Ashley Copyright, LdyJessika, 1998, 1999, 2000
Author: LdyJessika
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Chapter 1

Sitting in a lounge chair on the patio, Ashley looked over the people at her friend’s lawn party. Trying to count them she gave up after counting 35, since most of them were sauntering from the patio into the den and there seemed to be more at the swimming pool. She had known Carol and Bob for over ten years and this was one of their summer BBQ parties. She looked over at the four men gathered at the bar when Bob started on his way over to her carrying two drinks.

Smiling down at her he said, "Okay, my wife has gone swimming so you can have her drink! So, which one of my friends fascinate those pretty hazel eyes of yours and that you want to meet!"

Ashley laughed, "Did Carol tell you to be subtle about trying to set me up meeting someone?"

Bob grinned and mimicking Carol’s voice said, "Now Bob, remember Ashley is 5’4 so he has to be, oh let’s say 5’10 and Bob remember Ashley only likes professional men." Then, in his own voice he laughed and continued, "Yes, she lectured me for a half hour on what type of man to find you – age, business occupation, personality, hobbies. I finally told her she was describing me but that I was too in love with her to divorce her even for the sake of her best friend!"

Ashley began to braid her waist length auburn hair and chuckled at him while she replied, "Well Bob, I’ll let you off the hook this time, per usual I don’t want to meet anyone! So will you two please stop worrying about me and stop matchmaking!"

Getting up off the end of her lounge chair he smiled, "Okay, tell Carol I did my best, oh wait, there over by the bar is Blake, Scott and Randy! There, my task is now done and I’m off to find that beautiful matchmaking wife of mine at the pool – want to come swimming with us?" He knew Ashley well enough to know she thought she was too fat to be seen in a bathing suit. He had always thought that was silly but he wasn’t surprised when she shook her head no. "Okay, Ashley, but one of these days Carol is going to get you in that swimming pool of ours!" Laughing he went off in search of Carol.

Ashley continued sipping her drink while looking where Bob had pointed to the bar. She recognized the men from the last BBQ and two of them from Bob’s office. The other man, the one he had called Blake, was Bob’s car mechanic and worked at a local gas station.

She continued looking at the other guests milling around or sitting in lounge chairs when she noticed Blake dancing with one of the other guests. She saw him glance her way and when his blue eyes met hers he smiled and nodded. Giving him back a half smile she quickly looked the other way. She kept glancing back at them, watching as the woman started to sensually move her hips against him and his hands slid to the woman’s ass pulling her into his groin. Quickly glancing up at him she saw him still looking directly at her. Ashley looked around but at the angle they were dancing no one but her could see his hand fondling the woman. She sat stunned when his hand lowered to the front of the woman’s skirt band and without hesitation slid right in. Ashley couldn’t believe that in the corner of the patio she was watching someone getting fingered and no one else noticed. She did look away but then her eyes looked back to the point where she saw the woman grip his shoulders and her body shudder. He was still looking directly at Ashley even though he was now whispering to the woman. He escorted her to a lounge chair where she sat and relaxed with her eyes closed, while he brought her a drink. Seeing enough Ashley got up and started walking toward the end of the property toward the swimming pond Bob had created for Carol.

The noise of the party finally began fading and Ashley began relaxing as she neared the deserted pond. The area was beautiful that Bob created for Carol, with a small pond for Carol to cool off in and deep enough to cover her shoulders. The privacy was for Carol to be nude and Ashley assumed that it really was meant as a play area for Carol and Bob. This was their special place but they had told Ashley about it for her to use. They knew she liked to be alone and if they were both at the house then Ashley could come down here by herself to think and relax.

Walking to the edge of the pool she slid off her sandals and slowly slid her jeans down her legs. Leaving on her T-shirt and panties she walked into the warm water and sank to her shoulders, letting the water relax her body. Some time had passed when she heard a deep voice on the shore speaking to her.

"Uh, excuse me, I didn’t think anyone would be down here swimming, and without jeans?"

Startled and embarrassed she looked into Blake’s laughing eyes and in a cold tone she answered, "Well obviously I am, so please leave!"

Instead, she watched as he peeled off his cowboy boots, pulled off his jeans and walked into the water. Luckily he kept on his T-shirt and kept his distance from her.

"Look, lady, I’ve had a rotten day and I hate these BBQ’s but I like Bob and Carol a hell of a lot, so I put up with their snooty friends. I just want some quiet and like relaxing in this heated pond. So relax, I’m not interested in you sexually!"

Ashley felt the old insecurity engulfing her but there was no way to run past him and get dressed without him seeing her body. But then she thought what the hell would that matter since he would never be interested in someone her size! Covering her feelings she replied, "Yes, I accidentally noticed just how bored you were with that bimbo. Bob has this pond heated?" She’d no idea why she’d asked that and now she was pulling down on her T-shirt trying to cover her thighs.

He noticed her extreme discomfort and turning slightly away from her answered, "Yes, we installed a heater and filtration system, but you can’t tell Carol. He wants the pond always warm whenever she wants to use it. BUT as you can feel it’s really cold – guess we’ll have to get that thermostat part that broke last week."

He’d moved toward her but kept his eyes averted as he spoke to her, "So, Bob has told me your name is Ashley and that Carol is your best friend. And that you hate going on set up dates – he also ratted out on you that you didn’t leave the party and I could probably find you down at the pond. So, are you enjoying this party?"

Ashley didn’t hear him. All she could think about was that she was freezing and how was she going to get out of the water without him looking at her! She noticed his legs under the water and realized that if she could see his legs then he could see her legs. She sank lower in the water pulling her shirt lower.

Blake caught the movement but was only thinking how cute she was and how much he’d always wanted to meet her. He’d asked Bob a few times to introduce him but Carol always refused to help out. Now he was having a hard time not staring at her nipples under the wet t-shirt. He licked his lips picturing her large nipples in his mouth and his hands molding her large breasts. He could tell this thought was not getting anywhere, except giving him a damn hard-on so he said, "Well, I’m going to dry off, I"ve brought you a towel so how about if we go grab a burger at the house?" He left the water, grabbed a towel and started drying his legs. He finished drying off and looked up surprised since he figured she would follow him out of the water. He looked over at her and said, "I know you like the water but your lips are turning blue from being chilled. Don’t you think that you should come out of that water now?"

