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Chapter 1

Diana had seen him every day for the past few weeks. Walking to the bus stop she’d pass the construction site, where his truck was parked in the exact same place each week. She’d never do more than glance his way trying to quickly remember how he looked, while he got into his pick-up truck. He’d always seemed to be watching her, but she’d thought that he was probably thinking that she should lose weight. She'd quickly straighten her posture and hold her head up. She hated walking that way, because it made her chest look larger, but that was the way someone self-assured would walk, so she forced herself to do it.

It was during the third week that she noticed he wasn't at his truck and the door to the building was open. She thought she heard someone yell, "Hey you, I need help." Looking around she wasn't sure - then she heard someone yelling again. Then she heard the voice say, "Yeah, you!" Looking around and not seeing anyone else she walked to the building and peered inside. There on a scaffold was - HIM! Diana timidly said, "Are you okay?"

He seemed as if he was angry when he yelled down, "NO, honey I'm not okay! The ladder fell and I'm stuck. Do I look okay to you?"

Diana physically flinched from his tone and wanted to leave but he must have noticed and said, "Look, I'm sorry I yelled. Do you think you're strong enough to get that ladder up here? You seem big enough to do it, but it still may be too heavy."

Diana glared at him a moment but then thought he was right that she was big enough. She felt angry at his comment but then thought at her height and her weight she could probably carry him down a fire ladder! Grabbing the ladder she lifted it, leveraged it straight up, and leaned it toward the scaffold. She thought to herself that the ladder was quite easy to lift and then thought, yeah let some skinny little size 7 try to save your sorry ass! She turned and started to walk out when he suddenly was on the ground and said, "Wait! Don't leave yet. What's your name?"

Diana was still angry at his size comment, "Why? You planning on writing me a check for saving your ass?" Then she noticed him standing there with his hands on his hips imitating the way she was standing and he said, "Why? You plan on accepting it, if I did? And, thank you for saving my ass. What's your name?"

She answered him, found out his name was Cole and that he’d been watching her every night trying to figure out how to meet her.

"So, Cole, you climbed up, threw the ladder down, hoping I was big enough to lift it?"

"No, Diana, I got my ass stuck up there trying to see if you had left your building and knocked the darn thing off the safety hook."

They had walked to the back of the building to his locker. The building was just the shell and he was following the blueprints for the inside construction of the offices. She didn't know why she'd followed him to the back, while they were talking, but he seemed nice. She had told him that it had been a while since she had dated anyone. She was stunned when he answered that he was surprised someone so pretty didn't date all the time. She had watched his expression and could tell he was sincere. That had also shocked her. She nervously pulled her sweater lower over her hips.

He remarked, "Why do you keep doing that? You keep pulling at your sweater, or straightening your skirt?"

He noticed that she didn't answer and her hands froze in place, grasping the bottom of her sweater. He walked closer to her and she reminded him of a deer frozen in place, from the headlights of his truck. "Diana, are you okay?"

By now the sun had set and the building was dark inside - but that wasn't what was making her nervous. Cole was now standing right in front of her.

Reaching for the back of her neck he rested his hand on it, gently drawing her closer. Slowly his lips moved closer to her lips. She didn’t move. She didn’t run and didn’t pull away. When his lips touched hers she seemed to melt against his body…her large breasts softly crushing against his chest. His tongue delved into her mouth at the same time his hands cupped her bottom pulling her against his hard groin.

"Diana? Ever do it in a construction site? Not knowing the man more than ten minutes, but that he finds you attractive? I like a big woman. We can go to dinner later tonight, but now I want you so badly – watching you for weeks, I’ve wanted you almost every day."

Diana thought it was rather backwards - first this? Then go to dinner? But his hands were already pushing up her skirt and his other fingers were pinching her nipple through her blouse. She asked, "Would we really go for dinner afterwards, or is that a line?"

Cole pulled slightly away from her, upset by what she’d just said to him - reaching over to the desk he grabbed his truck keys and handed them to her. "Here, put these in your bag. This isn’t a line. I don’t go around asking women to fuck me. There is something about you and I know it will work out between us, but I don’t know why the hell I know that – I just know it. Does that answer your question?"

Smiling she thought to herself that she wasn’t really sure she believed him but for once she wasn’t going to care, if it was true or not. She unbuttoned her blouse and slid her skirt down - he stripped naked faster than she could. She smiled to herself - he said that he wished it were lighter so he could see her better - she thought she wished it were darker so he couldn’t see her better.

