Traveling Companions III ©, Copyright Jneworder

Our flight took us back east to an island in the middle of the Mediterranean. We passed through customs and immigration to pick up a rental car. I noticed they drove on the left hand side of the road. She had been here before and knew the rules. She was a very careful driver. She knew the route but I followed a map just to keep up She went north from the airport for a short while then went west on a smaller road that soon started to climb up along the edge of the mountain. There were shear drops off the left hand side. I got used to that as she carefully managed the hairpin curves.

We came into a little town near the top of the mountain that specialized in making lace goods. We parked at the small hotel and went back to wander through the stores before they closed. After looking around we went back to our hotel room. After getting settled we sat together holding each other. We had brought some food with us anticipating a late arrival so we snacked as we sat enjoying being together. We undressed and lay down on the bed for a short nap.

I woke and found myself up against her back with my arm over her. I felt my hard pressing in between her thighs She woke, reached down between her legs to stroke my hard. She bent more at the waist and guided my hard into the moist lips of her vagina. She bent more as she guided it into her. I moved carefully so it did not come out and she started to finger around her nub. I could reach her breast enough to fondle up along one and squeeze its erect nipple. I pulled along the nipple and then outward on the end of it. She pushed back against me more so I could get in further. She moved to get onto her knees and bend over while holding me in her. I followed along and was between her legs pulling her bottom tightly into me. She could move more as I pushed further into her. I found myself holding her tightly against me as I straightened up and moved in and out of her with stronger and more rapid strokes. She had her hand holding behind my scrotum to help keep my hard in her. She was moaning louder and her opening was closing tighter around me. Her opening moved fitfully and released in an orgasm. I came with a few more strokes.

I rolled over on my back and she lay across my chest with my face buried between her breasts. After resting for a while we started kissing. She moved down as she kissed my neck and chest. She moved to my stomach and tongued my belly button. She then moved down between my legs licking my soft private. She took the whole softness in her mouth and sucked and licked it as it slowly responded. As it became more erect she held the base and licked up along the shaft alternately licking the end and taking it in her mouth. It became hard and the end swelled up. She moved up straddling me and eased it into herself with a soft satisfied smile on her face. Slowly she worked herself up and down as I fondled her breasts and pushed them up with her motion. She was arching back and crying out oh so good, oh so good. She tightened and came. I was still erect inside her. She leaned on top of me to rest and kiss as I lifted myself toward her. She sat up again and moved slowly at first then more rapidly. She lifted herself slightly so that my engorged end was near the top of her opening. She pressed above there with her finger. I could feel the throbbing inside of her as she tensed. Her motion on my end made me come and soften. She sat on top of me keeping my softened part in her and massaged herself until she came again. She fell down in my arms saying each time is so different and so good. 

She slipped on my shirt letting it hang loosely in front of her as she moved in front of the window. I went and stood behind her with my arms around her as she opened the shutters to look out into the dusk. We could see the outlines of the hills across the deep valley from us and make out a few clusters of lights that were villages. We saw what appeared to be the lights of a vehicle moving up along a mountain road as its lights appeared and disappeared. I was pressed up against her round bottom. I moved my hands over her body feeling the smoothness of her skin and kissing her lightly on the neck. She reached back and lightly stroked the side of my face. I moved my hands along her thighs over her soft rounded bare bottom and back up around her sides feeling every fold I could in her body. She turned around and caressed me in the same way. It was as if we were memorizing each other’s body by touch. We crawled into bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms. We let ourselves sleep on through until we woke at our body time. We woke and I lay with my head propped up on my hand gently stroking her face as she smiled softly into my arms. We ran our fingers over each other touching each little spot and mole that showed on our aging skin.

After breakfast, she visited the shops that had the goods she was looking for. She had left her order with each of them during her previous visit six months ago and only had to check them out for shipment back to her buyer. We were ready to leave shortly after lunch and just as the tourist busses were arriving. She drove back down the winding mountain road with skill and care. I watched her face as she concentrated on the road and looked at her leg and thigh become more exposed as she manipulated the clutch pedal and gearshift. She sensed I was starring at her as she blushed and smiled. She said I could look her all I wanted later, but meantime please keep my eyes on the road.

