enveloping her in his warm cloak. Like the sunset, slowly giving over to the night, she felt his pull. A long, low, sigh escaped her lips, as her mind reached out to him, with a thirst for his possession.

Reaching into the darkness where naught but night and shadow rule, her fingers were grasped in strong hands. She was pulled across the threshold, into his world of strength and possession…giving and submission.

Feeling her body relaxing she felt the anticipation. She heard his deep voice whispering, "It's taken you long to surrender, my pet, but now I’ll take your hand and lead you further over the threshold…hold tight and we'll go on wings of the night to my world!"

She heard her own voice drifting to her, as if from far away, "But, I don’t know if I want to go that far!"

And the night answered, "But you’re already here! Where the shadows cloak us safely, yet know our deepest pleasures and our darkest desires. Yours to offer, mine to take, is this not so?"

Into the velvet shadows she whispered the only two words her mind and body needed, "Yes, Master." His thumb gently caressed her lush, soft mouth.

Gazing into the night’s dark eyes she felt the need to please and the hunger for his touch. Her breasts felt swollen as her sensitive peaks stiffened with the need to be touched. His fingers suddenly worked their magic in pleasuring them…pulling them high…twisting them. A moan escaped her lips, "I’ve needed you, Master."

Feeling the start of that first moistness at the apex of her legs, a deep, masculine voice whispered next to her ear, "I take pleasure in your hunger…in your needs… give them all to me, my pet!"

Her body and mind offered him that which he demanded - his voice ran through her being, "Show me,

offer me your creamy soft, breasts…offer me your need to devour you!""

Her hands cupped their softness and as she offered her breasts to his mouth the night licked their rigid tips. His masculine scent filled her senses, as she felts her breasts being gently squeezed. Moaning, while her breasts were being kneaded and stroked, she begged, "I need more, I need more, Master!"

The answer she needed so desperately was voiced in the darkness; "I know all your needs…all your desires…all your hungers…kneel on all fours before me, my treasured possession."

Turning her body she leaned on her arms…offering her ass high in the air. Silently waiting she soon felt the cool night air touching her inner thighs. Spreading her knees wider apart she heard his voice drifting to her, "I know you need to be touched...I feel your hunger for my fingers is here! Right here, touching this soft wetness!"

Moaning, she pushed back on the velvet, warm fingers that were sliding over her delicate, moist softness. A pleasured whimper was heard as his long fingers dipped in and teased her hunger. She felt his fingers moving along her tender flesh - playing lightly over her treasure, like a soft whisper…he touched it with the barest touch.

Concentrating on his light touch she felt her sensitive place begin to swell. She heard his low smooth breathing, as he moved her flesh in feathery light, circular motions.

The night’s voice cut through her thoughts, "Here is the place you need touched, the place you need caressed…feel it throughout your body…feel the need building for pressure on this beautiful jewel and the final possession of your body."

As her body moved against the pressure of his fingers...needing them to enter her depths, his fingers pressed against her entrance. Her night hunger was heard whispering in the air, "Oh, please, please enter me, please, Master."

A deep hunger filled her, as she heard a buzzing sound filling the air around her. With sensual movements of her hips she felt her sensitive nipples being rubbed over the carpet…her heavy breasts moving back and forth. She knew what the night wanted to hear from her, "My nipples feel swollen rubbing on the carpet. I like the feel of them being gently scraped and irritated…yes, it feels good, Master."

The wind picked up almost moaning through the room, as her woman’s scent filled the air with the need of her wetness and heat. The sound moved closer to her warm dampness and she felt the folds of her flesh being pulled open, exposing the moistness for his pleasure.

Arching her back…pushing her ass higher in the air she felt the light vibration against her sensitive spot - slowly rubbing up and down. Finally resting at the entrance of her hunger she heard him whisper, "Now, do you wish my gift in you? Are you mine, my lovely pet?"

She could only whimper in submission, "Yessssssssss!"

Into her heated core she felt the gift and pushed back, thrusting it deeper into her body. Filled and moaning she began to pump her hips back and forth, feeling the penetration impaling her sheath on its thickness. It pulsed inside her. Sinking into her again and again….faster, it moved harder into her depth and wetness.

Without realizing it she begged, "Please, please….I need release from this heat,"

The shadows closed in, the winds seemed to rage through her mind and soul. Her body took all of it inside of her…impaling herself and suddenly feeling her body need to come.

The winds finally whispered, "NOW! pet, give me your gift of heat and honey!"

Moving against it in hot need…slamming…hot, thrusts. She shoved her hips backward, as her body convulsed and began coming with wanton abandon. Into the darkness, she cried, "For you Master, all my desires and hungers are for you!"

Finally, sliding her legs flat and she felt the gift sliding out into the night. As her spasms subsided and the night cooled her body, it ceased its dance of hunger and need.

Pulling the covers over her she felt her mind drift to sleep and the winds of the night slowly fade.

Erotica Night2

The Patio © Copyright

All Rights Reserved - Copy Duplication Prohibited

Lying in whispers of silk, with the soft cushion of the chaise lounge caressing my back, the night surrounding the patio caresses and kisses my skin.

Looking up at the adjoining house I gaze at the light in the upstairs window, knowing you're there. I close my eyes and can picture your body…naked…your cock standing erect and your balls waiting for me to pleasure you. I've watched you as my neighbor for months and imagined your body plowing into mine.

Opening my eyes I look up and see the night stars, crisp and clear looking down upon my body. I can see the moonlight playing across my pointed nipples. Wetting my finger I touch the points of each breast, feeling them want more. I drift in sensations of cool air on my satin nightgown and arching my body let the air rub the gown over me, like a lover’s caress.

