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"Anthony, for always being there when I need you - then, and now,   Love Sparky."

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 Driving past the sign that said “Private Road – No trespassing” she drove up to the gate looming across the beginning of his driveway, in Westchester, New York.  

 He didn’t even know she’d flown in from California.  She hadn’t had any reason to tell him, since she’d no intention of seeing him.   It had been peaceful without him in California, where she’d moved and they’d only spoken by phone.  Actually, although it had been peaceful for years in California, they continued to disagree and argue by telephone.  Now, sitting at his gate she wondered why she drove from Manhattan to Westchester, when she could have called him on the phone - he’d never know she wasn’t calling from of California.  

 Reaching for the gate phone to call his house she picked up the receiver, but then quickly replaced it.  It had been a long time since she’d had to be in New York.  She’d always had someone else take the meetings in New York.  This time she had to personally be in charge of the meeting - she had no alternative but to attend.  It was bad enough she had to have a meeting in Manhattan but then she decided to drive to Westchester.  She’d called a friend in Westchester that she kept in touch with, to meet for coffee.  She’d met her friend for a few hours and after coffee told herself that she’d drive straight back to Manhattan.  Instead, she drove the opposite direction to his house, as if pulled there by a force.  Laughing she thought of the line from a movie, “You will return to the dark side, the force is strong.”

 It had been a few years, yet sitting at his gate nothing seemed different.  When she’d left the last time, they’d made a promise not to contact each other, yet every weekend one of them telephoned the other.  Even though they spoke, at times on the phone, it ended in an argument of some type.  It seemed to her as if they couldn’t even decide what that they should discuss.  It always seems during the conversation that something was missing. 

 She felt she was always out of reach of feeling complete.  Something seemed to be missing, since she moved to California and although happy it didn’t feel it was where she needed to be.  It felt like she was always planning, scheduling, thinking, then more planning and more scheduling.  Always for business reasons, or some reason that it needed to get done.  Always others were put before her own needs and wants.  It was if she couldn’t the find the formula within her for relaxing and letting go.  She craved relaxation but never could do it.   It was a need that even in her sleep she craved it without knowing what it was.  She’d wake every morning not feeling rested… her first thoughts being, how could she keep doing everything.  Lying in bed she’d think to herself, “I can’t do this anymore.”  But, every day she’d put on her makeup and walk out the door to a working day.  Every day she’d be so in control that she’d feel angry most of the day, but didn’t know at what.   Then at home she’d be depressed and go through the evening, until she fell into her usual fitful sleep…waking and watching the clock, for when it was time to get up and start all over.

 Now, late at night, sitting in the car in front of his home she felt this was also wrong - but for the moment she’d no other idea what to do other then sit there and stare at the phone.  All she knew was that she felt like she’d been in constant motion and for a moment she could be still.   Her hands were gripping the steering wheel, while conflict raced through her mind of what to do next, where to go, and when to do it?

 A deep, calming voice shocked her out of her thoughts, “Are you sitting in my driveway, gripping that steering wheel, for any reason I should know of?”

 She didn’t see him walk up from the road and stuttered, “Hi, I was passing by, and I’m not sure why - but I stopped and was about to call on the phone, to see if you were home.”

 He smiled, “Yes, many people fly in from California, then drive to Westchester, and then down a road marked Private, by accident - just passing by.”

 She smiled, “Okay, I wanted to drive down the road but wasn’t sure what I’d do when I got to the end.  I guess I’ll just drive back the way I came.”

Reaching through the car window he put his hand on the steering wheel, “Well, since you’re already at my gate how about driving me the next five miles up the drive, because I’m tired of walking.”

This was a pivot moment, she knew so well in business – her next action would turn the outcome.  Her next action would change the rest of the meeting, one way or the other.  The choice was hers.  Sighing, she closed her eyes for a moment sitting and thinking – tired of always making the choice.  Then like a calming warm wind his voice said, “Move over, I’ll drive up, and then you can drive back down.”  He didn’t ask her if it was okay that he drove the car…he didn’t ask her if she wanted to drive back down.  All she had to do for the next moment was move over - she did so, without wanting to think about if she should.

In silence they drove through the dark night, down the dirt road, to his home.  He drove directly into the garage using the garage door opener he kept in his coat pocket.  Closing the garage door he turned to her, “Still like your low-calorie Hot Chocolate?  You got me hooked on it years ago, and I buy boxes of the damn stuff!”

She smiled, “Yes, I still love it.”

 He was already getting out of the car, with her car keys still in his hand, “Good, then I’ll make us some.  Then you can drive back down the road.”  He started walking toward the door, not even looking back to see if she’d decided to follow him.

 At the door he turned toward her - she was getting out of the car.  He waited until she caught up with him and then he held out her car keys to her.  As she went to take them, he smiled and quietly said, “Nah, I’m keeping them until after the Hot Chocolate,” Then, putting them back in his pocket he went to the door. Opening the door he stepped aside to let her walk past him and they entered the house.  He saw her slightly tense, when she heard the door close and the bolt lock in place.  She turned toward him as he turned on the lights.   He smiled and said, “Before you ask if anyone else is living here, the answer is no.” 

 She answered, “I wasn’t going to ask anything, nor do I care about anything.  I think after the hot chocolate I’ll need my keys.”

 He laughed, “You think too much, too fast, and I disagree with your after the hot chocolate theory, of what you’ll need.  I don’t think it will be your keys.”

 Not knowing why the anger began within her she knew her voice sounded strained, “Great, and just what do you think I’ll need?  You?  That I’m back here to be controlled and told what to do?  To beg you for it?”

 He was surprised by the anger in her tone.  Noticing the dark circles under her eyes from not sleeping he kept his tone soft and comforting, “Jessy, I don’t know what you want, or what you need.  I do know that you’re in Westchester NY, when you could have stayed in Manhattan.  I do know that you need to be here, at least for a hot chocolate, so let’s leave it at that.  In all honesty that’s all I know.”

 She followed him into the den and in a moment he had a fire lit and warmth flowed over the room.  The room seemed familiar, but very different.  Gazing around she noticed many familiar things, but many things were new and different.   The dark black leather furniture was gone, replaced by a large earth toned fabric couch, with large, soft cushions.  The tile floor was now only by the fireplace and a thick soft rug covered the floor.    A wall that used to hold chains and whips of various types now had a large bookcase against it.   Standing there gazing around the room she didn’t notice him watching her reactions to it. 

 “Jessika, you sit and I’ll be right back.” 

 Sitting down and watching the flames playing among the logs she started to relax, but kept looking at her watch to keep track of the time.  In a moment she heard the door open and Anthony walked in with two steaming cups of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows.   He sat down and removing the blanket from the back of the couch placed it over her legs.  He smiled as she automatically pulled it higher to snuggle into it.    They drank the hot chocolate in silence and when she was done he took the mugs and put them on the floor next to the couch.  “Relax, for a while, just lean back and relax.  You know where the door is.”  He took her keys out of his pocket and placed them on the table in front of her along with the garage door opener.  “You can leave here whenever you feel you need to.  But, for now, I’d like you to sit here with me.  Okay?”