Ashley was cold and afraid that her teeth were going to chatter had them clenched. Finally knowing she had to answer she just said, "In a few minutes. Leave me the towel please and I’ll be up to the house in a moment or two!"

Blake pulling on his jeans and boots answered, "That’s okay, I’ll wait!"

Ashley didn’t move but stammered, "NO, you don’t quite get the picture, I don’t want you here!"

Blake sat a moment watching her still gripping and pulling down on her T-shirt and chuckling said, "Ashley, what the hell are you doing to that shirt?"

Ashley sneered, "Why can’t you get the hell out of here?"

Blake snapped, "Why can’t you get the hell out of the water?"

Ashley yelled, "I like the fucking water, Okay!"

Blake stared at her like she was nuts and reaching over picked up her jeans while she screamed at him, "DON’T you pick them up!"

Ignoring her he stood up and held them up in front of him, "What! You have magical jeans or something no one can touch? What the fuck is your problem, lady?"

Staring at him she quieted, "Look, I’m sorry I was rude, can you please put them down and just leave?" Her voice ended on a pitiful tone. She stood there in the water, shivering and looking into his eyes for a moment and then turned her back. The next thing she heard was his boots hitting the ground with a thud. She turned to see him walking into the water fully clothed carrying her jeans with him.

"Blake, what the fuck is your problem?"

"My problem? Lady, your lips are now blue! I’ve no intention of being told what I can and can’t do and since you won’t come out of the water to get dressed my compromise is to come back in! So, here!" He threw her jeans at her and as she caught them he continued, "No one tells me to get out of anyplace." He then smiled and chuckled when he said, "Do you realize we’re both now drenched in our clothes – Okay, Ashley! Here, I’ll turn around, now get dressed before we both freeze, please!"

At that moment all she cared about was sliding wet jeans up her legs and was grateful she wasn’t wearing a tight pair so she wiggled into them fairly easily before answering, "Okay, now please can I get out of this water?"

He started walking out of the water muttering, "Please? Like I’ve been the one making you stay in the water?"

She walked out of the water grabbing a towel around her trying to get some kind of warmth answering, "You wouldn’t understand!"

He remembered Bob’s warning about a certain subject to keep away from but he was too aggravated at this point to care about it and answered, "Like I really give a damn that your jeans are a size 18!"

She looked like someone just punched her and she was frozen in place. Then she turned on him with tears brimming in her eyes and yelled, "Well who the fuck cares. You said you weren’t interested sexually anyway, and you obviously like to finger-fuck women from Carol’s office while dancing. Guess I’m lucky I don’t work with her…and fuck you, Blake!" Shoving him she caught him off balance while he was putting on one of his boots. She heard him curse as he fell on the ground and she ran. She knew Carol and Bob were staring at her as she stormed through their house. She was dripping water as she ran past them. Bob had Carol pressed against the wall and was kissing her neck while his hands were on her breasts. Ashley thought what the hell is with this party! Everyone is being felt up in the shadows! She continued through the house and jumped in her car leaving the party.

Next, Carol saw Blake coming through the house dripping wet and she turned to Bob in astonishment saying, "Blake? You sent your mechanic after Ashley to tell her the hamburgers were ready?" She rushed over to Blake and grabbing him by his arm demanded, "What did you say to her? She was fine until you talked to her!"

Blake stood there not pulling his arm away from her grip since she was Bob’s wife and answered, "She was in the water, I wanted to meet her and just said something like her size didn’t matter!" He felt her hand drop and she muttered something like, "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" He left as he heard Bob saying, "Now Carol, she’ll be fine, but maybe you better call her anyway so you can relax." Blake quickly turned, "What’s her number?" Carol yelled she would never give it to him as Bob quickly told him the number and that he should try the parking lot by the coffee shop on 7th and Dakota. He thanked both of them and left for his truck.

Pulling into the end of the parking lot he saw her car and her sitting in it. He was still damp and getting chilled, but he walked over to her passenger door and before she could say anything he slid in shutting the door. She started to say something when he cut her off, "Ashley, I’m sorry! Okay? I’m so damn sorry! I would never say anything to hurt anyone! You can ask Bob! I’m not like that at all! Let me explain, okay?"

She looked straight ahead but answered, "There’s nothing to explain. I felt like a cup of coffee, so you can leave now."

He started laughing, "Uh, every time I try to be with you are you going to start out telling me to leave, or do you think you can try something like, Hi Blake how are you?"

She turned and looking into his blue eyes she said, "Hi Blake, how are you? You can leave now." But then grinning, she said, "I guess Carol and Bob must have thought we were nuts running through their house dripping wet?"

He leaned his head back on the seat and laughed, "Actually Carol was trying to murder me, Bob was trying to save me and all the guests were starting to ask what happened. All in all I think we made their BBQ a success and it will be the talk of their office…and we’re probably going to catch pneumonia." He reached over and teasingly pulled her braid that was hanging over her shoulder and he chuckled as he said, "So, want to go swimming with me anytime soon?"

He liked the sound of her laughter and her beautiful hazel eyes as she answered, "If I say no, don’t get insulted, okay? It appears you don’t react very well to being told no."

Not letting go of her braid and playing with it between his fingers he said in a softer tone, "Okay, I don’t get insulted if you don’t get uncomfortable with me and run away again, okay?" He saw it was the wrong thing to say but luckily her cell phone rang and she answered it.

"Hi Carol, No it wasn’t your fault. Please, stop yelling at Bob. No, Blake was very nice. Yes, it’s okay that Bob gave him my number, just stop screeching at him, please? – Blake’s here with me now. NO! We’re not at my place we’re at the coffee shop, I’ll call you later." She hung up and turning to him she said, "That was Carol beating up Bob." Laughing she added, "And this is all your fault!"

Still playing with her braid he said, "I’ll give Bob’s car a free tune-up and he’ll be happy. Do you think I’m nice looking?"

Turning to him she answered, "I would think you know damn well you’re good-looking with all the women you danced with tonight."

Winding her braid around his hand two times he drew her face closer and noticed she didn’t pull back. "I don’t care about those women. I want to know only what you’re thinking?"