I stretch my arms toward the stars, as my nipples pucker and try to poke through the satin. My nipples are hard as the breeze seems to rustle kisses on

the bushes surrounding the property. Bending my knees toward my shoulders my gown slides up to my waist - I feel the air on my soft inner thighs. I want to feel it between my soft, pussy lips. Keeping my eyes closed I feel and hear the soft sounds of the night surrounding me. Although I hear the cracking sound of a twig I'm so entwined in sensation that I continue to pump my hips in pleasure. Finally opening my eyes I gaze at the shrubbery between our property parting. You appear, standing barefoot, in only a tight pair of jeans.

My open thighs are facing you and as I start to bring my knees together I hear you whisper or is it the wind whispering? "Leave your legs open for me, let me caress you." Closing my eyes as you drift towards me I let my thighs gently open wider.

The breeze picks up as I slide my gown over my head, letting it drift to the patio in a pool of satin. I gently cup my full breasts, offering them to you to suckle and then I feel soft lips covering them. Arching into the soft wetness I feel my nipple being suckled and pulled taught by lips and teeth. I whimper my need as my other nipple is pulled high, pinched in the night - it swells in pleasure begging for more. They're swollen and puckered - a dark rose aureole culminating to the taught nipple. Lightly I feel my nipples being flicked by soft wetness and I whisper, "Oh yes, I’ve needed you so much to take my body in pleasure." The voice in the night chuckles and I open my thighs to the voice whispering, "Open for me darling, spread your softness and let me drink your essence."

I feel disappointment as the wetness of a sensual mouth leaves my hard nipples. But, it's replaced by anticipation as a tongue travels over my soft belly. Lower, until I finally feel it pulling my soft pubic curls in gentle teeth. I feel my pubic hair being pulled, nuzzled and licked. The heat is too much for me and I whisper, "Yes, I’ll open for you, I need to feel you caress my body and lick me." The tongue continues to drift lower, spreading my lips open. Cool air now touches my private clit, so safely concealed…but now exposed.

It feels as though a midnight lightening bolt charges through my body, as kisses and suckling spear my clit and my private flesh is spread wider in wanton desire. Flicking…tapping…I arch toward the feelings and am rewarded by the sucking and licking moving over me pussy.

The heat coursing through my body makes me moan, "Oh please, lower, lower, oh please, lick me lower."

I cup my breasts and my fingers gently flick at my nipples making them strain and harden. My nectar starts to flow from my pussy and I whimper, "Taste me, take what you need to quench your thirst." I’m consumed by pleasure and pulling at my nipples, twisting them so they swell and redden.

I hear the night moaning, or is it my need breaking from my soul to the stars, as my honey is being gently licked and sucked. My opening is filled with a finger of moonlight spearing into it. It moves in and out of my body while joined by another ray of moonlight…stretching me open wider.

The need to move with the breeze is too much and I sway my hips to the rhythm of the night. The winds have picked up and seem to whip around me as I moan into the night, "Oh yes, right there, I need to come, please bring me release!"

The night whispers, "Yes, now you’ll fly to the stars." The moonbeams thrust into my body as the sucking on my clit drives me closer to the heat. I thrust my hips up while continuing to pinch my nipples harder in frantic movements. Suddenly I feel it. My clit being suckled and pulled explodes in orgasm, as I cry out to the night, "YES, right now!" Waves of pleasure course through my body to the tips of my nipples…puckered…pulling. My legs quiver and my nectar flows free to be lapped up.

Still moaning from the sensations of release I run my hands over my breasts, then down my body. The moonlight slides out of me and I hear a whisper, "Keep your eyes closed, you’re beautiful, open like this."

I feel kisses on my inner thighs as my pubic hair is gently tussled. I start to fall asleep hearing the rustle

of the bushes and the receding sound of twigs crackling.

Erotic Night 3

Cat © Copyright, 1999, 2000

All rights reserved - copy, duplication prohibited

The rain was coming down harder, as he sprinted from his car to his front porch. Luckily the porch light was on because it was pitch black on this particular night. He heard the clock in his den chiming midnight and while fumbling for his keys felt something rub against his leg.

"SHIT!" He jumped and almost kicked at it, but then realized it was only a cat.

Although not particularly fond of cats he bent down to pat her and she rubbed against his hand. He scratched her head, "Good kitty – go home now!"

He opened the door, letting himself in, and proceeded to hang up his wet jacket.

Suddenly he heard, "meow, meeeeoooowww." Walking back to the door he peered out into the night and saw the white cat pacing in front of his door.

Opening the door he yelled, "Damn, GO HOME!" The cat immediately ran past him into the den and jumped up onto the back of the couch. Looking at the cat and then out the door into the pouring rain he decided the cat could stay, "Oh

hell, why not! Okay cat, you can stay the night but that’s the ballgame – got it? One night, then out!"

The cat was busy cleaning her paws while he went to the kitchen and brought back a beer and the cat a bowl of milk. Sitting down he sipped his Coors. "Okay Cat go get some milk! Cats are suppose to like milk!"

The cat jumped off the couch and finished the milk. After cleaning her paws she landed right in his lap curling sleepily into a ball. He yelled, "Oh SHIT! Get off me!" His hand went to push her off his lap but she purred and instead his fingers sifted through her soft, long white hair. "You know Cat, you sound like a little motor boat engine you purr so loudly – at least you’re not wet." The cat looked up with her green eyes, blinking them, then closing them and purring louder.

Drinking the beer while sifting his fingers through her hair he finally felt drowsy and placing her on the couch he went into his bedroom. Stripping naked he pulled the covers back and got into his bed. A moment later he heard "purrrrrrr...purrrrrr." He didn't even hear her jump up on the bed but there she was happily purring by his hip. Looking at her soft white fur he smiled and just whispered, "One night Cat and then in the morning you go home – got it?"

He fell into a deep sleep.

He felt the dream starting and it was so sensual he drifted with it. She was beautiful – skin like white marble and long almost white hair. Her eyes were the deepest green, like bright beacons in the dark of the bedroom. She was next to him – her length stretched out against his skin. He whispered, "Who are you?"