 She stared at him and couldn’t remember when he’d ever asked if anything was okay.  She thought that maybe this was a new way to try and manipulate her.   She thought that now would be the best time to leave, before she got caught in whatever game he was starting to play.  “Okay, for a few minutes and then I’ll get back to Manhattan, before it gets too late.”

Smiling at her he said, “It was too late when you moved over and let me in the car.”

She bristled, “What the hell is that suppose to mean?  What was too late?  Know what?  I should’ve never been stupid, and driven up here.  Know what?  I’m just going to get the fuck out of here, now.  I hate these fucking word games.”

He moved quicker then she realized he could move.  Before she could throw the blanket off of her, he’d pushed her down onto the couch, holding her still.   He could feel the tense anger coursing through her body.  He looked at the exhaustion in her eyes that she’d never admit to and he said, “Stop.  Jessika, for one time in your life, stop thinking and instead rest.  All I meant by saying that it was to late was that in the car when you moved over, I was glad.  It meant that in the car when you moved over, I thought that, for a while, I can be with you.  It meant that it was too late for me.  For me it was too late, not you.  If you walk out now, it will bother me.  It will bother me a hell of a lot – just, for a while, be with me without all the fucking games we always get ourselves into.  Okay?  This isn’t a new type of game.  Jessika, look around you.  Things change – even people.  I may not have changed a lot, but on some things maybe I’ve just mellowed with age!”

 Not moving she relaxed and he rolled off her to his side pulling her against him.   She’d never realized how large the couch was until she felt herself and him full length on it without the chance of her falling off.   For a moment she thought that it would figure that he’d make sure he bought a couch that could fit two people lying down on it.   She looked at him and her voice was low, “I don’t know why I came here.”  She could feel his hand gently stroking her arm, as they were lying on their sides facing each other.  She was surprised by his answer.

 “I’m not sure why you came here, either.  As I said, all I know is that you’re here.  I’m not going to lie to you and pretend that I don’t want to feel you naked against me.  But what I want will need to be the same as what you want – not what I want and you put up with.  Don’t worry about why you’re here.”  She felt him pull her closer and she rested her head on his chest. 

 Time slipped by…the room was colder…the fire was slowly turning to embers when he woke her up.  “Jessika - I have to put more logs on the fire.”  She was surprised she’d fallen asleep, “I’m sorry, Anthony.  I didn’t realize I fell asleep!  Great company I turn out to be!  You don’t see me for two years and I visit and fall asleep.”

 She watched him put the logs on the fire and in a moment the room was warm with a soft glow from the flames.   Her eyes followed his movements as he walked around the room before he came back and stood in front of the couch gazing down at her.  Not saying a word he pulled off his sweater and sat down next to her.  She started to sit up but turning he said to her, “I still can’t sleep in all of these but you stay snuggled under the covers.”  She watched as he slid off his black jeans.  Smiling she wondered if he ever started to buy blue ones, or brown ones, or he still only bought black jeans.  Then she smiled when she saw that he wasn’t wearing bikini, or string underwear but white jockey shorts.  He saw her grin and he laughed, “Well, I was out hiking and didn’t expect a visitor or I’d worn something sexier.  Give a guy a break!”  She laughed and without thinking picked up the end of the blanket, for him to get under.   She felt his body fill the space and it immediately seemed warmer…more relaxing.

She felt herself wrapped in his arms and leaned against him.  Then, as always, she started thinking what should she do next – run her hand downward on his leg.  Should she get up and take off her clothes…did she even want to remove her clothes?  And if she did would he think she was trying to send him a signal?  And, was she trying to send him a signal?   All that flashed in a second through her mind and the conflict within her started.  She was about to say something but then felt him hug her tighter and say, “Can you sleep here with me tonight, or do you have a meeting early tomorrow morning?  And, I did mean s-l-e-e-p not s-e-x, incase you’re going through your old what does he really mean?”

 She laughed and closing her eyes whispered, “I’ll fall asleep faster then you.”   She didn’t know that after she fell asleep he stayed up gazing down at her, while holding her safely in his arms. 

It seemed like she’d just closed her eyes, when she felt him kissing her shoulder and she laughed, “Did you also rule out kissing, last night, when you were spelling?”  She liked his voice – it was always a deep baritone, “I’d never rule out kissing you.  It’s an open invitation, at any time.”   Gazing at him for a moment she then leaned forward meeting him half way - they embraced in a slow kiss.  He pulled back and smiled, “I’ll be upfront with you.  I’m not sure I’d want to stop at kissing, so let’s go very slowly.”

Gazing at him and tracing a finger over his lips she whispered, “I’ll be more upfront.  I don’t want to stop, so let’s speed-up.”

He grinned, “I’m not going to top that one!  Your upfront definitely wins over my upfront.”

She kissed him and at that moment her cell phone began to chime with jingle bells.  He laughed, “Oh shit!  That sure can ruin a moment – jingle bells for a cell phone ring?”  Pulling the cell phone quickly out of her pocket and answering it, she learned her meeting was moved up and was in three hours.  She had to drive back, still finish her presentation, and get ready.   Conflict raced through her and she looked at him, “My meeting is in three hours!”

 He laughed, “Well, we can go marathon and try to do it in ten minutes, or less.  We can forget it and shake hands and I’ll see you, if you ever drive by Westchester again, by accident.  Or, you can promise me that tonight you’ll come back here and be with me?”  

 She smiled, “Okay, ten minutes now, and then I’ll come back here tonight, okay?”

He was shocked but laughed, “Crap – get off the damn couch - strip fast - pick a position.”  She watched him quickly strip off his shorts and by the time she’d taken off her clothes he was hard.    “Anthony, I can’t think which position I want.”

 He stared at her a moment then said, “Crap – just bend over!”  He turned her toward the couch, made sure she was ready, and quickly slid into her without any other foreplay.  He was glad when she pushed back - maybe since there wasn’t time for her to to think about what they were doing, they just went at it.  No talking…no thinking.  He gazed down at her ass…his hands firmly gripping her waist.  Feeling her body relaxing and needing more he pulled her back onto his cock.  He heard her low whimper and he automatically responded, pumping harder and faster into her.   Watching the time he finally felt her stiffen and tighten on his cock, while she reached her orgasm.  Wanting to ram into her harder he realized there wasn’t any time left - he let himself go full into her.  It was one of the best orgasms he’d had…or maybe it was because he was finally fully fucking whom he’d wanted to for so long.    Without any relaxing he pulled his cock out of her and said, “We’re late by two minutes!” 

Laughing she quickly got dressed and raced to the car.   He was standing at the door watching her get into the car.   She smiled and then her voice sounded odd when she asked, “Are you sure you want me to return later?  I’m not interfering with anything?”

Staring at her he shook his head and smiled, “No, Jessika, you aren’t interfering with anything.  Yes, I want you to return.  Are you going to?”

He heard her yell yes, as she gunned the car out of his garage and drove away.  Heading back in for coffee he called her cell phone, “Jessika?  Were you really here, and I didn’t imagine all that, right?”

He liked the sound of her laughter, “If you were having a hallucination I was having the same one.  You seem like you’ve changed and I like the living room, with the bookcase, rather then all the other things that used to be there – but they were okay too.  I don’t mean I never liked them.”

He cut her off before she went into babbling, “I know what you mean.  I like the living room the way it is now, see you later, whenever you can leave your meeting - come to my place.”

