CT X-Diary Series – 1 © Copyright LdyJessika@aol.com 1996 – 2002
Dedicated to men over 50 – Nothing like jerking off a hard cock
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There’s something about an older man.   This has nothing to do with me being in my late 40’s, but more of that they’ve been there, done that.  And if they haven’t they may as well go for it and try it.  Why not?  If we don’t do all positions and sexual acts now when will we do them?   Now, we owe no one but our lust.  To try all those wicked thoughts we’ve had – the lustful ones – the ones that drive your cock to harden so hard that it hurts until you come.  Know what I just thought of to do to you?  Can you feel what I want to do to you? 

I’m standing before you…naked.   Strip off your clothes for me and find a comfortable chair.  That’s it.  That one is rather just perfect.  Now, open your thighs so I can crawl between them.  I love being between your thighs as you keep them spread open and look down at me with that wicked grin.

“Should I move closer?  I can see you’re nice and hard.  Naked…ready to have your cock jerked on?”

Feel my nails lightly running up your thighs…teasing…touching.

“Want more?”

Feel my fingers lightly touching the sides of your balls…brushing against them…feather light.

“Want me to jerk you off?  Do you want me to cup your balls and lick the tip of your cock - squeezing your cock with my hand while I play with it?”

Feel me baby.  Feel how I love taking your cock in my hand and sliding my hand up and down your shaft.  You’re so nice and hard.  I have a treat that makes it even easier.  Ever hear of Astro Glide lubricant?  Watch as I squeeze the bottle and ooze some nice lubricant over your cock.

“Want me to start jerking your cock?  Was that a yes?  Tell me, baby that I can run my fingers over the tip of your oozing cock.  Please can I?”

Feel my hand slipping easily up and down your swollen cock.  Pressing tightly, as I get down to your balls…squeezing.   My other hand moves toward your balls.  Pulling on them…caressing them.

“Your cock is throbbing in my hand.  I feel it while your cock drips pre-come.  Want me to jerk faster, baby.  Faster…hotter?”

Feel…feel that thick cock as my hand runs over its veined sides.  Bulging, needing to come.  Dipping my head I take the very tip of your cock in my mouth while still jerking.  I like the taste of you dripping in my mouth.  Licking around the head of your cock I jerk on your cock faster.  I know you want to come soon.

“Want to come for me baby?  Do you want to come while I jerk on this cock of yours?”

Your balls are tightening.  Your breathing is choppy and fast and I can hear you moaning, wanting to come.  Wanting me to jerk you so fast that you can’t hold it back.  That’s what I’m here for – for you baby.  I know what you need.  I know what you want.  I know your cock is ready to explode!

Squeezing your balls tighter I massage them in one hand.  I like to feel your sacs tighten harder and harder as your body builds to a tight knot of need.  While I’m jerking your cock you’re driving your hips back and forth - piston fucking my hand as if it’s a tight pussy. 

“That’s it baby, thrust that cock in my hand.  Glide it in and out while I squeeze it tighter and tighter.  Feel my jerking on you?  Feel it? I like the feel of your hot, bursting cock ready to shoot its load!”

Now, it’s time.  I’ve got your cock ready to shoot its load.  I can feel your bucking movements, shoving your cock in and out of my hand - it’s driving you crazy…hot…needing to burst.  Feel it tightening in your balls…tighter!

Feel your body needing to burst yet holding back until now. 

“Now, come for me.  Now!  That’s it baby, like that…nice hot come dripping over my hand…shooting on my breasts.  More…shoot more come on me, baby.  I want all of it.”

Rubbing it onto my breasts with one hand I still keep your cock in my other one as you drain every drop of come.  What a good hot come.  Nice…relaxing.  Lean back baby and relax.  I enjoyed it. 

Smiling at you I whisper, “It was great.  I like being here for you like this.  Next time though, I want to kneel before you and suck on you.  Is that okay?”