We finally reached the bottom of the mountain and headed down the larger highway to the route that went westward along the southern shore of the island. We were headed toward a resort area that was starting to build up but still had some shops around it she wanted to explore. We stopped at a couple of turn offs to look out over the sea and made quick visits to an archeological site and museum dedicated to a Greek Goddess. We reached the resort in the late afternoon, checked in and went to a dining area looking down on the beaches. We noticed that the people on the beaches were wearing loose fitting informal white clothing. We headed to a nearby store to get proper beach wear, sandals, lotion and a small beach bag.

We changed, went down to the beach and found a place to leave our things. We walked along the shore in the water. We then walked in deeper enjoying its warmth around us. There were small waves passing by as we stood holding each other. The sensation of feeling her body through her wet long thin dress was overwhelming. I reached down, pulled her dress up, and pushed her low cut underpants down to where I could catch them with my foot. I held them down as she stepped out of them. I unknotted my pants, reached around under her bottom and pulled her up on my hips while she was buoyed up by the salty water. She reached down to guide my hard into her. We held each other this way as we hugged and kissed. Our motion with each other coincided with the small waves pushing against us. There was a very natural feeling about being in the water under the setting sun synchronized with the waves. A light breeze came up as she moved up and down and then came. I could feel myself relaxing also. She put her feet down and we held each other as we headed onto the beach. Her dress was clinging to her and showed most of her body, I walked around looking at her wet beauty. We got laughing as we realized we needed to wait until we dried out some before going back into the hotel. We got to our beach lounge where she reached into the bag and took out my camera saying she wanted me to have pictures of her like this. It was difficult to be careful to take pictures without too much showing through her wet clinging garments. I took them, and we could check later to eliminate any that were too revealing. We found a beach level entrance and large towels near it. We took the elevator from there up to our room for the rest of the evening.

We discussed our plans for the day over a late breakfast. She was going to check out the shops and I would catch up on some work. The hotel had good net connections for my laptop. I checked and responded to mail. There was a fairly large data file for a new project that I downloaded and began to examine. It was an interesting problem and I began studying and setting it up right away. It absorbed me all afternoon. I did not hear the door unlock or her come into the room. She came over and looked over my one shoulder and placed her hand on the other. I turned with a start and we smiled at each other. She was curious about what I was doing and as I explained it she asked very meaningful questions. It was pleasant with her there because I was getting tired and without her I would have continued working late into the night.

We freshened up and decided to get dressed up for dinner. She put on a sheath dress held up with small straps holding it up and panty hose under it. On her feet she wore heals that brought us each head high. We stood together looking at each other in the mirror and decided we were the most handsome and fortunate couple in the world. We were led to a table overlooking the beach and sea. The moon was rising over it and was bright enough that we could see out where we had frolicked in the water the night before. She was handsome in the table candlelight, and just enough of her cleavage and breasts showed when she leaned toward me. She knew more about the food on the island than any other place we had been and ordered for both of us. We hungered as much for each other as we did for food. We held hands and talked about returning to the States together. We decided to go to her home city first so I could meet her grown children. She wanted to keep our engagement as a surprise until after we got back. We decided to go from there to where we could get my grown daughters together. We could live wherever we wanted and do most of our work from home. Mostly we talked about other places we wanted to visit and how we could fit our work into them. She had seen some of the technical work I had on my laptop and in particular the set of notes I had drafted over the years related to some of the analyses I did. These fascinated her because she had done some technical editing and writing out of college and wanted to get back into it. We found deep romance in each other and talking about a future together.

After dinner we drove to one of the overlooks to watch the moon raise more over the sea. The large rocks of the coast were silhouetted by the moonlight whose beam lay across the open water. I leaned over and kissed her as we held hands. We looked around at the cars near us and saw couples in different states of embrace. She said that she missed out on that in high school. We were not quite sure how to maneuver, but we could raise the arm between the seats and push them back as far as they would go. She backed out of her seat from behind the steering wheel onto my lap. We had more room and I could hold her and kiss her as I ran my hand up along her smooth dress and across her breasts. We were kissing with our lips and tongues. I reached around, found the zipper on back of her dress. I slid her straps off her shoulder and pushed the dress down near her waist exposing her breasts to my hands and mouth. I kissed up and down from her breasts to her mouth again, and then sucked at her enlarging nipples. She undid my tie and shirt and ran her fingers along my face, shoulders and chest.