Hanging up the phone he went back to make sure the fire was out. 

Then walking over to the bookcase he flipped a switch - it opened to a different room. 


It was difficult for Jessika to concentrate on the meeting.  The usual conflicting emotions kept intruding into her thoughts.   Should she have agreed to ten minutes?  Did that make her seem forward?  Needy? Sure of herself?  Did she look fat?  Should she finish the meeting and head for Kennedy Airport, rather then drive back to where it had all started.    She knew the meeting was successful and she’d done everything perfectly – business was easy to her – it was automatic.   The meeting felt like it only had taken an hour rather then six hours.   Then, the meeting participants were shaking hands, smiling, signing contracts.  It was over – flying all the way from California and in six hours everything was done and she could leave New York for home.  They all agreed to follow up in e-mails and left the meeting room.

Sitting back in her hotel room she kept looking at the phone, knowing she should call United Airlines for an earlier flight to California.   Knowing it was the wrong decision to drive back to Westchester, she took a long hot shower to think - it was getting later and later.   Looking at the clock she saw it was well past midnight.  Finally, taking her cell phone she turned it on to see if there were any messages and then dialed his number.  She noted that he sounded like she woke him up.

“Hello, Jessika.”

“Hi, Anthony, I’m done with all of the meetings.”

“That’s good, Jessy.  I trust that everything must have gone well.”

“Actually, it went perfect and all the contracts are signed and all the agents are really, really, satisfied.  It was very mutually beneficial to everyone and I’m really glad that it’s over.”

“Well, that’s good, Jessy.”

The silence went on and on and she knew he was waiting for her to say something, but every time she went to say something her mind seemed to freeze on anything other then sitting there.

 “Jessika.  Are you sitting there gripping the phone for any reason I should know of?”

She smiled since that was almost the same sentence he said when he found her at his gate and she answered, “I’m passing by?”

“Yes, Jessy, you are and how about a nice hot cup of that hot chocolate you have me so hooked on?”

“Anthony, that sounds good – I’ll be there in about 45 minutes?”

“Whenever you get here will be fine.  It’s late so I’ll be upstairs – same way as always.  Up the stairs – but I’ve changed rooms - all the way at the end of the hall.  Tonight I’ll beat you to sleep.  Wake me up when you get here.”

Hanging up the phone she quickly put clothes in an overnight bag and drove to Westchester.  Not many thoughts were on her mind, until she parked in his garage and entered the house.   Old feelings came rushing back as if the house had all her secrets and were whispering them to her.   He’d left the nightlights on for her, that she’d always needed.  He had disliked lights on at night and she was afraid of the dark.   She smiled thinking how he could walk in the dark and not bump into anything, while she had always bumped into tables, chairs, anything.   He finally had to agree with her that the dark was not the best way, for her, to walk around his house.  He installed a nightlight in every outlet and they had turned on automatically when it was dark.

The stairs seemed longer to climb then she’d remembered and as she quietly walked down the hall she stopped at his bedroom door. She touched the knob and stood there thinking of the past.  Should she bring it all back?  She never really asked him if he thought she still looked okay.  Actually, now that she thought about it, he didn’t say anything about how she looked.   Maybe he didn’t like how she looked but didn’t want to say anything.  Thoughts and more thoughts kept her still – she hardly noticed when her hand was turning the knob, or the knob had turned in her hand and he was standing there smiling, “Jessika, are you standing in my hall, gripping the doorknob, for any reason I should know of?”

Laughing she answered, “Passing by?”

She liked his smile as he stepped back and she entered into the room.  She walked to the middle and gazed around until her gaze met his.  He’d already gotten into bed and he was watching her…he lifted the cover and patted the pillow, “Bathroom is that door over there.  Hot cocoa is right here on your nightstand when you get into bed.  And yes, I still sleep stark ass naked so I have nothing on.  Let me guess – you still sleep in a t-shirt with a picture of a bunny on it?”

She walked to the bathroom and grinned as she closed the door answering him, “HA, smart ass – it isn’t a bunny.  It’s two bunnies, so you don’t know everything!”  She heard him laugh as she closed the door. 

A few minutes later opening the door she noticed the lamp on her side was turned down very low, but still on.  Slipping into the bed she sat up and drank her hot chocolate.  She watched as he slept and when she was done with the hot chocolate and snuggled under the covers, whispered, “Anthony, are you asleep?”

 “No, Jessika, I’m not and haven’t been, but thought I’d let you relax.”

 He turned toward her and smiled, “You okay being here?  Want to move over toward me?  Want to just go to sleep?  Or, want to finish what we started this afternoon without rushing?  AND, before you answer I’ll let you know I really hope you pick the last option.”

 “You do?  Are you sure?  I’m not as thin as I was, when I lived here.”

 She didn’t mean to mention the words about living there.  She saw an odd expression in his eyes and he looked away for a moment and then back directly into her eyes, “Jessika, either decide you want to fuck me, or sleep.  I’m not exactly the same as when you were last here, either.  We all change.  My hair has more gray in it.  And, you look fine in clothes, or naked.  Remember, I had your ass in my hands this afternoon?  I can assure you that it’s quite a nice ass.  Yes, Jessika, you look fine.   Now, I have this hard on and really want to fuck you.  Okay?”

He didn’t wait for her to answer but pulled her to him, kissing her lips lightly until he felt her relaxing into his kiss.  Once her fingers started to play through his hair he parted her lips and his tongue took possession over hers.   He felt her body melting into his, but he kept his still, only working his tongue lightly then demanding…bringing her at her own pace to wanting more and more of him.   When he felt her hands pulling him tighter into kissing her mouth, he kissed her harder…longer…letting her control the demanding.   He finally slowed down and kissed her lips and then her cheek…kissed her ear where he whispered, “Jessika, I need this with you.  I want to be in you.”

He heard her whisper his name and his hand slid down to her breast.   His fingers played with her nipple and as it hardened to his touch…lightly he pinched it.   Need coursed through his body and the want to possess and own.  Holding all his feelings at bay he licked and sucked on her nipple until he felt her trying to move her leg under his.  He smiled to himself and lifted his body pulling her under him.  He felt her open her legs so that his hard cock nestled between them, right where she needed it.    But, he wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted.  She could wait – she moved to California – now she could wait for it!

She must have felt him when he had that thought because she whispered, “Anthony, I need to be with you.”

 He knew his voice sounded harsher then he meant it but she didn’t notice it, “Yes, Jessika you’ve always needed me.”

 His teeth gently but tightly bit down on her nipple and she whimpered.  He licked and sucked on it harder making it swollen and red.   Glancing down at it he smiled when it was swollen and hard and continued torturing the tip by sucking…licking…biting at it.   Her whimpers made him move on but he knew he’d done enough for her nipples to be throbbing and even tomorrow they’d be sore and swollen.

