Always His (c) Copyright LdyJessika, 1998, 2000
Genre:  D/s, dedicated to Master

It had been weeks since she'd seen him. Weeks, since she had a conversation with him longer than, “Hi, how are you?” Her body still ached for him, her mind always craved him, but still she waited and didn’t call him.

She'd sworn their last conversation had been the last but the need for him began again.  Last night all he had to say over the phone was, “I’ve been thinking of you riding my cock, come to me!" and her body and mind belonged to him.

She whispered into the phone, “Yes, I need to be with you, I’ve missed you so much.”  She knew Master didn’t like emotional sentences but she also knew he liked her needing him.  Holding the phone after the line went dead she felt her nipples hardening, at the thought of being with him. 

Now, as always, she drove to meet him knowing he would make things okay.  He’d make her feel safe.  Knocking on the door it seemed like forever till he opened it, but then looking up into his eyes she knew she’d do whatever he wanted her to do for him.  Holding out his hand she slipped hers into it without the slightest hesitation.  He closed his hand possessively around hers and drew her into the room.  He let her hand drop as he walked over to the dresser.

She stood in the middle of the room watching him - he slowly removed his shirt keeping on his black leather pants.  Turning toward her he smiled and in that low voice she’d missed so much, he said,  "Pet, has it been so long that you don’t remember what to do? Will I have to train you all over again?" His eyes held her mesmerized as she visibly swallowed and walked tentatively toward him.  Thoughts began to race through her mind, “Did he still like how she looked?  Did he notice she gained six pounds?  Did he still want her for his own?” Slowly, knowing how he liked her to do it, she took off her clothes setting them neatly on the dresser.

His voice cut into her thoughts, “The panties pet, surely you remember you have to be naked for me!" 

Her stomach knotted in nerves while she leaned on the dresser removing her panties.  Folding her arms in front of her she self-consciously looked down at her naked body.  Standing nude in front of him made her feel vulnerable and insecure…she couldn't meet his eyes.  His tall, lean body moved with cat like precision as he walked to her.  Tipping up her chin so she gazed into his eyes he sensually whispered, “You're beautiful pet, your body is as beautiful as I remembered it!”  His eyes conveyed his possession and pleasure and smiling she reached for his hand, placing it over her heart.

His eyes moved over her nipples and his voice deepened, “First my pet, help me take off these pants... I assume you want to see my best feature?"  He laughed as she tried showing indifference - they both smiled.  If there was one thing they knew by now is that they could never be indifferent toward each other. They had their answer to that question the previous night at a party they’d attended.

As they smiled at each other and her hands started undressing him, his mind wandered to the previous night at the party.  He’d brought one of his newest pets to show off, while Jessy showed up escorted on the arm of another Dom, Fletcher.  He noticed Fletcher glance his way and took the opportunity to be cordial, but more to find out how far they'd progressed in their relationship. He marveled at Jesy’s stance and how she met his eyes with seemingly indifference. He marveled at her calm appearance and again admired her strength and pride that she had in herself.

They all chatted about nothing in particular and his innuendo's could only be felt and understood by Jessy.   They all seemed to enjoy talking to each other but then Fletcher possessively held Jessy's arm.  Watching Fletcher’s hand on her arm made it felt like he’d been kicked in the gut. One thought raced through his body and mind as he met her gaze – MINE! 

She didn't visibly show it but one thought raced through hers – YOURS!

He noticed that she didn’t wear a collar about the same time she noticed that his newest pet didn’t wear a collar. Their eyes locked in a battle of wills and need - they looked away from each other - then looked back but it was now time to leave.  The air was electrified to both of them in silent need of not leaving.  He knew he’d call her - he had to - she was his.

Now, here in his room with her his thought screamed, “MINE!”  His thoughts jumped back to the present when he felt her hands slowly pulling the leather pants over his lean, muscular thighs.  He watched her delicate hands as they tried to get the leather to smoothly slide down his legs.  Grinning he pulled them down and stepped out of them.