"I think you should let go of my braid and okay, I think you’re good-looking."

Glad that she didn’t have bucket seats he slid next to her, winding more of her braid around his hand, "Ashley, you can slap me when I’m done but I’m going to kiss you!" His lips covered hers as her protest was being voiced…but she didn’t pull away. Slowly his kiss deepened and his hand dropped her braid sliding around her shoulder. His tongue traced her lips and finally he felt her kissing him back. He took the opportunity to deepen his kiss and felt her mouth open under his…meeting his tongue and sliding her hands onto his shoulders. His brain registered he hadn’t kissed anyone in a parking lot for about fifteen years. He didn’t care. He had wanted to kiss her for months and his tongue finally found hers as he pulled her closer. He felt her not relaxing but not shoving him away while he kept his hand lightly on her cheek holding her face to his kiss. He lifted his lips from hers and looked into her eyes.

She looked away but he tilted her chin so she was looking into his eyes, "Ashley, kiss me first this time, okay?"

He watched her hesitate then her lips met his and he kissed her deeply. He pulled her into a tight hold and his other hand slowly rested on the upper portion of her breast. He knew he should wait but he needed to feel her and slowly slid his palm lower. Feeling her slightly pull away he deepened his kiss, holding his hand still but not moving it away. His lips roamed over hers and he felt his groin harden inside his jeans. His tongue ravished the inside of her mouth and his hand cupped her breast. His mind reeled from the soft feel and the large size. He was afraid to tell her that he only liked large breasts and hated the feel of skinny women. His fingers slowly felt her tender tip through the tee shirt and he heard the soft moan that escaped her lips. He wanted more from her but not in a car.

"Ashley, is there the remotest possibility we can go change into dry clothes and get something to eat, or else I’ll just keep kissing you here in a public parking lot."

She answered, "I’m not sure, you mean you want to go out with me?"

He leaned his head back on the seat and answered, "I followed you down to a pond. I followed you in, then got out to dry off and then walked back into a pond fully clothed. I followed you drenched through a house, am sitting catching pneumonia in your car and you ask me if I want to go out with you? Damn it Ashley, what does a man have to do to get your attention?" Turning his blue eyes to gaze at her he grinned, "Yes, I want to go out with you, so how about a burger Friday night?"

He could see she was still undecided so he opened the door and slid out saying, "Meet me at Gio’s on Friday at 7:00, I’ll wait in the parking lot for you, okay?" He was still leaning in the car when she answered okay. Smiling at her he said, "Good, I’ll see you on Friday at 7:00!"

Ashley drove home and after fretting about it for a few days Friday finally arrived. She started to get ready and taking a hot shower decided it would be better if she didn’t go. Calling Carol she said, "Carol, I can’t meet Bob’s friend Blake at Gio’s. I’m having car trouble and didn’t get his phone number. I need to call him and cancel so do you have his number?" She heard Carol asking Bob and then accusing him of lying that he had to know the number. She got back on the telephone and said, "Bob only has his work number but I don’t believe him." Ashley didn’t want to cause any more trouble so just said it was no big deal and hung up.

Sitting watching the clock turning 6:30 the phone rang. Ashley was sure Carol had gotten Blake’s number for her so she answered, "Carol, you have Blake’s number?"

"Hi, Ashley, looking for me? Bob said you had car trouble so I’m outside your house on my cell phone, but take your time. Hey, why don’t you throw me your car keys and I’ll take a look under the hood and see what’s wrong. Ashley, are you still there?"

"You’re outside the house?"

Chuckling into the phone he laughed, "Ashley do you know you always ask me the same thing I just told you? Yes, we have a date tonight at 7:00 remember? But Bob called and said you had car trouble and since you have a date with a car mechanic how lucky can you get in one date, right?" He didn’t think it would be a good idea to tell her Bob also said she was really tricky at getting out of dates. "So, how about it? Want to go to Gio’s or do you want to have them deliver it? Or what should we do?"

He saw the front door to her house open and she waved him in…turning off his truck he walked into her house. Looking around the interior he was surprised by the comfortable wood furniture and the large couch facing the fireplace. The interior of her living room was rustic in nature much like what he liked but never expected her to have.

"So, Ashley, I like your living room – uh, do you want me to check your car or should we just go in my truck? Or, do you just want to hang out here?"

She looked at him and then sitting down on the couch said, "Blake, I know this is going to sound weird but can we order in, I really hate going to restaurants – I honestly hate this dating type stuff!"

"Why do you hate dating? Hell, you’re so pretty you can get anyone you want!"

Ashley ignored him and picking up the phone called Gio’s, "Blake, what do you want on your hamburger?" She repeated his answer into the phone, told him it would be a two-hour wait and sat down resigned to the fact that they were going to spend two hours together. She thought all she now had to do was to keep her mind off that afternoon when his fingers were pinching her soft flesh and that she wanted his fingers on them again. She could feel her nipples harden at the thought of his fingers playing with them and self-consciously crossed her arms.

Blake got up from the chair he was sitting in and sat down next to her. He noticed she began to fidget pulling at her sweatshirt and although it shouldn’t annoy him it was beginning to get on his nerves. "Ashley, do me a favor and answer this with a yes or a no, okay? I’m not that great looking and there are men with bodies that are a lot better than mine, so do you want me to leave because of that?"

Ashley looked at him like he was nuts, and answered, "No, that doesn’t matter and besides I think you look fine!" She immediately looked away after confessing that to him.

Blake put his arm around her and pulling her toward him whispered, "Good, then reverse that thinking because I think you look damn fine the way you are. I’ve wanted to meet you for months but your friend Carol apparently had me on her list of not for Ashley!"

He didn’t wait for her answer just pulled her into a kiss and let his lips prove what his words meant. He felt her lean into him and without waiting for her to protest slid his hand under her shirt and squeezed her breast. Before she could pull away from his kiss he slid her bra down under her breast and his fingers caressed her nipple between them. He knew he shocked her moving this fast so he slowed down, kissing her softly and playing with her nipple. Luckily her bra snapped in the front and in a moment he had both her breasts free and his hands cupping each. He wanted to ask their size but would look later at her bra so she wouldn’t get upset. Right now he was slowly sliding her shirt up so he could see them.