 His cock was pushing against her…sliding up and down between her pussy lips but not pushing inside her.   He could feel her moving her hips trying to get him at the angle to get him inside of her.   He wanted to ask her if she was his bitch and needed it but he remembered her outburst about not begging for it.   So, he leaned back and made her look into his eyes.  Her hands were flat against his chest.  His were on either side of her body…he was poised…ready to ram his cock into her.   He moved slightly so the head of his cock slid a fraction opening her…ready…aimed.   She was staring at him, not saying anything.   He knew she was getting confused, if she was supposed to ask for it, or he wouldn’t do it.  Smiling down at her he said, “Jessika, I need it.  I want to ram this cock into your pussy…that hot…wet…pussy that’s sucking me deeper into it.  I need it…I need you to say it’s okay…it’s okay, baby, right?”

 He was surprised by her answer inflaming his body to the heights of lust and passion when she said, “I need to be your bitch.”

 He knew he groaned, “You’re my bitch…always and forever my bitch!”

Then it was like the storm finally burst from years of waiting.  His rock-hard cock rammed in and out so fast he felt her wrap her legs around his waist to keep from sliding on the bed.  Her arms were wrapped around his neck…her body pinned beneath him.   He was so deep he could feel his balls against her.  Driving into her over and over he didn’t want to stop but felt her tiring.   He whispered, “Almost, baby…it feels too good to stop but get ready.”  Then he rode her until he felt her pussy clamp so tightly on him that his cock shot streams of cum - his body exploded in a frenzy of movement and release.   He was still pulsating within her…his weight fully on top of her.  He felt her hands rubbing over her back…massaging the back of his neck.  He heard her sigh and whisper, “That was wonderful, Anthony.  I’ve missed you so much.”   

 He kissed her lips and pulled out of her…rolling onto his side but still looking at her, “Jessika, it was beyond wonderful.”   He pulled her against his side knowing he didn’t say anything about missing her or acknowledging that she’d said that.   Her cheek was against his chest and his hands were stroking her hair when she whispered, “Anthony?”   He knew what was next.  This is where if he answered wrong the fights would start.   He knew she was waiting…waiting.  He heard her whisper and her voice sounded so low and scared, “Uh, Anthony?  Are you very sure it was okay?”

He lifted her chin so she was looking at him, “Listen carefully to me.  Are you listening?  I’m only going to go through this once.”  He felt her stiffen but pulled her tighter to him, “I’ve already said it was beyond great.  I’ve heard you say you missed me.  I needed to think about that for a few minutes and that’s why I didn’t answer.  Jessika, you know I don’t like to say things.  It isn’t me, but I’ve missed the living hell out of you, every day, since you moved.  Now, was that enough for you to fall asleep?”

 Her smile was the happiest he’d seen since she’d shown up at his gate.  He kissed her nose, “Now go to sleep and don’t push your luck, okay?”

 He felt her snuggle in and in a moment he felt her relaxing into a deep sleep.  Looking down at her he held her tightly to him and knew he didn’t want to let her go again.  She didn’t hear him whisper, “You’re my bitch and in a day or two you’ll beg for it, just like you used to.”   Then he chuckled, and thought to himself that maybe he’d be the one begging for it.  He’d deal with it all tomorrow - for now he had her in his home.

 Chapter 3 - Morning isn’t all that it’s suppose to be

 Opening her eyes she rolled toward the center of the bed then quickly sat up.  Staring around the bedroom, still not fully awake, it didn’t look at all familiar.  Sitting there she groaned, “Oh, crap!  What the hell did I do?”  Falling backward on the bed she pulled the pillow over her face - his cologne scent was on the pillow, and images of last night flooded back to her.  Groaning into the pillow, she moaned out loud  “OH CRAP!  What the hell am I doing here?” 

 She felt the weight of someone sit on the bed and heard his deep laugh, “Are you suffocating yourself under my pillow, for any reason I should know of?”  She felt him try and remove the pillow but she gripped it tighter. 

 “Jessika!  Please, remove the pillow.  If you suffocate under there, I’d have a devil of a time explaining you did it because you didn’t want to face the morning.”

 She finally let him pull the pillow from her arms, but then she pulled the covers over her head, “Anthony, I can’t believe I’m in New York!”

 She felt him tugging at the covers but she had a tight grip on them, “Jessika, you can believe very well that you’re in New York.  I think what you are having a difficult time believing is that you wanted me so badly that you waited at my driveway gate, until I’d see you!”

 She threw the cover off her face so quickly that she nearly knocked him in the head.  Sitting up she glared at him ready to say something when she saw him grinning, “There, Jessika, I figured that would get you out from under the covers.”  Quickly wrapping her in his arms he kissed her on the head, “Knew that would get you out from under the covers.  How about going for a hike?  I’ll bring coffee and we can go have it by the pond?”  Not waiting for her answer he got up, “I’ll go get the coffee and meet you out back?”  At the door he turned to look at her and she was swinging her legs off the bed as she said, “I’m not much on hiking, but a slow walk would be nice.”

 Anthony was working in a backyard garden when Jessika finally walked out of the house, “Kind of still chilly, isn’t it?”

Smiling he answered, “This isn’t California, but grab a jacket off that bench.  I brought that one out here for you to wear.”

 Calling back to her to catch up with him, he started out down the path, “Come on, California make you soft?  You probably can’t keep up anymore.”

 In a moment she was by his side walking comfortably since he was keeping his stride to hers.  She realized she missed the fall weather with the air was crisp in the mornings.  Walking and looking at the trees slowly starting to change to fall color was beautiful.  She turned toward him, “The trees always look beautiful when they change seasons.  That’s one of the things I miss the most about the east coast is the turning of the seasons.”

 They were at the pond where he threw down the backpack and pulled out a blanket.  Placing it on the ground in a sunny area he sat down and poured two hot cups of coffee from a thermos.  Sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him he watched her.  He watched as she looked into the pond and smiled when she saw the Koi that she had placed there years ago.  Turning to him she smiled, “Why the mesh over the pond?”

 “Well, if you want them to be supper for a Raccoon I can remove it but it keeps them safe and the leaves out.  I’m moving them next weekend up to the house where it’s safer.  When it gets too cold they come and live in the house.  In the basement I have a tank they stay in, nice and cozy and not Raccoon Buffet.

 Sitting down next to him, taking the coffee she asked, “Why do you do so much for the fish?  You never even liked them?”

 He laughed, “True, but that doesn’t mean I want them to be eaten.  They became my responsibility, I had no choice – want them shipped to California?”

 Laughing she answered no, that she only had a small studio apartment and no place for fish.   “I’m lucky I have a place for my clothes, much less my fish.  I think they’re living better here then I could do in an apartment.   Half my closet I have to use for my computer - inding a place for a fish tank is out!”  She was smiling until she realized he was gazing at her with an odd expression, so she said, “What?”

“Nothing, Jessika, just enjoying sitting here.”

 She grinned, “No, you were thinking!  I can always tell when you’re thinking, but aren’t going to say what you’re thinking.  So, what is it?  I want to know.”

 “Okay, but remember that you asked.  I want to now why did you tire of the lifestyle we had and why didn’t you tell me.  You never said a word to me and just left for me to find a note.  Granted it was a twenty-page note, very well written, but you were here that morning and moved out that afternoon.  I came home and you wouldn’t discuss anything.  You didn’t take anything.  You could have had half the money in the joint account.  And, by the way, 100% of your half is still in the account.  You can withdraw $20,000 and close it out.  But, if you don’t want to talk about it I’ll accept that - we can enjoy our coffee and the time you have here, until you return to California.”

