The Shower, © Copyright ldyjessika, 1998
{Okay Brian W.– this one’s for you!}

 After a horrid flight from the UK, Brian couldn't wait to get into his hotel room to rest.   The first thing he noticed, looking out the window, was a beautiful panoramic view of a blue lake with the breeze rippling the water.  Water!  His thoughts immediately went to visualizing a shower with warm water running over his body, soothing aching muscles.

Ringing for room service he ordered a beer, a hamburger with fries and a bag of butterscotch candies.  Then, heading to the bathroom he pulled the blue curtains to the side reaching for the gold plated water handles – no water!  Then he noticed no towels! Yelling what the bloody hell is going on he immediately went to the phone and in his English accent barked out for maid service.  He was speaking so fast and with such a thick English accent that the desk clerk couldn't understand him

“Excuse me sir, you've no what? - daughter?

“Water!  Water!”

“OH, of course Sir, water!  The water will be turned on in about 10 minutes – there’s a note on your door explaining it was turned off for a half-hour.  I will have your fresh towels brought up within ten minutes!”

He hung up the phone muttering, “Bloody dumb Americans – can’t understand a damn word of English!”  With 10 minutes to cool down he sent e-mail to his co-worker, Alan, in the UK, complaining about the flight, the food, the conference and now no water for his bloody shower! 

Finally, throwing his luggage into the closet, he flung himself down on the bed.  Loosening his tie he took it off and with his shirt threw them on a chair.  Soon relaxing from the stress of the flight he heard a knock on the door and a female voice saying, “Linen service, Sir!”

He thought oh great, I finally fall asleep and there’s an idiot yelling at the door.  Storming to the door and flinging it open he was about to give whoever was there a piece of his mind when he stopped and stared at the prettiest woman he had seen in a long time at a hotel, and he had been to many hotels!

Smiling he said, “Oh, hello there, sorry about all the fuss but I’ve been on a plane for hours and could use a shower!” 

Suddenly realizing he had no shirt on he stammered, “Uh, excuse me – my name is Brian” - and quickly went to grab his shirt off the floor since he missed the chair when throwing it!

Laughing at his accent, she replied, “Hello there Brian, my name is Christina.”  She then walked into the bathroom and started setting out some fresh washcloths, hand towels and a bath towel.

Popping his head into the bathroom he asked, “Do you think you could perhaps leave two or more bath towels?”

Teasingly she answered, “Oh? Are you having guests to shower with?”

She did notice she liked his English accent and the way he was just hanging around the door, not really walking in but not wanting to leave.  She started placing some guest soaps and shampoo on the counter when he walked in and said, “I think I'll just turn on the shower to see if the water is turned on yet, if you don’t mind!”

Smiling at him she answered, “I don’t mind, actually I like showers – I like how the water feels going over my body, you know like hundreds of tiny fingers massaging, do you like showers quite a bit?”

His cock was instantly hard pushing against his slacks at the thought of fingers massaging her body in a shower with water cascading over both of them.  He stammered, “Right!  Uh, yes.”  Then laughing he joked, “So, care to join me? – you do have extra towels!”

Glancing at her watch and then into his eyes she answered, “Yes!”

He laughed, “Oh right!  Sure!”

Walking into the other room he expected her to leave.  Sitting down on the bed he listened for the door to open and close signaling her departure.  He thought he must have missed her exit and finished undressing.  Turning on the radio so he could listen to it while showering he walked back into the bathroom.

Thinking to himself he had liked the way her perfume smelled of light roses, his mind pictured her naked in his arms, while his fingers roamed freely over her soft curves followed by his tongue.  Warm water cascading over their bodies as he fucked her till she cried out his name. 

Shaking his head to get the mental picture out of his mind, he said out loud to the reflection in the bathroom mirror, “You should have told her to stay and shower!”

A voice from behind the curtain answered, “Yes, Mr. English, you should have!”

The curtain moved slightly aside and Christina’s smiling face appeared but she covered her body with the curtain, “Well Brian?  I’ve brought four bath towels – you did ask me to join you – right?”