She placed a long, delicate finger on his lips, smiling an almost ethereal smile and purred, "Caitlin, Cat for short." She kissed his cheek and her tongue was the most sensual he'd ever felt, as she licked across his lips. He opened his mouth as her tongue darted in claiming his. Her body slid over his like a soft warm blanket.

His hand moved through her long, blonde, soft hair…down the length of her spine to her round bottom and pulled her softness into his hard, male heat. She arched her back, pushing against his sex as his hands molded her against him. He was hard, needing any woman but his body and mind screamed for this woman – Cat.

He smiled into her green eyes while she slowly slid down the length of him. Rubbing her taut nipples over his skin, she slid them over his hard, flat belly…finally sliding over his full throbbing cock. Her long fingers enfolded him while she slid lower, until her breath purred softly on his loins.

He reached down and buried his hands in her hair while watching her lips close over his throbbing erection. His moan was carried away in the night as he felt her mouth gently sucking on his shaft…drawing it deeper into her hot

mouth. Her tongue flicked up and down the side of his cock as her head rocked up and down on him…sucking on him.

"Oh damn, Cat, my balls, please honey suck on them!"

As if she knew his command before he uttered it, her mouth left his heat and her soft tongue was magically licking over his balls. Her hand continued squeezing and sliding up and down his shaft. Hot…his balls were being sucked into the heat of her mouth. He could feel her wetting them and gently pulling on them as her tongue pressed on them within her mouth. He was dripping. Her slender fingers touched the tip of his dripping crest and rubbed the pre-come over the rim and down the sides.

"Oh Cat, it’s been so damn long since…."

Cat moved swiftly and delicately back to his waiting cock. Her long blond hair brushed across his thighs as she began to erotically use her body and mouth.

His balls tightened as her hand continued to caress and pull on them. His cock pulsing in her mouth was close…hot…hard.

He could feel it starting deep in his loins. His back arched…his legs stiffened and his moan filled the air. He felt his body scream with release while his cock thrust into her mouth. Finally, his body shuddered in satisfaction as his cock spilled his hot seed into her waiting mouth. She kept sucking and drinking until he felt his cock drained. Then she gently licked him.

"Cat….Cat…" He pulled her body up to his and kissed her soft lips. "Don’t leave me Cat, please." He took off his ring and slid it onto her finger, repeating, "Don’t leave, please?"

Stroking her silky hair he fell back into a deep slumber.

Morning found him alone. He stretched out remembering his dream and quickly sat up looking around. The bed was empty except for the Cat he let in last night. Laughing he looked down at her, "Well you sure aren’t the Cat I'm looking for – Now off with you!"

Walking to the front door he put the cat out and went to get a cup of coffee.

The ring! He was looking all over for the ring when he heard, ‘Meeeoooowwwww!" Walking to the front door he opened it ready to shoo the cat away. She ran past him into the bedroom and jumping on the bed, curled up and closed her eyes.

He walked towards her and she looked up, her green eyes looked deeply into his. He sat down on the bed and she curled up next to his leg. He ran his fingers through her long, silky hair muttering, "Okay Cat. Guess you’re better than nothing to have around and love – Don’t leave me, okay?"

She looked up with her green eyes. Purring she opened her mouth and dropping his ring onto his lap snuggled down to her new home…waiting for the clock to chime midnight.

Erotic Night 4

Rightful Places © Copyright,

All rights reserved - copy, duplication prohibited


The need she’d always felt for him was unbearable. Her mind and body craved his touch…his flesh. Days of thinking about him finally had come to a screeching halt. Days pretending that things had changed proved false. As darkness crawled across the sky, the night seemed as if it was calling her name. She could feel the night’s breeze caressing her face…her lips, as if soft kisses placed upon them. As if the night had beckoned to her to come home, where she belonged.

Gazing at her reflection in the mirror the past suddenly came crashing in on her. She realized that she’d never be free of the shadows that raged within her. Like the ocean’s tides that couldn’t be held back she had to return to her natural place in life.

Reluctantly she slid the black, nylon stocking up her shapely leg, fastening it to a satin garter. Sliding her foot into the black spike heel shoe she hooked the ankle strap in place. Then, she’d repeat the movements for her other leg. Movements so familiar to her hands that she’d repeat them without realizing they were completed. Looking at her reflection in the mirror she reached for the black, lace, bra that hugged the white flesh of her breasts together.

As if time stood still she automatically brushed her hair. Putting on her make-up, she finalized the methodical procedure with lip-liner ending with a pale shade of mauve lipstick.

Finally, she waved to the familiar reflection in the mirror and whispered, "Hi, guess your back?"

The final step was sliding into her black, leather skirt, halter-top and picking up the black leather collar. Running her fingers over the soft leather she held it up to her neck, watching her reflection in the mirror. Then placing it around her neck she locked it in place.

Turning she reached for the cell phone. She was fully aware that this one phone call would return all the past months to a world she should have stayed in. Erasing her dalliance and try in another world to be on her own. She dialed - The night answered. His voice like fine, rich, bourbon of promises, of whispers…"Come home!"

The drive only took an hour – the security returned as each mile was closed and she reached his home.

She entered, following him through the darkness. Her hand clasped tightly in his, her senses filled with familiarity. She could smell the scent from the lavender candles. She could see the flickering of candlelight. She could hear his voice admonishing her and at the same time making her feel secure in invisible chains.

"Jessika, did you really think you could fit in with him? Make him happy? You were only a dalliance to him." His deep laughter at her for her foolishness filled the halls and without hesitation he pulled her into his room.

Turning to her he traced the collar on her neck while his eyes pierced deeply into hers.

"My Jessika, strip and move to the wall!"

Slowly her mind began to drift to a secure world. The past months in a world that wouldn’t accept her dropped away with each piece of clothing. Nothing else mattered now. All was returning to its rightful place. All felt safe and peaceful.

Stretching out her arms she watched, as he attached her wrists to the cuffs on the wall. Her slim legs were pulled wide apart and cuffs placed on each slender ankle. The cuffs were loose enough not to cut yet locking possession and ownership tightly in place.