 “Anthony, I was very confused for a while.  I don’t really remember.  I had always tried to explain - I couldn’t think quickly enough when you answered and started questioning.  Then I’d over-explain and you’d get frustrated, and then I’d let it drop, but it never got settled – I’d just always give in.  You always could out rationalize me.  You always could out talk and out think me.  I’d get confused.”   

“Jessika, it’s okay.  I think I know what happened so relax, drink coffee and let’s just enjoy the day.”

“Anthony, what do you think happened?”

Anthony smiled and put his coffee down.  Then leaning back onto the ground he closed his eyes, “I think we should just relax and let it stay in the past, let’s let it go and have a nice day together.”

“No, Anthony, you may think wrong about what happened – and you said you think you know, but it may be wrong.”

 Anthony shook his head and held out his hand, “Come here and I’ll tell you what I think happened, which may only be 1% correct.  Come on, scoot on over here and I’ll spill what I think.”

 “Anthony, this better not be a trick.”  Moving next to him she stretched out with her head on his chest, “Okay, Anthony, spill.”

 Running his hand through her hair he didn’t say anything for a while.  Feeling her relaxing against him he slowly slid under her so she was flat on top of him looking down at him, “There, that is what I think.”

 Jessika stared down at him, “You think I wanted sex at the pond?”

 Anthony laughed so hard she nearly slipped off him, “No Jessika, I was probably the one that wanted sex at the pond – you wanted top.”

 He felt her body tense, he smiled at her, “I’d had realized that you were tired of the Master/Sub life after you left.  I could see you changing, but I guess it was so comfortable with the way we had it for all those years I didn’t want it to change.  Plus, I don’t think I could change.  I can’t quite see myself wearing cuffs and having done to me all the things I enjoyed doing to you.”

 “Like now, looking up at you is just an odd sensation.”

 “Anthony, odd like in you’re feeling disgusted.  Odd like you can’t stand looking at me above you – I’m not that far above you – it can only be nose to nose, I’m about 5 inches looking down at you.”

He had his arms wrapped around her and his eyes were gazing into hers, “What I can tell you is that you sure don’t disgust me.  Feel something quite hard?  That surely answers the disgust question.  I’d like to roll you right under me and fuck.”

 “Anthony, rolling me under you would void the entire conversation of me being up here.  How about we fuck with me on top, since you thought that was the problem.  Better yet, you don’t get the choice.”

 He was very surprised when she sat up and unzipped his jeans.  He helped her pull them off and when he went to help her get undressed she told him to just stop and lie back down.  She quickly undresses - then he watched in amazement as she stepped over him.  Looking right down at him she said, “Want to be fucked?”  He felt like laughing and answering, “What man in his right mind wouldn’t?” but simply answered, “Yes.”

 Still, he was surprised again when she lowered herself, grabbed his cock and slid it smoothly right into her.  He wondered for a moment if she did that a lot, but then didn’t care as she began to shift her weight and ride him.  Starting to reach for her he was told to concentrate on himself and leave her alone.  He didn’t’ smile but gazed directly into her eyes.  He could see the insecurity but determination for her to control the mood.  He listened and did what her body wanted his to do.  It was sweet torture and he wasn’t used to not being able to do what he wanted.  Still when he opened his eyes and saw her staring down at him he whispered, “Damn, when?”  She smiled, or maybe it was a half smile, or a wicked grin, when she purred, “Now, would be just fine!”

 He closed his eyes.  He felt her riding his cock harder…slamming down onto it until he felt his resistance slip away.  He groaned as he shot cum straight up into her.   It was only a moment later when he felt her tighten on his cock and she whispered his name.  He had his eyes closed enjoying the feel of her when he felt her sliding off of his cock and snuggling next to him.  He wasn’t sure what to do until she whispered, “That was so great, wasn’t it?”

 Turning to her he smiled, “Not sure.  You may have to do it about ten times so I can evaluate it fully.”

 She smiled in return, “Only ten?  Want to start tonight?  I still have a few days I can stay in NY, before I have to return to California.”

Sitting up he said, “Sounds good.  Let’s head back, spend some time in the hot tub, go to dinner, and have a re-evaluation session.  Does that sound okay?”

Standing up Jessika smiled at him, “Sounds just fine.”

 Chapter 4 – The Start of Dinner

 Jessika was surprised that upon returning to the house he mentioned that she should rest until dinner using the old bedroom.

 Jessika was surprised, “What?  You want me to start using a different room?”

  Smiling and pulling her into his arms he answered, “Yes, I sure don’t want to repeat mistakes, and I want this to be different.  Special.  I want you to enjoy and relax in one of your bubble baths.  I went out and bought some yesterday, after you said you would be returning.  I made that room, right over there, a place for you to relax until dinner.  NO, before you ask, I’m not trying to get away from you – I just want you to have some time for yourself, while you’re here.”

 Jessika smiled, “Not sure about all of this, but I’d like a warm bath and then writing a few things down.”

 Anthony smiled, “Well, then, I shall knock on your door in three hours and take you do dinner at Gino’s?  Would you like that, or prefer to go somewhere new that we’ve never been to?”

She hardly let him finish his sentence, “I’ve missed Gino’s chicken parmagiana terribly.  I’d love to go to Gino’s for dinner and have a real Cannoli for desert!”

Anthony had opened her door and started down the hall to his own room.  Turning for a moment he said, “I’ll be back for you in three hours but if you need anything just come down and knock and come on in.  I really want you to relax, so wherever you feel you want to be is really fine with me.”

 Entering his room he walked over to the chair by the stone fireplace.  The stones ran through all the floors on this wall and the upper floor had a fireplace and another den that he now used as an office.   Stripping off his clothes he enjoyed a hot shower.  Wrapping a towel around his waist he walked to the bed and began drying himself off.  Then putting on a pair of cut off jeans he pulled the blanket from the bed wrapping it around his shoulders.  Walking over to his favorite large over-stuffed chair he sat down.  Gazing into the flames he thought of the woman down the hall named Jessika.   He recalled the first time he heard her laugh and he automatically smiled without knowing who she was.   He wondered how something that felt so right went so wrong, without him noticing it was going wrong.  Closing his eyes he thought back to the last few months she was living with him trying to find that exact moment it started down the wrong path.   Feeling if he couldn’t rationalize what had happened it could happen again he felt frustrated.    He finally couldn’t come up with the answer and started to drift to sleep.

 Then hearing a knock on the door he called, “Come on in, Jessy.”  He heard the door open and a whispered, “Anthony?  Are you sleeping?” 

 He whispered, “Yes, Jessika, I’m sleeping, come on over and wake me up.”

 He heard the laughter that he heard so many years ago, as she ran across the room to him.   Smiling at him she continued to whisper, “Anthony, can we sit for a few minutes in front of the fire?  Remember how many times we used to sit here?”

 He smiled knowing she didn’t mean to bring up old memories and whispered, “Come sit on my lap and let me hold you.  You can even hum that little song that you used to hum.”

 She went to sit on his lap and he quickly opened the blanket and pulled her onto his lap.  Wrapping her in the blanket with him he was surprised when she snuggled in against him, rather then fight to get off his lap. 