His hands were sliding over her hips, when he heard her say, "Too big, huh?" He pushed her backwards against the desk and before kissing her he answered "A woman should be broad, where a woman should be broad!" Pushing her back onto the desk he followed her body down, enjoying the soft feel of her flesh under him. His fingers slid over her soft fleshy thighs - feeling the texture of her, compared to his muscled legs.

He whispered, "I knew you'd feel just like I wanted. You're soft and feminine." His mouth began to suck on her brazenly exposed pink nipples. Sucking on them till they swelled and hardened.

His cock was positioned to enter her. He groaned, "Let me baby? Tell me it's okay?"

As soon as she answered he sunk deep and fast inside her waiting heat. His body was hard and well muscled and he realized that his words drove her wild, "That's it honey, wrap those thighs around me. Let me feel like I have them holding me."

She arched against him, loving the feel of him inside of her. She felt as if he was trying to feel every inch of her flesh. She heard him whispering words to her - soft, beautiful, big, and words that usually made her feel terrible. But, for some reason she liked to hear them when he said them to her. She'd never before loved to hear the words large tits, but with him it sounded right. She wrapped her well plump thighs around him.

Whispering his name and that she needed him, she felt him slide his hands under her bottom…squeezing her ass. She heard him whisper, "Come, honey. Give me that hot wetness." Then she felt his hips moving wilder and faster. It felt as if he was shoving his cock the deepest it could possibly reach within her. "Come on honey, please, show me you like me fucking you. I want to come with you."

Diana whimpered his name - at his last slamming thrust she felt as though she had exploding in ecstasy. She felt his cock pushing within her and then heard him moaning as he reached his limit and had to cum. She felt that exact moment he started to cum in her and felt satisfied that she was with him.

Holding him tightly to her she was afraid he was going to just pull out and say it was great but he was kidding about dinner and to give him the car keys. She felt him relaxing against her until he said, "I hope I'm not crushing your tits, but I like how they feel - like pillows."

She chuckled, but held him tighter, "Pillows?"

He pulled back holding his weight on his arms, "Yeah, nice soft big pillows and all mine…too soon to ask you that?"

She couldn't really see his face now that the sun had set but knew it was the right answer and giggled, "Yeah, guess you can call them your pillows, since I did save your ass when you lost the ladder."

He was kissing her neck as he said, "I didn't lose it. I saw you and threw it down. Want to go for that dinner now?"

Chapter 2

The following week getting out of work late she was going to have to take the later bus. Diana was not fond of walking after dusk and saw Cole’s truck still at the site. Walking next to his truck she thought that the truck even acted like him. It had a certain air of strength and attitude about it. Looking in the lined truck bed she saw a mattress and laughed out loud. Suddenly she heard a voice sounding rather insulted.

"See anything funny in my truck?"

Quickly turning she said, "Uh, no, just thought of a take-off on an old expression, have mattress will travel. Sorry, nothing personal it just struck me as funny."

He answered still sounding insulted, "Well, as long as you weren’t laughing at my truck!"

"Nope. Not even a thought about your truck – I actually like the look of it."

Grinning he said, "Yeah, do you like the look of anything else?"

Knowing that he knew after their last sexual encounter and the dinner that she’d liked him she answered, "Yeah, as a matter of fact, I like your smile, okay?"

He grinned and looked her over from head to foot, "I like your new outfit, and you look nice in that blue skirt." He smiled when he complimented her, but he could tell she didn’t feel she looked as nice as he thought she looked.

Laughing she said that he’d liked her green skirt she wore to dinner. He walked up closer and ran his hands over her hips. She pulled away when he touched her hips and began to walk around him. His hand shot out and grabbed her by the arm. Holding her with one hand on her arm he put his other on her hip. Again he repeated that he liked her hips and she realized he was serious. It had to be about 5:30 P.M and her mind and body were sending her signals that she wanted sex with this man. But, his truck was at the end of the parking lot and that desk was rather hard. Wanting him went through her mind as he backed her up against the bumper.

Grinning down at her he said, "Feel familiar?"

Her hands rested on his chest, "Yes, except for it being a desk, last time, this whole thing feels rather familiar."

Smiling he said, "Walk to the back of the other building and I’ll pull the truck around. I just want to do a drive around to make sure everyone is off the site. Okay?"

She answered, "You’re crazy, but I’ll meet you there." She felt odd, but at the same time felt this new feeling of freedom. Walking to the end of the other building she saw the brown, Ford truck pulling around the corner and back inside the building where the loading dock would be built. Jumping out of the truck Cole said, "Come on." She walked over to him and after he opened the tailgate he helped her climb into the truck bed. She sat down on the mattress still telling him that this was crazy and the world could see them.

He chuckled, "Kind of like camping if you think about it?"

