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Adara was attracted to Clay that first time she saw him walking onto the dance floor.  Her body had registered it for her incase her mind had any doubts.  Her stomach felt like she just went over the first hill on a roller coaster and her breasts felt sensations that peaked and hardened her nipples.  She was sitting at a table with her girlfriend staring at Clay on the dance floor, when someone asked her to dance.  As she walked with her dance partner towards the dance floor she was really looking at Clay ’s long legs in his tight black jeans.  Her partner put his arm around her waist and as they slowly danced she maneuvered them until she was facing Clay.

Sensually moving to the slow music she continued trying to make eye contact with Clay.  He kept moving his partner so his back faced toward her.  Again, and again, she maneuvered her dance partner, but couldn’t make eye contact.  Finally, getting frustrated she waited until the end of the next dance and asked to return to the table.  Her dance partner had realize she was trying to get someone else’s attention and when he brought her to her table he excused himself.  She thanked him and in a moment she noticed that he was on the dance floor with someone else.

Her girlfriend teasing laughed at her and before leaving the table to dance with someone said, “Struck out, huh?”

Adara laughed, “No way! I want that other man!” 

She stared at Clay on the dance floor, watching his hand sliding over the woman’s ass.  She could see his large hand squeezing it through the woman’s dress and felt her own pussy getting moist.  Adara’s right hand slid under the table-cloth and up her own leg.  Then further under her skirt to the soft juncture of her thighs.  Her delicate middle finger slid over her panties then under the slight elastic leg band and into her wetness.  She enjoyed the effect of watching this man.   Staring at his thigh pushing between his dance partner’s legs she slowly rubbed her finger between her soft flesh, feeling her wetness lightly cover her finger-tips.

She was enjoying massaging her clit and it took a moment for her to realize the music had ended.  Watching Clay walking his partner off the dance floor she quickly removed her hand and took a sip of her drink.   Glancing sideways over the brim of the glass, she noticed him leave the woman at a table and walk away.  She lost sight of him in the crowd and was looking where she thought he went.  Suddenly, she saw two large masculine hands leaning on her table and a deep voice wash over her like waves of soft velvet, “Dance with me?”

Adara glared at Clay thinking what a hell of a nerve he had after not even making eye contact with her.  She didn’t answer right away, but her nipples hardened and could be seen poking against her pink blouse.  She looked away but then glanced directly into his eyes. 

He smiled and said in a lower voice,  “And yes, I saw you dancing - I nearly pushed my partner away and pulled you against me!”

 He stared into her eyes and held out his hand, upturned for her to take.  She hesitated for a moment then sliding her fingers into his palm followed him for a slow dance on the now darkened dance floor.  

If she thought he’d start dancing a respectable distance from her body she was wrong  - she was suddenly flat against a hard, virile, muscled body.  Strong arms wrapped around her in a possessive hold.  She made an almost inaudible whimpering sound as sensations tingled through her being…she let her body mold against his.  It had been a long time since she’d been with a man.  She thought of reasons not to want him, but the music and his body against hers was intoxicating her senses. 

“Yes, baby, move with me.”  He lifted her hand from his arm and kissed her finger-tips.  He grinned down at her and with a low chuckle said, “Nice taste to your middle finger.  I like your scent.  Were you fingering your pussy watching me dancing with someone else?”

Embarrassed but wanting this man she whispered, “Yes, while I watched your knee push between her legs.”

He pulled her tighter to his body and whispered, “Like this?” 

He pushed against her thighs causing her skirt to slide higher up her legs.  Then he kissed her neck and shoved his thigh slightly between her legs.  With slow sensual movements he moved them into the darker shadows off the dance floor…then against the wall.  Pinning her against the wall he slowly moved his body against hers so her skirt slid even higher - he whispered in her ear as he sucked on her earlobe, “This knee?”

She felt his knee sliding between her thighs pushing her skirt higher until it was at the lower part of her hips.  It was dark and his body covered hers from view of the dance floor.  She knew he wanted to finger her – she made an instant decision of letting him do it once, and only here, and then not seeing him again.  She met his eyes as he raised one eyebrow in question and then said, “That was an odd expression you just had.  Care to share your thoughts?”

His knee kept her straddling his thigh and he knew she wanted something.  He slid his hand up her inner thigh and said, “What were you thinking?” 

She ran her hands up his arms, “That this is wrong but I’m doing it anyway, because I want to and you’re here now.” 