 She rested her head on his shoulder and he leaned his on hers.  In a moment he heard that odd little tune she would hum over and over.  It was only seven notes, but she didn’t know what it was or how it started.   In a moment he felt her rocking herself to it and he closed his eyes letting himself get caught up listening to her hum and rocking her gently.  

 It was a while but he heard her whisper, “Anthony, I think I may have missed this.”

 He didn’t want to hear what she missed.  He didn’t want to answer that she chose to leave so she is the cause of missing it.  But, he didn’t want to fight so he didn’t answer what he was thinking.  Instead he answered, “So did I, I think we better get up before we fall asleep.  I made reservations and Gino is looking forward to cooking for you.”

 She  snuggled in against him one more moment and then gazed into his eyes, “Dinner sounds nice.  Thank you for making this special.  I’ll head down the hall now and get changed for dinner.  Anthony, I think tonight may be special, don’t you?”

 Not wanting to agree but not wanting to ruin her mood he smiled, “Yes, I will be special.”  Then his thoughts that he didn’t would be special when you beg me to take you.”  

Chapter 5

 Back in her room she wished that she’d brought something more then business suits, her gym sweatpants, and jeans.  She walked past the closet and on a spur of the moment opened it.  Nearly falling back from shock she was staring at the dresses she’d left behind.   They were still neatly hung, the same as she’d left them.  For a moment she wondered why he’d left everything as if he knew she would come back.  It angered her for a moment that he was so sure of her that he didn’t bother to throw out her things.  All the same, reaching for a black dress she felt it fit perfectly as she’d left it.   Gazing at the door mirror it seemed as if time was backing up.  The same black dress, the same white pearls, the same door mirror gazing back at her.   Sighing, she promised herself just for tonight she’d let the past go.  The knock on the door made everything spiral back to the present and she opened it.

 “Jessika, I can explain about the clothes in the closet.”

She cut his next sentence from being said, “You don’t need to explain.  I’m happy that they were there, clean and neat, and now I have something to wear to Gino’s.  And, may I say you do look quite dashing.”   Smiling at him she went on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek.  Feeling his arms go around her waist…pulling her body flat against his.   The scent of his cologne drifted to her, she melted against his muscular chest feeling her senses swirling with excitement.   Feeling the safety…the aura of strength he had as his arms held her securely against him.  She felt his head lifting and could hear his voice was deeper then usual as he told her if they didn’t stop they’d be very later for dinner.

“Jessika, as much as I want to miss dinner, may I escort you to dinner?”  Holding out his arm to her he bowed and smiled. “Jessy?”

 Smiling she placed her hand on his arm and they walked to the car, then the drive down the long driveway.  Past the driveway gate where she’d re-started what she’d left.  Feeling odd that everything was familiar when she’d expected things to be different.  She didn’t know why things didn’t feel odd, uncomfortable…wrong.   It felt as if three years didn’t happen, here they were back in time driving to dinner at Gino’s.  Turning toward him she studied his profile, he’d gotten gray hair mixed in with his black hair.   A few lines at the corner of his eyes, but all in all he was as handsome as the first night she met him.  Thinking back he still had the best line she’d ever heard.  He’d approached her and with the nicest smile she’d ever seen heard his voice for the first time as he said, “Excuse me, was that wonderful laughter belonging to you?”  She had laughed and he said, “That proves it.  The laughter, that I wanted to find, belongs to you.  I’m Anthony and I’d like to speak with you, forever, if that isn’t too long for you.”

 She then heard him, “Jessika, penny for your thoughts?  You seemed miles away.  Have you changed your mind about going to Gino’s?  Now would be a good time to tell me, since I’ve parked the car?”

 Laughing she said, “I was daydreaming, per usual.  Old habit, I still have.  I’m hungry!”  Opening her car door, she stepped out and they walked arm in arm into the restaurant.  

Gino came running to them the moment they walked into the restaurant.  “Anthony, and look at you, Jessika!  Like it was yesterday – you look beautiful.  Come, come and sit down.  I have your favorite table.  I have your favorite wine.  See, your Gino, he not forget you!” 

 He held her chair for her and she sat down.  Same chair…the same table…in front of the fireplace so she stayed warm.   She watched as he poured her usual one-quarter of a glass of wine.  She needed change – “Anthony, pour more.  I prefer it half filled.” 

He smiled, “Or, half empty?”

She smiled and was about to answer when Gino brought their appetizers that they never ordered.  Before she could say anything Gino smiled and said, “Just like you liked them.  Dinner I bring chicken-parmigiana with extra mozzarella, and little sauce.  See, your Gino, he not forget!”  He bustled away singing and she looked at Anthony, “I guess I don’t have much choice in the menu tonight?”

Anthony laughed, “I’m sorry.  I have no part of what’s going on with Gino.  I knew he sounded excited that you were coming in with me for dinner, but I’d no idea he was doing any of this.  Do you want me to speak with him and have him tone it down with his choices?”

She was already enjoying the appetizers and had always loved Gino’s food so she told him not do to anything unless she didn’t get a cannoli for dessert.   The warmth of the fire felt good but something was beginning to feel odd…she was chilled, with no reason to be.  Ignoring the feeling she enjoyed the dinner.

 “Anthony, I guess you come here often with people?”

 “People?  Yes, Gino has a no animal permit so I always come here with people.”

 She looked at him waiting for more but he didn’t say anything…waiting…waiting.

 “Anthony, I guess you come here often with…dates?”

 “Ah, and we have arrived at the dinner with other women question?”

 Her anger came over her so quickly she couldn’t stop her words…she looked at her plate and answered snidely, “Forget it, I really don’t give a fuck if you come here with an 18-wheeler full of sluts!”  As soon as the words were out she could have fallen on the floor that she uttered them.  She looked up at him to find him grinning.

 “Wow, now that leaves me without a doubt what was on your mind.  And, that was the most descriptive sentence of my behavior that you’ve ever said.  Not just a truckload, an entire 18-wheeler full of women.  Wait, you didn’t say I date women, you said sluts?”

 Grateful that Gino arrived with their dinner she didn’t answer but told Gino how grateful she was and how much she’d missed his restaurant.

 Then turning to Anthony she smiled after taking a bite, “This is as great as I remember.  They don’t have anything like this in California.”

 Anthony lifted his fork and expertly twirled the right amount of spaghetti on it, “They apparently don’t have a lot of things in California.”

 Jessika glared at him but he said, “Let’s stop it all now.  Please, let’s stop before the barbs get higher and harder.  You throw one, I throw one back.  I apologize for my California comment and I accept yours about the 18-wheeler of sluts.”

Jessika looked at him, “Uh, I accept your apology and I agree about not throwing anymore barbs.  But, since mine is already out there, do you bring many sluts here for dinner?”  She was half smiling and he started laughing.

“Yes, Jessika, I do and my favorite that I’ve missed is here with me now.”  He was smiling, waiting for her answer but she lifted her wine glass…smiled…and said, “You win, this round.”

The remainder of dinner was quiet and Gino hadn’t forgotten cannoli’s for dessert.  It had been two hours and suddenly she again felt cold. Realizing her throat seemed sore when she swallowed, she said to Anthony, “I think we need to leave soon, I think I’m feeling like I’m coming down with a sore throat.  I better get back to the city before I get you sick.” 