Sarcastically he whispered, "So, tell me precious, how was the daylight? Did it accept you? Did his friends welcome you as one of them? Do you perhaps wish to share a proverb you learned?"

His laughter filled the air, as his hands slowly moved, just brushing over her body in slow circular motions. Her body and mind relaxed needing the feel of acceptance - feeling the forbidden yet the familiar.

She finally whispered, as a tear traced a path down her cheek, "It wasn’t what I thought it would be like. It didn't work out like I wanted it to work out. I tried but didn't fit in. No one really liked me and I tried so hard to fit in."

Her voice was low, but he heard each word that was torn from her being. His lips kissed away the pain and absorbed the hurt. His mouth and tongue slid over her lips, again and again. Drawing her mouth in a passionate kiss he felt her become one with him. His hands kneading and caressing her bare flesh her movements tried to get closer to him – she could feel him holding her away - then he allowed it. She felt a warm comforting breeze and the candles flickered. She closed her eyes, her head leaning back on the wall.

His voice melted over her, "Jessika, Feel safe and know your place is with me. I’ll protect you."

She felt his fingers parting her flesh. She gazed at him kneeling between her legs, while his warm breath played over her warm damp entrance. Her body needed acceptance but her soul needed it more. She needed to be his passion…his possession…she craved his acceptance.

Like liquid velvet his voice dripped over her private depths with each slow lick of his tongue, "Your place is here…do you know it yet?" His tongue darted over her private flesh. "Your only place to feel accepted is with me…do you know that? Do you feel it, Jessika?"

Her nipples were swollen from need and his tongue played with the heated folds of her flesh. Parting her wider and finding the core of her being he slipped his tongue deep within her. His fingers pinching

her clit…worshipping her like she needed…giving her the possession she craved.

Her soft whimpers filled the air as his tongue raked over her flesh. The warmth between her legs radiating fragrance that drove him to roughly pull her pussy to his mouth in hunger. Her legs firmly held open, she was his to lick and taste as his will wished. His mouth began its slow movements over the slick wet heat of her. He licked her, savoring each drop his tongue lapped into his mouth. His strong fingers marking her thighs, digging in his possession as he gripped her and held her to his thirsty mouth…seeking the warm moistness from her body. He could feel her body tensing as she pulled against her restraints.

Her pleas whispered into the darkness, "Please – I’ll never leave. I need you, let me stay."

Unleashed was a torrent of lust and possession. Driving three fingers into her heat, he began to lick and bite her clit. His fingers methodically moving…thrusting…fucking her till her juices were flowing over his fingers. Chained in place she moved in a frenzy of lust and heated need. He loved the feel of her body. He loved the feel of his fingers inside of her. More then that, he loved her. He watched his fingers sliding in and out of her…owning her.

He could feel her arching her body, against the restraints holding her from movement. Her long, brown, hair was gently blowing by the breeze from the open window. Her whispers of need begging for release that was his to give - only his pleasure to decide when she’d feel release.

He’d all night to pleasure himself with her flesh…her need. His fingers opened her soft pussy lips revealing her clit – his tongue continued dancing over it in possession and hunger. Licking her at the same time his fingers moved inside of her, he’d pull his mouth away and whisper, "Is this what you need pet?"

She’d plead, "Yes, please, now."

His voice was deep with lust, "Not yet – you never should have tried to fit in with them." He pulled away from her. Her body tensed.

She pleaded, "I was wrong. I should have stayed where I belong."

Smiling to himself his fingers slid back into her heat. Slowly he finger fucked her. Watching his long index and middle fingers pushing in and out of her body. Her whimpers drove him on and he began to pump them faster. Fucking her- She was his! His mouth returned to her clit and he sucked on her and tasted her. Licking her he’d shove his tongue harder on her soft swollen clit.

He wanted her…he wanted to feel her release…her giving. Sliding a third finger up her he began to suck and lick harder. Holding the tiny flesh between his lips…pulling and kissing…licking and nibbling.

Her whimpers had changed and now were passionate moans of deep need. The sound of the chains filled the night with need. She cried and pleased in desperation "Please…please…"

His sucking mouth only left for one moment to demand, "Now!"

Then his lips pulled on her clit while his fingers rammed into her harder. He finger fucked her…her juices running…her head thrashing from side to side while he kept up the frantic pace her body demanded.

Her words were now just moans, as her body tensed…ready. Then exploded in waves of clenching and heat. Pulling his mouth away he watched his fingers fucking her while she climaxed not stopping until her arms hung limp and his fingers felt the last of her spasms deep within her body.

Then he licked her essence off his fingers. Slowly parting her pussy lips he licked her and lightly flicked his tongue over her clit. Placing a final kiss of possession on her flesh he stood up.

Their eyes locked. His eyes showed control of her, offering her security and safety. Hers gazed back into his in need of being safe, secure, accepted.

His voice was deep as he moved closer and he kissed her passionately. "Jessika, one word will put things back, as if you didn't journey to try another world."

Her being knew it would always be this way. She had to stay in a place that was right for her. She had to forever stay on her side of the tracks where he could protect her. She was too fragile to try another world.

Her voice whispered, "Master, I need to stay with you."

Master smiled , "Welcome home, my Jessika."

Erotic Night 5 - Night’s Protection © Copyright,, 1998 - 2006 All rights reserved - copy, duplication prohibited

(Written to a scene from The Last of the Mohicans, while listening to the theme song) -

This story made sense to me when I wrote it but reading it now I am not quite sure I care for it. I am printing this as written and not revising it.

Nights of ages long past, brought the mountain cliff’s figures to the same place.

The night brought the figures to dance to the same song.

To the same dance - losing each other, then, finding each other.

The wind roared its anger across the mountain’s paths. The wind roared across the land and over the cliff’s edges. The moon cascaded down its light over the two bodies, intertwined in their dance. As if the one figure combined the man and his woman.