Large and beautiful were the only thoughts that came into his head when he finally gazed upon them. He smiled at her, "Ashley, I love your breasts! I love big breasts with large nipples on a woman!" He could see she was about to say something so he quickly said, "Don’t say anything!" He bent his head taking the huge, brown into his mouth suckling on it while squeezing the soft flesh around it. Pushing them together he flicked his tongue over one nipple then moved to the other. Sucking and licking each of them in turn he then kissed her mouth pushing her lower on the couch against the side cushion. His hands roamed over her nipples pinching and pulling on them until her moans matched his and he felt like he was being consumed in heat. He was now kneeling on the floor next to the couch and pulled her so she slid off the couch onto the thick carpet.

"Ashley I can promise you I’ll always be honest with you. I know you saw me finger fuck that broad this afternoon but I don’t fuck around. In all honesty over the past five years I probably fingered the majority of the single women in your friend’s office and some of the married ones but I didn’t fuck any of them."

Ashley cut in, "Uh, Blake, if that’s suppose to make me feel better or something it isn’t quite cutting it!"

Blake grinned and chuckled as he continued to help her off with her shirt, "Yeah, guess that didn’t quite express what I wanted! What I meant was that this is different!"

Ashley laughed, "Oh brother! What a line! Yeah Blake, different!"

She saw him get angry and he yelled, "Look, just give me a fucking chance with you, okay? Just give me the same fucking chance you give all those damn office assholes!"

Ashley had no idea what he was talking about since no one at Carol’s office ever glanced her way, "Blake, no one ever even asks me out – calm down!"

Blake looked into her eyes answering, "Well I’m as good as them and better!" His lips came down on hers in a searing kiss. His one hand grabbed her nipple and his other went to her zipper pulling it down then pulling at her jeans.

"Blake, slow down! I hate the lights on! You’re moving too fast and we have hamburgers being delivered!"

"Ashley, do you want me? Just answer me that or is this a game. Do you want me or not?"

He watched her eyes widen in shock and he should have been mad at her answer of, oh why not, what the hell! But, he just grinned and got up quickly turning off the lights since she said she hated lights. Sliding off his boots and out of his clothes he lay back down on the soft carpet next to her, "Ashley, you’re stuck with the light from the fireplace because I’m sure as hell not trying to put it out now!" He was glad she laughed even if she sounded nervous. Pulling a blanket off the couch he covered them because he thought maybe she would want that. He leaned on his elbow and played with her nipples noticing how hard they had become and how large the areola was around the tight bud.

"Stop staring at me and let’s just do it!"

He was almost shocked when she said that but looking into her hazel eyes he chuckled and answered, "Don’t I remember telling you that no one tells me what to do? Now repeat, Blake I like when you look at me!"

He immediately saw that was the wrong thing to kid about and when she tried to shove him away to get up he shoved her back down on the carpet, "NO! No more running away from me, Ashley. You want to just do it? Fine, this time let’s do it…now take your damn clothes off!"

His mouth came crashing down on hers in unleashed passion. The minute she slid her jeans down and kicked them off his muscular thigh shoved between hers. His hand slid down her body to her thigh and when she grabbed his hand to stop it from feeling her thigh he pulled his mouth from hers, "Get your hand off mine and I’ll touch what I want to feel, got it?" His mouth again began to kiss her lips and slowing his movements he waited for her to kiss him back. When she did his hand slowly moved lower and caressed her thigh before moving to the juncture of them, where he played with her soft mound. Using his thigh to push her legs wider open his hand cupped her flesh while his finger slid between her fleshy secret lips. His lips slid down to her extremely large, creamy breasts, finding her hardened nipples. He pulled and suckled on them while his other fingers began to slide up and down her soft wet folds. His mouth kissed and sucked in all the flesh he could on her breasts. His mind reeled with the thought that she had the sweetest tasting nipples he had ever sucked on.

He wanted her hot for his shaft. The more she began to move under his mouth and fingers the more he suckled each swollen point. He sucked and bit the tortured peaks finally taking one between his teeth and tugging on it.

He was rock hard and dripping against her fleshy thigh. He rubbed himself on her until he felt her hands gripping at his back and her nails digging into him. He moved over her body kneeling between her thighs. Throwing the blanket off of them he positioned his engorged erection at her dripping entrance. He wanted to take his time and look at her body but didn’t want her to freak out on him. He loved to run his hands over soft flesh of a large woman that belonged to only him, but she wouldn’t believe that, so he kept his eyes on hers. His fingers shoved in her and he felt her wet and ready for him to shove his hot swollen shaft in. His voice was gravelly as he slowly sank the swollen head up her waiting body, "Now, Ashley – you wanted me to fuck you? You’re now mine to fuck!" He held the head of his shaft in her, watching her trying to push up on it. He pulled back so she couldn’t sink him in. "NO baby, no one tells me what to do remember?" Their eyes locked and he smiled down at her, "Now, feel me sinking into you!"

In one fast move his erect rod shoved down to the base as he plunged into her heated core! He sank himself into her, again and again. He kept demanding, "Feel it, Ashley. Feel me fucking you. Feel me in you not giving a fuck what you think of your body because I like your body!" He knew she would react. Her eyes flew open and she stared at him but he continued, "Yeah, naked under me and I can see your tits and all of you and I still want you, got it?" He rammed into her harder! Pumping his hips to plunge deeper he leaned forward, lower, so his chest hit her tits. Looking into her eyes he demanded, "Tell me honey, tell me, Blake want me!"

It was almost a whisper barely said but he heard her and his lips came down on hers as the first spasm of her heat surrounded his pulsing hardness. He heard her intake of breath as she came…hard! He pulled back from her lips, "Here, Ashley, feel me coming!" His moan of satisfaction filled her house as his thrusting rod began to unleash his seed into her body. Groaning he kissed her fiercely as his throbbing erection pulsated within her, filling her to the hilt. His lips finally left hers and he kissed her cheek and her neck as he withdrew out of her and pulled her into his arms.

He felt her snuggle into his arms, "Ashley do you want me to grab the blanket over us?" He knew her answer would be yes.

"Uh, yes, it’s chilly."