Grinning he said, “Right!” and stepped in to join her.  With Sting playing Englishman In NY in the background and the warm water cascading over his chest he immediately pulled her against him.  His cock was instantly hard pressing against her belly, while his tongue pressed between her lips into her mouth – she met his kiss with passion.  He liked that she was shorter and smaller than he was and while his kissing inflamed his feelings, his mind was already pinning and fucking her pussy.  He felt her hands sliding up his body and lock around his neck - she ground her heat against his leg in invitation.  His body took over what his mind was picturing. 

Pushing his thigh between her legs he rubbed it against her pussy…his hands caressed her large, heavy breasts.  Pulling his mouth away from hers he looked down at the ample flesh he cradled in his hands – he knew he had to suck on those large nipples.  Cupping her soft voluptuous breasts he squeezed them together watching her nipples harden.  Leaning toward her breasts his tongue began tracing over the soft flesh down to her waiting peaked nipple.  Running his tongue over her tip he licked and played with it before drawing it into his mouth suckling it.  His fingers rolled the other erect tender nipple - he pulled and put pressure on it, while sucking and gently pulling the other in his teeth.

Feeling water running over his back and down the crack of his ass he continued taunting the rose tip in his mouth, while shoving his thigh higher between her legs.  Between the warm water and her warm pussy his cock was hard and throbbing - her hand finally wrapped around his throbbing erection and rubbed up and down.

“Brian, I like the feel of your cock in my hand!”

Lifting his mouth from her swollen nipple he smiled watching her hand slide on his shaft, “I like the feel of your hand jerking me – pull it harder!”

They both watched as her hand began cradling and cupping his balls.  Widening his stance he pushed his cock into her hand harder.  While the water streamed over both of them his hard pulsing arousal began dripping pre-cum – he needed to fuck her…to fill her pussy with his thick hot flesh.

Looking into her brown eyes he backed her against the shower wall, pushing his body flat against hers - pinning her hand between them still holding his rock hard shaft.  His mouth came down on her soft lips in a passionate kiss, while he lifted her body and her legs wrapped around his waist…her arms around his neck.

“Brian, fuck me!  I want to feel you inside me!”

Pinning her back against the wall his throbbing hardness began easing its way inside her body. 

He groaned, “Hold on tight around my neck!  I’m going to push into you now!”  Feeling her pussy stretching in acceptance of his power, he slid into her full measure…deeper…buried in her heat!

Shifting her weight so her body slid lower he let her weight shove his cock into her pussy deeper.  Her lightweight made it easy for him to pump into her slick depths – moaning his name she arched and pulled herself upward and then let her weight slowly pull her down sheathing him completely.

He was in deeper…fucking…his thighs straining…pumping into her while holding her weight with his arms.   The steam from the shower enveloped them and their mouths locked in the frenzied lust of fucking.  Plunging and pulling her down onto his cock he heard her whimpering.  Pulling his lips away he looked into her eyes, “What?  Tell me?  Ask me?  What do you want!”

He began to thrust faster, pumping up into her as he pinned her tighter against the shower wall…fucking her tighter…harder.  Again he pushed higher into her…Again he felt her whimper as he slammed home over and over bouncing her on his thighs…his cock pumping in and out of her slick wetness.   His thighs were straining and his muscles began to tighten as he fucked her, while warm water soothed him but drove him on to that greater need of a man’s possession.

Her voice whispered in need, “Brian, I have to come now, please, now!”

Sinking himself into her again and again he finally groaned a man’s need of release, “NOW!  NOW! Come for me!” and felt her spasms of pleasure milk his shaft - a groan of male satisfaction broke from his throat as his body pumped his load of hot come into her body.  His body shook violently while erupting in slamming thrusts of climax.  Feeling his thigh muscles and calf muscles aching he ignored it as his mouth devoured hers in more kissing.

Finally, he lowered her to standing, while his lips trailed kisses over her lips.  Reaching for the water handles he lowered the water temperature and warm water cascaded over his shoulder onto her breasts.  Her nipples hardened as he lathered his hands with soap and grinning said, “Well I think I promised you a shower!”

Taking the bar of soap from him and lathering her hands she returned his grin, “Well I have extra towels so we can take quite a few showers over this weekend while you’re here at your conference!”

His hands started to rub the soft swells of her breasts as he whispered, “Bloody conference – think I’ll miss tomorrow!  I have to take a shower!”