They stood before each other naked.  Reaching for her he traced his finger down her cheek, “Hell pet, it’s been way too long!”  He could smell her musk perfume drifting to him and felt the old feelings engulf his body.  He smiled down at her knowing what she wanted to do.  Without her asking he answered the need in her eyes, “Yes pet, you can play, but just for a short while.”  He always loved how she’d roam her hands over him for hours, massaging his sore muscles after his hard day at work.  He watched as her hands moved towards his chest.

Her fingers tingle with the need to touch him, as they roamed over his muscular chest, over his flat stomach down to his thick muscled thighs. She loved his thighs the most, strong and tight from hours running and riding his bike.  Her hands roamed lower, inside his thighs. She inhaled his scent, closing her eyes and leaning forward closer to his body. 

He watched her reactions and her need for his body and her desire to be part of him - the need to please him. He smiled and reaching down slowly removed her hands from his thighs. She met his eyes questioningly.

“Not now Jessy, session has begun, stand for me now."

He pulled her up from her kneeling position to stand in front of him. He kissed her on the forehead inhaling her fresh smell and wondered if she still used his gift of lavender bubble bath.  He wouldn't have blamed her if she’d discarded it when he removed her collar and let her go.  Again, he inhaled her scent and smiled to himself that she still smelled like lavender.

He commanded, “Inter-lock your fingers, pet, pull your elbows back for me!" 

As her elbows pulled back causing her breasts to pull up he stepped back from her to admire them.

“Now, open your legs for me, wide stance now my pet!”

She moved her legs apart and opened them wider and wider for him. Her body began to tingle from his eyes roaming over her in appreciation.    She'd tried to be with others in sessions but this true feeling of submission and trust was only his to invoke – their eyes met and they both realized this at the same time.

He walked around her slowly looking at her body, knowing he'd always own her.  Stopping in back of her he trailed his finger down her spine to the top of her ass then slowly back up.  His fingers roamed over her back, then lower over the round cheeks of her ass - finally over the soft flesh of her inner thighs. She was soft to his touch and he wanted to slide his fingers into her depths…but he wanted her in sexual need.  He walked in front of her and once again lifted her chin so she gazed into his eyes.

“Look into my eyes,  Jessy." 

As she stared into his eyes and he touched her nipples, they instantly hardened for him.  Looking deeply into her eyes he twisted both nipples at the same time, then pulled and pinched them.  She moaned slightly.  She felt as if time hadn’t passed between their last session and now.  She felt as always that she was his.

He smiled at her and it felt right to his body and soul. His pet, Jessy, doing what he wanted her to do…being in front of him…open for him…only for him.  He thought to himself that he'd keep his other pets but what of Jessy?  He smiled into her eyes, as his fingers sent sensations through her nipples.  He decided he'd keep her as well.  The thought of another Dom touching the nipples that he owned made him pinch them harder!  He heard her moaning from the pinching and felt her pushing her nipples more into his possession. 

He welcomed the gift and whispered, “Come pet, walk with me." 

He walked backward pulling her by her nipples - she followed him watching them redden. She moved in a dreamlike state, her body now under his control and her passion belonging to him.

When they were standing before the bed he continued playing with her nipples, while one hand reached between her thighs to see if she was wet for him. Yes, she was dripping for him.

“Has my Jessy missed me?  Do you need me, my pet? Do you want to be back with me?"

She looked into his eyes afraid to admit that she needed to be back with him, but before she could answer he placed his index finger over her lips.

“Shh, I already know the answer, it isn’t necessary to say it, it’s right that you should always be with me."  His voice was deep, yet reassuring, "pet, cup my sacs and caress them - kneel before me."

Falling gently to her knees her hands shook in anticipation.  Gently cupping his balls she fondled the meaty sacs she had yearned to play with, squeezing them gently.  She looked at his hard cock standing erect from his body and automatically ran her tongue over her lips at the thought of his taste.