He pulled her tighter to him, "Liar, the fire and us are making it a fucking inferno in here, but guess I better get used to having covers over me!" He grabbed the covers pulling it over them when suddenly the doorbell rang. He growled, "SHIT!" He grabbed his jeans pulling them on and stood up looking down at her. "Stay there and I’ll get the hamburgers!"

She grinned at him, "Just don’t let him in any further than that front hall or I’ll clobber you!"

Laughing he said, "Never happen! You’re all mine tonight – oh, and after tonight also!"

Answering the door in only his jeans and still zipping them up Ashley heard him say, "Bob! Uh, oh shit - Hi, CAROL!


Blake stood there shocked. Bob turned to Carol and said, "Well honey, things seem to be under control here, let’s go!" He had this huge grin on his face and Carol caught the look between the two men and jabbed Bob in the ribs with her elbow.

Looking directly into Blake’s eyes Carol demanded, "Blake, I want to speak to Ashley – and blocking the door is rather rude!" She was glaring at him!

Blake grinned and answered, "Oh, okay!" Without moving from blocking the door he yelled over his shoulder, "Ashley! Carol wants to talk to you – should I let her in?" He laughed when he said that but Carol was fuming while Bob and Blake were grinning!

Suddenly Ashley came running to the door, fully dressed, hair straightened out and pulled the door fully open, "Come on in!" Turning to Blake she gave him a rather now what do we do look and walked to the living room.

Carol whispered to her, "Are you okay, should we stay?"

Bob grabbed Carol by the arm saying, "Okay Carol, let’s go – you can see Ashley has not met the car mechanic axe murderer!" He started to pull her arm and Blake said, "Oh thanks for your vote of confidence, Carol."

Embarrassed Carol just said, "Bob! Stop pulling at me - Ashley call me tomorrow and how about coming over for dinner tomorrow night?"

Ashley felt bad for the way Carol was snubbing Blake and answered, "Sounds great, Blake can you make it tomorrow night?"

Blake looked at Bob and Bob just kept standing there grinning so he figured it was okay, "Sure Ashley, anything you want to do is fine with me – I’ll even give up pizza for Carol!"

Blake laughed as Carol glared at him but then she laughed and as she walked to the car yelled over her shoulder, "Well dinner is at 7:00 and Blake? Leave your wrenches at home!" Once Bob got in the car and turned on the engine she immediately said, "Bob, this Blake character you seem to like so much is really an okay guy isn’t he – he wouldn’t try anything, would he?"

Bob threw back his head laughing and finally said, "Try anything? Honey, you’re too late for that. Ashley looked rather well satisfied if you ask me!"

"NO WAY!" Then grinning at him she said, "You think so?"

"Baby, I know so!"

Laughing she said, "Oh shit! Think we interrupted them in the middle of it?"

Bob chuckled as he drove the mile to their driveway, "I doubt Blake would have answered the door – well I have some of my own plans that shouldn’t be interrupted so get your ass to the bedroom!"


Back at Ashley’s they were sitting in the living room eating hamburgers when Blake asked, "How the hell did you get dressed so fast?"

Smiling at him she answered, "Pure adrenaline fear! I nearly fainted when you yelled Carol was at the door!"

"You nearly fainted? Hell, you should have been the one at the door with her shooting daggers from her eyes!"

Ashley nervously asked, "You don’t think they could tell anything happened do you?"

"Nah! Ash, are you going to eat your fries or what?"

He could see that frozen look come over her and wondered what the hell was wrong with what he said, "You on a diet or something, Ash?"

"Blake, why are you calling me Ash instead of Ashley?"

"Sorry, just kind of sounded nice, do you mind? And if you’re not eating your fries I want them!"

Blake reached for the fries and scarfed them down saving one and holding it up for her, "Ash, it’s now or never for this frencher that’s calling your name?" She laughed and grabbed it out of his hand eating it. Turning to her he ran his hand up and down her thigh watching his hand and saying, "I like your thighs!"

"Blake, let’s leave my thighs out of discussions!"



"I like your thighs!" Before she could answer he stood up and reaching for her empty plate said, "Which way to the kitchen?" They walked into the kitchen and then on the way back, as she walked past her bedroom, he turned and walked into it.


"In your bedroom, just looking – you know this room smells pretty, like you!" He had walked over to her dresser and was touching and picking up her makeup and perfume.

"Are you having fun looking at my personal things!"

"Do you mind? I was just looking – this room seems more like you than the living room."

Ashley walked over to him grabbing her perfume out of his hand, "Come on Blake, out of my bedroom!"

"Oh come on Ashley, you show me yours – I’ll show you mine!" Laughing as he said this she smacked him on the arm replying, "Blake, you’re a wacko!"

Quickly pulling her into this arms he began to kiss her, pulling her back toward the bed as he whispered, "Promise no more loving for tonight, let me suck your nipples more." He had pulled her down on her bed and was sliding her shirt up glad that she didn’t put her bra back on. Running his index finger over the tip of her nipple he looked at her breasts, "Damn these nipples are so beautiful – the best I’ve ever sucked on and just how I like them…big…pretty brown." His tongue was lightly flicking over the brown tips as he squeezed them together. Over and over he milked her tits while suckling on the puckered nipples…her whimpers became stronger and her movements grinding more and more against his leg. His voice was husky, "Ashley, I’m so hard again and want to sink into your body that I better stop now." He pulled himself up and pulled down her shirt over her tits. Keeping his hands rubbing them through the shirt he spoke to her, "We’re still on for tomorrow night, right? You didn’t just say that?"

"Yep! No pizza for you tomorrow night – you’re stuck with Carol’s cooking!"

"Okay, hey, how about tomorrow stopping off on your lunch at the station and I’ll show you where I work!"

Pulling her by the hand he walked with her to the front door where he pushed her against the wall kissing her hard and rubbing against her body. "Ashley, call me in the morning okay? I wrote my number on that phone number paper you have on your refrigerator!"