 They finished their espresso and he said, “Let’s get going.  You suddenly seem like you’re fading and I think your eyes look feverish.”

 As he was helping her on with her coat he places his palm on her forehead, “Shit, you’re burning up.  I’ll bring the car to the door.  Stay here.”  She smiled and suddenly felt as if she ran for miles.  She was exhausted…cold…shaking.   She tried to think when this had started.  She did feel tired before she left to come to New York but felt it was stress.  During the meeting she felt chilled and her throat seemed sore but then it stopped.  This morning she felt chilled but it stopped.  But, now…she knew.   She ran to the car quickly getting in.   “Anthony, I’m so glad you have on the heater.  Do you think you should drive me back to NY and I’ll get on a plane back to California?”

He laughed, “Sure, go ahead and give an entire Boeing 747 the flu.  I think we’re heading back to my place.  We’ll see if you have temperature, then we’ll decide what needs to be done.”

 Struggling to stay awake to speak to him, she felt like the sandman just pulled and pulled, at her, until she couldn't keep her eyes open.  The next time she sleepily opened her eyes they were parked in the garage and her car door was being opened.  His voice drifted to her, “Come on, cupcake, let’s get that thermometer and see what you have going on.”

 His arm went around her waist and she leaned on him.  She was feeling every bit of having the flu…chills…tired to the point of needing to sleep.   He got her into her room and while she sat on the bed he went to his room.  Back in a minute with extra quilts he walked over to her, “Under the tongue, Jessika, it’s a quick one so when it beeps read it.”  She watched as he put another quilt on the bed and then handed her one of his heavy sweatshirts and warm pair of socks.  “Come on Jessika, get off those cold clothes and get into these.”   She couldn’t even think if she should say no she was not borrowing his things.   She read the thermometer and groaned, “Oh shit, this can’t be happening to me.  It’s up to 101.5 I may go into shock at my age!”  

 He smiled thinking she hadn’t changed at all.  Sickness and Jessika did not go well together, “Jessika, temperature is always more at night, remember?  101.5 is fever but you have a way to go for shock.  Here take the advil and it will knock down the temperature.  We can take it in an hour and see how close to shock you are, okay?”

 He watched as she rolled the covers around her and started to cry…while rocking herself, “Oh, no.  I’m sick…  I don’t have time to be sick…  What if I don’t get any better.  What if it’s the Pig flu?”

 “Jessy, that’s the Swine Flu.  Here, sleep for a few hours and we’ll see how it goes.  If it is anything like you are about to expire we shall race to the hospital?  Okay?”

“Anthony, I’m so sorry!  I wouldn’t have come here if I thought I was sick.  Oh crap…damn!  I’m cold!”

 “Here, you rest and I’ll sit right here and make sure everything is safe.  Okay, how does that sound?”   Not waiting for her answer since he knew that is what she wanted, he sat on the bed and placed his hand on her shoulder as she rocked herself and started to hum.   For once he was glad to hear that odd little tune since it comforted her.   It was only a moment and he could hear she was in a deep sleep.  Turning to gaze down at her he thought to himself that this wasn’t what he was expecting and didn’t really want to deal with.  

 Standing up he changed into the sweat pants and sweatshirt he brought and then sat back against the headboard.  Reaching for the newspaper he started reading while at the same time keeping a hand on Jessika as she fitfully slept next to him.   An hour later he put down the paper and started to fall asleep when he heard her whisper.

 “Anthony, I think I’m sick, more then a tad.”

 Time had spiraled back years and he answered, “Yes, cupcake, you sure got yourself sick this time.  Must be too much work and no resting.  You sleep.  It will feel better in the morning.  Go back to sleep now, okay?  I’ll be right here with you.”

 She sounded worried like she used to years ago, “I don’t do good at being sick.  I don’t like how it feels.  I’m going to be okay, right?”

“Sleep, Jessika, it may not even be the flu, but only a cold coming on. Just sleep and it will go away.  Remember each time you wake up it’s getting better.  But, you have to sleep.”

 He watched her smile at him and then she dragged the covers almost over her head.  He was grateful when he heard her even breathing.  Sighing he thought this was not what he had in mind at all.  Then chuckling he thought from Master to Nursemaid – only she could make him do things that anyone else he would have driven to the airport.  Leaning back he fell asleep thinking what he would have to buy in the morning from the drugstore for her.  He knew she wouldn’t be better in the morning but didn’t want to tell her that or she’d never get to sleep.  Resigned that this was going to be a long few days until she recovered he fell asleep.

  Chapter 6 (short chapter)

 Anthony slept for about an hour when he heard his phone cell buzz with a text message.  Rolling onto his side he reached down to the floor where he had placed it incase it rang.  He’d set it on vibrate so it wouldn’t waken Jessika, but also he didn’t want anything or anyone calling while she was at his home.

 Text, “She there?  When she leave? I come to you.  I rub back?  She not know I even there.”

 Anthony read the message twice thinking this is probably where it went wrong last time.   He knew if he didn’t her call or text back she’d just keep calling.  He’d met her, Tyung, at a hotel, where she had a small shop of imported Korean gifts.  She was very nice looking and when he and Jessika weren’t getting along he had asked her out for dinner.  She’d said all the right things and was very subservient but never took no for an answer.  At first it was interesting how she would spend hours massaging his back but then her quiet way was demanding.   Then Jessika found out and that must have set her off to move out.  He knew somehow Tyung had said something to Jessika but he’d never found out if she really did.  She had a great way of always acting innocent and subservient to him.   He knew she acted the same way to countless other men but at times it was refreshing and he still saw her on occasion.   All in all she was a good whore, but covered it well with a massage act.   Gazing at Jessika, he text back, “Not this week.”  He knew she wouldn’t take no for an answer…she never did…she was very passive-aggressive.  Then another one came in, “I at back door, you come…only few minutes.”   

 Quietly getting out of bed, pulling on his jeans he walked to the back porch door.  He saw Tyung and smiled, “You have to leave, this isn’t the right time,”   He watched as she leaned into him, “I shy, but I like you.  I no love anyone else…only you.”  He didn’t answer, he never answered but watched as she pulled down his zipper and slowly began to suck on his cock.  In a moment she looked up, “I do it better then before?  I do it better then Jessika?”  He answered, “Yes” and she continued until he felt himself coming.  It was actually a relief he got off so quickly so he could get rid of her.   He said, “That was good.  You have to leave.”  Again, that quiet determination of hers was there, “I stay few minutes, I make you feel good.”   He stepped back and said, “No. you leave now.”  Again that attitude of hers that he usually gave in to was this time annoying, “NO. leave now.  I have to get upstairs.”

 Then she did her act, “You no like me?  You want younger woman?  I younger then Jessika!”

 This time he felt annoyed, “Tyung, I like you…you go now and I meet you tomorrow.”

 That worked and smiling she walked away to her car.   Turning to go into the house he got as far as the kitchen when he saw Jessika standing there with a blanket wrapped around her.  He knew she’d seen it all.  “Jessika, you need to be in bed.”

 He could see she was too tired and sick to fight and all she said was, “I think it’s you and that same damn whore that need to be in bed.”

 Walking to her he picked her up in his arms, “We’ll argue, fight, talk it out in the morning but now you need to get back under the covers.” 

