Thank you Note Ė Dinner Date © Copyright, LdyJessika 1997
(not re-doing originals - like reading when I started writing erotica)


Opening the door, at exactly 8:00, I stood there just staring at a total stranger! I had thought to myself, "Nice, not too tall, not too short, but who the hell is he?"

He had smiled down at me and as he said my name his voice sounded vaguely familiar, while he stammered, "Jessika, you called me at 3:00 in the morning, I apologize but I had to meet you, please donít close the door on me, let me explain!"

At that time, I couldnít even move much less close the door and in a state of shock I said, "YOU? That was YOU on the phone?"

He then proceeded to move past me, as I just stood there staring at him still babbling in a shocked voice, "But we had phone sex! I told you what I was doing to you!" He tried to smile comforting and in a calm and quiet voice had said, "Yes, I remember every word and feeling, I swear I am not a lunatic Jessika, if we go to dinner you will see I am not crazy! You made the reservations right?" I stammered, "Uh, yes of course."

Smiling he said, "Okay. Itís a public place, we can even take different cars if you feel safer, just letís go to dinner, please?"

I felt like an idiot staring at the man that I had described in detail how I was sucking on his cock but after a rather lengthy and embarrassing exchange we proceeded to the restaurant I made reservations at.

We were making small talk about jobs and after staring at me for a few moments took me by surprise when he whispered, "So tell me Jessika, do you call men regularly at 3:00 in the morning, caressing their balls and having them stroke their cocks for you?"

I sat there frozen! "Uh no, I thought you were someone else and besides you did not seem to mind very much and NO, I do not call men and do that, are you upset with me about something? Or just insulting me for fun?"

"Jessika, I am sitting across from someone who had me so hard I had to come stroking my own cock and you think I am mad? No honey, mad is not quite my mood and now I find that you are attractive and intelligent." He then smiled and said in a low deep voice, "Jessy do you feel comfortable with me sitting here, I have been thinking about you and something that I would like to do."

The look in his eyes made me squirm in the booth and I answered truthfully, "I feel nice with you, even more comfortable then with the person I thought I was meeting, it is odd but I want to be with you very much!"

He grinned and said, "Well then I was actually thinking one good turn deserves another so I would like you to place your hand under the table and between your thighs for me, will you do that?"

I sat there shocked and picturing such an erotic scene my nipples started to harden. I smiled and whispered, "Well, I guess itís only fair, in a way," while at the same time slowly putting down my fork and reaching under the table.

He watched me position myself trying not to use too much movement and finally said, "Now, sweet thing, is your skirt up? Can you touch your pussy under the table for me?"

I nodded my head, while he slid closer to me in the circular booth saying, "Just a normal dinner between two lovers, right sweet thing?"

I loved when he called me sweet thing and slid closer to him, while sliding my skirt up. I also moved my place setting closer to him so it would not seem odd if anyone noticed we were so close. He chuckled, "Oh yes baby, letís keep up appearances."

I did admonish him, "Well we are in public on our first date, you know!" He again laughed at me and said, "Well then my sweet thing wait till you see our second date!"

The look in his eyes held me spellbound and I could feel my nipples getting harder. I looked down and they were showing through my blouse as he whispered in my ear, "Nice nipples sweet one, I canít wait to see them and suck on them, but for now let me feel what is going on under the table."

He reached under the table, nonchalantly, slipping his hand between my thighs and the lips of my pussy, "Jessika, youíre already nice and wet." His fingers made a slow examination of my slit from my clit to my opening, very lightly caressing each fold of flesh.

I nearly died of embarrassment but his voice was driving sensation through my body with his words, "Itís okay Jessika, I was so hard and dripping for you last night that this is only fair, that you should be wet for me!" His thigh was next to mine and his fingers were pinching and rubbing my clit.

I knew I was dripping and his pinching was making my clit swell and throb with need. His fingers slid lower and dipped in my pussy, pushing in deep and moving in an out. He then removed his fingers lifting them to his lips and licking them while whispering close to my ear, "Nice tits, nice sweet tasting pussy, now touch your clit for me Jessika but slowly, rub that little flesh nice and softly."

He watched me while he calmly started to cut his steak and take a bite, "Now Jessika, just press and pull your clit while I eat my steak, yes I can see by your expression you are doing it for me, does it feel good baby?ÖI know it feels good, now start to rub it in tiny little circles, do you like clockwise clit circles or left circles my sweet thing?"

I sat there mesmerized, watching him calmly eat his steak while his voice gave me directions and his tone made me wetter. "Ah, my baby can not answer, well I will find out myself next time what direction my sweet thing likes her clit rubbed. Harder, Jessy, rub it now harder for me, the way I was pulling my thick cock for you last weekend. Rock on your fingers but donít put them in honey, just keep rubbing that little clit of yours, for me, like if I was down under the table sucking it. Feel me Jessy, feel it as if my tongue was hard on that little button and I was sucking on it."

My clit was on fire for him as he continued speaking low, driving me on, "I can see it now Jessy, I can see my baby wants to come for me, her little clit bursting and her honey pussy dripping. Do it honey, make yourself come for me, here, now!"

I bit the inside of my lip hard to keep from whimpering and just kept my eyes glued to his. His voice washed over me and he continued to talk and sip his wine, as I started to come right there in a fancy restaurant trying not to move, or wiggle or move my arm too much and attract attention.

I closed my eyes for a moment as I started to spasms and he demanded, "No Jessy, open your eyes and look in mine honey, I want to see you coming! Are you coming for me, honey?"

I could only look at him and whisper, "Yessssss, now, for you!" My pussy was sucking at my fingers and I held them inside me, trying to stay still, while my orgasm finished when he said, "Jessy, pull your fingers out with some pussy juice on them and bring them to my lips." I seemed to do as he asked in a daze and brought my fingers to his lips, as he licked them clean, kissing the tip of each finger. "Nice scent, Jessika, have you stopped coming now honey?"

I whimpered in a whisper, "Yes, I think so," and moved my hand to grab the water glass and take a drink of water. My hand was shaking, I was embarrassed and looked down at the table when he lifted my chin to look at him, "My Jessy is having second thoughts about her coming? Come here honey, I did not think you would be this embarrassed!" He grabbed my hand again bringing it to his nose sniffing my fingers, "Yes Jessy, I loved the smell of your pussy when I dipped my fingers in it before you came but especially now your scent after youíve come." He then again kissed my fingers and quickly licked them but so discreetly no one even noticed what he had done.

I still sat there not quite sure what one does next after coming at a restaurant table but his arm around me made me feel safe and secure while he said, "Now we have both come for the other by jerking off. Finish dinner my sweet thing, and next time letís do it right! I want this cock in that pussy of yours ramming it and making it mine. Want to go out next weekend? No, that is to far away, come home with me Jessy, now?"

I swallowed some water to get my voice back that still came out in a whisper, "Do you cook breakfast?"