Cassandra’s Gray Stockings © Copyright LdyJessika, May 1999, 2000
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 I guess I should start by introducing myself.  Well, I’m Cassandra and I’m quite sensual, as you’ll find out after we get to know each other.  But since you’re watching my reflection in the mirror, while I brush my shoulder length blonde curly hair, I guess you already notice my deep blue eyes and silky, long eyelashes

“Which color lipstick did you say to put on?  Ahh, yes, that’s quite my favorite color as well.”  Picking up the lipstick I slowly outline my full bottom lip…then the heart shape of my upper lip.  Pressing my lips together the color blends smoothly.  Then taking an outline pencil a shade darker than my lipstick I outline my lips. “Don’t you think the look like the need to be kissed?”

Well let’s move to my dressing area where I can put on my gray stockings and tell you about yesterday afternoon.  Just stand back slightly so I can open my stocking drawer, but later you can hold my ankle as I roll the stocking up my leg.   I love to wear special undergarments for what I call special days.  See, this top drawer is lined with beautiful paper and smells like sachet.  Yes, it's only panties, but of all types and colors.  This second drawer is all my luscious bras and this third is my stockings and garters.  You can feel all my panties later but right now I want to put on my stockings.  Here, this is the pair I’m looking for.  Yesterday, I had on my gray stockings and favorite gray bra.  It held my creamy, full breasts in one of my favorite push up bras. 

“What? – Yes, you’re right for a medium built frame my breasts are very, very large.  But don’t you like how they round and push up together like two luscious melons you want to suck and bite?”

Looking at you I very slowly begin to unravel the suntan stocking over my toes.  Stretching my leg toward you I smile as you grasp my ankle.  Your hands are quite large compared to my delicate foot now being held in your grasp.  Sliding the silk stocking over the ankle and half way up my shapely calf I pause and smile at you.  Stockings have such a wonderful feel when you buy the expensive ones that roll up your leg like smooth ripples of silk.  "Don't you think so?  Look closer – look at the beautiful arch of my foot and how slender and shapely my calf is."

“Hmm, thank you.  Yes my legs are beautifully shaped, thank you for the compliment.  Do you want to help me clip the garter?”

Let me stand on the little stool for you.  I smile as your fingers shake and you hook my garter…your fingers resting for a moment against my flesh.  I smile as I see your nostrils flare as you inhale my scent.  Turning around so you can hook the back garter I know you will admire how the thong panties I’m wearing display my ass cheeks.  I feel your fingers lifting the garter away from my soft thigh and hooking the silk to it.  Sitting down, I carefully handle the other silk stocking, caressing it to my cheek and over my lips. 

“Do you want to feel how nice it feels?  Lean down so I can caress your lips with the feel of the silk.  That’s right like that.  Feel how it slides over your lips like a lover’s kiss.”

Your eyes close and I whisper to you as I caress your lips with the silk, “Hmm, I know you like the feel of silk stockings, do you want to put it on me?”

Handing you the stocking I lean back stretching my leg toward you…my toes pointed…waiting.  Your hands expertly roll the stocking down to the toe and you place it over my delicate, small foot.  I'm quite surprised you are this adept at rolling a stocking up my leg.  I can see your breathing escalating as your hands move the stocking upward, slowly encasing my calf in gray silk.  Slowly, up the soft flesh of my inner thigh your fingers trace the stocking upward toward the garters where you hook it and stare at the juncture of my thighs.  Pantyhose? You can help me into those next time when I tell you my pantyhose story.  Right now I want to tell you about my afternoon at the Hilton Hotel lobby wearing these exact gray stockings.

While I tell you my story you can run your hands over my legs.  I know you like the silky feel of the stockings.  Sitting down I lean back and stretch my legs toward you.   Your hands start to caress my toes and heel as I share my story with you.

I seductively whisper, “Kissing my toes through the silk stocking would be nice as well.”

On this particular Tuesday I had on my gray stockings but somehow it seems I forgot my panties.  My matching gray suede heels had a beautiful ankle strap and arched my calf from the height of the heel.  I decided on a dress with a light-gray, very wispy material skirt.  It was very smart and a conservative length of one inch above my knees.  The neckline was a v-line that showed my cleavage but just enough to be teasing and not obvious.  I love when my breasts push up and have that nice rounded look with my nipples showing through the material.  Sometimes just before I meet someone I pinch the tips to make them swell and protrude.

“Do you like how I looked.  Can you picture me sitting across from you?”

Well, the gentleman that was reading the Wall Street Journal in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel apparently liked what he saw. 

I chose the hour because it would be the least crowded.  The business people had already gone to their meetings.  10:30 is not late enough for the early lunch crowd or early enough for morning meetings to start.  I walked through the front revolving doors and looked over the various placed groupings of chairs and couches.  At one end of the lobby just to the right of where I entered they had a fireplace, a coffee table and two couches facing each other on opposite sides of the coffee table.  Newspapers had been provided on the table and a man was facing toward the front of the lobby while the couch across from him faced the wall. 

