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Dedicated to men over 50 – Nothing like jerking off a hard cock
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Dedicated to men over 50 – Nothing like a nice shower

There’s something about an older man.   This has nothing to do with me being in my late 50’s, but more of that they’ve been there, done that.  And if they haven’t they may as well go for it and try it.  Why not?  If we don’t do all positions and sexual acts now when will we do them?   Now, we owe no one but our lust.  To try all those wicked thoughts we’ve had – the lustful ones – the ones that drive your cock to harden so hard that it hurts until you come.  Know what I just thought of to do to you?  Can you feel what I want to do to you? 

 I love sucking on your cock after you shower.  Every time I see you wrap the towel around your waist while you stand in front of the mirror shaving.   Walking into the bathroom I kiss the back of your neck.  Hmmm, is that the towel I see getting a hard on or is it you? 

 Kissing my way down your back I slowly lick and kiss my way to the small of your back.  Nuzzling my cheek against your skin just above the towel…running my hands upward under the towel.  Nice thighs to feel.  I’ve always liked the feel of running my hands up your legs while you’re standing in front of me.  Do you like it?  Can I take my hands and run them over the front of your thighs?

 I’m kissing above the crack of your ass…fingers sliding around to the front of the towel.  I want to rub that nice bulge I know is waiting for me.  You’re so nice and hard waiting for me to touch your cock. 

 Turning around you drop the towel…your cock level with my mouth.  Leaning forward I take you greedily into my mouth.  Without hesitation your hands grip into my hair and you shove your cock deep into my throat.  Damn, but I love sucking on your cock like this.  I like you moving your cock in and out of my mouth - I like it hard and rough.  Feeling my mouth being fucked - by you…using me to make you shoot your load.

 Holding on to the back of your thighs so I don’t fall backward I feel you piston fucking your cock in and out of my mouth.  Your cock seems bigger and more swollen the more I suck harder on it.  I know I’m whimpering with pleasure as I feel your hot bulging cock pumping.  Deeper…ramming without let up so I suck you tighter.  Harder and faster you ram into my mouth - your hips thrusting. 

 I like hearing your words…”Take it bitch.  Get ready to take my hot load and swallow it.”

 I want it.  I want to feel you come in my mouth so I can swallow it. 

 I want you to shoot your load while feelingl my tight mouth sucking.  Your cock fucking my mouth without mercy until you can’t take it anymore. 

 Then you demand, “Ready bitch?  I feel like my cock’s going to explode if I don’t shoot come!”

 Now, I feel the change in your body.   The tightening.  Now, I suck harder and my hand slides to your balls…they’re tight.  My mind screams for you to come…come now!  Let me swallow it all!

 Then I feel you shove your cock one hard time and hold your hips forward slamming it down my throat.  Swallowing I feel your load hitting the back of my throat.  Now, more and more as you keep pressing your cock into my mouth.  I swallow each time you thrust more of your come into my mouth.  Sighing and still swallowing I’m satisfied that I pleased you.

 Finally…I slide my mouth off your cock.  As you’re leaning back on the bathroom sink I gently lick around your cock cleaning you – I’m so much better than a washcloth.  Sitting on the floor smiling at you I whisper, “Want to know what I want to do next time?”