Like a dance born of the night it was always the same dance - there on the mountain – meeting at the same place of their last meeting. The meeting joining mind, and heart and spirit.

His body rose from the depths of the night - searching…the strength of his naked, muscled thighs carrying him along the path, to this moment in time. Then, like a pale shadow of moonlight she would rise from the mist and come to him – as always, into his waiting arms. Always, at this designated full moon of destiny.

Like a battle in full rage their hands touched – grasping and pulling their bodies against the other – their lips meeting in the need to join. Tongues dueling in possession of a need left unfilled – cut short by a fateful turn of events.

The winds slowly picked up their temp, as he carried her to the place their eyes last beheld each other- gently kissing her lips they sunk to mother earth and her bed of softness on the mountain’s side.

With a softness born of the doe cleaning her newborn fawn, his hands slowly removed her dress, bringing her flesh to his warm caressing hands. Her bared breasts eager for his touch, as he loved her body with his hands and mouth. Her fingers traced his hard features, now soft with wanting and patience.

The wind began to pick up its pace around the lover’s, as their movements became restless and his stroking felt her moist and needing. Her body surged upward on its own accord, meeting his fingers in the rhythm of the night wind around them. Her gentle hand found the heat of his loins – the hardness

of his need - her whimpers echoed driving the wind to a frantic pitch.

Her gentle longing was not spoken in words but her thighs parted for him…inviting…offering.

He moved slowly between her soft thighs, resting against the apex of her legs and gyrating slowly - feeling her heat welcoming him home. With a groan of need he arched up, pulling her legs around his waist. Then thrust deeply into the heat that called to him. Pinning her body beneath his he gazed into her eyes that sang with passion and longing, urging him on.

The winds whipped his raven black, straight hair across his face. She reached up holding it aside, so she could see into his black eyes. Her light eyes gazed upon him, remembering his every feature.

The muscles of his body began to tense, as his need grew for his woman. The muscles of his arms holding his weight began to burn. He kept moving within her. Bringing her to join the wind…the night sky. The song within him joined his spirit to hers. Her fingernails raked over the hard contours of his dark skin, shoulders and chest. Red marks appeared in lines down the hardness of his body, where her nails dug in her need. Her whispers were carried away on the winds that wrapped around their bodies, driving them onward.

Her body – slender and pale arched upward - taking the violent storm raging above her cascading through her flesh. She accepted all he could give to her. In return she gave all that was in her to give.

Dark raging winds began dancing among the rocks on the cliff. The sounds of the night filled the air singing of lost, but now found passion.

Wicked shadows playing along the mountain wanted to pull them apart, but the wind knocked them back. The figures raged on, in a locked battle of passion and desire protected by the night’s winds.

Arms holding…fingers touching…hips pushing bodies beyond the limits demanding release they danced. Danced without the world of flesh and bone to be one again with the night. The night cried – NOW!

The man and his woman raged on, building into a crescendo of joined body and spirit. Joining forever and beyond. Wings of love carried them within the storm. He impaled her on his possession. She guided the thrust of his manhood into her heat. Giving – Taking – in a frenzy of wind, night, moon and stars. – Demanding MORE!

Wanting became the wind screaming through the storm. Abandoned love healed within the light of the moon. Power and love moved deeply within soft gentleness, to satisfy need.

Finally, the music of the night’s wind carried the dancers in a final glorious moment of motion and unison. His arms were lowering his body – deeper - possession.

Groaning his need to the night he arched his back in that final thrust of joining - his voice carrying through the mountains his release into her.

Her whimpers and whispers whisked across the grass and reeds, flowing to the river edge.

Exhausted and finally joined in spirit, they rested next to the other in the grass – spent, relaxed. Her body curved into his in an embrace of protection, against the shadows that were raging along the mountain slopes. For now, they were safe by the decree of the night and wind.

The moon continued its course across the sky, as the figures slept – safe - together as man and woman. With the morning’s dawn the figures slowly faded into the day’s light to be reborn and again joined in spirit with the next full moon.

Erotic Night #6–

His Dream (c) Copyright,

On this particular night a warm breeze danced with the ocean waves. Shining down it appeared as if the moonlight stopped the night – suddenly, time stood still.

A silent breeze gently blew the curtains open, while the sleeping figure turned toward the window.

Suddenly waking, he thought that he’d heard something. Jumping out of bed he quickly walked to the window and gazed onto the ocean caressing the beach. Looking up and then down the beach he slowly searched for her. Not seeing anything and feeling foolish, for even thinking of her, he went back to sleep. Sleep overcame him quickly and a vivid dream came to life - his muscular legs kicked off the covers - his body craved the soft caresses of a woman.

Restlessly sleeping on his back an odd sensation of being watched woke him. He quickly opened his eyes to find that he was staring at her – he didn’t know when she’d arrived, or how long she’d been naked next to him - all he cared about was that she was with him.

He gazed over her naked body and whispered, "I’ve been wondering if you’d return?"

His gaze slowly moved over her body noticing how her hair seemed to flow about her shoulders and the scent of lavender. His gaze returned to rest on her breasts…full…beautiful with pink tipped nipples.

"Who are you?"

Her voice sounded like a melody, she smiled and whispered, "Yours!"

Spreading his arms wide in welcome she pressed her body against him – she was pulled securely against his chest. Facing and holding each other their lips touched – then, his mouth hungrily covered hers. His hands gently held her face, guiding her lips against his. A fleeting thought went through his mind that if this was insanity and a dream that he didn’t want to wake up.

Pulling back from her he tried to understand how she entered his home…but with her blue-green eyes looking into his, her hand caressing his face, he suddenly didn’t care.

He said to himself, but out loud, "I don’t care where you come from, as long as you're here with me!"

Smiling she place his hand on her breast.