She lifted herself slightly as I pushed her dress up along her thigh and bottom. I placed my hand between her legs and could feel her wetness through her panty hose. We struggled to pull them down from her waist and she rose again so that they could be pulled off her bottom along with her panties. She sat back on my lap and raised her legs in the air as I pulled them off and tossed them in the back. She stretched out more as I moved my fingers along the moist lips of her opening and part way into her. I moved my moist finger up around her now erect nub. Several times I moved my finger up along it being careful not to touch the top. It stiffened and she moaned when I did this. She wanted to get on top of me and kneeled on either side as she undid my pants. I helped her slide them down and slid down under her. She was able to guide me into her as she mounted me. Her position brought my hard in along the upper part of her opening where she got so much enjoyment. She moved my hand back down near her nub. I moistened my finger and carefully massaged around it while she moved on my hard. It was very intense for both of us as we built up and reached our climax.

She relaxed and leaned back. We startled when hearing a car door open near us. She noticed that the couple moved from the front seats to the back. I could feel the smile of amusement on her face when she said, oh, so that is how they do it. I helped her pull her dress up onto her shoulders part way up the back. We slipped out of the front door into the back where she took her dress off and stretched out on the seat as I kneeled on the floor aside of her. I kissed and caressed her all over as she said, how much more comfortable this was. I shifted her so that one leg was over my shoulder and I could get my tongue on to the lips of her opening. I could hold her breasts and roll her nipples at the same time. I brought my tongue up along her lips. He opening was wide enough that my tongue easily slid inside while my lips were pushed up against the outside. I could move my tongue around inside while kissing and sucking on the outside. I needed to slow down once in a while to catch a breath, but I could feel her getting warmer and warmer. She reached down, moistened her finger and began vigorously rubbing around and near her nub She would sometimes reach into the top of he opening along my tongue then pull her finger up the full length of her slit. Her legs were tightening around me as I put my arms around her bottom to hold myself into her. Her warmth, wetness and fragrance were almost overwhelming. She moaned and cried out loudly as I felt her opening tighten around my tongue. Her stomach and pelvis pulled rapidly back and forth as I kept my tongue in and sucking her lips at the same time. She quaked as she let out loud gasps and reached a climax and orgasm. She fell back onto the seat and I could hear her sobbing, crying out loud and saying what pleasure.

We stayed in the back for a while. She pulled her dress down over her head and under herself. She leaned over so I could help pull up the zipper on the back and she pulled up the straps. We moved back into the front seats. She could find her shoes and the car keys were in the ignition, but she could not find her panties or pantyhose. We kissed again before she maneuvered out of the overlook, back onto the road and to the hotel. We straightened our clothes as best we could as we walked toward the hotel. When we passed a mirror we noticed our messed up hair and wrinkled clothes. Her dress was riding up and clinging to her. We both felt like people were staring at us and knew what we had been doing as we made our way across the lobby to the elevator. Inside the elevator she held my arm and whispered that we should have placed some leaves and mulch on our clothes and in our hair so they would guess wrong about where we had been making love. In the room she fell into the chair with her arms dropped over the side. She was smiling and laughing and saying that she was glad we did not go to the same high school, but had waited until now in our lives to meet.

We came out the next morning to do some touring. We went to the car and saw the pantyhose hanging out from under the back door. They were well worn like they had dragged along the road. I started to get in when she called me over to her side of the car. Her panties lay on the ground. They were in good shape. She picked them up, laughed and said she was going to put the date, location, and license of the car on them and have me autograph them for her. She said some day she will leave them in a conspicuous hiding place so her daughters would find them when they came poking around. She wanted them to know that she finally got to do what she knew they were doing when in high school.

We went to an area where tombs and temples carved out of solid rock were being excavated. We entered the queen’s temple that had an outer room like a waiting area. We were then guided into the inner chamber of the queen’s room. The guide pointed out the almost 60 weathered carvings around the wall of couples copulating in different positions. She whispered that she never realized there were so many. We stayed behind when the guide and group left just fascinated not only with the carvings but with some of the wall paintings that were being resurrected. We walked with an arm around each other’s waist. She turned, smiled and said we would dare to.   Just the thought was titillating enough for both of us. We continued to other places up along the west coast and eventually found our way back to the hotel very late in the evening.