She laughed as she started to unzip her skirt and then slide it off along with her sweater and bra, "Yeah, and when we get arrested what do we say then?"

He didn’t answer and slid his jeans down his muscular legs. Then reaching for her pushed her down on the mattress and pulled her under him. "Damn your tits drive me insane woman, what size are they?"

She gazed down as he was pushing the large mounds of cream-colored flesh together. He just stared at them. They puckered from the cool breeze blowing over her skin and his staring. When his tongue quickly licked over them they got hard like points and she sighed. He asked her again what size they were but she only answered they’re big. Chuckling, he told her that he’d find out anyway. He reached down squeezing her hip and liking the feel of not feeling bone but soft flesh. Cole hated skinny women. He told Diana about that when they’d gone to dinner that there was nothing worse than running your hand over bone when you wanted softness.

She felt his lips sliding down her body and stiffened when he kissed her belly. She felt him lick her there and kiss her again, before pushing her thighs wider. She smiled to herself and then loving the feeling of his mouth kissing her flesh she opened her thighs like a flower to the sun. Feeling rather wanton being naked in the back of a pick up truck she began to play with her nipples, while she felt him kissing closer and closer to her delicate softness.

She heard him whispering to her that she was beautiful and the next thing she felt were his lips kissing over her tender flesh. She knew she was wet. She knew she didn’t care that they were in a truck and she knew she wanted him to lick lower.

Cole took his time gently biting her soft inner thighs, then going back and licking her wetness. He would rub his cheek on her mound and along her soft fleshy thighs then lick her moistness, pushing his tongue past her lips right into the core of her body. Moving his hands under her bottom he slightly lifted her hips. Giving him the access to her body that he wanted…sucking her as if feasting on a wonderful meal. He felt her body quiver as he touched her sensitive spot…he could almost feel her tingling as she was about to cum. He pulled at it, sucking her harder until she whimpered and her legs stiffened. He knew she needed to cum.

He felt an intense orgasm washing over her body. He heard her when she whispered his name and how wonderful she felt…his tongue kept licking until her body quieted.

Finally kissing her thighs and moving back up her body, he rubbed her nipples lightly with his teeth before kissing her lips. Her taste was still on his lips when he kissed her - then he hugged her to him.

"Diana, we'd better get dressed, but damn woman you tasted good."

She was already sliding on her skirt and sweater, as best she could, while trying to stay low in the truck bed. Helping her out of the truck she straightened her skirt and sweater, at the same, time laughing and trying to swat his hands from cupping her breasts.

"So, what size are these?"

She laughed, "Big!"

He put his arm around her and walked her to the truck door. As he slammed the door he answered, "My kind of big, now how about another dinner? You hungry?"

Chapter 3 – Dinner

She’d thought he’d probably take her to a bar, for a sandwich, and was surprised when they pulled up in front of a nice restaurant. Knowing in this particular steak restaurant that you had to wear a jacket and tie she said, "Cole, I don’t think we can get into this restaurant dressed casual."

Turning to her he winked, "And just how much do you want to wager we can get in?"

Pointing to the sign in the lower part of the door window of the restaurant she said, "Jacket required. Cole, we can go somewhere less fancy and just have a hamburger or something."

He opened her truck door and she decided that he was dressed nicely but he didn’t have a jacket on. She walked with him to the entrance and she again pointed to the sign and then to his white shirt tucked in black jeans, "Cole, are you sure you can go in dressed like that without a jacket?"

He’d already opened the door and grabbing her hand pulled her into the restaurant. They’d only walked as far as the coat area when the woman hanging up coats said, "Hi, Cole – here’s your standby." He answered "Hello, Kitty, thanks." The then took the black jacket out of her hand and putting it on - it fit perfectly. Diana knew Kitty didn’t realize that she’d come with Cole when she heard her ask Cole if he’d be staying for a while. Then she heard her tell Cole that she got off work at 10:00. Diana was surprised when she heard him tell her that he was with his date and would be just staying for dinner. He was polite to Kitty but then turned to Diana. Putting his arm around her waist he smiled down at her and said, "Ready for dinner, hon?"

Diana was very self-conscious but answered, "Yes, do you always keep a jacket here?"

He chuckled and a tall man that she assumed was the owner of the restaurant walked up to them extending his hand to Cole, "Cole! It’s about time you showed up, and who may I ask is this with you?"

Diana was amazed that Cole knew everyone that worked at the restaurant. She felt his hand on her waist pushing her along through the restaurant to a table that was marked reserved. He was still chatting with the owner - Diana not saying anything tried to listen to the conversation. Then she realized the owner had said to Cole that Cole’s mother was in the kitchen and would be glad to know that he’s here with a date. Before Cole could make introductions Diana watched the owner rush into the kitchen. Sitting down at the table Diana turned to Cole and said, "Your mom works here?" But then, before he could answer her, the man and a woman came out of the kitchen and walked over to their table.