Her firm flesh rested in his palm - with a low groan he watched his fingers closing on her nipple. Slowly pinching it he watched her eyes close in pleasure. His fingers played with them magically…touching them…caressing them. He gazed at her hard nipples peaking for him. His mouth, as if he were in a trance, slowly moved toward it. He moaned as his lips replaced his fingers…slowly he sucked on her nipple. Softness filled his mouth and his tongue tasted the hard point of her nipple…caressing it with his tongue…sucking the tip – licking it. He felt her hands holding him tighter to the pleasure of his suckling - with her soft moans of pleasure driving the heat within him to greater heights of needing her body.

Reaching for her leg he placed it over his hip sliding his body closer to her pussy…his body craving and demanding blending within her. In a fluid movement he rolled her onto her back kneeling between her open thighs. Looking directly at her he positioned her legs over his strong shoulders…his cock moving closer to enter her. Reaching down his fingers spread her pussy, lightly touching her honey-wet flesh. His cock thick…and needing to cum. Her whimpers were sensual...her body responding to the need of give and take of flesh and body.

Sliding his fingers into her warmth he found the calm for his tortured, lonely soul. Moaning in satisfaction he withdrew his fingers tasting the sweet wetness covering them. Then, again he slid his fingers back into her wet heat, and then licking her taste from them. She tasted good, her scent drove him wilder and she was open for his fucking…she was his.

Towering over her lush body he marveled at her legs, pussy…tits. He noticed her gazing down at his engorged cock waiting to be shoved into her. He grinned as her eyes widened when his cock swelled even more, "Tell me you want my cock!"

As she whimpered her answer he thrust his fingers deeper into her pussy. Sliding his fingers in and out fucking her, her hips met his demanding possession. The moonlight streamed in the window, as if signaling it was time. He positioned his cock at her waiting pussy - he smiled down at her. His body

slowly lowered over hers with her legs still over his shoulders - her thighs shifting backward toward her body until they touched her shoulders. His tongue slid into her mouth at the same moment his thick cock slid into her. Hot…Wet…He felt his cock sliding deeper inside of her…his balls finally touching her flesh.

Moans and whimpers blended…bodies joined. The warm breeze wrapped around them - her body joined the rhythm of his downward dance. He felt his shaft being engulfed in tight heat…caressed inside his woman’s body. Flesh blended with flesh…heat…burning flames of need and desire.

His voice was deep with need, "Open your eyes – please look at me!"

Imbedding himself with deeper thrusts into her pussy, his arms held his weight above her. His shoulders kept her legs pinned back – he rammed his cock over and over into wet pussy. His balls slapping against her ass, he fucked her harder…faster…deeper!

Her hands grabbed the back of his thighs pulling him tighter against her…her nails dug into his skin - she cried out his name as her pussy started sensations spiraling through her.

He felt her need…heard her whimpers. Staring into the depths of her blue eyes he answered her body’s need - arching one last time he drove her over the edge. His moan was loud and pure male satisfaction of taking yet giving. Again and again he pumped his cum into her heated body until they were both exhausted in pleasure.

Finally, removing her legs from over his shoulders he fell to the pillow next to her. Closing his eyes he never realized when his breathing returned to the quiet sound of a man deep in sleep. Later that night waking for a moment he realized that she was gone. He thought that he’d been in a dream and that it all never happened. But, his body was covered with a sheen of sweat and pulling the other pillow to his chest he smelled the faint but very distinct scent of lavender and felt the warmth.

Smiling to himself he drifted back to sleep.

Night Series 7 © Copyright LdyJessika, 1999 - 2007 Her Knight


(2007 – I didn’t want to update this too much since at times I like to see how badly I used to write grammar!)

Gazing over the hills she realized winter would soon be upon them. The nice thing about winter in California was things cam to live because it only rained during winter. The breeze this day was a gentle whisper of a kiss on the air as a Hawk soared proudly in the sky. Songs of various birds drifted over the

wooden deck where she sat surrounded by her world. Her world was safe – magical.

Her long, white nightgown trailed over the worn, deck planks. With her eyes closed and her face turned toward the sky she let her beloved surroundings make love to her. Holding the delicate lace gown out from both sides of her body she began to hum her secret tune, while swaying in a slow dance. Swaying gently she slowly danced across the planks of the deck…barefoot, dancing to music only she could hear. Smiling while turning toward the breeze she held out her arms – slowly waltzing to the music.

Humming her tune she felt at peace, enjoying the scent of lilacs from the old vines growing along the deck railings. Her dark-brown, waist-length hair streamed down her back, held at the nape of her neck by a single blue ribbon. Hearing a dog barking she opened her eyes gazing upon her Castle with its tall towers. Strong walls to keep her safe and the majestic castle only for her and her knight.

Hearing his footsteps she turned toward him watching as he carefully placed his sword on the deck. Turning to her he gently smiled. His tall, muscled form bowed from the waist - he held out his hand to her. She curtsied and drifted into his arms, as gently as a butterfly landing on a flower. The warmth of his body enveloping her senses as her fingers lightly held onto his arm. They began to waltz together on the wooden deck to her secret humming. Her knight as he held her tightly to his body. His blue eyes smiled down at her as her fingers touched and sifted through the gray hair at the nape of his neck. She always loved touching and caressing him.

Feeling her breasts pressed against his strong, broad chest she felt his arms tighten in protection…she sighed against his neck. His skin felt rough…masculine - yet gentle. The pads of her fingertips ran over his lips while he gently nipped at them. Looking into his eyes she could see her world dancing in them. She hummed feeling that happy magical feeling sliding over her being.

She closed her eyes as his lips came closer to hers and then felt his kisses covering her lips. Moving in perfect unison, the breeze blew her long hair while her nightgown trailed in back of her. Her voice a whisper of soft velvet spoke of her love for him…her need. She felt his lips on hers - the beautiful possessive warmth flowed over her flesh. Warmth…heat…as if the sun’s rays were touching her lips and body. She again whispered of her love and felt herself being lifted…cradled against his hard chest – then, feeling the warmth of the deck beneath her back.