He smiled down at her…His pet…His Jessy.  She leaned forward to lick his cock but he stopped her.

“Tonight Jessy, my pet, you'll ride me.  Now move over my body." 

He moved onto the bed…his cock hard…standing thick…waiting for service.

She sighed in pleasure as she moved to straddle him.  She stared at his hands under her hips…holding her over the tip of his cock.  She wanted to slide down onto his cock.  She needed it in her…filling her.  She looked down in need watching it at her opening, teasing her.

He smiled at her need for him and continued to hold her just above his cock while letting it touch her pussy lips.  He looked into her eyes pleading with him to enter her.  He moved and lowered her more, pushing his cock between her soft outer lips so the swollen head of his cock rubbed against her clit.   Again, he lowered her slowly and his cock pressed lower into her moistness seeking entrance.

She was dripping on his cock as it finally slid into her pussy.

He demanded, “Pet, pull your nipples for me as I lower you.  Now my bitch, pull them for me, show me how much you’ve wanted me in your body, possessing you."

He watched as her fingers moved to her swollen nipples and she twisted them for him, moaning his name as slight pain went through her tits.  He watched and held her in position with his cock head inside her but not allowing her to slide down onto him.  He could see the need in his pet – she’d always been his favorite.

"Jessy, who will you always belong to?"

She whimpered, “Master, you know I’ve always needed you, I need to belong to only you!” 

Growling her name he pulled her down on him, ramming his cock deep inside of her!  He thrust deep, lifting his hips off the bed and driving his cock upward while at the same time pulling her hips down. 

He smiled at her, “Ride my cock, show me your need and I’ll allow you release from this heat."

She didn’t want to move and lose the feeling of him deep within her body.  Finally, she felt him starting to move her up and down on his cock.  Her body took over the movements…needing the feeling of being fucked by him. 

He watched as her eyes burned brighter in lust and passion while his cock thrust in and out of her pussy. He measured his strokes in her pussy driving her wild - deeper into her, then shorter, then harder.  Bringing her to the point of coming, then slowing and making her sigh in need and want.  He loved the light sheen of sweat covering her body and how she was biting her lower lip. Her nipples were swollen, as she kept pulling on them, twisting them as her body demanded to come.

He finally whispered,  “Yes pet, now fly over the edge to me and I’ll catch you, as always.  I'll protect you, come to me pet!"

His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her high off his shaft  - then slammed her back down on it.  Again and again his pace went faster…thrust deeper…longer…harder, over and over.  His hips arched off the bed again and again as his cock rammed home. 

She looked at him and whimpered, "Please, I can’t hold back, please Master I need to come for you." 

He heard the words but felt her need more than she’d said it.  He felt her body tightening, tensing, needing release and the way she'd said Master he knew she was still his.

Pulling her down hard he demanded, "Jessy come for me – Now!  Now!"

He felt her orgasm starting and he pulled out to the tip of his cock - he slammed back into her in one last solid thrust.  His cock jerking in rhythm with her body as he felt his hot come shooting deep inside of her. He heard her whimpering his name and he held her still, while her body continued climaxing and his cock drained into her.

He was still holding her hips - her hands were on his chest and her head bowed. She sat on his cock trying to get her senses back after her body had subsided.  He reached around her waist, pulling her body flat on top of his.  Rolling her over he gazed down into her eyes.

“Jessy, you belong to me, we’ll get your things later.  There's more I want of you now, but know you're going to be with me forever."

He barely heard her as she sleepily whispered, "Yes, I want that, Master. But I don’t have my collar?"

He knew it had been his fault and he wanted her to know, “It was my fault, I know that. I apologize and I’m sorry I hurt you.  I was wrong.”

He heard her sleepily whisper, “Yes, bad Master, shame on him.”

He chuckled, “Yes, Jessy, bad Master.  Master was wrong.”  Kissing her check he knew his pet would sleep.  He smiled knowing this time he'd never let her go.


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