Ashley closed the door after he left and walking into the bedroom got into her nightgown and into bed. Going over in her mind the entire afternoon her fingers slid over her nipples and her thoughts turned to Blake’s fingers pulling on them. She pulled on them and twisted them the way he had. She could hear his voice in her mind telling her how much he liked her tits and the thought of him pushing his shaft in her began to make her feel her soft flesh get moist. Spreading her thighs she slid her fingers over her wet secret flesh hearing him say how much he liked to finger her. Pulling her knees higher she sunk her finger into her heat then back to her sensitive flesh…rubbing and pinching until she came on her fingers thinking of him.

Falling asleep she heard the phone ringing and rolled over answering it, "Hmm hello?"

Blake’s voice sounded sleepy, "Ash? You enjoyed tonight, right?"

She heard his voice and smiled, sleepily answering, "Hmm, hi Blake, did you?"

He chuckled, "Yes, Ash, I did. I enjoyed every minute of it. Did you?"

Sleepily giggling she answered, "Yes, even shoving you in the mud at the pond."

"Wish I stayed the night with you, Ash. Maybe next time?"

"Would you want to?"

Blake was now getting used to her answering his questions with a question before she finally answered him so he replied, "Yes, Ashley, very much I want to spend the night holding and loving you crazy!"

"Hmm, me too Blake."

"Good, see you in the afternoon then, Ashley, night."


"Yeah, Ash?"

"Nothing, see you in the morning!"

At the sound of the click of her phone Blake felt like calling her back. Then figured since it took this long to talk with her, he wouldn’t press his luck. Grinning to himself he walked to his kitchen getting a Budweiser and then turned on the late night news in the living room flopping down on his couch.


The alarm in his bedroom seemed like it went off the minute he closed his eyes in the living room. Sitting up on the couch where he fell asleep he walked into his bedroom to shut off the alarm - then showered and headed for the station. The morning went fairly calm and he had his work done on the regular cars in about three hours. Walking to the back of the station into another building he called Bob.

"Hi, Blake here! Ashley is coming over in an hour and after that I was going over to the new building, want to come along? Okay, I’ll meet you there in about three hours. Yeah, I’m planning a long lunch!" Grinning, he hung up the phone and went back to the station to wait for Ashley to show up at 1:00.

Looking at the clock on the wall it was 1:15 and he was about to lock up when she pulled into the station. He watched her quickly look around and walk toward his office. He smiled to himself as he looked at her red skirt and white blouse. She was pulling her blouse down but he was now getting used to that habit of hers. She looked beautiful to him.

Pushing open the door she smiled, "Hi, sorry I’m late but I got lost and didn’t realize you were in this area of town!"

"Oh thanks, Ash! You thought I was in the east section?"

"Uh, sorry, but kind of. But then I should have realized since you work on Bob’s car you would be at this end of town! Kind of as you said snooty!" Smiling as she said this and sounding rather apologetic, he just laughed.

"Ashley, you look really gorgeous in that outfit!"

She looked away, replying, "Yeah, right!"

Blake stood up and walked up in front of her, grabbing her by the shoulders and looking directly into her eyes, "Ashley! You look gorgeous in that outfit!" Before she could answer him he pulled her into his arms hugging her tightly to his body and kissing her lips. He felt her leaning into him and took full advantage deepening the kiss and moving his hand to her breast. Their tongues and lips caressed…their bodies told what they wanted and needed. Grinding his groin into her softness through their clothes they both became more in tune with the other’s need. Finally pulling his lips off hers and his voice deep he said, "I have to make one phone call and then we can leave, come in the back office with me, okay?"

She grinned, "NO WAY! I’ll wait right here."

He laughed, agreed and went in the back to place the call leaving her sitting at the front desk. Ashley was looking at the B&B Ltd. letterhead when the front door opened and she found herself looking at the woman Blake had fondled at the BBQ. The woman gave her a rather dismissing look and said, "Is Blake still here or has he left for lunch already without me."

Ashley’s mind was trying to understand the meaning of the woman’s sentence while looking at a woman dressed in a smart looking business suit about a perfect size 10. She answered with a slight stutter "He’s in the back making a call." The woman just laughed and assuming Ashley was Blake’s secretary said, "Well, I tell you what. How about you taking your lunch break now and I’ll explain to Blake that I told you to leave early. You know kind of so we have the place alone!" The woman gave Ashley what was supposed to be a conspiratorial wink.

Ashley quickly stood up stammering, "Fine, I’ll leave now and you can just explain it to him." She just about ran to the door when the door to the back opened and she heard the woman saying, "Blake, I had to see you after the BBQ and I sent your secretary to lunch."

As she slammed the door she heard Blake yell, "Secretary? – SHIT!" She ran to the car and just about had the door opened when she felt a hand grab her shoulder and a voice demanding, "Whoa! Hold on Ash! No more running! You promised." She tried to pull away from him but he blocked her car door. The sound of another car door could be heard slamming and the other woman drove out of the driveway. Blake said, "Think she’s upset because I want you instead of her?"

Ashley was looking down as she said, "She was very elegant looking and said you had a date with her."

Blake tipped her chin up and said, "She’s built like a stick, would break in two if you hug her and I told you last night I want you. Now how about that lunch?"

Not meeting his eyes she answered, "I don’t think so. This has been a mistake and I’m going home."

Blake held his anger by a thread, "Ashley, exactly what has been a mistake? Being with me?"

"No, you being with me."

Blake tried to follow the logic but found none, "Ashley, how is that different than me being with you?"

"It just is."

Blake couldn’t think of anything to say - this conversation wasn't making sense, "Ashley is this like in that book that Bob is always complaining that Carol is yelling at him about, where she is from a planet and he is from a different planet?"

Ashley started laughing knowing Carol was making Bob miserable with the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Meeting his eyes she could see he was lost in what she was trying to explain and she laughed harder.

Blake was glad she was laughing but he wasn't sure why he was glad, "Look, Ashley, can we go back inside or to lunch and maybe you can explain this planet thing." He watched as she went into a complete fit of laughter. He remembered Bob always said when Carol goes into fits of laughter it doesn’t pay to say anything, so he stood there looking at her. Backing away from her and taking her hand he was surprised when still laughing she followed him to the office.