We woke late the next morning and lay smiling, stroking and lightly kissing each other. I moved between her legs where my hard found her moist lips and went into her. Our organs moved with each other without much motion on our part. We were both enjoying feelings and sensations between us that emanated from the relaxed tension. We kissed softly and held each other as our parts joined almost as one for her to reach her climax near the same time I came. We lay relaxed in each other’s arms smiling and looking into each other’s eyes for a very long time. Neither of us wanted to start to get up. We had brunch overlooking the pool and patio area decided we would enjoy the hotel facilities during our last day. She asked what I thought about her trying a bikini and I said that the important thing was that she feel comfortable. She took me with her while she tried them on. She found one that fit nicely around her well-rounded bottom and came half way up her rounded hips. It covered her lower front part and showed the broadness of her tenderness between her legs. She found a top that supported and showed just enough of her well endowed breasts. I suggested that she looked best in the purity of white. She also got a long lace robe to wear over it. The pool and patio area had plenty of shade for us to be comfortable through the afternoon. After a while she handed me a lotion to rub on her back. She lay on her stomach and undid her top wondering whoever would think she would ever be doing this. I enjoyed rubbing the lotion on her back and along her sides. She guided my hands down around the sides of her breasts when I reached forward. She hooked her top up and we walked down on the beach. The women were walking around at least without their tops and many of the men were uncovered. She looked around, said why not, and removed her top. She walked turned into me at first and then began to feel less self conscious as her breasts swung with her stride.

We went early to the entertainment lounge where they were offering basic dancing lessons before the evening began, and we certainly needed them. Gradually we became less stiff and more comfortable as the dance steps came back to us. She had on her straight dress with the slits part way up the side and no bra. We found a table for some light dinner, and eventually went onto the dance floor. She leaned back into my hand so I could lead, and our other hands were slightly outstretched. We felt more relaxed the more we danced and began holding each other closer. I could feel her body moving more freely as she rubbed up against me.

As we walked back to the table I could see her nipples pressing against her dress and was sure she saw my hard bulging in my pants. At the table I put my arm around her shoulder as she leaned into me and undid a few of her top buttons. I felt her other hand moving up between my legs and shivered with arousal. She stepped out for a moment. Upon returning she pressed her panties into my hand. I could feel her wetness in them. I bent my head down as I brought them up to smell the scent of her tenderness. She was stroking my back as I did. I placed them into my pocket as we went back onto the dance floor. I could feel her movements from her bottom upward through my hands. We kissed each other on the neck often as we learned to dance better while embraced. We held each other as close as we could while sitting at the table between dances.

The evening was getting late for us as we simultaneously got up and left the lounge. She whispered that there were no problems with local customs here. We went down to the lower level and picked up a large towel as we walked out onto and along the beach. The moon was raising later than it did when we were at the overlook. We found our way up the beach in an open space between two large rocks and spread the towel. We sat there with our arms grasping our knees enjoying the slight breeze in our faces and the partially cloud obscured moon. She undid and pulled off my shirt as I held and kissed her. She then undid my pants belt and zipper. I reached her dress hem and started to slide it up toward her waist. She raised her arms so I could pull it over her head. I slipped my pants and underpants off and we both lay aside naked each other on the towel. She straddled over me and moved back toward my hard I brought my knees up so my thighs were against her bottom. She leaned forward on me so I could suckle and fondle her breasts. She moved back and forth on my hard as I held against her with my legs. She slowed down when my hard softened before engorging again to push against the sides of her opening and penetrate deeper into her. She moved more intense along me, while sitting up more moaning and panting heavily as I fondled her breasts. I pulled on her nipples and could feel them drip slightly. She was crying out saying oh so much, or so good. I felt my hard pumping as it came, and she burst with a powerful climax after her opening closed tightly against my limping hard.

She lay back down on me still pushing back against my limpness and I kept my legs up to help keep what was left in her. We lay for a while when she began moving back harder on my limpness saying more, more. I reached down around her bottom and pulled her up so her lips and opening were over my mouth. She lowered herself as I licked her lips and moved my tongue around her opening. I could feel her arch back and saw her head tilted back from the light of the moonlit clouds. She shifted slightly so that her mound and nub were pressed against my lips. I sucked and released as I felt her push against me. She pushed harder as I sucked stronger then let out a sharp gasp and fell on top of me. She slid back down aside me saying oh so much, so good. We fell asleep together naked on the beach in the cool fresh air. We woke when it got chilly and could feel the dew against our skin. She stood up and slipped her dress over her head, I put my clothes back on and we went back to the hotel. The beach entrance was closed so we had to find our way around to the front door where we were let in. People were still in the lobby watching us walk to the elevators with tousled clothes and hair still carrying a beach towel.

We went to bed in each other’s arms with her saying that the muscles between her legs were so sore from the past few days, but it felt so good. In the morning we packed and headed to the airport with plenty of time to visit more sites and take pictures mostly of her.