Her knight…protecting her. She watched the sun blocked from her view, as he stood over her. She felt as if she was held in place by his gaze of lust and passion. She gazed at his arms…at strong muscular thighs. While her gaze ran over his strong body his clothes disappeared, as if the sun had melted them from his body.

She was on fire for her knight. Her body couldn’t take the heat and need, and as if he read her thoughts he knelt next to her. As if picking the most delicate bloom in the kingdom she felt his hands lifting the gown from her body. His fingers touched her delicate flesh - reaching out her arms she clung around his neck. She pressed her naked breasts against his skin - soft flesh touching hard contours of bone and sinew.

Arms like bands of steel wrapping around a delicate, fragile willow that bowed to the stronger oak. The hard muscular length of him gently leaned down…bringing her softness under him.

Giving feminine moistness met and accepted the rigid shaft of piercing light entering the darkness. Her humming tune continued, as her softness danced against his hard heat. The breeze picked up and her body arched to meet the powerful thrusts of wind and sun…taking it further into her. Her knight. Her very own to love and cherish.

Slow, provocative motions…rocking.

The sun as it kissed her body.

The breeze - Shafts of light.

Swaying to her humming,

Her hips rose off the deck.

The rhythm answered their movement.

Slow, gentle thrusting of the dance,

…back and forth…humming.

Blinding light began to sear her as a slow surge of power gripped her delicate body. The fury of the storm beat its pattern and made its intention known - the willow gave beneath the storm…reveling in the power of strength and delicateness.

Higher…the heat and storm encompassed her until in a blinding flash of light her body climaxed in passion of giving and taking. Her knight. His powerful thrusts took them both to the edge of the world.

His body demanded…Owned her giving.

His roar was heard,

His body screamed in release of power.

Bending her will, to his will.

Her body and love to only him.

Her Knight - His Maiden.

Their bodies clung to each other in passion and need, until the breeze cooled their heat. She felt his kisses on her neck…cheek…lips. With her eyes closed she again spoke of her need, as his warmth kept her safe.

The waltz continued as she hummed her magical tune. With a gentle, knowing smile the barefoot figure on the deck again swayed to the music.

Erotic Night 8 Geo – Geoffrey © Copyright,, Aug. 2000/07

I needed the night to bring him to me. I needed the dark enveloping my being, bringing me peace and solitude. Somewhere in the shadows of sleep I could feel him slipping into my room. I could feel the cool breeze that followed his steps, and I could feel the bed as it dipped underneath his weight. The first night he appeared in my room was like none I’d ever experienced, but will cherish forever. It was many years ago and perhaps it was my need not to be alone. It started out as another cold night of heartache and loneliness, my head rested wearily on the pillow - I heard the faint sound of steps. Then I had a sense of not being alone and he appeared in my room. Perhaps my loneliness called to his and bridged an opening into another realm. There are times when explanation does not matter - that night was one that I needed.

The blanket that covered me had been my comfort. I felt his fingers grasping the top of the blanket as the warmth was gently peeled away…slowly the blanket floated downward to reveal my naked flesh to his gaze. I watched as his hand slowly touched my cheek and his thumb rubbed over my lips. Gazing at his gentle smile it seemed as if his clothes floated from his body to the floor.

Sitting on the edge of my bed he calmly smiled down at me as I gazed over his naked body, becoming accustomed with every contour of his flesh. Without knowing why I did so I moved over, inviting him to be with me. He slid his long legs onto the bed and the feeling of his body gently sliding along the length of mine brought a sensual heat. Comfort…security. I remember looking up into his eyes as my head rested on his broad naked shoulder and his deep voice answered, "I’ll protect you. Nothing during the night will bring you harm." My hand tentatively roamed to touch his chest to make sure I’d feel someone and not just empty space. I traced the tattoo of a long stemmed white rose on his chest then gazed into his eyes. Again, he smiled and his deep voice echoed in the room, "I’m with you. Whenever you need me you only need to call me." I whispered whom do I call and his reply as his hand caressed my hair was, "Geoffrey – Geo will do, it’s my nickname."

His name repeated like a litany on my lips, "Geo, are you here with me or am I dreaming?" For an answer I felt him leaning toward me and his lips caressed

mine. My fingers rubbed over the tattoo, feeling the strong muscles beneath his skin. His kiss was cool to my lips at first, but then as he held me tighter, pulling me under him the kiss deepened. Warm and gentle kisses rained over my lips and cheeks. I knew my breasts wanted him to touch them and as if he could read my needs his hand closed over one. Softly at first but then I felt each of his fingers tighten and pressure closed tightly on my breast. The pad of this thumb brushed the tight nipple making it harden with pleasure. Slowly, his finger pinched the tip of my nipple while his tongue delved into my mouth bringing more heat into my body.

It was like drifting on a cloud during a warm day, but with a cool breeze. I felt safe.

His voice kept drifting to me through the dream that I was sure I was having, "You’re safe with me. All night until the dawn you’ll be safe in my arms. My body keeping you warm. Keeping you as mine."

My skin was on fire for his touch and my mind kept whispering that at last I belonged to someone and his name was Geo. I kissed his neck, tasting his flesh - I kissed and wanted him more and more. I whispered in my mind that I needed him to love me. To take my body and love me."

I felt his body moving and his legs pushing mine apart. My body caressed his, as his strong thighs nestled between mine, fitting us together. He held my face between his two large hands and gazed into my eyes telling me that I belonged to him. Then I felt his hips moving and his hard flesh pushing into me. Flesh becoming one, as his body joined mine. I widened my thighs and wrapped my legs around him at the same time that his hands slid under my hips lifting me. Wrapping my arms around his neck I whispered to him, "You feel so good inside of me. Geo, I’ve needed you for so long." I smiled and our lips joined as our bodies began to rock together. I felt filled and spread open. It was as if he was consuming my body with his need to be inside of me. I felt him lifting my hips up as he crashed his hips downward impaling me onto him. I didn’t want to wake up but then I wasn’t sure I was dreaming.