Once inside he closed and locked the door, pulled down the shades and put out the closed sign so he could clear things up. Suddenly the phone rang and he noticed it was the private line. Answering it he said, "Hi Bob, Ashley is here and it seems she wants to give me that planet talk you’re always saying Carol makes you listen to. Yes, that’s her hysterical laughing. Hold on I’ll ask her. Ashley, can we go to lunch at Carol’s now instead of dinner?" Blake took it as a yes since she nodded her head while trying to stop laughing.

After he hung up and she finally stopped laughing she said, "I think you better drive."

Blake wasn’t about to ask if she still felt things were a mistake so he grabbed his keys and taking her by the hand walked to his car. Opening the door to a Corvette she looked at him and said, "Will you get in trouble taking any car?" He closed her door and after pulling out on the road for the drive to Carol’s house he smiled and said, "I don’t use customer’s cars – this one’s mine." For once he enjoyed her not knowing what to answer or say as they drove the ten minutes to Bob's house and parked next to Bob’s matching Corvette.



Ashley quickly opened her door and stepped out before he could walk around and open it for her. He just smiled and they walked to the front door that Carol had already opened. She was smiling at Ashley but ignoring Blake.

Carol finally turned to Blake, "Hi, Bob’s car is running fine since you tinkered with it. Come on into the den. I’ve invited a few other friends from my office at the last minute. Oh, you know me, just one of those impromptu ideas of mine." Laughing Carol flounced off to the den with Bob walking after her and Ashley suddenly walking very slowly.

Bob hung back and said low enough for Carol not to hear, "Ash, what’s wrong?"

Ashley crooked her mouth and replied, "I’ve known Carol too long not to know she’s up to something."

The next moment they had walked into the den and Bob walked over handing Blake a beer. He handed Ashley a diet soda and said to Blake, "Just grin and take it all in stride, this is her last battle against you being with Ashley."

Blake laughed, "What the hell does your wife have against me?"

Bob smiled, "Not a thing. She’s just not going to let the next person Ashley falls in love with walk out on her if she has to kill the guy in the process - she thinks you’re only playing a game with Ashley!"

Blake shook his head in disbelief, "Damn, I really love her. I know it’s only been a few days but when have you heard me ever say that?"

Bob laughed, "Hell, I believe you! It’s Ashley and Carol you need to make believe you."

The next instant Blake heard a shrill laugh and voice, "Why Blake – is that you? I haven’t seen you for over a month. Wherever have you been, you bad boy."

Blake felt instant annoyance as the woman walked up and hooked her arm through his - oohing and aahing how wonderful he was and how she wanted to know when they were going to that dinner he had promised her. Blake knew Ashley heard her and he extracted his arm but he didn't know what to say. He just wanted to end it with all of the others and for some reason almost stuttering blurted out, "That night was great but I’m engaged now. I’m strictly a one woman man now."

Carol’s voice was almost shrill from across the room, "Engaged? And you've the nerve to date my best friend these last few days, Ashley. How dare you! Bob get him the hell out of our house!"

Bob looked at Blake with a stunned questioning look. Blake looked at Ashley who had turned pale and was staring at him, looking like she either wanted to run or faint. She finally mouthed the word engaged? He blurted out, "Ashley, I’m engaged to Ashley, didn’t she tell you yet?"

Blake didn’t think Ashley could turn paler but she visibly was white as a sheet with her hazel eyes staring at him. He watched Carol go over to Ashley and say, "You’re engaged? When? You only met him a few days ago. You’re engaged in a few days?"

Ashley’s mind was blank and she innocently could only think to say, "But you met Bob on a Club Med cruise and when you showed up back at the room two days later you told me you were going to marry him."

There was loud laughter as Bob doubled up at the horrified expression on Carol’s face. Walking over to Carol Bob put his arm around her. "It took you two days to tell her that? And here I thought you called her the next day saying you knew you were marrying me after our first night when you vowed you never could sleep with another man after me!" He felt her elbow rammed into his ribs but he held onto her. Then quickly taking the situation in hand he turned and kissed Ashley on the cheek and walked over to shake Bob’s hand saying, "Well congratulations you two for not wasting time and knowing what you both want. Let’s have a toast to the newly engaged couple!"

Carol looked at Ashley, "Am I missing something? Do you really like Blake? You’re sure. You usually take so long to decide anything. You’re engaged?"

She was about to say no she wasn’t engaged when the other woman sneered at her and said, "Oh Carol, don’t be silly, this is all a joke of Blake’s, right?"

Ashley bristled and out of character for her but something she learned from watching Carol she straightened her shoulders and smiled at the woman. She nonchalantly said, "No, he isn’t kidding. He was quite a handful to catch with his fingering all of you women, and you panting after him like female dogs in heat. But there comes a time when a woman has to put her foot down and tell her man no more honey it’s them or me. Of course he chose me, so yes, we're quite engaged and he’s quite off limits. Have you thought of a vibrator?"

Carol nearly spit the drink she had just taken a sip of onto the floor and Bob as ever saved the moment. "Ahh, well, later for all this girl talk about toys and men. I think I’m starved and while we go to start the BBQ, Carol, why don’t you show Darlene you’re new painting. Ashley? You, young lady, are coming to the BBQ because I want to hear how you captured my business partner!"

Carol and Ashley turned at the same time saying, "Business partner?"



Blake groaned and said to everyone, "He’s kidding – I wouldn’t be a partner with anyone. Ashley can I talk with you in private outside?" Grabbing her by the arm he seemed to drag her outside. In the meantime Carol tried to calm down Darlene from being insulted. Blake grinned over at Carol saying, "Two days and you wanted to marry me?"

Carol grimaced, "Oh Blake, shut up!" But her eyes had that sparkle that he loved when she looked at him.

Outside Blake and Ashley walked in silence down by the pool where they had first met. Blake spoke first, "That was quite a speech you blasted Darlene with." He glanced over at her but she was looking straight ahead of her and had her shoulders slumped.

He could see her thinking and she finally said, "So I lied, big deal – sue me!"

Turning to face her and noticing she was looking away, Blake chuckled, "Ashley? Want me to knock that chip off your shoulder now, or later." He put his arms around her and as she pulled away he gripped her tighter and pulled her against him. "Come here woman. What’s with this pulling away? And don’t say go away!"

She stiffened in his arms, "Okay, look, she just made me angry."


Ashley’s eyes glared at him, "NO, angry!"