Cole looked at Diana, "Uh, Diana, this is my mother and father. They own the restaurant." She knew she looked stunned, but they were so friendly that she felt very at ease with them. After introductions they went back to take care of their customers while Cole and Diana began to enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant and of being together.

Cole was the first to mention it, "Do you realize this is the first time we’ve been in a normal place to talk?"

Diana shyly smiled and looking down at her plate wondered if he truly didn’t mind being seen with her. "Cole, I don’t really feel comfortable going out to dinner. I seldom go out."

He grinned, "Wow, I’m lucky. I’ve got a lot of things to get you used to, besides desktops and truck beds."

She laughed while gazing at his beautiful hazel eyes and then noticed that his voice was lower when he said, "Did you enjoy me inside of you awhile ago? Did you like it when I finally pushed deeper and deeper?"

"COLE! What kind of question is that to ask?"

Laughing he answered, "A hot sexual one?" Then smiling he said, "Okay, then we’ll start with an easier one. Is a Wente Winery Merlot wine okay to start with, and how does lasagna, garlic bread and a nice antipasto sound?"

Suddenly realizing she was hungry she told him that it sounded wonderful and that she’d answer his question at a later date. A glass or two of wine later they were deep in conversation about business. After another half hour and over coffee she realized that it was getting late.

"Cole, I realize, that for me, there isn’t work tomorrow but do you work on Saturdays? We can leave if you have to get up early."

She noticed him contemplating a thought and watched as he sipped his coffee before asking, "Diana, we’ve done it on a desk and a truck. Will you come home with me so we can do it just the old boring way in a bed?"

Looking into his eyes she felt exhilarated. Maybe she finally met someone that liked her, for herself. She didn’t want to feel that. She didn’t want to get hurt again, but at the same time didn’t want to give up being with him. She thought a few moments and then had to ask again, "Cole, I know I asked this before but you are just so well built! Are you sure my size doesn’t bother you?"

Lifting his coffee cup he asked, "Well, now that you brought it up again exactly what size are your breasts, so I can decide?" He suddenly grinned, "So, did you like me pushing into you deeper and deeper?"

She couldn’t help the smile that was on her face and the happiness she felt in her heart. She leaned forward over the table and whispered, "Big and yes, in that order to your questions."

They stayed for another hour and then saying goodnight to his parents walked back to the truck. His arm was again around her when he said, "Want to do it in the back of the truck bed for old time sake?"

She glared at him!

He laughed, "WOW, guess that’s a no for an answer." He walked to the other side, got in, started the truck and in a matter of moments they pulled into a driveway in front of a house. Cole opened her door and was surprised when she said she’d changed her mind - could he drive her home.

He stared at her a moment and said, "What! We’re finally at my house and now you decide you don’t want to spend the night?"

Diana looked down at her hands she had clenched in her lap, "Look, I don’t want to get in an argument, but I want to go home and not stay over. I want to see you again, but I just don’t want to stay over and I don’t want to explain."

Cole knew something was wrong but was at a loss figuring out what happened on a twenty-minute drive from the restaurant to his house. He quietly asked, "Did I do something wrong? Will you tell me?" He was still confused when she said she had a wonderful time and enjoyed being with him. He finally asked out of frustration, "Okay, I’ll drive you home – can I stay over with you then instead?"

He saw this great big smile come over her face when she answered, "Yes, that would be wonderful. I’d really like you to stay over." He didn’t understand why she would sleep with him at her house but not at his house. Running this hand through his hair not understanding what happened he sighed. Finally, he got back in the truck and turning on the engine looked at her, "Uh, Diana, I don’t get it, but as long as we get to be together in a bed if you want to stay at your house instead of mine that’s fine with me." He figured when he got there he’d be told that she had changed her mind again, and send him home. When they pulled up at the address he didn’t turn the truck off and looked at her, "Well?"

Smiling she said, "Well? Want to come in and see if we can find the correct way to do it in a bed?"

He grinned, "Yes, and are you going to tell me what size those beautiful breasts are, and are you mine?

Opening her door she said, "Big and yes in that order to your questions."

Hand in hand they walked to her door. When she reached for the key he turned her to him and she heard him whisper to her before his lips met hers, "You’re mine Diana, and my kind of big. So whether you are small or big, I don’t want you to worry that you’re not mine, okay?"

Smiling at him and hand in hand they walked into her house.