 He was surprised when she leaned her head on his shoulder and he could feel the heat from the fever in her body, but she weakly said, “Well, guess you don’t need a blow job.”  She was asleep before he walked up the stairs.

 Getting back in the bed next to her he hoped that maybe she’d think it was a bad dream from the fever.  Then he chuckled knowing the morning was going to be hell.  

Chapter 7

 Jessika opened her eyes and knew she felt better but not fully.  Alone in the room she reached over for the thermometer and was glad that the fever was gone.  For a moment things seemed quiet but then she remembered Tyung and what had happened.  At first she was mad but then again she had left.  She heard Anthony walk in and looking over at him she realized how wrong this was.    “Anthony, we have to talk.”

 He groaned and sat down on the bed, “Look, it isn’t what you think.”

 “First of all, Anthony, you don’t even know what I think and I’m really tired.  I feel okay but not that great and I really want to go home tonight.”

She could see he was shocked that she wasn’t yelling, or crying or the many other emotional reactions she used to have when she found out he was always with someone else.   He was just that type of man that always liked a lot of women, even though he only wanted one in his home.  

 She leaned her face on his arm and he pulled her into his arms, “Jessika, she doesn’t mean anything to me.  It’s just she’s around at times when I want a piece.”

 Jessika laughed, “Anthony, I’ve been gone so long it really doesn’t matter what you do or who you do it with.  Actually she is probably good at sucking dick so go for it.”

 Anthony laughed, “Sucking dick, go for it? Well, my princess with the way for words, I’ve got your bubble bath going.  Yes, I did remember lavender bubble bath and had it delivered this morning from the drugstore with some other things.  Now, how about it?  Want to get cleaned up?”

 Smiling at how charming he could be she snuggled a while longer,  then went to the bathroom.  It was warm and the smell of lavender was nice.   The water must have been hot when he filled the tub because it was still very warm, but just perfect as she sunk below the bubbles.  Leaning her head on the back of the tub she relaxed into the warmth of the water caressing her body.  She smelled the scent of his cologne, before she heard him entering and sitting on the side of the bathtub.   She knew before the music started that the first song on his IPOD speaker would be by Richard Marx, Right Here Waiting.   She waited…not opening her eyes…she waited.   Then as if she’d willed it she felt him moving her forward so he could slide into the tub in back of her…his legs on the outside of her body.   She’d always loved the size of this tub…wide as if he’d picked it out so she could always sit in between his legs leaning back on him.   She felt his arms wrap around her and he whispered in her ear, “I know you want to return tonight, I couldn’t get you a flight out tonight so I booked you one in about five hours.”   For now relax with me in the warmth of our tub.”   Surprised he’d done that and not sure she was happy or disappointed she leaned back against him and melted against him when the song Valentine by Jim Brickman began slowly drifting to her.  

 His hands slowly found their way caressing her breasts.  Moving to the music very slowly rubbing her back lightly against him she hummed to the music.  She could feel how wonderful his strong hands felt touching her, gently, yet possessively.  For this moment in time not caring about the past or the future she relaxed letting him take total control of her body….and he did just that the moment he felt her give him her safety to take care of.    Anthony smiled and whispered, “I’ve missed you, my Jessy.”   Slowly his hands pulled her tighter and higher onto his lap as he moved his legs under her.   Her legs spread open under the warm water and his fingers moved between them without hesitation.   One arm was wrapped around her waist.   She felt his fingers massaging her clit…shoving into her…slowly, again, massaging her clit.   Slowly…slower…his fingers brought her to the brink and then slowed even more until she had to move on them.   She worked against them to the point she needed him to do more…he did.   She knew it when he was going to take total control.  She felt it in the way his fingers suddenly took control of her body.   Shoving into her as if they were the only thing she lived for and needed.   Over and over he drove his two fingers into her wet pussy until her head leaned back against him and he felt her body clenching on them.  

 He whispered, “Yes, baby…just like that…keep them in your pussy.  But I want more of you.”

 She felt him slide lower in the tub and without knowing how he maneuvered her body she flt his cock slide right into her.   He hardly moved in her but she knew when he groaned and she felt his cock slam only once as he shot his cum into her body.   She sighed and leaned back against him as his arms wrapped around her.   They didn’t move, but she felt his lips roaming over her shoulder and neck, as the sound of Celine Dion signing My Heart will Go On, seemed so appropriate.   Knowing it was only a few minutes but it seemed like hours and then the water was getting cool, “Jessika, we have to get out of this water.”   Standing up he wrapped her in a towel and drying off they walked back to the bedroom to get dressed.

 He had been down in his bedroom and when he walked back in to hers she was packed and looked at him, “Anthony, I think it may be best if I went to the airport now, rather then wait closer to the flight?”

 He smiled, “I figured that and have the car ready to go.   We can grab breakfast at Kennedy.”   He walked over picking up her travel bag.  He could see she was surprised that he wasn’t arguing.  He turned and she followed through the house into the garage where she quietly got into the passenger seat.   He kept the conversation light and on topics that would not bring the past or the future into the conversation.   His cell phone rang and she was surprised he answered it, “Yes, it’s Anthony.   Yes, can you take care of that for me?  Thanks, I owe you one, or maybe two for this.  I’ll leave it in the usual place if you can get a ride out and pick it up for me.  Thanks, Ritchie.”

 Jessika smiled, “Was that your cousin, Ritchie?”

 Anthony laughed, “Yes, and he says hello and is upset you didn’t stay long enough for a full family visit probably from ALL my relatives!”

 The airport sign was suddenly glaring at her and she turned to him, “Anthony, this seems so fast doesn’t it?”

 Anthony didn’t answer and then only said, “It is what it is, Jessika.  Let’s not muddle things right at the last on the way to the airport, okay?”

 Jessika was a little mad wanting to discuss what was going on but at the same time determined not to bring these last few hours together ending on a bad note so she didn’t say anything more until they were pulling into a parking spot that clearly said Private Parking.  Laughing she said, “Does Ritchie still have his parking place at this terminal?”

 Grinning he said, “Yes, it pays to have a cousin that works for the airlines.”

 Smiling but now with a feeling of longing she looked at him, “Anthony, I know you don’t want to talk about my leaving.   I just need to say something to you about all of this.”

 They had walked to the back of the car, he was about to open the trunk but turned to her and said, “After the last few days I sure hope that it’s on the order that you wished I was coming with you.”

 Stepping toward him she wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him tightly, “Anthony, I can’t stay, but if you ever can come to California, just to see how different things are from New York, I really hope you will come out to visit me.”  

 He unwrapped her arms and kissed her on the nose.  “Sure, Jessika, that sounds like a plan.”

 She was stunned that is all he said after what she had said to him.   He turned from her and opened the trunk putting her travel bag on the ground.   She grabbed it and said, “You know what? How about just let me know if you thought my invitation was nice and if you actually plan on coming out…..”   She didn’t finish her sentence when she saw him pulling out his travel bag and noticed him grinning at her.

 “Come on Jessika.  We have a flight to catch.  I forgot to mention I made myself a reservation with yours.  Is now soon enough to come to California?”

 Slapping his arm she laughed, “You bastard!  Let’s go get breakfast and catch that plane.”

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