Blake grinned, "Yeah, Ash, angry, gotcha – angry it is. And shame on you for saying I finger everyone. That was crude!" He was laughing as he said that but she bristled.

"Well heck, you do!"

Blake kept one arm wrapped tightly around her waist and his other hand pulled up her skirt as he growled at her, "Like this? You gonna say I do that then fine – I’ll do it. Gonna be called a fox may as well deserve the title." His fingers expertly slid under her skirt and into the leg of her panties…touching.

She looked at him, "Fine, you want me to be like them – get this – just call me Darlene!" She spread her thighs, daring him to continue.

His fingers slowed their pace, touching and he smiled gently at her. "I want you to be like you. But in all honesty, hon, I want you to keep your legs open for me, okay baby?" He was kissing her neck and her hands had moved up to his arms.

She whispered, "What if Bob comes down looking for us?"

His fingers moved from her panty’s leg and slid into the top band, pulling them down her legs. "Step out of them Ash?" When she did he put his arm around her waist and pulled her into a deep, satisfying kiss. His fingers slid back under her skirt, between the soft folds of her woman’s place. Seeking the dampness between her legs he wanted her to need him. To need him as the only man in her life. He slid his finger over her delicate softness until he finally entered the deep heat within. He heard her sigh and say his name. He felt her lean into him. His finger began to rub over her sensitive spot – over her tender flesh. He felt her body receptive as the slick wetness of her excited him. His fingers played over and over delving into her - her whimpers became stronger until her nails dug into his shoulders. Her tight depths clenching on his finger as it again entered her caused him to groan her name, "Ash, come for me Ash, only for me honey."

He felt her moving against his fingers as they drove in and out of her softness. Driving into her core of heat he used them to demand she give her feminine gift to him. "Now, honey." He felt her body tensing as her shattering release took over her body. He felt her lean against him, holding onto him. He held her tightly to him not moving. He waited until her body had relaxed and then gently slid his fingers out of her, as she still clung to him. He kissed the top of her head while she leaned against his chest. He kissed his fingers licking the essence of her from them.

Finally he said, "Well, at least this time you didn’t shove me in the mud. Let’s talk later about everything, okay? Can we just for now go back and have lunch. But, Ash, know it’s only you I want." He liked the dreamy look about her and the woman’s flush on her cheeks. Hand in hand they walked back to the house - They were greeted by Carol.

Carol said, "Look, Darlene left." She then looked at Ashley’s face and turned on Blake yelling at him, "Blake, have you been hollering at her! She looks upset and her cheeks are red which means you must have upset her!"

Ashley turned darker red. Blake laughed and walked past her calling over his shoulder as he left Ashley standing with Carol, "OH, is upset what you and Bob call it?"

Carol looked at Ashley, "What Bob and I call what? What’s he ever talking about? Are you okay?"

Ashley finally smiled shyly, "Uh, Carol – I think we need to talk."

Carol said, "Talk? I'd think so. Now, about Blake! Ashley, tell me you aren't going to start dating him. There are so many men at my office that keep asking me why you won't date them and then you date Blake?"

Ashley laughed, "Well it 's not like he's a local axe murderer or on a wanted poster at the post office. And he’s very nice."

Carol was about to say something when the front doorbell rang and in walked Ashley's ex boyfriend James. Carol quickly looked back at Ashley and said she didn't invite him. James walked up to them as Ashley looked away. Carol quickly asked what he was doing there and he said he noticed the Corvette in the driveway and was looking for the owner. James explained that the owner was fixing a car he owned.

He looked over at Ashley, "Hi, Ashley, how've you been?"

Bob and Blake walked in and Blake said, "Hey James, how are you. How's the new car?"

The two men shook hands but Blake noticed Ashley and Carol were too quiet for comfort and something was not right. After talking for a few minutes James turned to Ashley and said, "Can I speak to you for a few minutes. Did you know that Janet and I broke up?"

Carol cut in before Ashley could answer, "James, we're sorry I guess that you broke up but I'm having a lunch party and well, in all honesty it's to celebrate Ashley's engagement to Blake."

Bob and Blake looked at Carol who was now acting as if it was the most wonderful news she had ever heard when ten minutes ago she was screeching how horrible it was. Bob laughed, "Yep, that's my wife always taking the lesser of two evils."

James looked stunned and blurted out, "You? Ashley engaged?"

Blake began to wonder if it was his imagination or was everyone going to go into shock at the news he and Ashley were engaged - well actually he didn't even ask her yet but he planned to remedy that if he could eat lunch and get out of there. After James finally left he had a moment to talk to Ashley while Bob and Carol cleaned the grill. She was quiet and not meeting his glances.

Finally, he turned her chin up to him. "Ash what’s wrong? I can’t do this planet understanding thing. Can you just please tell me what’s wrong?"

She smiled, "Well now we’re in quite a mess. We’ve both lied and told people we’re engaged and will look silly when we have to say we just blurted it out."

Blake was running his hand up and down her arm and decided the heck with waiting for later to ask her to marry him, "Well, Ash, why does it have to be a lie. Will you marry me? I know asking this at Carol’s just before lunch ain’t the most romantic place but if I asked at the pond you may have pushed me back in the mud. So, how about being engaged for real?"

Ashley looked him in the eyes. Searching for the joke. Searching for what was the punch line and saw only love gazing back at her. Her mind wanted to ask more questions but for once she just went with her gut feeling, "Okay, for real."

Pulling her into his embrace he kissed her and then hooking her arm through his they walked back in to have lunch.

Carol looked up and looking at the two of them suddenly grinned, "Oh, my! Bob, I think we had better break out a bottle of Champaign after all. I knew you two would get together! I just knew it from the start!"

Bob shrugged his shoulders, looked over at Blake and winked. Carol left the room laughing to get a bottle of Champaign to celebrate.

Ashley laughed and turning to Blake said, "As long as she’s finally okay with it don’t worry if she takes credit!"

Blake pulled her into his arms whispering, "As long as I finally have you for my wife. She can take all the credit she wants. I want to hear it one more time. Will you marry me?"

Ashley looked into his eyes. She knew in her mind and heart that this was what she wanted. Without hesitation she answered, "Yes, Blake. I’ll marry you!"