She saw him scowl and his hand stopped as he repeated, “This is wrong, but you’re doing it anyway, and any old guy will do?”

She couldn't believe he was insulted over this.  She’d seen him here plenty of time and watched him disappearing into this same area of the dance floor, so he was obviously out for playing around.  She wanted his fingers touching her…making her feel alive.  She tried to explain but suddenly his lips started moving over hers as he whispered, “Well, as much as I hate to disappoint your night.”  He pulled away and smoothed her skirt back down her thighs.

She couldn't see his expression but he had that scowl back on his face, “No thanks, Adara, I’m not just for fun.”

She couldn’t believe his arrogance.  After watching him for weeks feeling up a different woman’s ass on a dance floor every time, he was standing there upset he was being used for sexual gratification? 

She sneered, “And this from the man who was not only shoving his thigh between my legs but prior to that fondling someone else’s ass on the dance floor.  And let’s not forget last week when I watched you fingering some bitch close to the dark shadows of this area, but oops not quite shadowed enough not to see your hand shoving between her legs.” 

Shoving him away she walked back to her table.  Her mind was racing and her anger was on edge.  She felt foolish and insulted.  Sitting down she did something she never did and took a drink of wine.

A moment later Chad slid into the booth next to her so she was between him and the wall.  Turning to her with his arm on the table he chuckled, “Adara, I apologize.  I didn’t say that correctly.  I agree the timing and my wording was lousy.  I don’t want to be a notch on your gun and I don’t want you to be a notch on mine.  Okay?”

Adara glared at him but his eyes were staring into hers and she wanted this man.  She answered, “Fine.  No big deal.”

She felt his finger running up her thigh under the table.  She didn’t pull away and kept her hands on the table.  Looking at him over the rim of her glass their eyes locked on the same unspoken thought.

She felt his hand pushing her skirt out of the way and his hand pushing between her thighs.  As he leaned closer he whispered in her ear, “Let’s notch our guns at the same time?”

“I don’t know what you mean?”

Reaching for her hand he brought it under the table pressing it against his hard cock.  She squeezed him through his slacks.  He pressed harder over her hand, molding it tight to his cock and balls.  He whispered, “Yes, baby press harder…squeeze…rub me through the slacks.”

Chad’s fingers had already slid between her moist pussy lips to find her wetness.  Picking up her glass of wine, he took a sip…his fingers began to slowly massage her clit.  He licked his lips from the wine and said, “Adara, open your thighs wider.  Hook your leg over mine.  With the table cloth no one can see what we’re doing.”

Chad reached under the table unzipping his slacks and put her hand on his cock.  “I know you can’t get all of me, but rub the head and squeeze me baby.”  His fingers found the wetness he wanted at the same time her leg hooked over his, widening her thighs apart.

She leaned back against the booth and let his fingers slide into her pussy and over her clit.  Sighing deeply she smiled at him and said, “I want you to finger fuck me till I come.” 

She heard his deep chuckle as he replied, “I’ll finger fuck you here till you come.  Then I want to go to my apartment and to be blunt I get to pick whatever position I want to fuck you in?” 

His fingers were moving just the way she liked…slow…hard…soft.  She liked his candor as much as she liked how his fingers were slowly sliding in and out of her pussy.  She whimpered as he leaned in closer - his fingers moving faster and his cock dripping pre-cum over her fingers.

 “Adara, let me fuck you like you deserve to be fucked.” 

She was so close to that point of no return and trying to stay focused.  Trying not to moan – trying not to look like something was going on under the table.  She couldn’t answer but shook her head yes.  She felt his cock under her fingers…dripping.  She felt her clit being pinched…caressed…rubbed harder and harder until she couldn’t take the sensations.  She grabbed at his wrist to hold his hand still.  She began to slightly tremble and suddenly whispered, “Oh yes, it feels so good.”   She felt her body coming as he whispered into her ear, “Yes, baby…let it come because I want to come in you and feel you coming on my cock.”  Sensations still spiraled through her body as she began to relax.  She felt his fingers play one more time with her pussy before sliding back up her thigh - she slid her fingers out of his slacks leaving him still hard.  Sitting at the table they smiled at each other.  

He said, “It wasn’t just the moment.  I do want to take you out of this place where we can be with each other without a crowd and noise.” 

He was surprised when she said, “I’d like that.”

He took a sip of her wine.  Standing up he held out his hand palm up and smiling said, “Dance with me in my apartment?”


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