All I knew was that my body was being filled with the hardness it needed and craved. I knew I’d come for him like I hadn’t for any other man. Totally giving all within my being to him and he would take it all and demand more.

His mouth was kissing and biting my neck as my nails dug into his back. His hands squeezed my ass - he rammed into my body over and over. I was whimpering his name and that I never wanted to be without him. I could feel my body reaching that point where I needed release. His voice was demanding that I come for him and he was thrusting to the hilt within me. I moaned and cried out his name as I began to come and whimpered his name, "Geo, Geo I need you so much." I heard a deep growl and his body stiffen with release into me. It was as if our bodies molded into one. His strength and taking - mine delicate and giving. I held tightly to him not wanting him to ever leave me. I had thought he would pull out of me, but he only moved to lean his weight on his elbows and kissed my neck, my cheek, breasts - until I fell into a deep sleep.

Morning came too quickly. I woke and didn’t want to get out of bed. I wanted to sleep to be with him, but the sun was streaming in the window. I didn’t feel lonely like I usually did in the mornings and thought that odd - until I turned to see what time it was - on my nightstand I saw a long stemmed white rose.

Erotic Night 9 The Trellis (c) Copyright LdyJessika®  2008

She’d walked the castle property, loving each step across the expansive fields. It would seem to others as if she wandered aimlessly in a long flowing white skirt and matching blouse. But, she knew each step that she took, and what small animal or flower lived on that area. Hours later toward sunset, she trimmed the roses and gazed upon her trellis. From there she could sit and watch the sunset descending slowly over the valley below. Her world was quiet - only shared with the wind that constantly twined its way across the property, coyotes, hawks, and all that the castle property protected from the outside world.

Placing her rose trimmer quietly on the stone built wall she walked down to the trellis. A small basket always in a corner of her trellis area contained a thick, soft, blue blanket, which she carefully placed on the ground. Spreading it out and carefully walking to its center she sat down to begin relaxing with the end of the day. The sun always seemed to start lowering slowly. Then once it was half lowered behind the hill it seemed to rush the rest of the way.  Reaching her hand out, as if to hold it from rushing the darkness, the darkness continued to slowly make its way across her fields. The wind was warm and it would have been impossible not to relax or give in to the feelings of safety. It always seemed as if her entire being needed to belong to the land. Lying down she felt the warm earth through the blanket caressing her back. Her breathing slowed with each warm caress of the breeze - for a moment she closed her eyes relaxing.

She heard the yipping of the coyote, before she heard steps on the gravel walking toward her trellis. She was sure it was her imagination - no one could enter the property, or traverse the area to get to her castle. Not bothering to open her eyes she thought she felt the blanket slightly move. Then she felt the wind again streaming over her and a voice close to her. Relaxing more into the change from day to night, she knew it could only be a trick of the wind through the trellis pillars. Lips as soft as her rose petals caressed her mouth – knowing it had to be her imagination she let it take over her entire world.

Humming quietly to herself she felt his hands. They were strong and sure as they caressed her breasts. It was if they magically opened each white, pearl button of her blouse finding her flesh to taste. Fingers slowly pinching each nipple…then teeth closed tightly onto one. She flinched as they nipped at her nipple, but within that flash of a second he was then sucking - the pain subsided into pleasure rippling through her body. Her fingers twined into thick black hair holding his lips to her breast. More…she wanted more of his mouth. His tongue played a teasing game…lapping at her nipple before pulling it tightly back into his mouth.

More…this was not enough. Her body needed the strength he silently offered. Her hands roamed over a strong back urging him to move over her body. She wanted strength on top of her.

Feeling her skirt being raised higher she relaxed…deeper…deeper into the feelings that were making her dizzy and lightheaded. Then he was touching her wetness…fingers caressing her, as if the owned her every part of her body. Needing more and more she opened her legs wider expecting him to slide into her. Then she heard the wind whispering for her to hold onto his arms and she was lifted and turned onto her knees. The blanket was soft against her knees and the palms of her hands. Opening her eyes for a moment she gazed out into the darkness and lights of the valley below. Then she felt his breath on the back of her neck and his body along her back. Arching her neck back she felt his lips on her shoulder kissing…his tongue tasting and then his teeth lightly biting before he’d kiss her again. It was as if one moment he was in back of her and then the next his cock was in her and she was moving back onto it with pleasure. It filled her and she needed it harder. As if he could read her mind his body rammed over hers, and into hers. She felt she could only move back onto it harder and harder. When she moved forward he’d nip at her shoulder and she’d quickly ram backward. His breathing was loud and his cock was rock hard slamming into her. Again, she’d push back feeling herself be spread wider…slammed harder…faster. She could feel her body tightening and slamming back and forth onto this cock that was rammed into her at every moment.

More…back…forward…teeth…rocking…slamming…then she heard her whimper and his low growl of satisfaction as their bodies screamed into the night. It was if her body melted with his…his breathing was hers…his movements were hers. She was spent and exhausted kneeling with him over her and she closed her eyes and lowered her head to the ground. She felt the warmth of his body when he turned her over pulling her into a warm embrace against his body. Her fingers twined in his long black hair, sighing she kept her eyes closed not wanting this to end.

Opening her eyes a moment later it was somehow morning and the sun was starting to come over the opposite hill.

Sitting up she smiled at the dream she had and wondered how she slept the entire night under her trellis without being cold. Then feeling and odd sensation she looked up into the eyes of a muscular, strong, black coyote that seemed to be watching her from the end of the trellis. She smiled and it seemed as if she felt safe within his stare. He only stayed a moment and then disappeared over the edge of the trellis hill. Feeling rather odd she folded her blanket and gently placed it into the basket. Then as she closed the basket she noticed odd paw prints and a man's boot print on the blanket.  Quickly running to the edge of the hill she looked but saw nothing.  Racing to the library she reached for the old manuscript that came with the Castle history about the legend of the Prince that was turned into a Coyote.  Then laughing at her own imagination she went to shower and get ready for a wonderful new day.