I nonchalantly sashayed past him bending over to pick up the last newspaper.  I could feel the weight of my breasts as I hung forward and at the same time asked, "Excuse me, is this paper yours?"

He looked right at my huge tits and stuttered, "Nnno."

I sat down across from him and if I move just right the wispy skirt floats high on my thighs when I sit down.  I picked up the Wall Street Journal and of course turned to the stocks to see just what was going up.  As I folded the paper I looked over aim.  His eyes were just where I wanted them…on my legs but he pretended to be reading the paper.

I coughed and pretended to readjust my newspaper and my skirt slid up to just the right height.  I spread my legs wider and felt my pussy lips spread apart.  I love that first feel when they part and you can feel moistness and air on the inside of the lips.  I kept the paper in my left hand and with my right rubbed the inside of my thigh as if something were bothering me there.  Glancing over at him our eyes met a moment.  He then looked back down at my hand but kept his paper at an angle as if he were still reading.

Glancing around I made sure no one was there to interfere with his special view.  I like giving a one-person show so I can watch his features - I slid my skirt up higher.  My nipples tingled as I exposed more thigh.  Higher.  Now my garters were showing and he licked his lips in anticipation.   I held the skirt there a moment knowing how much he wanted to see the skirt slide higher.  Higher to the special juncture of soft thighs.  Higher to that sweet place with softer, pinker, moister flesh.  I had shaved my blonde pubic curls very close so my lips would be very visible.  Higher now past the garters to almost the apex of my legs. 

His watching was making my nipples hard and I could feel them swelling and sticking like points through the thin bra and dress…my pussy was very wet.  I slid the skirt just slightly higher and watched as he tried to adjust his position.  He was slouching so he was lower and could see up the skirt to that place he knew was wet.  

Finally after holding this pose for a moment I slid the skirt up.  There it was for him to see – moist…glistening….pink.  His eyes almost glazed and he visibly swallowed as his eyes took in my open, parted, pussy lips.  All moist and glistening with close shaved blonde hair.  My smooth pale skin showing the inner pink and delicate clit that sat waiting for attention.  Not moving I let him look at my delicate softness.  My guarded place now exposed to his view…my sensitive clit and pussy begging for attention. 

Sighing and adjusting my paper I let my right index finger gently push my clit in a slow circular motion.  It felt so good to touch that sensitive flesh where I was wet and soft. 

His tongue was licking his top lip and his eyes stared.  My finger slid down the length of my slit…lower…to that warm damp entrance that was dripping my pussy juice.  I arched my back but not enough to be noticeable to any man but him.  I held the newspaper in one hand and opened wider letting my finger slide into my dripping pussy.  Letting him see just how deep my finger went inside…then sliding it in and out.  I could see the thick bulge in his slacks making a slight moist spot on his inner thigh.  The thought of his cock dripping while I fingered my cunt in public for him made me slightly moan out loud.  I began to move slightly on my fingers while his hypnotic stare and breathing was almost audible.  I leaned back more to accommodate his view and began to feel my body tingling as I watched him swallow and try to adjust his cock in his pants.

My scent was drifting to me and I closed my eyes a moment savoring the sweet musky scent of my pussy.  Increasing the tempo of my fingers in my pussy I began to rub my clit back and forth….faster….hotter.   I was trying not to move and he was trying not to move.  His body shivered and he clenched his thighs tight together watching my pink pussy dripping while I fingered myself.  I opened my legs wider as the frenzied scent of my pussy and the tightening of my nipples made me gyrate on my fingers.  I had to come.  He knew it.  He could see it in my eyes.  In my subtle, circling frenzied movements of my fingers.  I heard him groan…I watched as his body involuntarily jerked and he tightened his jaw as a moan escaped his lips.  I knew his cock was jerking in his slacks…needing to spill hot come.  He reached for his dripping, throbbing cock holding it through his pants and moving his newspaper over his lap.  I whimpered and in a final thrust of my fingers inside I shuddered…spasms of pleasure ripped through my cunt and juice flowed over my fingers.   I could see him silently groaning and as I continued to come he closed his eyes a moment in surrender to his body’s need to shoot his load.  I watched his hand grip his cock through his slacks and I knew his throbbing erection was spilling his seed onto his thigh.  How I wanted to lick it off his thigh.  I watched as the moist spot on his leg got wetter and wetter…more come!

After a moment of his quiet deep breathing, he opened his eyes and I smiled at him.  He smiled back kind of shaking his head like he didn’t just believe what had taken place.  I slid my gray skirt back down over my gray stockings and crossing my leg over the other licked my fingers clean.

I put the paper back down on the coffee table and said, “Thank you for the paper, would you care to go for a cup of coffee?”

He smiled and replied, “Yes, but I think I have to change my slacks first.”

I smiled as I smoothed my skirt down and asked, “Oh?  And why would that be?”

Coffee was very pleasant but that’s another story.  “Do you want to hear about the pantyhose?  Well, can you massage my toes just slightly more while I tell you? – Hmmm, yes just like that with kisses.”