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Her secretary's voice came over the intercom, "Aleta?  Ben from the advertising department is here with the new ad.  Should I send him in?"

Aleta reached for her cup of coffee, turned on her monitor and answered, "Yes, send him in and thank you for the great work you did late last night.  Why not take a break now and meet your boyfriend for coffee."

Her secretary thanked her and said she was putting on the answering machine and would be back in an hour.  Aleta smiled like the cat that just found the bowl of milk.  She buzzed the door so it automatically opened.

Ben walked in rather nervous, "Good morning, Aleta.  I'll spread out the ads.  This first one I think has a catchy title - A Big Job For A Big Woman."

Aleta looked over the graphics that were lovely but those titles got worse - the next one said, "Large Bottom Lines Are What We Want."  The next one made her start to laugh, "Forty Eight is not just an age - the DDD Think Young Bra!"

Ben looked at her, "What's so funny?"

Aleta pushed her long black hair off her shoulders and removed her business jacket, "Ben, did you make these up?"

He answered rather quietly, "Well, a few of us did but they're not very good, are they?"

Aleta started to laugh hysterically, "Ben?  They suck!"  She tried to stop laughing and the more she noticed him staring at her body the more she laughed.  He was such a dear and did try his best but she figured he’d no idea about anything larger than a size 2!  That thought made her laugh harder thinking that one of her nipples was probably a larger size than that!

Aleta crossed her one leg over the other letting her black leather skirt slide higher.  She watched him glancing and then unconsciously lick his lower lip.  She decided the campaign could wait and asked, "Ben, did you ever fuck a woman in her own office?"

He grinned answering, "Oh sure, plenty of times, why?"

Aleta ran her hand up his thigh and chuckled, "Liar, you don't look like you fuck anything."

Ben had heard Aleta liked to fool around with a few of the employees but her domineering presence made him nervously answer, "Well, if I did I could sure handle anyone that I did!"

Standing up Aleta slid her black skirt off.  Standing in spike heels, black thigh high stockings and black silk panties she said, "Well then Ben what do you think of this?"

She knew he’d wanted to fuck her from all the times she caught him touching her jacket or smelling the perfume she kept on her desk.  With her hands on each hip she smiled, "Kneel before me Ben and show me you want to fuck me."

She watched him drop to his knees and tentatively run his hands up over her fleshy thighs while murmuring, "Aleta, they're so soft to touch."  His hands were massaging the flesh of her inner thighs and she spread them shoulder width wide. 

She looked down at this man kneeling in front of her and whispered in demand, "Kiss my pussy through my panties!  Wet my pussy up with licking me through the panties!"

She felt his hand slide to her bottom and squeeze her big ass as his face buried itself against her panties and he licked at her.  She knew he loved it from the wonderful passionate groans that he did each time he tried to suck at her clit through the material.  Finally he pulled the material to the side and his tongue slid over her pussy lips.

Looking down at him she pushed his hands out of the way and held the material to the side, "Ben, suck me pet!  Suck and kiss me till I come."  Aleta loved men kneeling between her thighs as she controlled the pace of her own orgasm.  Watching Ben enjoying himself at her command she knew this would be the first of many days in her office with him.  But, before that she wanted to see how he could fuck.  She pulled away from him and walked over to her desk leaning over it.

"Well, Ben, let's see how good you are fucking me as you claimed.  Or, do you like those skinny little women?"

She could see his answer in his pants as he pulled them off and in a moment was naked in back of her answering, "Damn, no.  I love heavy thighs and you're ass is magnificent."  He was already pushing into her heat.  His hands reached around her grabbing at the flesh of her tummy and began to massage it.  Then he was pumping into her slowly and provocatively.  Aleta was stunned at his pace and control he had over his cock.  His hands rubbed from her stomach back to her outer thighs.  Rubbing them up and down as each slam into her brought her closer to coming.

She looked over her shoulder at him concentrating on his movements and she said, "Your good Ben!"  She smiled when he quietly asked if she could call him pet and she answered, "Oh yes, pet.  Wait till tomorrow when we go to my place but for now fuck me."

"I'd like that Aleta.  I love how big your legs are!  You’re so beautiful!  I wish I could touch every part of your body."

He was slamming into her as she thought oh you will, pet.  You'll be doing more things than you've ever imagined.  She began to thrust herself back onto his cock.  Impaling her pussy on his shaft as he gripped her hips.  She was almost there and demanded, "Fill me deep.  Plunge into me harder and do it now!"  Without a moment's hesitation Ben began to fuck her as hard as he could while holding so he wouldn’t come without her telling him to.  He’d heard enough stories to know he was suppose to wait, but his balls were so tight that they felt like they were throbbing.

His voice was tight and deep as he moaned, "Aleta?"

Looking back at his expression with his eyes closed and she could see he was concentrating on doing what she wanted of him.  She whispered, "Now, Ben - fuck me and come!"

He groaned and flooded himself into her moaning her name.  She felt him pulsing deep within her and with a sigh of release felt her pussy come in waves of pleasure.  Before pulling his cock out of her he kissed her on her ass - she chuckled at his action.

Walking back to the table she slid on her panties and skirt and then sat back down behind her desk.  She looked at the advertising draft, as he quickly got dressed.  He walked over and stood there looking down at the sheets of poster board she was looking over

Aleta looked up as he said, "I'll redo them all if you want."

She smiled and answered, "Well why don't you just work on the wording since the pictures of the women are well done.  Why don’t you bring them over tomorrow night about 8:00 to my place?"

He grinned and said, "Great, what do I call you?  Mistress?"

Aleta hated the eager newbies and knew he didn't mean at work but smiled and said, "Uh, I think Aleta would sound more professional."  She laughed when he started to stutter and explain he meant tomorrow night but she just said, "Here, on this ad?  Why not just say Big is Beautiful, See for Yourself!"

She watched as he stared at the picture of their latest model and said, "Yeah, she actually is.  I'll redo them all and come over with them, right?"

They smiled at each other as she said, "Right!"